June 20th, 2011 | 511 Entries

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511 Entries for “predict”

  1. the word predict probably has people writing about the future. what would i like to be in the future? What do i think i deserve? What do I think I want? But then what do we think will happen to everyone and not just me? predictions are usually very self centered – everyone is concerned about what will happen to themselves and it’s very rare that people will want predictions for others.

    By Sara on 06.21.2011

  2. Can I predict what’s going to happen today, tomorrow, yesterday? Can you?

    But then, would you want to?

    By Catrina URL on 06.21.2011

  3. There was no chance I could have predict, what was comming next. Nontheless I was blaming me for not having seen it come, after it happend.

    By Mareike on 06.21.2011

  4. To see, to feel.
    My vision is blurry and my heart is numb.
    I fear for what has yet to come.
    This is unreal.

    By Justine URL on 06.21.2011

  5. It’s really impossible to predict how this will end up. They could both live happily ever after like they’re supposed to, or they could both die gruesome deaths. Or one of them could die and leave the other grief-stricken.

    But it’s really too much trouble, so she kisses him, and tries to live for today.

    By RipredtheGnawer URL on 06.21.2011

  6. Predict the furure is the thing for me, some peoplle use bones or tea leaves I use the colour of my wifes cheeks . If there are warm and bright ‘m in for a good day if however they are an amber tint then I predict my future is dim

    By james cooper on 06.21.2011

  7. My eyes every now and again drifted to his lips; they pulled on me like a string on a balloon. As he spoke my mind worked parallelly on calculating, predicting, the certainties and possibilities of me kissing him that moment.

    By Olivia S. on 06.21.2011

  8. we ll predict about things abt future….about weather we ll predict..predication is vry ihhhhhjvghfghfdgdsfsdfffffffffffffffddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssddddaaaafffffhhhhhajgdfgsdf fd fghdfhgxc fdghgghd gfghfhgfhgff ghfvhgf ff gfgh fghfghfghfghfg hgh h fgfghfgh gh

    By ssss on 06.21.2011

  9. Predict
    My first date with her was the best date I had ever had. I couldn’t predict what she would say next. She had a twinkle in her eyes and a smirk on her lips. She could either be plotting a way to humiliate me, or she could just be teasing. I really didn’t know.
    That’s just how Lily Evans was- red haired, green eyed Lily Evans.

    By mia on 06.21.2011

  10. I predict the future, I create what I predict and that is what I deserve. Positive affirmations do work look at what i have today, come from the slums and now I have a house that keeps me warm, a car that is reliable and a family that is perfect. I predict my greatest accomplishment will be in the smiles of my children

    By Jen URL on 06.21.2011

  11. the future with willie will it be long or short can i stay open to his needs and not think of mine first maybe this will be the start of understanding love to not think what I need all the time but to put myself in someones elses place.

    By chris on 06.21.2011

  12. I couldn’t believe the prediction of the oracle. It was absolutely absurd! I would die befor I could rule the Seven kingdoms? I think not! Surely it must be some cruel unforgiving joke brought upon me. I will make sure that I live for athousand years more! ten thousand! One Milion years more! And rule this whol World Before I could Let any of this happen!

    By Cap Cap The Capper on 06.21.2011

  13. One. Two. Three. Count out the paces. The noise. What will it be. The floor comes up to my chin and I sink. But don’t fall. This is the sound of something leaving. But my feet stay by the side of me.

    By jae rose URL on 06.21.2011

  14. There was just one outcome.
    I knew it would happen.
    It would be 1 month before I finally realise how utterly bored I am of her. Then i’ll find someone else. With such a prediction, what for do I still need to make friends with her?
    My predictions always come true.

    I’ll just stay by myself.

    By Ichinose Kaoru on 06.21.2011

  15. it is really hard to predict anything in life , thats the thing about life. So much is out of your control- and when you let go, you will see that it is just perfect the way it is.

    By Melissa Rad on 06.21.2011

  16. i cant predict the future.

    By jess on 06.21.2011

  17. Predict is such a positive, optimistic word. When my medium said, “I predict” she told me I would have a wonderful future and I did.

    By Devon Writer URL on 06.21.2011

  18. I predict that I won’t write enough in sixty seconds. I predict that my life won’t turn out how I wanted it too when I was six years old and that it will turn out a whole lot different, I predict that I will be happy, or do I just hope? I predict that nobody’s future will turn out how they wanted it too when they were six.

    By Zoe Stabler on 06.21.2011

  19. I’ve done predict about four times now, are there any other words? The word predict is very optimistic, It looks at the best that can happen in a situation, sometimes a prediction is negative, but it’s as positive as it can be

    By Zoe Stabler on 06.21.2011

  20. i like to predict what I will be doing in five or ten years. it helps me plan what I’m going to do. Predicting can also be dangerous because if you do not get what you predicted, you may be let down. Don’t predict so much and start living your life day to day. It will be much more of a surprise and a rewarding life.

    By Leanna on 06.21.2011

  21. She gazed into my eyes and raised her hand over my cup of tea. A spaz went through her as she started to predict by fate, supposedly. It was strange, for some reason i was actually anxiousness for the result even though i clearly knew she was a fake fortuneteller whom made a living off retarded and gullible people, like me.

    By bannie URL on 06.21.2011

  22. I seem to have lost my lamb. I don’t know where this luscious lame lost his right wing. Tomorrow the sun will break. Animals will charm the skies with lemon drops. And then the lamb will return. Hopefully, to tell tales of ostriches in far away lands. Hopefully. Is a word heard too often.

    By Alice on 06.21.2011

  23. I wish I could predict what God has store for me and my husband – I wouldn’t want to know the blessings, just how to avoid the sad times and any unhappiness. It would be graet to predict and get a sneak peek!

    By Giselle on 06.21.2011

  24. to adn the sdguv

    By Noor on 06.21.2011

  25. Predict; (V) something no human can do. You can get lucky, you can make an educated guess, but you can’t predict anything with the knowledge that it’ll happen.

    By Nanabean on 06.21.2011

  26. guessing what is going to happen in a situation. guessing the outcome of something that is going to or about to happen in future. making a guess about how a situation or event will end.

    By kelly sarkor on 06.21.2011

  27. The lady with a cake of eye liner on, gazed into my eyes and raised her hand over my cup of tea. A spaz went through her as she started to predict my fate, supposedly. It was strange, for some reason, I was actually anxiousness for the result even though I clearly knew she was a fake fortuneteller who made a living off retarded and gullible people, like me. But despite that, I still walked to her blindingly glittery store, greeted the her , smiled, sat down, paid my $7.50 and drink a small cup of tea which brings me to where I am now, waiting for her to finish peering at my tea leaves and tell me my god damn fate. Shesh.

    By bannie URL on 06.21.2011

  28. The class stood in hushed anxiety while they eyed their instructor. He had a reputation and not all of it good. But still, his classes tended to fill up quickly even if there was almost a five percent daily attrition rate, once the class got going. “And now,” Professor Sommers snaked around the room and poured the clearly-labeled bleach into the beakers set on every lab table. “Now, we will predict which will cause the biggest reaction.” Without missing a beat, he reached for the well-marked Hydrochloric Acid. He made the barest of pauses and turned in a full circle to make sure the students saw what he held. No one stopped him. Almost sadly, he moved to the first beaker to pour. “My poor eyebrows,” he lamented quietly. “Professor wait!” Sheldon Bowerman yelled right before the first drop left the bottle of acid. “Yes?” The professor froze. “That’s – that’s acid.” “And?” the Professor continued. “It will explode!” Sheldon cried. The Professor grinned widely. “Well,” he said as he capped the bottle and quickly moved it away from the beaker of bleach. “I’m glad someone was paying attention.”

    By Izolda URL on 06.21.2011

  29. I can’t predict the future. If I could, I’d be rich and famous and beautiful and… well probably not beautiful. But those other 2. Maybe just rich. I don’t know. But if I could… would I really want to? Would I want to look at a person and be able to say, “you’re going to die in a car accident tomorrow, I’m sorry?” Or is it better just to not know?

    By Glory URL on 06.21.2011

  30. Life is too predictable. I know every singlew thing that will happen today. I will wake up at 6:55, get out of the shower by 7:10, and catch the bus to work at 8:05. I will sit on the bus for 48 minutes. I will waste my whole day planning every detail. I will even plan when I need to plan things! Life is too predictable.

    By Katrina on 06.21.2011

  31. Was raining again today. Supposed to be tomorrow as well. Afternoon thunderstorms highly likely. Just two days ago was supposed to be in the low 80s. Temperate for this time of the year. Instead, high 90s and rain. Humidity. Summer in this city.

    By Bryan URL on 06.21.2011

  32. predicting the future is not possible but it is possible to mold your own future by using whatever is at your disposal. psychics and pundits do not exist, it’s a farce which a lot of us often get pulled into, our destiny isn’t written for us, we write our own destiny and it’s up to us to make that destiny as close to our dreams as possible.

    By Natasha on 06.21.2011

  33. I predict that I will take my kids to piano today and then head on to the library. I hope with my predictions will be most likely be an enjoyable day with my children.

    By Maggie URL on 06.21.2011

  34. the weather channel was on and the weather man was predicting the weather for the rest of the week. i was still so tires i could barely comprehend what he was saying. all i was able to think about in the morning was how much i did not want to go to school.

    By sami on 06.21.2011

  35. Nothing I can predict without any permission from above
    but one thing I´m sure… you can fly like a dove

    By Leonel Lopez on 06.21.2011

  36. you can’t though you will always try

    By Cyfrin on 06.21.2011

  37. Whatever i ever predict is dumped into the bin. So i will lay down and go with the flow. one step at a time.

    By suriti on 06.21.2011

  38. She predicted the future, you know. Juts like that she knew exactly what was going to happen. Everything made sense to her, so clear. It was beautiful. She was beautiful. Pty she was so messed up. Seeing all of those things, knowing that they would happen. She wasn’t some stoic novel chick with no emotions, accepting events as though they were nothing.

    By Haleigh Griffin on 06.21.2011

  39. Predict this, predict that, predict what, who and how. Can’t be done.

    By Andy H URL on 06.21.2011

  40. She set out the tarot cards and flipped them one after the other, stopping with a gasp at the second one. “I see no reason to go on.” she said. I looked down and asked her why. “Because,” She said in hushed voices “you will get in a taxi right outside this door and that taxi will hit a semi head on. Anything else I predict won’t matter because you’re not living past today.”

    By Willow Stardust URL on 06.21.2011