January 8th, 2013 | 290 Entries

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290 Entries for “promise”

  1. Something most people can not successfully keep. It’s a way to show our commitment until the promise is either fulfilled or neglected. More times than not, it’s neglected. I promise that.

    By John on 01.08.2013

  2. i said to you once
    said it again
    i meant to keep it
    but it kept breaking
    remembrances in mirrors
    you can’t define yourself on what you say
    you can’t remember happy intents
    the only solution?
    never make a promise again.

    By Matty M. on 01.08.2013

  3. The bond of the fallen hung in my minds eye as I boarded the ship. I was severing all of my history. My people were back there, their eyes full of sorrow and suffering as the toiled in the fields. And here I was, a promise on my lips to bring them a sense of joy. Through me.

    By Moosecat URL on 01.08.2013

  4. I promise that with every minute that goes by, I will have a hold on you. There will not be a light shining that isn’t shining for you. That’s a promise. You are my world. Inside you, you keep my greatest fears, wishes and life. I promise to keep you going on forever. Always.

    By Mariah's-Pocket URL on 01.08.2013

  5. Promises, promising, promised. Have you ever broken a promise that seemed insignificant at the time but gave heartache to someone else? Did you feel guilty? I know I did.

    By CNewell007 on 01.08.2013

  6. Promises. Promises can be made, they can be broken. They can make you feel like you are in the right. They can bind another to debt. But in the end a promise is just a word, and in the end actions speak louder than words. However words can be an emotional chain binding one to another in debt or as salvation. If you think about it, every promise is a give take relationship. when somebody makes a promise, there are seldomly all party winners. all a promise means is that something has to give.

    By Christopher Phillip Brown on 01.08.2013

  7. I was done promising things to people who I didn’t care about. I was trying to be warm and friendly and non-judgmental, but when I gave some people an inch, they took a mile. But that’s past-me. Tonight, I wasn’t worrying about consequences or trust or loyalty. The music whispered through my mind, and I welcomed the lights and noise. I didn’t have time for the wallflowers and the passive friends. I was here for me, and that’s all that mattered.

    By Marissa URL on 01.08.2013

  8. A promise it something you do not break. A pinky promise. Don’t break a pinky promise or you will get your pinky broken. That’s how it works. I have never broken a pinky promise. People have broken pinky promises that they made with me but I never broke their pinky..

    By brittany on 01.08.2013

  9. Ripe with possibilities…the dawn of a new day, the first cry of a newborn, the heralding in of a new year.

    Fraught with anxiety…pressure to deliver, fear of failure…which will it be?

    By Renee Brown on 01.08.2013

  10. I want to promise to make a difference in someone life this year. To never give up, and to never stop loving those I love most. I want to make a promise to God that I will never believe the lies that satan has put against me. I want to promise this year that I will be all that God has created me to be, and that I will help others be who they were created to be as well. I promise to love the Lord will ALL I have.

    By Danie on 01.08.2013

  11. The tissue was torn, wadded and lumped together like a heap of broken promises waiting for someone to carry them away in a rush of forgiveness. She knew her better judgment would never let that happen. Not again.

    By Casual Fridays URL on 01.08.2013

  12. He looked into her eyes, filling her heart with a sea of emotion. “Promise?” The words traveled softly and sweetly. The girl cracked a wide, earthly grin. “promise.”

    By flutefrog URL on 01.08.2013

  13. I promised her I would do anything to protect her. I promised her she would be the only girl in my life. I promised her so many things that I couldn’t keep. I lied. I cheated. I found a new girl to satisfy my needs when she wouldn’t. I guess promises are just meant to be broken.

    By Gabrielle Nguyen URL on 01.08.2013

  14. “Promise me,” she whispered, tears in her baby blue eyes, the same color as her mother. I smiled in an agreeable way hoping that she wouldn’t notice that I hadn’t voiced any agreement at all. There was no way I’d be able to keep that promise.
    My eight year old daughter lifted her head, blond curls bouncing, and she looked me in the eyes with a serious expression. I’d never seen her look that serious before. That expression made me feel more guilty than anything else could have.
    “Pinky promise,” she said gravely lifting her pinky with that same serious expression that looked so wrong on an eight year old on her cute little face.
    My breath hitched.
    “Promise me that you won’t die, dad.” Katie said, still holding up her pinky finger. “You’re a superhero. Stupid bone cancer can’t beat you.”
    I didn’t dare tell her that the doctor had already told me that I had less than a week left. I just smiled at her shakily and hugged her. I didn’t shake her pinky. she cried for so long and than she started screaming that she hated me through her tears until my wife had to take her away. That was the last time I saw my family.

    By Mya URL on 01.08.2013

  15. i promise to love you and cherish you and make you happy for the rest of your life. promise is love not being able to go through and promises are meant to be broken and they are always hollow and wrong and false and will make you cry or satisfied. do not make promises when angry. i want to make sure that you know that promises end up good or bad so don’t avoid them either way and promises from a best friend of mine from before were broken. but i still like them anyways. because one drop cant make the ocean dirty or something like that.

    By Paige on 01.08.2013

  16. taken much less seriously than they should be. honor, integrity, all lost at the utterance of this word, but that wasn’t always the case…

    By sarah on 01.08.2013

  17. You built me a bike from your old frame. You bought me special coloured pedals. You promised that you would take me out riding the next weekend. Then you died.

    I still haven’t ridden that bike.

    By Perri URL on 01.08.2013

  18. I promise that I will always love you, and be there for you. I promise to always be the rock that you can turn to, and the one you can talk to; I promise to always listen. Will you promise those things for me to? I promise to always make you proud, and live in your honor. I promise to try to be the person you will be proud to call yours. I promise. I also promise to never break my promise.

    By caitlyn on 01.08.2013

  19. To be able to be the person that others expect me to be and always be true to my word with myself, God, and others. Like in I promise that I will do this or that. I promise to be at a certain place at a certain time. To not let others down to be true to my word and be responsible with my actions. I make promises and keep them at all costs.

    By Linda Huss on 01.08.2013

  20. The molten pavement, warped by grit and gravity
    Played a simon-says game with each passer by
    Daring them to walk on its cracks

    By gsk URL on 01.08.2013

  21. I promise that somewhere the sound of your elbow
    against my shoulder
    in buried deep within me

    — no-one will forget you
    even though you’re still here–

    and I’ll miss you over break
    I’ll miss the gap in your teeth

    By steve on 01.08.2013

  22. I promise to live my life everyday with no regrets and no what ifs. I promise to live a God-filled life and enjoy everyday like it is my last. I promise to be the light for the world and for those who don’t know the wonderful and powerful love of Jesus Christ. This is my promise to myself and to God. I trust in Him.

    By Ashley Tickel on 01.08.2013

  23. I remember her. Her smile. Her laugh. The promise’s she and I made. The promise we’d never let go…..we’d never forget. We promised that no matter what we would make it through. A promise to take to the keep forever, one to cherish and hold to your heart. I guess promises are too had to keep when your dead.

    By AlanaScharth URL on 01.08.2013

  24. I’ve broken so many over and over again. I am a slave to lust. I care for you, darling it’s true. But I have a battle in my brain, pleasure versus responsibility. I choose pleasure. Maybe that’s the vodka talking. Maybe I became the Vodka.

    By koolaiddx URL on 01.08.2013

  25. I so often promise myself I will change to be the person I want to be, but so often I fail to keep that promise. Why do I say I want to be a certain way, to be a better person, but when it comes to executing and being that person, I fail so miserably?

    By Joe Carey URL on 01.08.2013

  26. I promise he said. how easilly promises are broken. how easily some are kept.
    i promise i’m telling the truth. i promise you’ll be okay. i promise never to let you fall.
    so easy to break
    so easy to keep
    and then if they’re kept, they are the best things in life.
    if broken, a door to bitterness.

    By Gill URL on 01.08.2013

  27. “A promise is a promise,” he said to her. “Well, yes. That’s true,” she replied. “But who knew this would happen?” “You still should remember your promise and be true to it.” “I would, but I just can’t,” she said. So many things had changed and their lives were divergent now. How could he expect her to still honor the promise?

    By Audrey on 01.08.2013

  28. I promised I’d never say the first word that came out of my mouth. But there it was. Right in front of me. Blistering like a hot egg. “Fuck,” I had spat, and then stared at it for a second. Ground it in to the sidewalk with the front of my boot. Walked away.

    By sara on 01.08.2013

  29. Don’t make promises you can’t keep.
    Well, gee, isn’t that most of them?
    How can you promise to be true forever,
    to love forever, never to change, to be constant.
    Perhaps you can promise to try if your partner will try also.

    By Robin on 01.08.2013

  30. -Promise me you’ll always love me.
    -I don’t know. People do that, don’t they? Promise to love someone forever?
    -But how could you possibly do that? Who could love someone that much?
    -You’re supposed to love me that much.
    -I’m sorry. I can’t.

    By Gwyn on 01.08.2013

  31. Well my word is promise. It makes me think of broken promises made to me in the past and promises that I hope to make and keep with people in the future. When I think of promise I think of love and friendship. Family and friends. Heartbreak and happiness. Promises can end in so many different ways. It’s always a good idea to make one, never a good idea to break one. Make sure you only make promises with good people or you could get hurt. There we go.

    By Willow on 01.08.2013

  32. -Promise me you’ll always love me.
    -I don’t know. People do that, don’t they? Promise to love someone forever?
    -But how could you possibly do that? Who could love someone that much?
    -You’re supposed to love me that much.
    -I’m sorry. I can’t.

    By Gwyn_Paige on 01.08.2013

  33. Promises are like physalis, they’re so delicate. They have the thinnest skin, a crisp golden veil. Don’t break it, just look, look, look at how the light goes right through. Except it’s hard not to eat, isn’t it? An ornate fruit. It’s like a promise, it makes you want to break it.

    By F on 01.08.2013

  34. I promise that I will never leave you. It is a concept you might not be able to grasp, but it is one that I will wholeheartedly uphold. I’ve done it before but I have learned from my mistakes and although history repeats itself, I will never repeat my own history. I promise.

    By R on 01.08.2013

  35. A promise is one of the easiest things in existence to break. It is so simple to create – just one word and it exists. But it can break so many other things when it itself becomes broken. It can destroy lives, build countries, unite the world, or end us all. A promise is sacred, but few treat it as such.

    By The Bexican URL on 01.08.2013

  36. feelings underneath it all and everything the sinking rhythm the promise the change the hope the follow the yesterday and everything all of its i give its all dead its all alone and the promise will find its way home and the promise has left us alone again it be the dog the sight the whisper the rhythm the sinking the yesterday drifter can it be can it be it seems to irrrelevant and all the mountains come a calling for the promise.

    By Maxwell URL on 01.08.2013

  37. a gift of tomorrow, future, guarantee from the person, love, hold to the situation to be the best, will stand by you, hold you up, be there, will do, will provide, honesty, no doubt of success, faithful

    By Renee on 01.08.2013

  38. Promises are about good integrity. They are extremely important, and should only be used by those who would never even think about breaking it. There

    By E on 01.08.2013

  39. Dejected a sat and stared at the blank screen. What had happened to the promise of writing each and every day? the second week hadn’t reached it’s peak, and already the promise has faded away, carried out o the breeze that slipped through the barely there opened window.

    By Amimee URL on 01.08.2013

  40. I won’t make any promises, but you’re about to see something really big. We’ll come together and become a nebula, spinning new stars where old stories were.

    By monroe2go URL on 01.08.2013