July 27th, 2012 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “props”

  1. Laughter thundered throughout the big top as the clowns in the center made such fools of themselves. They seemed to have no shame in the embarrassing, self-depreciating gags. All for the sake of getting the uproar from the crowd.
    The little girl didn’t understand. What she saw were people suffering humiliation. Why was everyone laughing…?

    By Psuedonym URL on 07.27.2012

  2. props to the kids who can spend a friday at home without feeling embarrassed. props to the parents who don’t use their phones when their kids are trying to get their attention. props to the grandparents who listen to their kids advice. and props to the animals, for putting up with everyone else.

    By Daniela URL on 07.27.2012

  3. I wanted a prop. A prop with which i could show her the truth, how i really felt. But I played the part, alone. No assistance, nothing to get my point across. It was just me and my words, and, well, I was not much of a talker. No matter what I thought, I couldn’t speak. I needed props and yet the only one was my voice.

    By Greer on 07.27.2012

  4. Props have many utilities and can never be useless. They help us a lot in our every-day life in a lot of fields : cooking, beauty, studying, learning, medicine…

    By Zainab on 07.27.2012

  5. mad props to my ladies being true to their bodies, lovers, family and friends.
    mad props to the men out there being true blue.
    to my computer engineers giving up their soul for our enjoyment.
    the musicians doing the same.

    my should hurts when i write this — maybe i need to prop it up.

    By Someone Else URL on 07.27.2012

  6. *shoulder.

    By Someone Else URL on 07.27.2012

  7. Use props to get done what you need to get done. Props are a means to an end. Props can get you where you want to go and help accomplish what you need to get done. In a way, everyone around you are props. Don’t we all just use the people around us as props in our own lives? As sad as that is, it’s the truth.

    By Andrew on 07.27.2012

  8. I headed back stage to do some final prepping before the big show. I took a deep breath in. This was it. All the rehearsals, all the casting, all the prop making, all of it came down to this one moment. When the curtains came up, and the show commenced. My breath caught in my lungs as I heard the count-down…5….4….3….2….1….

    By Charlie URL on 07.27.2012

  9. Props are made to make human’s life easier. they help him to ameliorate his every-day life, in many fields : Medicine, learning, teaching, beauty… But this must be the end. Human must be more creative and invent new props!

    By Zaïnab KREO URL on 07.27.2012

  10. I look around the room, noting the props laying about. A horrible looking mummy-type creature sat in the back, dust covering it. Bottles upon bottles of fake blood in different flavours, vampire teeth and capes, and a wookie costume. I laugh, walking around backstage. This truly has been my life, sad it’s ended.

    By Brittany URL on 07.27.2012

  11. Don’t think. Just write.
    I’ve gotta hand it to the guy who came up with that slogan. Sometimes the simplest ones are the best, the ones that hit home the most.

    By grace URL on 07.27.2012

  12. props is when someone does something you like and your like yeah man, your the boss. Giving props is like sleeping with your dead wife, shes cold in bed, but she still shows some love! I love to give props to people because i dont like the germs of high 5’s!

    By Amy on 07.27.2012

  13. I propped my self on one elbow to look at his beauty. I stare and take it all in. He is asleep so peaceful and calm. His caramel skin shimmering from the after sweat of what we just experienced.

    By Nikki URL on 07.27.2012

  14. props to the website for making me think, props to the set of props for biking like a prop prop. crop stop the drought is a lot, not like plot whats wrong with me. am i trying to hard. you told me to do this. t.v doesn’t help. i still managed to touch my face.

    By Michael Frew on 07.27.2012

  15. The interior of the puppet made me want to rip it off and scratch my skin till it bled. But of course I couldn’t be drawn to that. The kids would go bezerk. I bit the inside of my cheek. Hard. The metalic taste of blood diverted me temporarily from the intense urge to skratch. I glanced at the watch trying to ignore the hidious yellow bear that nested on my hand. Or to put it correctly, my hand nested in it. Creepy. Ten minutes till showtime. I went over my lines a few more times in my head. Not like i would dare to forget any of them. Stacy would have my head if one of the kids showed one sign of disapointment with the show i was about to put on. I gathered the props lying at my feet with a sigh, and tried not to disturb Mr.Sunshine as he devowered my hand and my patience

    By Person URL on 07.27.2012

  16. Props is the slang term for proper respect or just dues. Props are tools one would see in a movie or show

    By Sarah URL on 07.27.2012

  17. props are cool even in school, meant to be seen on the screen, beautiful sight watch all night

    By Nancy Siemen on 07.27.2012

  18. I’d like to give props to you, for sticking with me through all the shit this place had to throw at us. It means a lot to me, especially since you could have done a hell of a lot better than me and Seth when it comes to friends here. Better socially, at least. But you’re a real good guy Brandon. You deserve that chick and she’s lucky to have you

    By Darla on 07.27.2012

  19. drop scene fashion arts acting stage movies plays color music work creativity

    By elke URL on 07.27.2012

  20. props…i’m not much of a drama buff so i cant talk about that side of the word, but to me, props are something people use in life to try and convince people who they are.
    like a hipster playlist.

    By hrh on 07.27.2012

  21. Something that you use in movies and all that. My brother is a prop. Because i use him for things, you know, just things. One direction are my life and in their music video of What Makes you Beautiful the Combie Van was one of their props. Is that a good example. ??

    By Sophia URL on 07.27.2012

  22. I was running late and without my props. I grabbed a rubber mallet and black bible from the bin, nodding to Juliet, the prop master. I shuffled silently out onto the stage, the darkness of the scene change masking my hurried expression as I moved to my place. This was it, my one-line glory. The lights from the booms flashed on, glaring down, making sweat dribble down my powered face and back, the black robes of my costume billowing.
    “The verdict is:”I breathed a second for dramatic effect and the answer the audience knew was coming, “guilt as charged. The prisoner shall serve life in prison.”Staged chaos ensued as I pounded the gavel down.
    My part was played. As the scene ended no one congratulated me, back stage, no one even noticed I had been away from the green rooms with “Extras” labeled in harsh black lettering. I was of no consequence. I silently turned in my props back to Juliet, took of the heavy stage makeup, and exited the theatre.

    By Abigail on 07.27.2012

  23. there are many propos that come to my head, i don’t know which ones you mean, but in general, we all need propos in our lives, in different things that we do, at home

    By nb on 07.27.2012

  24. The theatre floor was covered with the discarded remains of what had been the set. The props lay abandoned on the floor. The actors had already finished the after party and were now safe at home in bed. The life of a play was short, yes, but the memories from it would last for weeks, months, years.

    By Caitlin on 07.27.2012

  25. “Mad props to you, sis,” Quincy muttered between sips of chocolate milkshake. “I thought that jerk would never leave.”

    Kathy nodded and chewed on a French fry. Out of the corner of her eye, she could still see her ex-boyfriend sitting in his car in the fast food restaurant’s parking lot. He had punched the steering wheel twice now.

    “You were right about him, Quincy,” she said. “You’re usually right.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 07.27.2012

  26. I’ve done Props before. you use Props in productions, music videos, movies etc. etc. etc.
    Well I’ve done pretty well explaining this for you but even if you still don’t know don’t worry, because props arnt even that important!

    By Sophia URL on 07.27.2012

  27. He’s just a prop in my play, really. Does that make me an awful person? Well, probably. I mean, probably not the MOST awful person, but still reasonably awful. Not as awful as a murderer, obviously, but more awful than say… a kid that’s shoplifted once or twice from a convenience store.

    By Scarlet URL on 07.27.2012

  28. Props to you, you destroyed me. You completely diminished the person I was and changed me forever. It’s not right to have to grow up when you are still a teenager, it was not right for you to tear my innocence from me. You will never understand the affect you had on my life and how I had to teach myself to be a better person after you tore the knowledge of what that even means from me. It’s not fair, but that’s life.

    By Kelsey Holtz URL on 07.27.2012

  29. I give him props for remaining so strong. He’s been through so much, been beaten down so many times, each time a harder fall than the last. And yet he stands so tall with his shoulders squared. If I ad even an ounce of the courage he had, I could take on my fears. My fears of failure, judgment.

    By MD on 07.27.2012

  30. i was a part of the all shook up production at my high school and i was a part of the properties crew. during this time, my love for theater expanded ten fold. i was going through a break up and the entire cast and crew was there for me and whatever i was going through.

    By hannah on 07.27.2012

  31. Her props were meager. Two handfuls of yarn and a yellow cd were all she held as she ascended teh stage. The judges watched her with curious detachment, a hundred applicants will do that to a person. She put the yarn on her head and the cd in her mouth. She bowed. For ten seconds, she hopped up and down on one foot and then another ten on the other. She bowed again. She took the yarn off her head and the cd out of her mouth and walked away.

    By Mairead URL on 07.27.2012

  32. theater and plays and Shakespeare also people giving “props” to other people. idk
    im weird.

    By Claire on 07.27.2012

  33. something that is random and can make jokes with
    it reminds me of whose line is it anyway. Can be pretty funny if you are creative. can add life to a story. theater people use them.

    By sharna on 07.27.2012

  34. Something to give to someone for doing/saying something you respect or like.

    “He gets props for being the only person to stand up to that bully.”

    Items to help a play.

    By TotalKaosE URL on 07.27.2012

  35. Hats offto you, Rob. You finally did it. Not really sure what “it” is, but you did it… Soyeah… props to you.

    By Carina on 07.27.2012

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    By Carina on 07.27.2012

  37. herself upright in the bed. too afraid to lie back down. too afraid of the visions of the past that haunt her dreams. too afraid to close her eyes and see him again.

    By Rachel on 07.27.2012

  38. Missing props, nothing worse for a show. People run around frantically, searching for that lost slipper like it’s a prized necklace – but it’s only a plastic prop. In the theatre world, things become full of value when they enter the stage, and this often transfers backstage when things get lost. The show must go on, but there can be no Cinderella without that slipper.

    By caitlin URL on 07.27.2012

  39. I give you props for what you do. I use props on stage. I use props every day. My friends, my family, my phone, objects. I’m a prop on the world stage. Props are beautiful. I give the word “props” props, man. They rock my socks, them props.

    By April Rogers on 07.27.2012

  40. He gave props to the student for knowing the answer.

    By Ellanie URL on 07.27.2012