April 7th, 2013 | 252 Entries

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252 Entries for “punished”

  1. I punished you because of that and now you go and do it again. Wow. Why? Oh well you are still not going.

    By teeda URL on 04.07.2013

  2. She thought of all the failures in the world, all the people she didn’t protect, all the things she didn’t do. She deserved this, she thought. No one deserved it more than her.

    Because failure is the worst kind of sin.

    By Alex on 04.07.2013

  3. you are twisted up
    in the sheets next to me,
    the long of your back
    pressed against the side of mine,
    bare skin on bare skin.
    and each mole and
    and freckle
    spattered across you
    is a punishment.

    By finchlings URL on 04.07.2013

  4. chastised

    By Akhila Shivan URL on 04.07.2013

  5. parents room grounded upset tears sad depression no-phone pillow mad no-friends :P

    By Lilifirr on 04.07.2013

  6. punisher. the punisher. i love that movie. damn, now that i think about it i fell asleep halfway through that movie. but i’m sure i would’ve liked it if i had watched the movie. oh well. the jews were punished in the holocaust. that’s sad.

    By john griffin on 04.07.2013

  7. i looked down in embarassment, saliva dripping from my lips and my chin, as the perforated acrylic ball forced my lips apart and pushed my tongue back into the cavity of my mouth. i wheezed through it, my body corresponding with a rythmic sensation as my veins pulsed against the hemp ropes; two mazes of information crossing each other unwillingly.

    By berenique URL on 04.07.2013

  8. Why am I being punished? I choose the hard major. I choose the one which can help people. I take the road less traveled. Now I’m in a library on a Sunday for the next 10 hours. I now know why its the road less traveled. Cause it sucks.

    By Emma on 04.07.2013

  9. I was punished. And rightly so. It wasn’t nice, what I’d done. It wasn’t proper. I was a cold heartless, evil bastard who got what he deserved.

    At least, that’s what the papers said.

    By Shimbo URL on 04.07.2013

  10. We’re punished when we do something wrong, a measure our disciplinarians use to teach us a lesson. Teach us right from wrong, not to make the same mistakes again. And yet I never learn. I can’t keep feeling for you so I pull away to punish myself, but I just want you more.

    By Ashi URL on 04.07.2013

  11. When you do something you know is wrong but without any thought you do it and in result you receive the consequences and your are punished. A guilt may develop and you will ask for forgiveness.

    By Jen on 04.07.2013

  12. At the end of the day
    with an already full shame tank
    I listen to the weathered words
    of a divine inner hatred
    for the freedom you never had
    and are intent to deny me
    as you remove my right
    to celebrate myself
    and discipline myself.

    By Jason URL on 04.07.2013

  13. I was beaten and bloody
    and bruised
    but not on the surface;
    my heart was shattered
    and my lungs were
    my bones were broken
    and I was bleeding a
    story down onto
    paper into a
    letter that
    would never be


    By Arianna Reiley URL on 04.07.2013

  14. I wasn’t going to talk to her. Ever. Not after what she’d done. I’d hid it from everyone else; I hadn’t given her away. I refused to stoop to her level, and that was all she was ever going to get from me. Regardless of how little she deserved even that.

    By Aca on 04.07.2013

  15. i had punished enough. to say that i’d been punished in the process would just be another scapegoat and i had just had about enough of those. this one was on me. they all were. this heavy of this one sufficed for the load.

    By Safon URL on 04.07.2013

  16. I punish myself sometimes if I don’t do the right thing that I ought to have done. But I realize that I’m human, imperfect and meant to do things wrong sometimes. And everything is just lesson yet to be learn. So I remind myself that I don’t need to be punished. I just need to accept myself for who I am right now and who I will be.

    By Youngstudent URL on 04.07.2013

  17. Punishment” justified? or not, i gives people a satisfaction, the person doing the punishing, or even maybe a little to the person being punished. there was a study done, after WWII, about how the nazis could be so absolutlely cruel: Normal people were brought into a room, where an actor was hooked up to a pretend shock machine, the goal was to as him a question, if he got it wrong he would be “shocked”, if right, then not: it showed that even normal people could turn sadistic, all the volunteers continued with the questions, even as the actor “screamed in agony” and “begged for mercy”, they thought it was a game: I dont know why i wrote this, it was just pretty shocking( no pun intended)

    By amber on 04.07.2013

  18. I know this girl that likes to be punished. Not in a negative way, it’s more for fun. She enjoys punishment because light pain can be enjoyed. I think this is a good activity to practice if both parties are consenting. I recommend you all try it at some point. Thanks!

    By Yanni Casheroni on 04.07.2013

  19. It’s your fault. Why we’re like this; why I feel like this. I wish I could let you know how it feels. I wish I could punish you like you punished me, but I love you too much. This pain I feel, no one should feel this. I wish It wasn’t like this. I wish you loved me….

    By RachelMStorer URL on 04.07.2013

  20. he liked to be punished. the more angry she got with him, the happier he felt. his heart was filled with bitterness, every day, the same question haunted him, how could his mother do that to his father?

    By manoj munde on 04.07.2013

  21. Some are punished by the pressure
    Other internalize the force
    Resistant – unwilling to move
    Restrained – unable to bloom
    Yet there are a rare few who will use it to change themselves together

    By Lavender Diamond URL on 04.07.2013

  22. and I punished myself
    for all those thoughts
    and all those feelings
    that haunted and daunted me

    but then I realised
    that they make me stronger
    and when I look back
    it’s actually not that bad

    it was never that bad
    and it will never be that bad

    just stay with me and I will be fine

    By the_reckoner URL on 04.07.2013

  23. revenge

    By cagkanyuksel URL on 04.07.2013

  24. A man in a cell. Usually a bad one. But every now and again, he isn’t. Sometimes he gets what he deserves for all of the wrong reasons. Maybe he did something bad earlier but wasn’t caught. It happens. But for this reason, it’s not him. It’s you.

    By John Smith on 04.07.2013

  25. I think it’s easier to think I am being punished that to accept that I am doing this to myself. I am the one digging the pit of despair. I am the one opening the cubicle door to an office in which I will work like a grunt ’till I die. But it’s easier to think it’s just a punishment, because then at least there’ll be forgiveness at the end.

    By F on 04.07.2013

  26. you’d think i’d been punished. lost alone and worried about what they think of me. they think a lot apparently. and in a single conversation my love for someone could turn to confusion, disgust, fear. what does he think of me? flattered or repulsed that i should be the receiver of such a thing such an idea such a fantasy. who am i? my life surely is not real. surely i’ve made it up, was intoxicated, dreaming.
    surely it’s not up to me. surely it’s not the three.

    By C. Ritchie URL on 04.07.2013

  27. the gods had frowned upon her and taken her love away what did she do to deserve this what terrible crime had she committed against everything she held dear so that the most precious thing in the world to her had been cruelly snatched away just when things where starting to look up?

    By libbi on 04.07.2013

  28. Seeing him with her was the worst form of punishment I could ever receive. I know he’d never remember how we loved each other. Because those memories were erased. Deleted. Terminated.

    By Juliet on 04.07.2013

  29. Perhaps I’ll pursue
    my own punishment
    I find it perplexing
    as to
    After it’s over
    I long to be

    By Aley URL on 04.07.2013

  30. she felt punished sitting in the theatre darkness.
    Her body was bombarded by bombastically loud theatrics…how could she enjoy the movie when her entire body reverberated with sound waves ?

    By skylarkin on 04.07.2013

  31. It was a punishment beyond imagining. At this point, even death would be a preferable alternative, and a mercy. It was beyond what he had ever dreamed possible for suffering and hate – a slave to everything he had fought so hard against. The feeling of knowing he would never escape this fate was unbearable.

    By Victor URL on 04.07.2013

  32. it is so ironic
    that you hurl these accusations
    over something staining your own hands

    I did it for the honor
    I was trying to be strong
    to hell with your degree

    By slantedstories URL on 04.07.2013

  33. slaves were punished for not doing what they were told
    children were punished by sitting in a corner

    By alexis on 04.07.2013

  34. For something I didn’t do, I’m punished. Some don’t see it, for it isn’t said, written or directly done. I am punished in spirit and mind. Some don’t understand, but to me it is simple, the cruel punishment wears me down.

    By Rachel V on 04.07.2013

  35. Consequences are being punished. YOu get punished for things that are morally or ethically wrong, even for something that someone told you not to do that you did. I dont like to be punished, not at all

    By Alex on 04.07.2013

  36. I don’t like that I am
    I don’t feel that I should be
    I doubt that you are
    I hate that I deserve it
    I see too much me
    and hardly any you
    it’s the harsh reality
    I’m being punished

    By CJ on 04.07.2013

  37. The boy sulked up to his room. He hated his parents. Why did they have to be so strict. He just broke a dish that’s all. Okay, so he threw the dish at his sister and then it broke but he still didn’t deserve this punishment.

    By Liz Vos on 04.07.2013

  38. Is this my punishment for being a bad person?

    By Jason URL on 04.07.2013

  39. I was always given two options: the basement or the belt. Eventually they realized that I wasn’t afraid of pain, but I was afraid of the dark. The belt ceased to be an option shortly thereafter.

    By Chris Clow URL on 04.07.2013

  40. she thought she deserved it
    she had no one to go to
    she was along
    (or so it seemed)
    so she punished herself

    the lights were gone
    it was all dark
    all dark matter
    was it an illusion?
    science says otherwise
    but that doesn’t mean
    that myths are fake

    you can love life
    and still think
    you deserve
    something horrible
    because no one can disagree
    or agree
    it is inevitable
    that life goes on

    By Em URL on 04.07.2013