April 26th, 2012 | 174 Entries

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174 Entries for “poster”

  1. I put a Death Star poster on my wall yesterday.

    By Christa on 04.26.2012

  2. I really want the avengers movie poster. I want it. And some other posters. I hate poster boards or doing posters for school. God, those suck. I mean really. I hate doing posters. But I do want one.

    By Julian S URL on 04.26.2012

  3. the poster on the wall has him on it,
    and he stares back with silent eyes.
    mute eyes.
    and they won’t tell me a word

    and then i see him at school
    and his eyes have no emotion
    and he reminds me
    of my poster.
    i check one last time,
    and he looks back.
    peers at me with silent eyes.
    mute eyes.
    and they won’t tell me a word.

    By Dave URL on 04.26.2012

  4. like posters she clung to the walls of the moon. light danced upon her, creating a certain drifting sensation of hallucinations. purposefully, she was using this light to escape the drowning mind-set of ultimate despair. her silence echoed along with the sun, which was now exploding without intention or aspiration. numbness reiterated as the hollow caves of her heart swam like fierce fireworks, decorating the sky in her fragile mind. hysterically she attempted to fight the numbness away, seeking specific moments of distinguished emotions. there was no sanctity or dysphoria any longer. contentment as well had gradually disintegrated, without giving a chance of grasping even a speck of remembrance.
    like posters she clung to the sanity of the moon. here she will stay, until the light dances away.

    By Tas URL on 04.26.2012

  5. ds

    By Zach URL on 04.26.2012

  6. I saw it there one day. The perfect piece of paper hung lazily on a wall. Colors swirling, melting, ingesting each other. It was as if the paper was only created to have this exact sense of freedom. Colorful freedom. I was jealous of it.

    By Mira on 04.26.2012

  7. Our friendship used to be the anti-sentiment of traditional relationships. We used to be the poster-child of modern day, orientation-blind, genderless, limitless friendships. Now we’re nothing but a fading memory.

    By Mikey URL on 04.26.2012

  8. Another conference, another poster, another chance to network with people who might not have anything to do with my future. I pinned the stupid little card onto the poster board, announcing to the world I would stand by my poster from 2 to 4 p.m. and then stalked off to stare at the sky scrapers in a city that I would probably never see again.

    By Jackie on 04.26.2012

  9. A block of sand, a marble of gold, a thread of concrete: each of them curls into a single strand and moves alongside the wind, the currents in the nearby stream, the blood swishing beneath my skin.

    By Anna Meursault on 04.26.2012

  10. on my wall there is a dark spot in the pain where I used to keep a poster
    the image of a famous rock star
    looming over me in my sleep
    invading my dreams
    it’s gone now, but that girlish fantasy still lingers

    By Domiknitrix URL on 04.26.2012

  11. There it was, my face, blown up and covered in make-up, on the very front of every poster. I was no longer nobody, cuz everyone could see me now…

    By Iam Me URL on 04.26.2012

  12. Tape it on my wall, whether car or lion or pretty girl.
    My favorite band or a funny saying, something to declare my interest!

    By Jess URL on 04.26.2012

  13. Walk alone
    Or walk a lie
    Live into truth
    or just stand by
    And watch life unfold deeply around me
    asking others to pass the popcorn
    While waiting for the commercials to be over.
    I will not be the poster child for regret

    By Pam Heighway URL on 04.26.2012

  14. I have a poster. It is not of a celebrity, nor anyone else you might know. I painted it myself. It is a poster of my love. It is the last thing that I have left of him.

    Do not be alarmed, this is fiction. :D

    By The Third URL on 04.26.2012

  15. I ran my hand over the sheet of paper, smoothing out the wrinkles. My hand blurred in front of my eyes, left a pink mark over the poster.

    By Gullsy_ URL on 04.26.2012

  16. posters remind me of my youth. posters of animals – posters of actors – posters of things I wanted for my future. Now I associate posters with writing. a person who posts for animal or child advocacy. a person who posts recipes. a person who posts their hopes and dreams.

    By michelle on 04.26.2012

  17. she postered the walls. there were posters everywhere. haggling; wheelin-dealin. the man with the black beard looked at me. looked hard at me and I did not know what poster to buy and I could not stand him looking so hard and so I left. walked all wobbly-kneed back to my apartment where I threw up and laid on the bed, covered in mirrors.

    By L.V.Newc URL on 04.26.2012

  18. I had a poster when I was a girl. It was the 70s and the poster said “keep on truckin.” There was a girl walking down the highway wearing bell bottom jeans and a peasant shirt. She had long reddish brown hair (like mine) and she was carrying a guitar and a loaf of bread.

    By Jeannie Taylor on 04.26.2012

  19. i saw the poster on the school wall, for a moment i thought i was mistaken but my sister came smiling up to me and said with soft tone, “do you like it?”
    My mom was going to kill me for letting this happen, Sally and singing?

    By filza URL on 04.26.2012

  20. The poster child for the Hospital, she was a cutter. She attempted suicide four times and pussied out for each one. She was anorexic with bulimic tendencies, and she felt guilty just for eating. Problem was, she just played along with their little game. The girl never, ever got better. And she never would.

    Who said she wanted to?

    By Nichole URL on 04.26.2012

  21. My eyes were glued to the wall, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing! On the wall there was a poster, and I knew the picture like the back of my hand. It was my ass! You could even see the little fairy tattoo I have above my right cheek. Why the hell would they allow this on school property?

    By Amanda Nelson URL on 04.26.2012

  22. It was black and green and purple. Probably the dumbest thing she’d ever seen, yet here she was, preparing to delve into the underworld of indie rock. Her hair was done up and her jeans torn just the way she didn’t like.

    By MoeMasterMighty URL on 04.26.2012

  23. stress
    stop tinking so much its okay everything will work out you cant live your live all play and no work strssing is not going to make it any better enjoy yourself every now and then let go and let god there is only so much you can do

    By shytice on 04.26.2012

  24. i see you just hanging there
    never moving, never speaking
    staring at me
    with those blank cold eyes.
    always making me double check
    just trying to catch you move
    but you never move
    because your a poster.

    By kevin portner on 04.26.2012

  25. “You are going to be my poster pin-up boy from now on,my knight in shining armour. You saved my life.” Daniel blushed. All he had done was help pick up her parcels and move her to a quite place in the walkway. Anyone would have done the same. If he had fallen down an escallator this is the least he would hope someone would do for him. When did a simple human kindness make you eligible for a nomination for sainthood?

    By Meredyth URL on 04.26.2012

  26. there is a poster of usher in my room
    i received it a long time ago. probably in the year 2000.
    other posters have come and gone but that one remains
    and every time i return from college my family is there to greet me
    and though my room is dusty and old and things have changed in it, usher smiles at me
    as if to say welcome home

    By raella URL on 04.26.2012

  27. the poster hung on the wall. there were so many of them. it made the hallway look like a stereotypical band hall way with all the posters hung everywhere. it was time for championships. everyone was excited. band wa in the air in the hall. the lockers were decorated to match the posters. we’re band nerds

    By Emi URL on 04.26.2012

  28. Reform American Schoolgirls. John Lennon. Bette Davis, Tramonto. Marilyn Monroe and Tom Ewell, the Seven Year Itch. Red Hot Chili Peppers.

    By Anais on 04.26.2012

  29. gdfgdfgdf

    By a on 04.26.2012

  30. I have descended, my love
    Below myself
    as you sit in the cloud of shade
    That floats beneath a hoved-to redgum
    I venture, within
    Below the nebula of roots
    Sighing viscera
    of ironstone, of clay
    That cleaves to granite
    Then cleaves to basalt

    Running a hand over its walls
    Even darkness lays
    scoured, striated
    And you are on my mind, my love
    As I ramble

    Who can foresee
    Whither thou shalt go?
    Who can prophecy
    Which cold mountain gullys
    Pour their kisses, their tears
    Into the heart’s
    Wild river

    By minimalist URL on 04.26.2012

  31. I see the posters that have inspirational things on them and think, Yes, I need that, and then I realize if I have all of the posters in one place I’ll look schizophrenic. Half are happy and make-you-feel-good and the other half are completely irreverent. I’m both.

    By Juliana on 04.26.2012

  32. I worry. I always have. Most nights, I reach such an extreme level of anxiety that I can’t even sleep, leaving me to lie awake in bed and count the number of heart palpitations I have per minute. There is no logical answer as to why I feel this way, yet I am constantly afraid everything, coming up with the most gruesome or mortifying scenarios that torture my neurotic mind.
    I am the poster child for whatever anti-anxiety med the doctors can throw my way.
    I just want this horrible feeling to end.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.26.2012

  33. I like posters they have pretty pictures and colours of unicorns and other pretty things.. I like to hang posters but not with sticky tack because that stuff really sucks. That blue crap gets stuck really bad in carpets and is hell to clean but what’s worse to hang posters with is that red tuck tape.. man try to get that off the walls.. impossible

    By Terri on 04.26.2012

  34. The poster is ripped, multiple tears and blurred faces. Your eyes focus on nothing but the eyes that stare back. You can’t believe it, he did it. Your best friend, your bro, your boyfriend did it!! He was finally a famous DJ, and there he was, on your wall.

    Your lips curl into a smile as you watch his shade-covered eyes stare down at you. You’re happy.

    By cam URL on 04.26.2012

  35. I pulled the poster off the wall and wildly ripped it in two. Despite how much I loved The Legend of Zelda, I couldn’t even bother to think about the actual content of the poster. The only thing my mind was focused on was who gave me this poster.

    By Sir Hammington URL on 04.26.2012

  36. He was unable to see the swan, but he did notice a rather conspicuous poster by the door. It was an advertisement for the museum’s exhibition of artifacts discovered in the ancient mountain villages.

    By Jay Dee URL on 04.26.2012

  37. There was a poster advertising for some concert down the street. I looked at him and smiled. “We should go.” I wasn’t going to ask permission like a child. He nodded, and I grabbed his hand. I desperately needed to drown my problems amongst strangers and harmonies. People weren’t who I thought they were, and the pain was unbearable. I dragged him down that sidewalk because my friends drove me to insanity.

    By Marissa URL on 04.26.2012

  38. the poster’s pretty much just there. It’s not designed better than anything else, really. And I don’t really know what it’s for–maybe some movie that i’ve never seen. Or a band. it’s just part of the clutter that I’ve collected in the past few years.

    By Renee URL on 04.26.2012

  39. I want to make posters for bands one day, specifically for Joey’s band, Something Epic. They will be awesome, promoting his awesome gigs at venues like Madison Square Garden and the Honda Center. He’s an amazing musician and I love art. I want to be an art director of a record label.

    By Tanya on 04.26.2012

  40. Oh. today my friend got a poster for her birthday. this week i had to make a poster of california (it was not fun). posters remind me of when a guy asks a girl out.. he holds up a poster and says “will you go out with me?”:) <3

    By Roooonnniie URL on 04.26.2012