October 27th, 2017 | 13 Entries

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13 Entries for “worshipped”

  1. I prayed at the temple of love and worshipped your name with my tongue. Said it so often it began to soften and soon a song was sung.

    By Gitane URL on 10.27.2017

  2. I worshipped my mom as a child. She was my world. It wasn’t until recently when I realized that I was worshipping a toxic person. My habits were sickening, I treated people poorly, and could not rationalize, because I worshipped someone who wasn’t able to see clearly themselves.

    By Ashley on 10.27.2017

  3. When i think of this word, i think of gods. Like a god you prey to or have faith in, Greek gods our in there somewhere as well. I mostly think it’s just about worshiping someone, it can be a god or a person for all that matter. It just matters if you are actually worshiping someone.

    By solara URL on 10.27.2017

  4. You are worthy to be worshipped. There is, and will never be, anyone like You.

    By LifesGrey on 10.27.2017

  5. She worshipped him, and that was her big mistake. No one was that good, no one that deserving of her love and trust in such an unconditional manner.

    And then, one day, he proved it. Proved her wrong. Betrayed her.

    She thought she might never recover, but she was wrong again.

    By chipschap URL on 10.27.2017

  6. I loved you. I worshipped you. I treated you like a god. But you were mortal, just like I was. You may have worn the raiment of royal deities – the golds and purples, ribbons and beads, silver circlet atop your sunrise head. But you couldn’t make the sun move, and you couldn’t take sacrifices at the altar without getting your hands severely burned.

    I adored you, and yet you turned from me. And I was deemed a heretic for idolizing someone without the blood of Zeus or Ra.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.27.2017

  7. in the cathedral,
    light everywhere, perfection and love and beauty,
    in the warm arms of the red stained glass.
    to feel that, like i used to.
    peace, anchor, angelhood,
    anything but loneliness.

    By as on 10.27.2017

  8. he worshipped the same gods and said the same litanies,
    poured out the same libations and made the same sacrifices,
    gave freely of himself to them until there was no more left to give
    until finally he found himself
    and not in any of their eyes

    By lbrygk on 10.27.2017

  9. This is the my knowledge, it is my hope, worshipped for nothing but the bell of one minute, really have written much better.

    By Robert Kohlhammer on 10.28.2017

  10. She resented the way he worshipped those idols, those gods. They shouldn’t be an excuse for bad behavior and he has been milking that excuse for far too long. Glancing at the other milling about him in this gathering, she drew her arms closer to herself and tried to reach him.

    By An on 10.28.2017

  11. She felt adored, worshiped, even. They finally came up for air and he pushed her hair back from her faces and looked deep into her eyes and it was almost more than she could bear. She wasn’t familiar with adulation.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.28.2017

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    By Joma Jewellery a little URL on 10.28.2017

  13. Once there was a king
    Who made us kiss his ring
    But we saw through him like tempered glass
    And told him sorely, to kiss our ass.

    By smattc URL on 10.28.2017