November 2nd, 2011 | 406 Entries

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406 Entries for “profound”

  1. I already had this world. I don’t much know what to say to that. I can’t think of a profound moment in my life. Isn’t that sad?

    By Camila on 11.02.2011

  2. I can’t really describe what this word means, however I can see what rhymes with certain parts of the word. If you see that it is made up of both ‘pro’ and ‘found’. Pro rhymes with many things, including ‘go’, ‘throw’ and ‘no’. ‘Found’ also rhymes with many things, for example ‘Hound’ and ‘Pound. So maybe we should instead say ‘goround’

    By Emily on 11.02.2011

  3. profound. deep. depth. a profound ocean full of creatures, plants, and things

    By Sophie A. on 11.02.2011

  4. Never in my life would I think to feel so profoundly for you.

    By Camila URL on 11.02.2011

  5. What a terrific idea, he thought,
    A /very/ good idea…
    If the killers have been getting away without any issues, why couldn’t I?
    Why couldn’t I be the next sensation in the tower?
    People could talk about me!
    The idea was so profound to him that he nearly lost it:
    Tomorrow, he decided, he would go througt with the plans.

    By Ashby URL on 11.02.2011

  6. what is profound? can anything ever really be THAT profound? You make yourself profound. If the most profound thing you can say or do is make chicken soup then you yourself are profound in your own way. profoundness is to each his own <3 be profound! <3

    By singasongjusttosmile URL on 11.02.2011

  7. life is full of profound things…

    By T. Fong URL on 11.02.2011

  8. He was interested in things less profound than the catastrophes of the third world and more inclined to ease drop on sexier things. Things that came from his third world.

    By Dan on 11.02.2011

  9. Profound is an intimidating work. Powerful. Something that is profound is huge.
    Profound and very impactful.

    By Laurie URL on 11.02.2011

  10. It was the greatest shock to her system that Valeriya had ever experienced. In her home by the ocean she had lived in luxury, never missing meals and always having a clean (and fasionable) gown to wear the next day. Despite her parents’ neglect, she had never imagined life lived as the poor family in front of her did.

    By Rachael URL on 11.02.2011

  11. Profound statement. Very profound. Too profound to be coming from you. You couldn’t have set this up on your own. You couldn’t have known. Who’s working with you or who are you working for? Who?

    By jasmith URL on 11.02.2011

  12. That is some deep stuff right there. Profound like being really high and thinking about ants and wondering if way above our heads, someone is looking down on us as though we are ants. Profound.

    By jtmunz on 11.02.2011

  13. Something didn’t make sense to the boy.

    Cats simply weren’t supposed to speak.

    But this one had. It had sauntered right up to him and launched into a long life lesson so profound and so simple that the boy had been pondering it for hours.

    Now, he thought, I guess it really is time to go live my life to its fullest.

    By Tim URL on 11.02.2011

  14. profound. i’m not really sure what i can say about this. its a word used all the time and yet i find it difficult to write about.

    By laurabean on 11.02.2011

  15. To expound on profound matters, one must accept them as questions without answers and be glad of it. I have known too many philosophers who believe in absolute truths and are depressingly alone because of it.

    By M. L. Reichert URL on 11.02.2011

  16. Something great amazing significant life changing. coming to a realization about life and your decisions. knowing what to know or maybe not knowing what to do. i

    By Katie on 11.02.2011

  17. maybe.. surprised or.. sad or..

    By marmar URL on 11.02.2011

  18. cranberry juice… profound?

    By Otiitii on 11.02.2011

  19. On his death bed, his one profound piece of advice was “You will never understand women.”

    By Laurie R. URL on 11.02.2011

  20. Profound. My profound interest in the world is driving me into insanity. Every day, all I think about is leaving this place and stargazing in Paris at midnight, basking in the blazing Seychelles sun, and enjoying Shabbat in a gorgeous Jerusalem temple. But I have a long way to go.

    By RIvkah Batmoishe on 11.02.2011


    By pink.pillow URL on 11.02.2011

  22. i think tat profound means weird discusting or not right maby

    By Binnie#9 URL on 11.02.2011

  23. ….I’m pretty sure profound is an English word….

    By ***nika'sflylikeag6***(: URL on 11.02.2011

  24. deep
    my own
    my self
    the world

    By Le Petit Migou on 11.02.2011

  25. i can profound that you understand that you understand my meaning when i say stop and go. please ably by my orders and we will not have a bite of a problem. thank you and remember that i control your destiny, and so you must bid me well to get the once in a life time deal that i can offer you

    By Forgive-The-Fate-Bdog on 11.02.2011

  26. i am profound. dumbfunnedd. stunned. in awe. shaken and rattled, confused and anxious. i want to be next to you so badly. its all i think about. i think everything would be so much better if i could touch you, even just for a couple of seconds. i want to touch you hard. now.

    By abra URL on 11.02.2011

  27. I don’t know what that means :)
    Is it something that’s found by a pro?
    I have no need for big words.
    Jeez.. 60 seconds is taking a long time….
    Nope.. not yet..
    Not yet..

    By Holly Dennis on 11.02.2011

  28. I know she lied, she always lies
    “Oh, well what a profound thought. The queen of lies, lying.” He drawled sarcastically.

    By Alex Black URL on 11.02.2011

  29. That day, I still remember it well. When the earth turned more slowly for me, when the wind laid the autumn leaves to rest, when time became nothing more than an emotion, when my breath slowed to a turning tide. When the only thing profound in my world was you.

    By Geejay URL on 11.02.2011

  30. [insert profound statement here].

    By Emily URL on 11.02.2011

  31. The thought of seeing someone at this distance and become awestruck by them is quite absurd, one mentally stable person would say but Sooyoung is hit by brick.

    The being that stood a street away from is beyond description, if she could describe the dictionary in her hand would not suffice. This of course doesn’t happen everyday and the small girl feels the urge to run across the street and ask for this person’s name; and ask what class is she taking; and ask do you have something to do afterwards because Sooyoung could excuse herself to be quite free and drag the girl on for tea.

    No, no no, It’s not a date, don’t get her wrong, Sooyoung is just mentally making up scenarios in her mind. Choi Sooyoung absolutely doesn’t go on dates even people coax her too, school comes first and everything comes second.

    She ponders for a second, her eyes locked on the figure again.

    Okay, she might be able to make an exception for this person.

    “Hi I’m Kim Hyoyeon nice to meet you!” the girl smiled as Sooyoung offered a handshake.

    By -Sarah URL on 11.02.2011

  32. Keep the statements professionally profound – classy and poignant.

    By Marianne URL on 11.02.2011

  33. She cried and profoundly thought deeper about what had happened minutes ago. Betrayal.

    By Erin Jane Moore URL on 11.02.2011

  34. He died on a cross for us. For our mistakes. So we could be accepted by God. Jesus was perfect. We weren’t. So he stood in our place, bearing our mistakes. Separating Himself from God so we wouldn’t have to live eternity without Him.

    By HLB URL on 11.02.2011

  35. found is to find oneselve. You have found yourself and that is profound. A step in a direction that will change the world. Now that is indeed profound. Take the world on and be profound. How

    By Stephanie Stelmat on 11.02.2011

  36. it seems that everything goes in it. you can talk about humanity, about each different person. We can talk about feeling and all other stuff combined… PROFOUND

    By Egle on 11.02.2011

  37. It was a deep thing, so deep that she didn’t comprehend it. She thought it was the most important thing she had ever heard and wished that she could write it down.
    But it was too dark to write and she didn’t want to wake her husband by turning on the light.
    In the morning of course she couldn’t remember what the profound thought had been.

    By Kathy URL on 11.02.2011

  38. Profound – wenn ich mir’s so recht überlege: Tief(gründig) oder tief(greifend). Eine tiefgründige Wahrheit. Fällt mir nicht viel zu ein. Zu müde. Zutiefst müde. Und nicht aufgelegt für Tiefgründiges. Dazu war der Arbeitstag heute viel zu lang.

    By Stefanie URL on 11.02.2011

  39. What does that mean lol i dont even know. it was on one of mrs johnsons walls when her computer goes black but i dont know what it means haha i think it means that your nervous or shocked or scared or excited or something like that . lmao, something of that nature hahahahahahahhahahaa lol profound . thats such a funny word. lol i pput too manyt has

    By Veronica URL on 11.02.2011

  40. The situations that pertain in my life are profound. Everyday I hear profound stories, meet profound people, and see profound things. There is no cure for a profound society, because it is what makes life interesting. Yet, through all of the profound people in the world, I view myself as extremely ordinary.

    By Devon Seefeldt on 11.02.2011