April 26th, 2012 | 174 Entries

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174 Entries for “poster”

  1. I have been looking for about four years for a specific poster. It’s a photograph taken by Yva, an artist in the 1920.

    By corinnele on 04.26.2012

  2. posters are giant pieces of paper that you put on walls.

    By just582 URL on 04.26.2012

  3. The Doctor and Melody were strolling down the street when they saw a poster.


    It had pictures of the Doctor’s ninth, tenth, and, his current, eleventh regeneration.


    It said that people who travelled with him would suffer from Stockholm syndrome. It listed a mobile number and an email address in the case that anyone saw him. At the bottom, in clear print, was TORCHWOOD.

    “Oh, no,” the Doctor said.

    By Damaris URL on 04.26.2012

  4. She looked and saw the spindly form of lanky legs and dropping breasts in the illustration. Bold streaks of purple, violet, indigo and electric shocks of neon green ripped through the page in streaks of colour – it was going to be a Psychedelic concert tinged with “no regrets”.

    By Ursamare URL on 04.26.2012

  5. It was then that I found her, all lights and dazzle.

    By Ruben URL on 04.26.2012

  6. Stacked in bundles and scattered about the flor in a sea of black and white were posters, hundreds of them filling every corner of the dingy room. Damien coughed and wafted his hand before his nose to waft away the dust.

    By RJay on 04.26.2012

  7. I looked at the poster with disbelief, they are coming to town!! will they be as good as in my dreams? will she take me up on stage? I have dreamt of this moment for so long. The poster looks as good as the concert will be! I do hope I’m right!

    By Crystal URL on 04.26.2012

  8. I stare at it day after day. He didn’t have many talents, but he was a genius behind the camera. The cityscape captured through his lens and magnified to take up the space of an entire wall. I wish I could tear it down.

    By tori URL on 04.26.2012

  9. The old, shrivelled poster hung on the wall, there for so long it seemed to become part of the wall itself. The red bricks it stuck too were old and faded, built decades, even centuries ago. The poster itself wasn’t even legible any more.

    But this was the place. I sat there, waiting for my rendezvous with the mysterious stranger; he promised he had information about Damien, my son who went missing a year ago, but even though I didn’t usually fall for this bullshit something told me this was different- something told me that this guy meant business. Every time something moved, maybe a mouse skittering across the warehouse floor, or the wind causing the old metallic escape door creak on it’s hinges, I thought it was him. Eventually however I heard footsteps approaching, and the stranger, from an unknown view point, addressed me with his dark voice.

    By Ian URL on 04.26.2012

  10. flat, paper, representation of feeling, decoration. someone who posts. a postman is a poster, the us mail service are the biggest posters ever.

    By Dave on 04.26.2012

  11. I’m designing a poster at work for a campaign called Vow of Silence. The campaign deals with children being quiet for 24 hours and raising $2 each hour they remain silent. I don’t think it makes much money if it’s a literal campaign. Kids love talking. Other than that the poster child for it should be that guy that sings Shaddap You Face.

    By bryan URL on 04.26.2012

  12. i make these they line the walls promoting different causes some i agree with some i want to rip to pieces propaganda why so many voices trying to say so much let me determine this on my own not today i make one more

    By Quincy Malesovas on 04.26.2012

  13. A poster is something you can write on it, it’s like your best friend that you can tell him what you want. If I had more time I would write more about it. see ya!



    -ViruZ Lepou

    By ViruZLepou on 04.26.2012

  14. Johnny was the poster boy for Transcendent Cologne – a product that attempted to be Zen while still catering to the bloated market of overhyped aromas. As he strutted around the shoot with his abs glistening with sweat, he watched as his photographers confided with his manager, juggling a bottle of the stuff between them. They couldn’t decide between his holding a fat bottle or a small flask.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.26.2012

  15. Posters. They can be colorful, descriptive, creative, and more. Every Poster is different as there creators are. Posters can be for math, language arts, social studies, science, gym, health, band, or just for fun! This day in age posters are becoming more and more popular online.

    By Nina on 04.26.2012

  16. The poster said one night only. It was like a flame and I was the moth being drawn in. I couldn’t resist. Tugging my collar tighter around my neck against the chilled rain I made my way inside the small cafe. Inside was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen in my existence singing a song that had me frozen in place.

    By CNou91 URL on 04.26.2012

  17. The poster said…..
    Life is a search
    for the true
    the good
    and the beautiful

    By Isabella on 04.26.2012

  18. Taped across the wall was a shiny piece of embossed paper. On it was all of my hopes and dreams for the future. Places I would go, people I would see, things I would do. It’s my poster.

    By Bailey URL on 04.26.2012

  19. There was a pink floyd poster on the wall. I remember it so clearly. It’s the one with the four girls at the pool with their backs to the camera and they have painted images on them. I stared at that poster for hours. That night I couldn’t sleep. The events of the night kept replaying in my mind.

    By Brittface URL on 04.26.2012

  20. I drew a poster and I hung it on the wall. It was a very pretty poster. It was colorful. Splashes of blue and purple and green and pink and red were splattered across the pages describing my mood of the day…. Today is

    By Micheal Teague on 04.26.2012

  21. I stare at the poster on my bedroom ceiling while I try- unsuccessfully- to fall asleep. I remember when I got that poster three years ago, back when I had a huge crush on the actor in the picture. I remember staring at it, like I am now, except then I was admiring his looks: how dreamy his brown eyes were, how his black hair made me want to swoon. My cell phone rings from its place on the nightstand and I reach over and read the message. “Look outside.”
    Smiling, I do just that. The boy waiting outside has brown hair and clear blue eyes, which are looking back at me. I lean over the balcony’s railing to hear what he says next, and then I answer with a grin, “I love you, too.”
    I’ve never looked at that poster the same way again.

    By Cherry Kate URL on 04.26.2012

  22. The poster showed the profile of a man. His jaw was strong and set in grim determination, as he looked up at a looming cloud of daggers, iron cogs and fire. Above the picture, the poster read “STAND STRONG”. Underneath, “AGAINST THE IRON ABOMINATION”.

    By Krospgnasker URL on 04.26.2012

  23. Got this poster, use tape homie, dont you know that thumb tacks will tear that thang up. Who’s that poster of. Yes its young Scott Pippen. That number 33 jersey is fresh as hell. I love this picture man. I’m sad that one day i’ll move away to florida and rip it in half =(

    By Daniel Trujillo URL on 04.26.2012

  24. Poster world is
    a place in denver. I bought a Scottie pippen poster and hung it on my wall. I used tape cuz thumb tacks will tear that thing up.


    Whatchu think i rap for, to push a f*ckin Rav4?

    By DanTheMan URL on 04.26.2012

  25. I have Jimi Hendrix on my wall, true inspiration of the psychedelia music era………..i also have a cat on my wall…………

    By Johnny on 04.26.2012

  26. The poster is so cool on my bedroom wall. It is a black light poster and it looks so awesome when I turn the light on while listening to my disco music. I should be dancing. Ya.

    By teeda URL on 04.26.2012

  27. The poster on the wall caused his mind to wonder, this poster of his favorite player, from his favorite team, before the scandal. Before the tirades, the dissent and descent. While he stared at the hair flowing out the star’s helmet he couldn’t help but wonder what sport Samson would have starred in.

    By Zach URL on 04.26.2012

  28. Jesse thought back to the day when she first saw the poster for the Wind Riders. She never could have guessed what it would mean to her for the rest of her life. This job changed her family forever, introduced her to her love, her best friends, her new family. It changed the very essence of her person. Especially because through this job, she met the One and Only Jesus Christ and invited Him to be her Savior.

    By ritajuanita URL on 04.26.2012

  29. I see them everywhere. It’s a part of my daily life. I see them at school, in shops, and many other places. Their purpose is to advertise, lots of times.

    By Someone on 04.26.2012

  30. Poster

    When I was younger, to enter my bedroom, there was a hallway (about 8 feet long), and then the space opened up into a room. I put theatre and movie posters up in the hallway, and used to pretend it was an alley in a city.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 04.26.2012

  31. Poster people, quit staring at me,
    Looking me down with your following eyes
    and trying to hide that envy of under
    unrealistic state,
    wanting to impose into my reality.

    By TheAmoretto URL on 04.26.2012

  32. It had been on the wall for years and years. A standing icon that she recognized as her childhood. She stood there, arms crossed over her chest as she contemplated taking it off of the wall. She didn’t want to, but it had to be done. It was time to fold it up and put it in storage. She reached out and pulled at the tape that poorly stuck it to the wall.

    By Alix on 04.26.2012

  33. allá se ve el póster de publicidad a lo largo de la autopista, anuncia una revista de gran éxito

    By Rodrigo on 04.26.2012

  34. all of the kony posters i put up were torn down. it make me angry, it’s not illegal or anything. posters ripped down like it was nothing, when it was people trying to do something to help the world. good intentions, even if it’s not a perfect way of doing it. these stupid, close-minded people in this small town

    By ta on 04.26.2012

  35. When he sees the paper on the wall outside the hotel he immediately rips it off, clutching it in his hands until it crinkles in his grasp. This can’t be real. Is this a trick? He can feel his heart pounding insufferably in his chest, tears stinging the back of his eyes even though he hasn’t cried since he was four years old and someone called him a freak for the first time out of many. He reads the words, just five words, five words, but they make the difference to him, because the last two are his name and it gives him more hope than he’s had in a long time.


    By Brett URL on 04.26.2012

  36. OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT POSTER! Silly kitty, you shouldn’t be doing that~! ;3
    Yeahh, I don’t even know.
    Poster poster.
    Gotta make this interesting.
    How about a joke.
    Did you hear the one about the- OH! TIME’S UP!

    By Danielle on 04.26.2012

  37. fans screaming
    hot air around
    ears popping
    voice going
    Taylor Swift arrives
    posters waved
    we love Taylor!!


    By room23 URL on 04.26.2012

  38. My favorite poster is above my bed. One night, my cat decides that it needs to die. So attacks it. And now my favorite poster is now my favorite poster with two long slash marks that had to be taped up.

    By Skyler URL on 04.26.2012

  39. The poster was tattered about the edges, worn with age and looking flimsy. He kept it up however. It was the only reminder he had of the both of them together. Her teeth were smiling back at him from the poster and his own smile next to hers was bright and happy. He wished their relationship wasn’t as tattered as the poster of them together.

    By Steph on 04.26.2012

  40. Poster paint was a wonderful thing, thought Emma, smearing it from one side of the page to the other. In the classic Impressionist style, she had thrown all the colors she had on the page, scattering the rainbow into a million directions.

    By Amy on 04.26.2012