November 10th, 2011 | 245 Entries

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245 Entries for “positively”

  1. well i have this girl that I really care for. she likes me for who I am and what I am trying to do with my life. She has never questioned me about liking her or if i’m talking with another. I am positively sure that I care for her and she for me. I know that I care for her and that I will love her for all time till the day I pass into space dust.

    By Steven on 11.10.2011

  2. And it was positively beautiful, the damage, the carnage, the sheer destruction. And it was beautiful and wild and untamed and fluid and changing, reeking of power and authority and it was wonderful. Soon all that would be left were the bones of society, mere skeletons of metal and concrete grasping at the sky with clawed hands.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 11.10.2011

  3. “Make sure you positively get his prints,” the black boots commanded.

    “Yes, ma’am,” replied a youthful male voice.

    Jensen lay like a limp rag doll and let them have their way with him.

    By chole URL on 11.10.2011

  4. He was not certain. It was something else. A sense of his eyes darting around, never settling within hers. Always elsewhere.

    By Ichabod123 URL on 11.10.2011

  5. This has been positively the best day ever~
    He said that he loved me and we shared our first kiss,
    He said that he will always be with me, so i’ll never have to miss.
    His presence is amazing and always so bright
    He will never cease to be my shining, shining knight.

    By Carla on 11.10.2011

  6. She was positively positive that she hated his guts. Utterly. With those stupid glasses and cocksure smile, the way he always used his stupid hands when telling a story. She hated his face, so bright and full of life. Most of all, she hated the way he said her name, though maybe she sometimes thinks she might like every bit of him.

    By Nadia D. URL on 11.10.2011

  7. The weather is positively lovely and it would be a perfect day for a small picnic on a small hill with the boy I love. This reminds me: I am positively single. The love of my life is so far, so positively out of reach. Positively out of my reach, out of my league.

    By Rita URL on 11.10.2011

  8. Positively. Reminds me of positivity… something I really need in my life right now. Just having trouble finding it. I’m positively sure that positivity avoids me at all costs.

    By A.J. URL on 11.10.2011

  9. The state of mind. My state of mind. An expression and a mantra I would probably live by. Should live by. Hey, if you wanna survive all the hustles and bustles you get every help you need.

    By Claire URL on 11.10.2011

  10. I think of Brits when I see this word. You know, like when they say things like “That’s positively gorgeous!” etc. Maybe I’ve been brainwashed by the media though. I bet if I actually ever went to England no one would say that, like, ever.

    By grace URL on 11.10.2011

  11. its so hard to think positively. its positively impossible for me to. i doubt myself and doubt life in general.i expect the worst to happen. its so hard for me to be truly happy.i can’t remember the last time a genuine smile crossed my face.please, help me to think positively.

    By leena aprils on 11.10.2011

  12. Im Winter ist es nicht edel, wenn man immer nur positively denkt. Ach, weder im Winter noch im Sommer noch in der fünften Jahreszeit. Wenn ich denke “huch, das könnte jetzt schief gehen”, dann ist das verboten. Dann fangen die mich schon an zu kritisieren. Ich höre, wie es in ihren Gehirnen rattert, ich sehe wie die Augenbrauen nach oben wandern und wie sie mich anschauen.

    By Eli URL on 11.10.2011

  13. positively, it is true… the secret… is bullshit! positively… doesn’t get you anything anymore than having enough money in your bank fills your heart with blessings… that is it… positively my angle on it… anyway… sounds negative… but the truth does, doesn’t it… and about the only thing i know that can give you or your life any positively inspiring chance is to see the truth, accept it… and then act on it! and that may not be all i have to say about that… woah… was just thinking how you would write about that word if it wasn’t all pretty in mauve set on a grey background… like if it was bright red on a black background…. anyway, it’s not… and the timer has run out and for the first time i have carried on writing and that just gets me… and once again i realise how positively school and having the instruction pumped into you so much so that when you are an adult you forget that you now can just have a go at breaking the rules… and once ya break them… you see that it is just a bloody illusion… arrrrrgh!

    By melody URL on 11.10.2011

  14. Positively genius the old man declared. He places his fork back down on the table and leant back in his chair. Everyone had been nervous until now but finally the tension had been broken. This young man had actually impressed the professor.

    By Gemma Morris on 11.10.2011

  15. Repelling, attractive
    we spin like magnets
    you push me away and I pull you
    deep inside.

    I hate your negativity
    you hate that I act above you
    we spin and spin like magnets
    positively negative.

    By Jem Page URL on 11.10.2011

  16. She was positively not going to stare at the puppy. Even if it whined and wimpered. Or tumbled around like a furry ornament that would hang in her heart.

    By Trublu URL on 11.10.2011

  17. Absolutely, positively atrocious.

    By Allie URL on 11.10.2011

  18. This is absurd. That is what she said when she was sure. She was sure this was a mistake. How could she have no seen this. This fiscade of the relationship. It was positively a sham. She was used and thrown out. Not pretty enough, not thin enough. Not smart enough.

    By boogey on 11.10.2011

  19. You would’ve done anything for me. Now, you can’t even remember to call me, ask me how I’m doing. There’s nothing more positive to say about you. Liar.

    By Victoria Vartanian URL on 11.10.2011

  20. Umm….positively. It means, like, I’m saying ” I’m absolutely positive that Little House On The Prairie is like the best show on earth!”. Or maybe, ” It’s positively absolutely the most beautiful dress on earth!”. It means like you truly mean it.

    By Annika on 11.10.2011

  21. I positively am tired of going to the library to use the internet.

    By Stephen L. Thompson URL on 11.10.2011

  22. I positively need some positivity – my teen daughter is positively negative! Gah!

    By Jamie Pondera URL on 11.10.2011

  23. I am without a doubt, one hundred percent, positively dying to get out of this house and away from all the people in it! Shoot me now. Or send me a magic carpet, either works.

    By Nymeria URL on 11.10.2011

  24. Her feelings weren’t negative, per se, but more knowing. She was sure that it was over – even though he held her tight and as he always had. He squeezed her, and she smiled at him, but in her mind she repeated one thing over and over: goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

    By lmcadams URL on 11.10.2011

  25. I am stuck.I am positively

    By Libby URL on 11.10.2011

  26. I am positively positive that I do need you in my life. Do not leave, for you’ve given me something I could not give myself. Do not fret, for I will return the favor. Somehow. Do not give up, for my stubborness is temporary.

    By Olivia URL on 11.10.2011

  27. I am stuck. I do not know what to say.

    By Libby URL on 11.10.2011

  28. “I do declare!” Mrs. Jenson flew into the room, distraught.
    “Positively inspiring, really,” Ms. Boudelaire looked to the arrival of her sister in-law, “is it not?”

    By Emily URL on 11.10.2011

  29. He was pretty sure that it was nothing to do with him. The black bags, the leaking pus, the horrendous smell and, most of all, the ubiquitous and insane quantities of popcorn. That’s what made him positively sure that it was someone else’s doing. Popcorn was for peasants.

    By Santa Monious URL on 11.10.2011

  30. Positively the best dish I had in months ….eggs over mash potatoes and a small rib. And only took me less than half an hour. Little by little iM cooking…need to learn to make enough for others.

    By Awilda on 11.10.2011

  31. One word is the only thing you need to change a life, to change your mood, to change a reaction, to change history, to change your destiny and to change a person.

    By Alexandra Rossi on 11.10.2011

  32. The ions were postiively charged. They attracted other ions, negatively charged ones, because that’s what ions do. Together, they formed a compound. (That sounds liek they’re some kind of superhero, but they’re not, they’re just an ionic bond). And that is what we learned about in chemistry last year.

    By an octopus URL on 11.10.2011

  33. I changed my perspective, therefore changing my life. I no longer look at my scars and thing, “What a sad life I lead”, but instead positively believe “I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

    By Laurie R. URL on 11.10.2011

  34. do the world a huge favor and
    do not drag others down in your own negativity.
    we need more positive people in this world,
    and you are not helping.

    By Rivkah S. URL on 11.10.2011

  35. Positive. The concept seems like such a joke right now, so many things are going wrong in my life. With being unjustly accused of academic dishonesty, the divorce, and deaths, my life is just plain wrong is so many places. I can’t stand it. But I guess this is just the storm before the rainbow. I have to look on the bright side of things, that’s just who I am. I can’t not paste on a smile every day and say everything’s fine. That’s just not who I am.

    By Julia M URL on 11.10.2011

  36. I am positively sure
    of nothing.

    I am positively sure
    that I might

    wake up tomorrow,
    that I might teach

    and so change lives.
    But I am positively sure
    that I will try.

    I am positively sure
    that I will try my best

    to positively impact the world
    for however long I’m part of it

    By mj on 11.10.2011

  37. I positively think that you should do something, you positively disagree. That’s just the first thing that came to me. Maybe I should think more positively.

    By Lol on 11.10.2011

  38. Positively nothing can happen worse than the events which have unfolded over the last week. First, the pride of Bjorkmanville, the big black Dodge, was totalled. Next I’m informed of no collision on the vehicle. Following that is news of the diamond frame and the uselessness of repair.

    By Veronique URL on 11.10.2011

  39. I positively, absolutely hate her. How can she go around spreading rumors like that? Really. Were seniors in high school, and she still has the audacity to say those things? The nerve of some people. Well one things for sure. High school hasn’t matured some people. If they haven’t by now, they obviously never will.

    By brigid URL on 11.10.2011

  40. She smeared washed rind on a crumb of cracker. I nodded. She spooned brie onto a strawberry drizzled with balsamic. I smiled. She crumbled cheddar over a gherkin. It was good. She sliced camembert with a sliver of pear. I waited. She spread blue into a fig shaved with parma. It was positively heaven.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 11.10.2011