October 28th, 2017 | 18 Entries

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18 Entries for “preparation”

  1. Preparation is the key to everything. You have to always prep. Prep for dinner. Prep for sex. Prep for everything. Are you prepared? I am prepared.

    By thenotsoinnocent URL on 10.28.2017

  2. In preparation for the Halloween party, we dressed up as pirates, drank several shots of tequila, found the dullest swords we could find, and challenged the Kraken upon the beach. Of course, there was actually no Kraken, but we did chase down a grubby old man with a metal detector and frightened a multitude of children. We were ultimately sent to the brig, with not a drop of grog to savor.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.28.2017

  3. a finger prick
    of sanity before
    the wave swallows
    me whole.

    “don’t swim
    against the riptides,”
    he shouts to me,
    and we aren’t
    supposed to love
    the ships.

    anchors are distorted reality,
    but he makes me feel
    like there’s a beach
    that will take me –
    there’s a place
    I can sleep.

    he makes me feel
    like I could be happy
    without ever truly

    even a finger prick
    of sanity couldn’t
    prepare me
    for this wave.

    By Pandatry URL on 10.28.2017

  4. Preparation is the key. Batman defeated Superman by being prepared for him when they did finally meet in battle. He had him at his mercy, a god among men at the mercy of a mere human Bruce Wayne. He was prepared. That was all it took.

    By Lee on 10.28.2017

  5. Towards what end we shall be
    In this path to carry on
    Endless thoughts to fester in our minds
    Of what we will do, what we ought to do
    Sooner than naught we will see
    Perhaps before our passing day
    What we have done for this
    Celebration we have made
    All our preparation
    Thus surely show.

    By Lyn on 10.28.2017

  6. Preparation sets me up for success
    Patience makes sure I get there
    Joy is the infallible sign that I have arrived.

    By Namjai on 10.28.2017

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  8. a tube of Preparation H was in the medicine cabinet next to her toothpaste. She made a horrible mistake one night when she wasn’t paying attention to which one she grabbed, and the actual toothpaste didn’t take away the taste, which lingered for hours.

    By lbrygk on 10.28.2017

  9. No one know where this word came from and even after knowing the meaning, some didn’t know how to use it in a sentence. I was one of them.

    By Damian on 10.29.2017

  10. It was this time of year again. When the weather turns cold and the feast are closing in and there is so much to do. Call on friends, see what their plans are, buy food and gifts and travels… it feels like the days are too short and too few and nobody really knows what’s going on. But whatever: everybody has to be happy.

    By Pierre on 10.29.2017

  11. Prepare the person for a recent set of stopping the clocks and filling up socks with locks and much preparation.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.29.2017

  12. We made preparation for our journey to the Circus of Life. We packed 9 six-packs of Hanes underwear should we piss ourselves laughing; 20 six-packs of cheap tissues because we’d heard there’d be a lot of tears; our sexy clothes for parties; our matte blacks for weddings; and our Sunday best and a CD of Berlioz’ Requiem for the final curtain.

    By Hope on 10.29.2017

  13. Kunikida loaded his gun, turning the safety off and placing it in its holster around his thigh. The notebook was next, safely tucked under his vest. He was almost ready, but one thing was missing – his partner. Preparation could not be complete, and it wouldn’t be a normal day if Kunikida didn’t find Dazai drowning in a river somewhere right about now.

    By Mirela on 10.29.2017

  14. Be ready, plan ahead and get things done. Preparation is the secret of successful business and personal achievements, so be prepared.

    By FA on 10.29.2017

  15. She crossed items of the list in a hurry, already running behind. It was 99% preparation, right? And 1% waking up on time…

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.29.2017

  16. oh is this it? I thought it was not yet starting… I guess I have to write atleast something, hahah I can’t comprehend my grammar right now omg! Preparation is an essential key to result into something great!!

    By Kevs on 10.29.2017

  17. I have no preparation right now. I am probably going to have a mental breakdown soon and I am not prepared for it. I have never had one before. I wonder what it would feel like. A release? Or just more anxiety and stress? But I sure do tell my parents I’m fine.

    By renae13 URL on 10.29.2017

  18. she prepared the tea
    anticipating his arrival
    the cookies fresh
    the sugar in
    bubbe’s china
    but he never came
    and the tea was cold and stale

    By Pandyfish URL on 10.29.2017