March 31st, 2011 | 522 Entries

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522 Entries for “purpose”

  1. She held her head high,
    her purpose written,
    on her forehead’s brow
    so mischief smitten.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 03.31.2011

  2. the movement of a hand by the way of a nod, more like a goodbye than any breath of wind. petals swaying gently beneath the shade, within naked existence and pictures of osmosis moments. gentle diamonds going again at the will of what we are. I’ve become lightning strikes and lived to tell of all the things i’ve seen. it’s alright ma

    By chris URL on 03.31.2011

  3. I try to look as though I know where I’m going, that I have an end in sight, a goal. I stride past the houses with thier lights scorching the pavement, the life inside passing by the windows, the woman with the plate, the man nodding his head. I turn corners. Cross roads. I keep my head down. When I see you walking opposite, I get quicker.

    By Jeannie URL on 03.31.2011

  4. The purpose can be apart of a story or even someone’s life. Everyone has a purpose or reason in life. They may not know it yet, but one day they will discover why they are here and what they are meant to do, just like in a novel.

    By Jessica Bare on 03.31.2011

  5. There was no reason for me to do half the things I did. Most of my life, most of my decisions, most of the avenues I discovered – they were all products of spontaneous decisions. All of the accomplishments… the praise… no, that wasn’t because of some God-given talent, some blessing from the heavens. It was all chance. Choosing the right door one day and the right road the next. None of it was done for a reason. As my life tumbles down from its peak, I realize that more than ever. The things we do and the lives that define us? Spontaneous.

    By Alexis URL on 03.31.2011

  6. I always wonder what my purpose is. It’s a huge question that I don’t think anyone can answer until they’ve lived out their entire lives. I think everyone has many purposes. Each person we affect, each thing we do, maybe it’s all part of a larger plan. I hope that I can fulfill my purpose by the time my life is done.

    By Carolyn URL on 03.31.2011

  7. I’ve always wanted to be involved in one of those cool pictures where a girl or guy is standing on a ledge, or like in the middle of some psychotic fucking situation with so much going on that it is impossible to register the entire thing in one glance. Because the life i know is so mindless and boring there has GOT to be something else. something more important and the people in those pictures would never be caught up in a situation like that if they were’t part of something bigger.

    By KatherineEmm URL on 03.31.2011

  8. The purpose? What purpose? The purpose of life? Noone knows the purpose of life. Who knows at all? I mean, god, if he exists. I don’t believe he does. But anyway.

    What’s the purpose to anything? I mean, there is no purpose. We live, we die. But fuck it, it;s fun to have a good ride along the way.

    By Sam Bancroft on 03.31.2011

  9. The purpose of this paper is…who ever heard of starting a paper this way? And yet she teaches them that, and thinks it is good teaching. And I don’t know enough about teaching writing, and I don’t have the time amongst all the other things I am teaching, to break that habit back out of them. So many things to do, so little time. The purpose of this teacher is to teach–is there a line?

    By maritov URL on 03.31.2011

  10. In order for me to find a sense of purpose I travelled the world. I walked on rainbows and talked to dreams of unborn babies. It wasn’t until I swam into the the sea of pure knowledge that I found a purpose.

    By tzoyia URL on 03.31.2011

  11. i have the firm purpose of getting an A in my thermodynamics test, even when I dont really have idea of what the fuck im studying in this very moment.

    By karen on 03.31.2011

  12. What is my purpose? I often wonder if I will ever find out what my purpose in life is? I extend myself out into the universe, allowing myself to be pulled in the direction of …. purpose? Is that how it works? When do I find out?!

    By Shauna URL on 03.31.2011

  13. everyone has a purpose, be it something really ridiculous, or something really amazing. Each purpose is tailor made for the person it resides in. The fact that everyone has their very own purpose just leads us to the same conclusion that everyone is unique.

    By Anna Redman on 03.31.2011

  14. He’d done it on purpose; he isn’t an bad man, he does not mean wrong – at least not consciously. Still, I’m certain that he knew just how much it would hurt, and somewhere deep inside, he is enjoying himself sadistically.

    By Margarita URL on 03.31.2011

  15. I have a purpose in life, although I do not yet know what my purpose is. I believe that everyone is here for a purpose. Everyone has a reason to be here. Not everyone knows what this purpose is. Everyone can choose to believe or not believe that they have a purpose in this life. I wonder if the Myan’s have it right.

    By Nala on 03.31.2011

  16. Estamos aquí por un propósito. Algunos más simples que otros, desde hacer sonreír a alguien, hasta salvar el mundo. Si alguien sale beneficiado de eso, aun si nos tomo toda la vida realizarlo, habrá valido la pena.

    By raulalsc URL on 03.31.2011

  17. I am a person who has purpose. My life is extremely purposeful and nobody can change that because it’s a fact. I am full of purpose.

    By Mikayla on 03.31.2011

  18. what is the purpose of anything really? to live? to have fun? to be happy? well to live you have to have fun and to have fun you have to be happy. so if you not happy then is there any point? if your not happy are you really living? literaly, yes but figurtively, not nesesarily. if you’re not happy then you’re not relaly living and then there is no point.

    By cathryn Davenport on 03.31.2011

  19. “What was the purpose of getting a to-go container for a bite of chicken and two spoonfuls of fried rice? Like– what? Why?”

    “… Because.”

    Anthony shook his head and kept his eyes on the road. There was no point in trying to get involved in that ‘lover’s quarrel.

    By Sae URL on 03.31.2011

  20. My purpose in life, is a sentence that makes very little sense considering we don’t know why we’re here, or if there could be a ‘why’ but at least we can make our own purposes, in life and love, even if we don’t know why…

    By Stephanie Watson URL on 03.31.2011

  21. Definition of one’s life. It’s what we aim for, what we live for. The reason of our existence. Substance of our soul.

    By kimmie URL on 03.31.2011

  22. my purpose – multi purpose – what purpose do I serve?
    every day every minute –
    different purpose different person
    my purpose for you – a pedestal – one built of the unspoken, the unseen – the unsavory
    my purpose for you – a container – a recepticol – a vacant room – a couch cushin – a floor
    my purpose for you – a place to put all your sins – all your sins – all YOUR sins – not mine
    my purpose for you – to take what ever you give – no matter the size – no matter the matter
    my purpose for you – is to answer when you call – and to take all of your ugly words and the scraps you think I deserve
    I know what purpose I serve

    By Kat5 URL on 03.31.2011

  23. what is purpose? do we have one? why would we? what’s the purpose of purpose? none, that’s what. you see, we don’t need anything but the dark dampness of our tiny insignificant corner of space.

    By Ian Trumbull on 03.31.2011

  24. What is the purpose of life? is it to find love? to settle down with that one person you find and deem worthy of procreating with? Is the purpose of life to find the purpose of life? Everybody on earth seems to be obsessed with this question and purpose is a driving force in everybody’s mind. Why? the simple question controls everything, why?

    By Bryce O'Neal on 03.31.2011

  25. Do I have a purpose? I’m not sure. I think I have a purpose in this world but I definitely have yet to find that. I believe I’m good at things and then I find that there are better people with better skills so I move on. And the process repeats. Do I have a purpose? I’m not sure.

    By Brie Riggs on 03.31.2011

  26. if you have a reason to be some where your purpose is to be there purpose is also a word with letters purpose as one meaning that i know about

    By stephy URL on 03.31.2011

  27. Purpose is the thing you are meant to do.

    By devin21 URL on 03.31.2011

  28. My grandpa’s life doesn’t have much purpose. I feel so bad for him. The most he can do is lay on the couch, and exist, because of all the pain. I’m so glad though that he found a possible solution for his problem.

    By Kolton URL on 03.31.2011

  29. Everyone has a purpose. At least that’s what everyone says. What if there was a person without a purpose? What would he or she do? Live life as a boring back round shadow. Or would you find yourself trying to make a purpose by causing chaos? Either way it would be very hard to deal with.

    By Alison URL on 03.31.2011

  30. There is a purpose for some thing……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………..

    By Brandon URL on 03.31.2011

  31. What is the purpose of homework. We have to do homework after school when we kinda get enough of it through out the day. It just has no purpose.

    By ;) Heather <3 URL on 03.31.2011

  32. the reason for which i live. the definition behind my exsistence. exactly what i strive for in this life. why God created me and the put me in connection with those around me. the reason i live and survive each day. the end of my story.

    By Brittany on 03.31.2011

  33. Purpose is your purpose in life its what your suppose to do in life and what you are needed to do.

    By Michael Jordan URL on 03.31.2011

  34. a purpose is something you do that you rely on.

    By chase URL on 03.31.2011

  35. he had no choice i do, thanks for the life time i miss you.

    By Astartai Fawn URL on 03.31.2011

  36. he had a perpose in the word. only one person would know that perpose. and he is not realy a person

    By tylllet URL on 03.31.2011

  37. To do something with purpose means to have a a reason for it. Or you can walk with a purpose meaning you know what you’re doing and where you are going.

    By lizzy:) URL on 03.31.2011

  38. to live for a reason beyond yourself that changes the world and leaves it better than when you left it…. to reach outside of yourself with power that brings others up and empowers them to respond to the world around them with their own abilities, gifts and skills that in turn empowers those around them.

    By Randy on 03.31.2011

  39. the meaning behind everything. what is meant to be. as they say everything must have a purpose. But thats just what we think. What do we really know?

    By natasha on 03.31.2011

  40. my purpose in life…. what IS my purpose in life?? so many times I used to ask myself this. now i know. I’m living for God, I’m living for my family, for my friends. for things like summer time and smoothies, and going shopping with mom. for everything and anything. i have purpose.

    By Brynn Richardson on 03.31.2011