May 22nd, 2011 | 557 Entries

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557 Entries for “pretzel”

  1. I twisted, i turned, my arms practically breaking from the strain. She held my hands, as I struggled to contort in ways surely not medically safe. And the band played on, their music mocking my efforts to dance the dance of the crazed: the pretzel.

    By Matt on 05.23.2011

  2. these pretzels are making me salty. help my mom’s awake and im afraid she’ll catch me being up at 3am again. fuck. i don’t really like pretzels too much to be honest. yeah. i just don’t.

    By Anna URL on 05.23.2011

  3. crunch. she ate it as she looked around the room. she grew self-conscience of her chewing. could they hear me? hah, she laughed, under her breath. they don’t care. they are occupied with other things. boys. lip gloss. i am not them. crunch.

    By Margaret on 05.23.2011

  4. Soft, salty, mall food court.
    Cinnamon sugar, cheese dip, I’m hungry
    Carbs, fat, devoid of nutritional value. Obesity.
    Pretzels are what’s wrong with America.

    By Crystal on 05.23.2011

  5. I choked on a pretzel. Some old dude gave me the heimlich and dislodged it. Thanks old dude, you saved my life.

    By Crystal on 05.23.2011

  6. Crunchy and salty but best with something sweet….as in a strawberry pretzel salad.

    By sosiegrace on 05.23.2011

  7. She stared intently at the good, the wax paper rippling in the unusually heavy August winds. She looked at me from the corner of her eyes and bit into it defiently, ripping it away from her mouth like a lion with carcass.

    By Brian URL on 05.23.2011

  8. salados y ricos parecen un colocho de ocho con cubitos de sal maggie especialemte sazonados por la tia juana la cubana que emigro de miami cuanto tenia 19 y se hizo vendedora de cubos maggie en la fabrica y luego descubrio pretzels con los que empezo su compa;ia mas fam

    By andres on 05.23.2011

  9. I don’t like pretzels. They remind me of airplanes for some reason. The smell. I think airplanes when I smell pretzels and pretzels when I’m in an airplane. It’s incredibly weird, I know, but whatever. I do like the way it is spelled though.

    By Laura G URL on 05.23.2011

  10. a bavarian speciality.i love it .but here in spain i don´t have it normally i eat it quite every day.back at home.very cool was, that my flatmate made some.

    By noone on 05.23.2011

  11. My heart has been twisted and burned like a pretzel through a mid-town mall. Bought for cheap and half used. You throw it away after you get your fill.

    By zjthunderchild URL on 05.23.2011

  12. salty goodness. cheese sauce. lunch time. twisted. doughie. calories. water. thirst. happiness. edges. luck

    By Jillian on 05.23.2011

  13. Pretzels come in many different flavors. I remember going to the Corte Madera shopping center with Annie when I was younger. Our parents would always get it for us. I like to get the one with cinnamon. I remember the little ladies making them on the table. The lemonade was good too. Trini showed me the cinnastixs and I s

    By Tara on 05.23.2011

  14. ‘is there something Jewish about pretzels?’ asked Susie , as she pulled back the thick lank dark hair whic hung over her eye. they serve them to make you drink more ,’ they are salted , said Anne. I remember having them in the Hofbrau Haus in Munich with my boyfriend , he drank a lot of the steins . they are like a decoration you could put on a tree , edible really . In the Sound of Music pretzels and noodles are mentioned in a song. ‘.

    By Anna Grogan URL on 05.23.2011

  15. salty and crunchy. breaks my teeth but tastes so good. brown and shiny with duiamond crystals scattered on surface. twisted in thre interlockin g loops or straight like a line segment or like little turds with crystals.

    By James Gordon URL on 05.23.2011

  16. very salty but healthy!!! Complimented with Sprite or anything with lime.
    I wonder who invented them. I wonder how much profit is made from selling them.

    By aamori_rose on 05.23.2011

  17. Pretzel, jet-setter jester. Out of my house you salty thing.

    By Haute Royaliste URL on 05.23.2011

  18. pretzel are golden brown. They are yummy. Sometimes hard and crunchy, or big and fluffy. People like them with cheese, or salt… even dip them in honey. Preztels come in many different shapes, such as a stick, or even just a little bite sized bit. They can fill up an entire plate with doughy goodness.

    By Sarah on 05.23.2011

  19. chocolate covered, yogurt covered, white chocolate covered. bodies that move into strange positions, hair like rapunzel. smelly malls with funny people wearing tall colorful hats selling them. it has a z in it, it is a lovely word to say.

    By patty engel URL on 05.23.2011

  20. This ugly looking biscuit is so American. Those crystalline cubes of salt glazed onto its web-like structure unnerve me. And they’re bad for you, you only get fat through your mouth after all.

    By SJ Bentley on 05.23.2011

  21. one word.. it’s just.. one.. right now i’m not thinking of what to write, i’m just letting my hands do the work. You can say

    By Maria Corydon Smith on 05.23.2011

  22. We lay tied over an ebbing tide, salted by ocean air, glazed in sweat.

    By M. Loftin URL on 05.23.2011

  23. Pretzel. Our love was just like a pretzel. So intricate and puzzling. With twists and bends and confusing little pieces. It was amazing and yet so delicate. But instead of savouring it and treating it well, we let it break into tiny little pieces.

    By bek. URL on 05.23.2011

  24. I love pretzels! I used to eat a big, soft pretzel and a smoothie everyday for lunch, that second summer I was married to Erik. I ate my lunch, and then walked around the neighborhood in the hot Texas sun for an hour or so, pretending to be a pioneer girl like Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    By kerrin on 05.23.2011

  25. salty and crunchy and hey guess what, these pretzels are making me thirsty! i would like some right now but i really shouldn’t considering i’m not supposed to be eating carbohydrates… stupid diet.

    By leah goebel on 05.23.2011

  26. Funny, I was just eating pretzels a little while ago. It was odd that I was doing that because I didn’t have anything to drink and, while I love pretzels, I usually find them too salty to eat without a beverage. I think I just needed to snack though, just to be doing something.

    By Rob URL on 05.23.2011

  27. munchen. and the blondblue-eyed girl selling them, beer, and white sausages. hitler

    By musicmln URL on 05.23.2011

  28. A few years ago I was lucky enough to visit New York. Wonderful city and wonderful people and the biggest pretzels I have ever seen in my entire life! So yummy (and cheap), would go back just for the pretzels :)

    By Anton URL on 05.23.2011

  29. Pretzel hair is an unusual thing, it’s twisted round and round into so many different shapes that it doesn’t actually look like hair anymore. It is a sight to behold, i once tried it, i seriously don’t know how they do it, it never worked, my hair just fell around my face like it usually does, all wispy and not pretzel like.

    By Jenny URL on 05.23.2011

  30. pretzels ar salty and the ones they make at the mall are totally the best ever. My wish is to make some for my diner. breakfast, snacks for kids at school. Imagination is great thing to have.

    By Melanie Weeks on 05.23.2011

  31. i love pretzel a lot. it is the best in the world you can get it anywhere i do not know what else to write maybe i will ask my friend about it.

    By Suchi URL on 05.23.2011

  32. She had never been hogtied before. Bound, hand and foot, behind her back. She tried to gaze around the room, but it was too dark, the candles lit sporadically around didn’t shed enough light. She could hear him behind her, somewhere, gathering supplies to torture and pleasure her.

    She tried, vainly, to struggle against her restraints. She could feel the cold of the steel chains brushing against her legs. She knew she couldn’t escape, but she wanted to see his reaction. She only heard him chuckle quietly to himself. She felt like a pretzel, twisted into his fantasy. How she loved the bonds of his affection.

    By Winter Lotus URL on 05.23.2011

  33. There was a confused and utterly disgusting looking pretzel sitting on my counter top table. I didn’t realise that it was actually staring at me and as I decided to devour said pretzel it cruelly bit me on the lip. This was a warning I did not heed and hastily endeavoured to try again. It again bit me and so I ended that day with a rather terrible humiliating red lump.

    By Ivana Jovanovic on 05.23.2011

  34. Is that really how you spell pretzel?
    It looks funny. Mind you, us dyslexics can’t spell much of anything.

    Pretzels were originally made as a Christian symbol. The arms are crossed in prayer and the three holes represent father son and holy spirit.

    By Sarah URL on 05.23.2011

  35. Honey, can you pick up something for me on the way home?

    Yes, but nothing too heavy, I have to join the girls for jogging later on tonight.

    Oh, yes that sounds alright I guess.

    No, wait. How about a Pretzel?!

    By yetihk URL on 05.23.2011

  36. If the pen is mightier than the sword, one may be able to bring serious and relevant persecution against salty snack treats. Let us not forget that one of these rebels (with an obvious political agenda) attempted to assassinate President Bush. What is it about increasing levels of banality (in the objects themselves) that leads to such a drastic increase in capacity for political destabilization?

    By mattlock URL on 05.23.2011

  37. Twisted, bendy, salty brown,thirsty.

    By Locsalot URL on 05.23.2011

  38. I don’t eat those bloody things he wailed – I like donuts – why you little .. everything we do is to please – yes but cheese wirth mayo ? as little rich for the poor dear – she interjected – that s the whole problem with this trip he lashed back – you make a team – well -and you don’t

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 05.23.2011

  39. Bavarian dough product originated near Munich, Germany, very tasty with salt, no pepper. Brown, slightly “8-shaped”, tastes funny, but delicious! Yum.

    By Alex Fooks on 05.23.2011

  40. Un pretzel, ou bretzel comme on dit en français, est une arme très utile contre les présidents américains de la famille Bush, plus précisément la famille des Préidentius Bushimus.
    Le pretzel est le prédateur naturel du Bush.

    By Phil on 05.23.2011