May 22nd, 2011 | 557 Entries

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557 Entries for “pretzel”

  1. Breakfast? Snack? Dinner every night of the week?
    Any time. This twisty doughy salty puzzle of delight
    Can fill the need
    And make you happy
    And bring you peace
    And light
    And love.

    By angelofmercy URL on 05.22.2011

  2. The shape of her body bent and twisted like the strong curves of a pretzel. Every moment fluid, rounded, and perfectly shaped.

    By Lisa on 05.22.2011

  3. auntie annes salty good super pretzel home mall mustard hard soft delicious movie time circus carnival orange juice

    By Amanda Houston on 05.22.2011

  4. the pretzel is not as healthy as one might think . Its still empty calories. empty calories with no taste. Not like a bag of cheetos or a bag of doritos. the calorie police can go to hell

    By Kristy B on 05.22.2011

  5. pretzel is a pretzel am i buying myself time? a pretzely shape plus a kiosk (vendor?) with chesnuts and the homeworks about autumn and drawing i used to enjoy. and never will enjoy as much. nostalgia. childhood.

    By tijana5 on 05.22.2011

  6. memories of new york city. Don’t even know why because I didn’t have pretzels in that busy conglomerate of lights and streets and lust for money. Maybe because the city looked like a pretzel, and so did the people’s intentions. They were never clear, but fuzzy, twisted, salty? It’s nyc to me.

    By Tammy on 05.22.2011

  7. Pretzel. I used to eat a lot of those. When I was younger. But I don’t really anymore. don even like them anymore. They taste boring without dip or something on them. Things change, you know? Pretzels… People… Priorities. Everyting. I’m a pretzel. Twisted.

    By youcantknow URL on 05.22.2011

  8. i’m sitting here, watching a movie and drinking. if i was eating a pretzel it would fuck it up because the salt would absorb the alcohol. which is shitty. pretzels suck. especially when i drink.

    By Lindsey Lampman on 05.22.2011

  9. When someone says “pretzel”, most people think of the snack. Some poets might relate it to the twists and turns that make up life. Why don’t we leave life as the problematic time in a human’s existence and leave a pretzel as it is – a pretzel.

    By Calla URL on 05.22.2011

  10. Every year, there is a pretzel that isn’t loved. This causes a cascade of events, making people sick, and causing depression. Please love all your pretzels, or else you could lose it all. forever.

    By Jonathan Kopp on 05.22.2011

  11. i love pretzels. they are salty and probably my favorite food. for a while pretzels and diet coke where what i ate everyday after school. im thinner now, so i dont eat pretzels as much, or at least i shouldnt eat them as much. they are still delicious but being thin is better i guess

    By Allyson on 05.22.2011

  12. Pretzels are shaped funny…they don’t really have one…there’s a bunch of different ways to twist em’…kinda like people! Tons of different kinds…pretty cool…but they are too salty…i like my people sweet! Yes Sweetness…..

    By brighterwriter13 URL on 05.22.2011

  13. i really love pretzels. they are suer good when you have cheeze to dip them in. Also, I love being able to have them bake in cinnamon before, becaue that makes them amazing!!!! I LOVE THEM! I used to get them all the time when I was younger, but I guess that has passed away.

    By Jamie Brooks on 05.22.2011

  14. Pretzels are salty and yummy. I like both soft and hard pretzels. Pretzels are in the shape of a heart. I’ve always wondered if the creator of pretzels did this on purpose. But there are also holes in the heart. Is this symbolism for a broken heart? Maybe the pretzel has nothing to do with hearts at all.

    By Tiffany on 05.22.2011

  15. soft and chewy, crisp and fine. cover them in cheese or chocolate. deliver them by bags or box but, give them to me. I like to eat them while i hike and also while I bike. decorate them pretty and devine for holidays.

    By Kelly URL on 05.22.2011

  16. aahh the memories of when i was a kid and at the mall we’d go to the pretzel stand. there were so many options, salt, plain, cinnamon, with the delicious but extremely bad for you cheese sauce… dang. now I really want a pretzel.

    By kayla URL on 05.22.2011

  17. I’m folded like a pretzel inside
    dough behind my eyes
    Can I be untwisted?
    Or will I be resisted.

    By Jackie G URL on 05.22.2011

  18. the pretzel was soft, but with a rough exterior, like something that wanted to be what it could never materialize into. it was almost tragic, but i just dipped the cheese and continued on as though nothing had happened. did i regret this? i guess so. i didn’t know then, i only wanted to satisfy my stomach.

    By mymusicrules12 on 05.22.2011

  19. The complexity of a pretzel is best expressed through a comment i heard the other day. Whilst roaming through the subway a man cried out, “Hey! That guy stole my pretzel.” “Sir you can buy another!” “No, NO I CANT!” -__-

    By Joe on 05.22.2011

  20. One day this man ate a pretzel and he turned to stone. Little did he know, that pretzel had come from the rainforests that were infested with all kinds of magic spells.

    By chloe lawler on 05.22.2011

  21. I handed her her pretzel as I was eating mine. I zoned out for a moment focusing on what I was eating. It was warm and had just the right combination of salt and mustard. She was giggling now. Is she laughing at me? She probably thinks I’m a loser.
    “Why are you laughing?” I asked nervously.
    “You have a little,” she started to reach over with a napkin in her perfectly manicured hands,”you got mustard on your shirt.”

    By Jamie F on 05.22.2011

  22. Everything was painfully twisted, and the throbbing was getting worse. The mixture of the edible with her medication had unwittingly led to her heart twisting up like a pretzel and now it was floundering to undo the knots leaving her in anxious pain. Was this a heart attack?

    By L. A. Smith URL on 05.22.2011

  23. pretzel. Pretzels have a severe amount of chewing in them. I had one the other day with cheese and ham on it. What? I don’t understand what they are meant to be. Salty one moment, chocolately the next. And always bloody chewy.

    By Fiona on 05.22.2011

  24. Sweet, salty, twisty. Sort of like a it can be in love. One bite seems rather tasty, the next one a bit bitter. Yet you still chew into it, curious to see what its like..

    By kaytlin quinn on 05.22.2011

  25. crunchy twirley and hard can take your teeth out in one fool swoop salty cruncher snack love the soft one though maybe better

    By genie on 05.22.2011

  26. I handed her her pretzel as I was eating mine. I zoned out for a moment focusing on what I was eating. It was warm and had just the right combination of salt and mustard. She was giggling now. Is she laughing at me? She probably thinks I’m a loser.
    “Why are you laughing?” I asked nervously.
    “You have a little,” she started to reach over with a napkin in her perfectly manicured hands,”you got mustard on your shirt.”

    By Jamie URL on 05.22.2011

  27. pretzels…. never really had one of them. kinda an american thing. they have their baseball, and their empire state buildings and their crappy gun control and their pretzels., it’s one of those things kinda ingrained in their culture. we have em in ireland but I’d say they taste better in good ol USA. Just cuz….

    By Jack O'Higgins URL on 05.22.2011

  28. salty snack, trail mix, hot and soft, hard, sticks, twists, short tall, fat ones, cheesy ones, dipping, eat at the mall with soda and the best ones are from auntie Annies’ i the mall, the cheapest ones are at sam’s club cafe. i like them hot and sweet

    By Shaeeza on 05.22.2011

  29. A name naught often given to the most influential bellhop in Manna Hatta

    By Sky on 05.22.2011

  30. Remember when you told me, that all you wanted from me was someone to love, someone to raise a family with, someone to grow old and die together with. Yes? Well, tonight’s you’re night, baby. She hit him with a frozen steak, breaking in into over his bloodied head, he fell into a heap with twisted pretzel limbs. She’d have to cook and eat the evidence.

    By Colm Sewell URL on 05.22.2011

  31. Divide the spin….flipped and slapped down. salted and risen till there is nothing left but your shape.

    By deb ramthun URL on 05.22.2011

  32. This reminds me of the best friend Jessica. Her last name is Wetzel, and I always called her Pretzel. We have been best friends since the first grade. I ahd just moved to UT from CA and she asked if I wanted to be her friend and play with her at recess. So I did, and now we have matching Harry Potter tattoos. We both are married, and our husbands are best friends too.

    By Caitlin on 05.22.2011

  33. the man said with a greasy look, he washed the thing he called a pretzel in a piece of what looked like skin, and handed it over to me. I wanted to heave but smiled and accepted the offer

    By Benzini URL on 05.22.2011

  34. Laura contemplated the pretzel she held in her left hand. It was the stick kind, short and straight with a little salt. A run-of-the-mill pretzel.

    In her right hand she held a twisty pretzel — the kind of pretzel bent into a shape that only pretzels are bent into. This one had salt too. It was also run-of-the-mill.

    As Laura pondered these two pretzels, she wondered why she liked the stick pretzel much better than the twity pretzel.

    By Mildred URL on 05.22.2011

  35. curly. twisty, like curls on someone’s head. so salty that you can taste it deep inside yourself.

    By ghghgb URL on 05.22.2011

  36. Weirdest name for a snack I know. Who thinks a pretzel sounds good? It sounds like a name for some german soldier that took part in WW2.

    By Taciturn URL on 05.22.2011

  37. pretzels are so great! The twisted nature of their full bodies and the salty surface of their touch exterior, but soft interior. To eat a pretzel is like eating a even mix between heaven and hell.

    By Amber on 05.22.2011

  38. pretzel. think of that girl in that heidi movie with the braids in their hair that looks like pretzels. think of aunty annies at the mall when you were little. think of biting into the cinnamon sugar pretzel and feeling the butter run down your cheeks, down your face and onto your shirt.

    By eve on 05.22.2011

  39. You and me….. think about it…

    By Lord Jim URL on 05.22.2011

  40. i love pretzels from auntie anne’s in the mall. it reminds me of shopping with my mom, which are some of my favorite memories ever. the best pretzels are cinnamon and sugar. with a side of diet coke :) .

    By Kaitlyn Wheat on 05.22.2011