October 29th, 2017 | 28 Entries

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28 Entries for “witheld”

  1. I paid my dues
    I asked for forgiveness
    I ran the miles
    I answered the questions
    I fought for my life
    Why is this check so small?

    By smattc URL on 10.29.2017

  2. Love for a child withheld
    leavens two hearts shelled

    By omqwat on 10.29.2017

  3. Not this again. Look, I don’t want to talk about it. It was years ago and – look. Look. It was just as much my own fault. I could’ve, you know, I could’ve taken it, too. I could’ve done… something. Done more. They kept it from me, sure. I guess. But I could’ve, you know – I could’ve tried. I could’ve gone. Couldn’t I? Couldn’t I?

    By Behnnie on 10.29.2017

  4. withheld

    By T. Michael Smith URL on 10.29.2017

  5. I examined the student’s essay in front of me, and the first thing that immediately caught my eye was a rather awkward typo in the opening paragraph – in trying to introduce the concept that the United States government had concealed information and files of the JFK assassination, the college-level pupil had typed, “witheld,” not “withheld,” as it was properly spelled. Needless to say, I attacked the word with a red pen and moved on.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.29.2017

  6. Affection withheld does tremendous damage.
    As does love, praise and encouragement witheld.
    Embrace the fact that we are here to give and share with others
    and not to withhold.

    By Robin on 10.29.2017

  7. A bit less than expected. A lot less. The numbers reflected on the screen seem unreal. The amount of paper he could get for those numbers seemed unreal. A phone call here and there, and an answer bubbles to the surface: the past has come to collect its dues. And it did, numbers crashing like the stock market, and a vision of a life to be held; instant 4-am ramen cups in a one room studio, no blinds to be afforded, broken locks on the door but the feeling of safety that comes with nothing to steal. When the number flashes 0 on the screen, there will be nothing left to steal. Nothing left as ransom, nothing left as reassurance, no safety nets, no promises.

    By Ai URL on 10.29.2017

  8. I witheld a lot of emotions from a lot of people. I am passive agressive. Maybe even passive. I tend to keep things to myself because I think they aren’t important in the grand scheme of things. However, maybe they are. Maybe I need to let loose no matter the consequences.

    By renae13 on 10.29.2017

  9. For the hundredth time she picked up her phone and for the hundredth time she dropped it again from sweaty hands. No, it was too soon too call him. Too soon to hit him with the terrible news.

    By julie McCullough URL on 10.29.2017

  10. It witheld all the attacks year after year. The countless battles the were won simply because of that great, stately wall. Yet it finally fell when peace was achieved. As if it had done its job and was no longer needed. There was a sad nostalgic feeling about it.

    By bealey on 10.29.2017

  11. “She withheld information that was vital to my client’s well-being!” the lawyer all but screamed. David leaned back at the sight of the spittle spattered over her mouth and tried to keep a straight face, but all this rigamarole was about to make him burst out laughing. It felt so scripted…

    By lbrygk on 10.29.2017

  12. i wanna be held by you
    so many days i have witheld my love and joy
    just clinging to this nasty ego
    who wants to prove to herself
    that she’s not worthy of being held.

    By Namjai on 10.29.2017

  13. To hold back. In past tense. Usually I see this word used when people hold back information from someone else.

    By Emilie on 10.30.2017

  14. Being withheld from your deepest desires. Suppress your thoughts and your feelings. Are there barricades that prevent you from being what you can be? Is there more that you can make yourself into? There is just so much potential if only you shrug the chains that you place upon yourself. That’s what life is about after all. Don’t withhold yourself.

    By Jessica on 10.30.2017

  15. Witheld like an apple or a plumb, that old horse chestnut has to be fun, but if it is not what have you got, just another content without a pot.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.30.2017

  16. With everything i do i feel withheld. Because i think for someone else. Because i am not sure what i want. I feel torn between me and me. What should i do. The answer will come. But when? I does not feel good to not go for 100%.

    By Farstreets on 10.30.2017

  17. Beware the master manipulator, the grand withholder of any information you need to know about said master manipulator that could help you avoid or leave a relationship with one, mentally and physically intact. Here is what I know: tune in to your intuition, listen to it, and heed it.

    By Hope on 10.30.2017

  18. Within her hand, she held a box
    within the box there held a key
    with the key there held an opportunity
    to open
    a door

    Within the door that held a secret
    withheld forever

    By Siddhartha on 10.30.2017

  19. Would the world be open
    If we let all our thoughts go
    Into the realm we know and come to love
    Are those mindless thoughts we have of others
    Truly what we mean to let go

    What if it breaks
    What if the words are not to be
    And what if our people see that we are naught but trouble
    What words witheld across the ages
    Will never cease to be

    By Lyn on 10.30.2017

  20. What was once witheld is now without.
    Those who understood it fell from grace,
    Their minds but an altar for some vetted,
    Ornamental lover.

    By Cannon Hyche URL on 10.30.2017

  21. I don´t know that write about witheld. Take some and don´t do? Stuck.

    By Patricia on 10.30.2017

  22. i never wiitheld from you until now. my mouth was an open gate, letting all inside path through and spill over and out. but when you looked at me the way you just did, used the tone of voice you just did, i for the first time shut the gate. for my safety.

    By Amanda on 10.30.2017

  23. withheld
    he word listed above (withheld) is probably the correct spelling for the word that you entered (witheld)

    By Safaedit on 10.30.2017

  24. He witheld his urge scrape and tear. To punch, stab, and grab at her hair. Her eyes aflame with hate and venom. She’d said what she did only to hurt him. Instead, he just looked down at his feet, and walked in the rain to hide his defeat.

    By Yamuna on 10.30.2017

  25. “You witheld me”
    “You are liar”
    “You never love me”

    By Javier on 10.30.2017

  26. a kind of punishment, that makes sad, if they withheld something is important.

    By Jerry Chen on 10.30.2017

  27. My mom witheld the prize,because I had acted immaturely after winning.

    By Emily on 10.30.2017

  28. She always withheld things from people. She had at some point started believing that this was the better thing to do. If people didn’t know everything about her, maybe they would stick around longer in order to find out.

    By James Wilson on 10.30.2017