August 14th, 2011 | 422 Entries

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422 Entries for “punishment”

  1. “Is this my punishment?” she asked as she stared off into the blankness of a Monday morning commute. Punishment for being unknowing of all it is she wanted to do… for being unsure of anything when it came to herself. Punishment isn’t about the pain of doing something but is the pain of not knowing which path to take.

    By Taylor URL on 08.14.2011

  2. the whip cracks as it strikes his back
    blood pools to the surface of his skin
    dripping from the cuts
    down his back
    mingling with sweat
    “the price to pay for your insulence!”
    the captain cries out

    By Amy Brookins URL on 08.14.2011

  3. Punishment, something that happens when one does something to displease another. Sins, not finding God through his son. We will be punished. Left to burn in hell, how horrible. I can’t imagine, that’d go on forever, forever is such a long time, can we call it time considering that it’s timeless? That’s mindblowing, like when I think of how the universe extends on forever..

    By Cassidy on 08.14.2011

  4. it’s like a punishment for sleeping with the wrong person. The constant battles over the kids and for what? Just so they can try to win. For once I would like to see it actually be about the benefit of the child.

    By B. Green URL on 08.14.2011

  5. Your punishment, said the headmistress, is to eat at my table with me. To watch my mouth go up and down, and be fascinated with horror as the horrible chocolate pudding is mashed up and delumped. To experience the horror of not knowing which fork to use. To be unsure that the noodles you’re eating are not, in fact, some kind of horrible dead worm. That is what you get for talking with your mouth full.

    By Bookhobbit URL on 08.14.2011

  6. ive done this about 45234234 times now.. so im just gonna let it run out.

    By kb URL on 08.14.2011

  7. Corporal punishment is what first comes to mind, but I really don’t know too much about it. Then, there’s capital punishment… 8th amendment? Big debate there. Then, ofcourse, there’s cruel and unusual punishment… that’s where its at. & 60 seconds is up… ding.

    By Lauren Nicole URL on 08.14.2011

  8. i caught my breath
    they caught me
    my world comes crashing, crashing
    my hopes being dashed
    my mind is spinning
    will i come out of this?
    is there a light at the end of this tunnel or
    is it only a dark spiral
    leading me away
    farther than i can
    come back from
    this is my

    By Julie URL on 08.14.2011

  9. Punishment is the … is bad, is what happens to you when you commit a crime.. Is punishment effective? Are there other solutions out there..? Who knows. Buts it’s best be avoided. Although, if it’s similar to a consequence, then it’s the best way to learn your lesson, but I don’t think they are the same.

    By Me on 08.14.2011

  10. time out once i got spanked with a brush. classical conditioning. if a kid is screaming forever and ever and he has a lolipop or some shit take away the lolipop. that happened at harris teeter when i was younger. there is a hill across from harris teeter that i went sledding on with my dad when i was 9.

    By Caroline URL on 08.14.2011

  11. why does punishment exist? i understand that we think people need it because we have an ego. but why do we think like that? how did such strange thoughts end up as a daily part of our train of thought. Life should be enjoyed and punishment should not be so well understood by everyone.

    By matt t. URL on 08.14.2011

  12. Punishment is the act of condemning a human being for a crime deemed heinous by society. As children, we have all faced punishment in the form of small chastisements or a quick slap on the wrist by our parents for wrongdoing

    By karen on 08.14.2011

  13. I put the pun in punishment!
    He said.

    Why don’t you just drink your milk like a good boy.
    She said.

    5K, 200MeV, black ink. No. Dark indigo.
    Mixed with forest green.
    Like the colour of her eyes in the shade of the willow tree by the creek.

    By T URL on 08.14.2011

  14. With bad deeds comes punishment. The bible says that you reap what you sow and the world calls it karma. But what do you call punishment without reason/ For some unknown reason you bear the punishment of what you don’t know. What is that all about?

    By Char Adams URL on 08.14.2011

  15. My punishment has lasted 31 years. 31 years of torture and pain since that day. No one was supposed to be hurt. There was to be no carnage or bloodshed. But there was, and the memory will haunt me forever

    By Pen on 08.14.2011

  16. Punishment is society’s response to negative actions that are identified according to social norms. They can range from gracious to harsh but are all the result of some action and is intended to correct the wrong that has occurred.

    By Dakota on 08.14.2011

  17. i feel i was punished by my lover she left me then loved another i wish i could find a way to make it through the day but i know eventually ill love another winter is gone summers is passed but our love is broke like glass.

    By Justin Maples on 08.14.2011

  18. punishment is something the world cannot go without. Without the wrong-doers, one would never know when they are doing well, or doing the right thing. Wrongly punishing someone though is unjust, and uncalled for. It would be hard to measure severity of a punhishment but when your heart is getting in the way of your actions, then the action shouldn’t be carried out.

    By Ally on 08.14.2011

  19. Punishment
    So often, it is a case of cruel to be kind
    To develop and shape us
    In to people who are half decent
    We are punished, we are rewarded,
    And, for it, we learn.
    Yes. We learn.
    Because we recall the things we do not like at all.

    By Kirsten on 08.14.2011

  20. This is when you do something bad and consequences result. Starting from when youre a child and your mother or father tells you to do something and you disobey. a major part of the legal system is set up with punishment in mind or in consequencse

    By Anne Leathers on 08.14.2011

  21. crime, it’s an ugly thing. it’s perhaps our ugliest feature as humans. that and war, disenfranchisement and oppression. but crime is epidemic, pandemic, and endlessly destructive. so we declare war on crime, fight fire with fire. we punish. and punishment is the only way we can continue to live with crime in the world.

    By Andrew on 08.14.2011

  22. And the punishment was no more
    Or, not no more…
    The punishment was no longer a weight on my shoulders
    It had been taken by he who did not deserve it
    He who laid down his life
    The punishment was something I was no longer tied down by
    Instead, I found myself
    In grace.

    By freewriter URL on 08.14.2011

  23. Punishment. It seems more often then not, that the ones who punish you the most is yourself, your mom or family may reprimand you, but you are the one who never forgets what you’ve done.

    By Jordyn Harris on 08.14.2011

  24. Punishment. Why? Why are we punished? What is a rule, a law? Why do they apply to all humanity? Are we not here to simply roam the earth, mate, and die? Why complicate life with such constraints? Why punish ourselves more than knowledge already taunts us?

    By Jen Orange on 08.14.2011

  25. I associate this word with the death penalty, for some reason, and don’t like it as a motivating factor in dealing with society’s criminals. It leads to bad decision-making and social policy. I’m actually for the death penality (what with prison reform being where it is), but as an act of prevention – to protect the criminal’s next innocent victim – rather than as act of punishment. Punishment does not act as a deterrent against crime or other moral wrongdoing and therefore should not be a motivating factor for legislatures or voters in dealing with criminals.

    By Stacey on 08.14.2011

  26. This was punishment. Trying to figure out where I stood, what I was going to do. I wanted the future, but I didn’t know how to get there. I didn’t know how to explicitly define what I wanted to do, how I was going to do it. I’m afraid of what tomorrow holds, but I eagerly await next year. I don’t want the immediate future. I don’t want the stress, the anxiety. I just want the reward. I don’t want this.

    By Joanne~ URL on 08.14.2011

  27. Everyone learns about punishment from a young age. Whether its a time out for not sharing toys, or getting arrested for a fight, we are taught that it is not okay to act out and there will be consequences. Unpleasant consequences.

    By Loredana on 08.14.2011

  28. Punishment is something we learn as children. As we grow, we realize that its not okay to ‘act out’ and that there will be consequences. Unpleasant consequences. Whether its not sharing and getting put in time out or getting a ticket for speeding.

    By Loredana URL on 08.14.2011

  29. I sometimes wonder if your thoughts can lead to punishment when you haven’t really done anything wrong. You know, like Karma.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 08.14.2011

  30. something that happens when you care too much and give too little, you wind up punished by the world because no one will care as much as you do at the end of the day. the only true way to avoid punishment is to be the person no one else can be: yourself. you must rise above the and abide the law of nature and the law of the heart. that is the only way one can excel.

    By Jordan Yeck on 08.14.2011

  31. punishment. punishment of the third kind…wait, that’s not right. cruel and unusual punishment. punishment for everything you’ve ever done. you ought to be sent to prison or a hall or something what the fuck. some people don’t deserve their own punishment. fucking punishment man, i don’t know…why some people do the things that get them punished

    By falon on 08.14.2011

  32. Sometimes punishment is so stupid. We’re told to do the right thing, but when we do the right thing we’re punished for it? Isn’t it supposed to be the opposite of that? Aren’t we supposed to be rewarded for being honest?

    By Dominique on 08.14.2011

  33. Negative feedback has been, and still is, a vital factor in adaptation. In other words, punishment is how we evolved. Punishment can be the end, or a brand new beginning. On the smaller scale, it makes you realize what you’re doing wrong. And helps you grow. It’s nothing to be afraid of.

    By Nishat URL on 08.14.2011

  34. Punishment, so many kinds. Self, Capital, Exercise. Hmm. I think exercise is the worst of the three. Okay it’s a form of self-punishment.

    By david URL on 08.14.2011

  35. there was that dread of the moment, when the earth fell out beneath him and everything fell away. It was giving up. It was surrendering everything to the air and praying that the rope kept. It was punishment for everything he had ever done right.

    By Hart on 08.14.2011

  36. The inevitable result of punishment is the fact of knowing it will come at a moment that no one would care to have it. In reality, punishment is a dish served cold -yet it would never be regarded as best. Punishment is the fools way of accepting wrong. Punishment is not the reality of love.

    By Justin Page URL on 08.14.2011

  37. Since you’ve been gone, or rather since I left, it’s like all of my inspiration is gone. I can’t think of a single thing to say. Everytime I try to write I think of you and then my mind goes blank. I never realized you didn’t only give me pain but you made my life easier is some sort of way. I guess because of the fact that I let you go, this is now my punishment. I have no inspiration anymore.

    By Katharine URL on 08.14.2011

  38. I have done so bad.
    Punishment is what I ask for.
    What’s it going to be this time?
    No dinner?
    Not hardly.
    Bye bye TV?
    So long cell phone?
    More than likely.
    A life time of embarrassment?
    This kind.

    By Casey on 08.14.2011

  39. Crime and Punishment;
    No repercussions for you;
    Flawed justice system.

    By sarah smith on 08.14.2011

  40. “SAMANTHA! Hey wake up!” Samantha’s head flew from her desk leaving a trail of drool from her mouth. “What kind of punishment do you think this is that you can just sleep through it?”

    By Elijah URL on 08.14.2011