June 20th, 2011 | 511 Entries

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511 Entries for “predict”

  1. Pre- the forerunner before dic. Dick. The name of a male’s…. child?! T. To a T. Predic- the royal edict, done to a T. This is redic-ulous. To think that we could predict the edict of prediction. I predict the the predictive—ness— of the simple……dic-! But the flamboyant crazies are un-predict-ablely predict-able. Damn. Follow my forerunning tracks of the pre, pre-up. Pre-dick. During-Dick. After-dick. Former, latter. Scandulous. To a T?

    By Josie URL on 06.21.2011

  2. One day, someone will be able to tell me that they’ll predict the future. They’ll come up to me and say, “You’ll get married to a man who likes dogs and spinach, you’ll live in a 5-bedroom 3-bathroom house, and you’ll grow up doing yoga.” But you know what I’ll say? I’ll say, screw it. Predictions are myths; life is reality. So get up, and be real.

    By Tammy on 06.21.2011

  3. Katie could predict the future. Not in any dramatic way, no visions or dreams, it was simply that she knew what was going to happen next. She didn’t think it was that impressive, but other people were often surprised and wary of her predictions.

    By Danica URL on 06.21.2011

  4. He yelled at my mother. “she says she can tell me the truth. But what do I get? Lies!” he

    By Svetlana Parker URL on 06.21.2011

  5. I wish i could predict how my day would go. I would know when I needed to put on my big girl panties or let my ratchet loose. Predictions can be a good or bad thing. It can help ease pain or ruin a good thing. I

    By Asher URL on 06.21.2011

  6. You can’t know anything for sure. Like this, for example. I don’t know what I’m going to write, I don’t know what I will see when I’ve submitted this and scrolled back to read others. I don’t know what will happen as I stand up from my chair and get ready for bed. I can’t know what’s going to happen, because I don’t.

    But I can predict.

    By bellrie URL on 06.21.2011

  7. λοιπον, μια καθημερινοτητα βαρετη που με καταπιεζει παντου και στα παντα, αγωνια αγχος απογοητευση σπανια ευχαριστηση καμια ανταμοιβη,αγαπαω,μισω ζηλευω

    By kai mena on 06.21.2011

  8. I want to predict what will happen when I pass away. Everyone has their own prediction, but noone seems to share it with one another. Why is this? Is it because you are nervous to see others reactions? Is it because you don’t feel comfortable? What’s your prediction?

    By Nicole on 06.21.2011

  9. “I predict that the fortune teller was full of shit”
    “She better not have been, I paid ten bucks for that” I muttered.
    The fortune teller had told me ominously that I would suffer at the hands of an arrogant yet handsome man and that he would steal my heart and my ovaries.
    “My ovaries?” I had burst out laughing, only stopping when she had trained her withering glare on me.
    “Yes, my dear, I see you never having children because of this man, he will ruin your entire existence”.

    By prolli on 06.21.2011

  10. my predictions never quite come true. when i was young i had a prediction there was something just a little bit special about me. i’m still waiting to find out what it is. i predicted that you still loved me even though you left for her. once again, still waiting. all of my predictions lead to me waiting around for things that will never happen, it’s hard to live when you’re constantly waiting for things to happen to you instead of going out and getting them done.

    that’s why my flight leaves in 10 minutes.

    By kristy on 06.21.2011

  11. I had to know it, life can’t predict such beautiful things without any meaning. We were together now and it was all that mattered. Just us, walking, holding hands. Together for the last time.

    By Daniela URL on 06.21.2011

  12. Imagine, if you will, a bright yellow parrot named Steve.

    Steve can predict the future. If you ask a question about tomorrow’s events, he can answer with either “yes” or “no”, signified by one or two tweets, respectively.

    I wish I had a parrot.

    By Dave on 06.21.2011

  13. “What did she predict again?” Enquired Silvia.
    “That I would die in a red car when I’m in my thirties”, answered Kathy.
    “But this car is kinda red?”
    “Nope, I’ve told you before, this car is brown”
    “It looks a little red when the sun is shining on it”, insisted Silvia.
    Kathy replied by putting her foot harder on the accelerator.

    By M Daly URL on 06.21.2011

  14. I really don’t know what to say. I’ve just got this bad feeling about what’s to come. I can’t explain. I don’t think everyone’s going to die necessarily, but at least one person is going to be hurt. Physically, emotionally; I don’t know. But pain is coming.

    By Sai on 06.21.2011

  15. one predicts a premonition. strikeout. one predicts an event. weathermen predict the weather. synonyms: suspect, expect. there are probably different subtleties of meaning between the three words.

    By Tyler on 06.21.2011

  16. so there’s this guy. i’d never have predicted life would take turns like this. but if i had, it would have lost it’s charm. God, i must have done something right.

    By Ayeesha on 06.21.2011

  17. I wish I could predict the future.

    It seems the thing I struggle with most is deciding how I’d like to spend my time. You know, the big picture. I never quite know what will be the best life path in the long run.

    Predicting what could bring Peace and Joy would make things a whole lot easier.

    By Land of Dave URL on 06.21.2011

  18. ‘I predict,’ said the fortune teller, ‘that all you wish for, all your hopes and dreams will eventually be realised. I foresee that you will meet a tall, dark strangler.’

    ‘… A strangler?’ Emily’s already-high eyebrows began to receed into her hariline.

    ‘Oh my mistake, sorry, a stranger!’

    ‘Oh ok.’

    ‘A tall, dark stranger who will strangle you in the bathtub.’

    By Cassie URL on 06.21.2011

  19. Predict. It seems like nowadays we can’t predict anything, but everything is so preditable. Movies, music, books. Happy endings. Ugh. They’re so commercial. Get real. Grow up. Stop pretending. Remember what’s the definition of art? No, of course not, art has no definition because it’s art but you wouldn’t know that because everything’s so mechanical and commercial now. It’s all about the money and that is complete assassination of art, which is meant to have the opposite of a materialistic meaning. It’s meant to touch people, to move with their sould, to inspire them, not to rip them off.

    By SmellsLikePurple on 06.21.2011

  20. If i could predict what life has in store, i wouldn’t have wanted anything from life. My end would have come much before it really was due. There would be no dreams left to chase after. No wishes. No surprises. No nothing. Life is much better without having to know what’s to come. At least there would be something to look forward to.

    By SuperStallion URL on 06.21.2011

  21. I didn’t know what I felt then. It had come true. The old lady’s prediction. I felt the bottle of water slip through my fingers, and it hit the ground with a resonant thud. My knees buckled as the bus with the travel agency ad whooshed in.

    Everything went black.

    By Kuyerjudd URL on 06.21.2011

  22. Some think they can predict the future. Others believe you can’t. Fate is fate. You can’t predict destiny.

    By Mari URL on 06.21.2011

  23. The flame headed god bounced down the roof, pain splintering through his wounds as they scraped across rough stone. He stood, shaking with anger laced through with exhaustion. The demon before him seemed to be predicting his moves. “No one can predict chaos like that…” He muttered. The sly faced gentleman laughed. “Even Chaos has its order.”

    By heather URL on 06.21.2011

  24. He called them goddesses, and I wonder today who he was speaking of. His love was legendary. His passion was unpredictable. I wish I could find someone like that.
    And now he’s shut up in a book, loud only when I flip through the pages. I read him when I need to calm down, when I need to be inspired again about the beauty of the world. He knew about beauty. He spoke it, and wrote it, and lived by it.
    I can’t wait till I die and I’m as well known as him.

    By Mara URL on 06.21.2011

  25. prediction, with complete knowledge and honesty, may turn out to be true. prediction, without, is must more fun.

    By Niraj URL on 06.21.2011

  26. predict what the conscious (sp) mind could never know the subconscious expresseses it’s infinite wisdom freely through shamanistic poetry sometimes bewildering always a better high than marijuana, what could a plant do that the human brain can’t? hah! the future is always, quantumly indistinquishable past, present, future, nothing, everything, forever, never, always. events come rushing forwards as time flows through the body like wind

    By sean b on 06.21.2011

  27. Something women can do better than men. I like it scientifically. The weather doesn’t really fall into it too much. In bed it’s always so, at least so far for me. I am so not. Can kids be? Why can life not be? it would be too boring, we’d say, next game please

    By Anna on 06.21.2011

  28. one word is only 2 words meaning one word one word it is 2 words describing one word kindav confusing dont you think one word i

    By Devaon URL on 06.21.2011

  29. oh, if he could have made some thing up that would help to predict the future of his ex-wife! Life would be glorious. That cow. Her eternal harping, nagging, “mooing” over quitting the worst job of his life!

    By Seansj URL on 06.21.2011

  30. I wish i could predict what is going to happen to me. Everything’s fallen apart. I don’t know what to do. Am I going to move on? Allow myself to forget? I don’t think I can do that. I don’t want the memories to leave, no matter how much they hurt.

    By Rebecca on 06.21.2011

  31. Predicting the future is obviously very hard for someone who has no super powers whatsoever. It’s the unknown that kills me. I can’t stand the fact that whoever I become, whoever I marry, wherever I end up, and whether I’ll be happy or not will just happen. I can’t control it.

    By Rachel URL on 06.21.2011

  32. how can you predict what life’s going to bring? i know we try to figure it all out and plan it down to the last second, but does that make any sense? does that suck all of the excitement and the fun out of it? it’s scary, terrifying even, to not know what’s going to happen in my future. But i’ll take it. Because predicting will only lead to frustration, or sadness.

    By Becca Riggs URL on 06.21.2011

  33. How long that simple word sounded: predict. It swooned inside of her chest like a flower opening. Of course, it was only longing. It was only what one thinks about, not what one does. It was the thought of something other than the surrounding stillness – not necessarily true, but essential.

    By Hannah Pfister on 06.21.2011

  34. She looked across the old wooden table at the woman. Marina could not, would not, believe what she was saying.
    “I predict the time, I see the changing threads of time,” The woman flashed a smile of perfectly white teeth, her face holding only the tiniest of wrinkle lines. ” I have seen you, Marina of the Lost Time, and there is much you must do.”

    By justjess1001 URL on 06.21.2011

  35. Predict, we can’t. Lizzard stop bugging me. I’m writing. We can’t predict anything. I couldn’t predict my mouse just losing battery on me that moment, even though I know it’s low.

    By Karl on 06.21.2011

  36. I predict your future like no other. no one can do it like i can. whats your name? I know what you want. can you predict things the way i can? guess not since you seem quite lost right now. don’t feel lost. feel happy, feel abundant. your life is great, you’re breathing and your heart is working. you’re not dead. you’re alive. alive as ever

    By You on 06.21.2011

  37. It was predicted with the rising sun. And written in the rain. That the day would come when the leaves would find their way through the ground and bring life to the desert plain. It was written in the air and it was felt in the wind.

    By Edt on 06.21.2011

  38. I predict that, one day, my daughters will be grown up and lead fulfilling independent lives. Well, maybe that’s a dream, a hope, rather than a prediction. But maybe if I predict it it becomes self-fulfilling, and then I’ll get my life back, have more time to write . . .

    By Joey on 06.21.2011

  39. If you could predict
    The future of your life
    Would you want to know,
    Have to fight through all the strife

    Could you imagine
    Knowing how you’d die?
    Would you be able to stand it?
    Would it eventually make you cry…?

    By Ashlee URL on 06.21.2011

  40. The future comes to fast to be able to predict what is to come. People need to learn how to cherish the present and not the future. Live in the now, not for what is to come.

    By Kt Perner URL on 06.21.2011