January 9th, 2013 | 223 Entries

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223 Entries for “politician”

  1. With a lick of his lips, he drew breath and the politician-like spiel began: how it was what was required, of course it was going to be tough going, they just had to stick it out and on it blathered.

    By Amimee URL on 01.09.2013

  2. Reflecting on all those years of teenagedom, I felt conned. Why hadn’t I been an idol? Most of it was spent brooding or regretting. I should have been the phony it took to have fun back then. I was just a teen idle, nothing more, nothing less.

    And when I died, I would come alive.

    By Marissa URL on 01.09.2013

  3. Ike for President! Ike Ike Ike Ike Ike! *cue dancing elephants*

    By Allison on 01.09.2013

  4. lies, always lying
    A slip of the tongue or a pretty word to get your way
    People pleasing, saying what you think they want to hear
    And never knowing what you really think
    Or want
    Or believe

    By Poppy URL on 01.09.2013

  5. Politician
    Usually everyone disagrees
    With what they have to say
    That must be lots of pressure
    I don’t think I’d want to be a politician
    But I disagree
    With what they say

    By Me on 01.09.2013

  6. “Now today,” he started, clearing his throat uncomfortably loud in the middle of his sentence. “I am here to let you know why I should be your — I mean, our, country’s next great leader.” Catherine snorted and rolled her eyes, her crossed arms pressing against her chest. They can never keep their promises, can they? She thinks to herself.

    By Michael URL on 01.09.2013

  7. Politician is inhuman, stealing and cheating his way, cutting throats and stepping on dreams to climb the ladder to ultimate power. They put on masks, the government is a masquerade party for the wealthy and priviliged.

    By Michael on 01.09.2013

  8. That angry politician, the one with all the power. The dark brown eyes and those really fancy cars. Black suits. Silk ties. Crocodile loafers, even. And those sexy secretarial affairs that go all Fifty Shades of Grey on their asses that I wish included mine. #meninsuits

    By Quincy on 01.09.2013

  9. I guess all you really need to have is spirit
    And a ridiculous, childish view of the world.

    Or maybe just be a good liar.
    Yeah, that’s enough.

    By ithinkhesalwayswonderful URL on 01.09.2013

  10. Politician. Also known as a smarmy, disgusting, manipulative human that isn’t actually really a human. Ha, what a joke. We’re not human at all. Please don’t lump our kind with weak, narrow-minded, whiny humans. We are far superior. Long live Mars.

    By Mya URL on 01.09.2013

  11. A politician is a liar. In fact they could win the award for best liars in the world. I could never be a politician because I can’t lie. In fact, I get all nervous and even start crying when I lie! Liar liar pants on fire…

    By Fiona on 01.09.2013

  12. I wouldn’t call myself much of a politician.
    At least not when my sister has worn my boots to school again without asking.
    Then, diplomacy is not necessary.
    Repercussions are.

    By Eronoh URL on 01.09.2013

  13. Politicians. The one word made me cringe, eyebrows furrowing, and teeth digging into the bottom of my lips painfully. Politicians were such corrupt people. They had a knack for twisting a person’s questions and never fully answering them. They were so manipulative with their silver tongue–sly and cunning. I feared politicians the most.

    By Gabrielle Nguyen URL on 01.09.2013

  14. Clean or dirty; is there a grey area?
    Politician, are you there for the greater good or for yourself?
    Do you care for only yourself or for others around you?

    By SunShine URL on 01.09.2013

  15. You’re such a politician. Always manipulating other people to make sure that everything always goes your way, only doing things that benefit yourself. You’re living a lie, and the worst part is that people fall for it. But I see through your ways..

    By Jason URL on 01.09.2013

  16. Me and my family were forced to move cross country all because of fathers job as a politician. The country went into an uproar and everyone began sending us threats so we had to go to a secluded and mysterious location to keep our family protected.

    By Glitz URL on 01.09.2013

  17. They suck. Corrupt. Old. Dinosaurs. Specially in India. But the world over in fact. The there are seemingly good ones like Obama. Dynasties in India. We get what we deserve sadly Can we do anything?

    By An on 01.09.2013

  18. My family and I were forced to move cross country all because of fathers job as a politician. The country went into an uproar and everyone began sending us threats so we had to go to a secluded and mysterious location to keep our family protected from the rioters. “This violence is not something I want you, a young girl seeing,” father had told me when I asked why we must move.

    By Glitz URL on 01.09.2013

  19. pacifico gold straw stuck to thick wheels turning turning traversing trust as it crushes beneath flat cakes tomorrow

    By JMR URL on 01.09.2013

  20. Despite how much I abhor it, I can sometimes be cut throat. At the very least, I feel that way. But I know, especially now, that competition isn’t everything. I feel like I can be very sly and clever and maybe even sneaky. But I try not to be.

    By tennismoker URL on 01.09.2013

  21. i hate politicians. they’re so wishy-washy; one minute they’re all about the supporting a cause, and the next they act against it. they’re people-pleasers — or at least they try to be, for most aren’t too pleased with them. they all think they know what’s right for the city, or the county, or the state, or the country that they represent; but the truth of the matter is that they don’t know. i don’t know. you don’t know. i don’t believe anyone knows. however, that does not stop them from trying, which is exactly what they do.

    By Nicolette on 01.09.2013

  22. There are several at every head of each of the world’s nations. They are faces. Personnalities. White teeth and sympathizing words. Like shepherds, too many of them trying to find a niche of flock. Morals of gold, and often they are too, but Europe’s have been having a field day.
    Italy’s president was a mafioso womanizer.
    France’s has moved to Beligium.
    Russia’s is closing his gates to America and opening them to tax invaders.
    And Germany’s is of the wrong gender.

    The newer religion, the mentality and life size game of chess. We are pawns, whether we realize it or not.

    By fi on 01.09.2013

  23. the politicians, they steal, lie, and cheat. They say what they’ll do, they say what they’ll be. But without fail, without a single disruption, they always are lying. They don’t do what they say. They break promises. They’re just like everyone else, like the rest of us. They just seem to have power, they just seem to be in control. They’re just worthless liars like us.

    By claire URL on 01.09.2013

  24. the noise pointed high
    like a mountain, it peaks about the clouds and tufts of hair
    and down he looks, with the eyes of Zeus
    and the judgement of his thunder and lightning, bolts that flash in the cold calculation of his gaze
    all-knowing (even miscalculated as it is)
    and there,
    is the vote

    By vividexpression URL on 01.09.2013

  25. Smooth face, intense little eyes that pretend to listen but all they do is think. Groomed, receding hairline, almost always white. They smile like robots, like little children.

    By F on 01.09.2013

  26. he who must use power to aid his community and people. he must be held responsible for the people’s well being. many are corrupt, as power is blinding. But to be a successful politician honesty and honour come first. Money should never be the motive.

    By Omar on 01.09.2013

  27. What was he going to do. He took their money. He said he would vote in their favor. But someone sent him the research showing how bad fracking would be for his constituents. These big companies knew how to manipulate a man. If he crossed them, he was buried.

    By Brad Grusnick URL on 01.09.2013

  28. i dont understand them. are they fighting for our rights or do they try to steal them from us? are they gaining money from us like a ceo? dont trust them.

    By ipek on 01.09.2013

  29. My country is going through a terrible crisis because of them all. And none of them seem to take care of the problem. Everyone’s poor now, except the ones that are really rich. So many taxes, things we can’t because we have no money, so many unemployed people…When will it be over? We cannot take it anymore. We’ve had enough.

    By Rita Carvalho on 01.09.2013

  30. Pelicans: decent politicians?
    Perhaps more decent than human politicians?
    Suppose human politicians are exactly as decent as any other human being. They’re just more visible to the public eye. Does that make them less harsh than the rest of us, or are we more cunning and greedy than we’re willing to admit, or is the caricature of the dirty scoundrel politician just an overinflated stereotype?

    By ISOreality URL on 01.09.2013

  31. He felt so empty. Soulless even. As she left, leaving him with nothing but nostalgia, he just wished he could feel something other than disgrace. The last bottle of alcohol in his apartment quickly became empty. Lying in his bed, severely inebriated, he couldn’t help but wish that he hadn’t become a politician.

    By Matt Burke URL on 01.09.2013

  32. Avec ambition ils forcent le respect, par l’établissement de lois et de décrets à l’encontre de vos ambitions personnelles.

    By Dja.N URL on 01.09.2013

  33. I’ve often wondered what it is like to be in a profession so distant from the scope of my understanding and the possibilities of both my sanity and my skill. Politicians are human, but how can one be so far from what I know and still be human? How is humanity so encompassing, and how can we be so different and so same?

    By Saudade URL on 01.09.2013

  34. a politician is a person who’s involved in politics.they are invovled with the government and they sometimes address probelms.they are in different groups.

    By dominecc on 01.09.2013

  35. He faces the microphone and clears his throat. The room is silent and people around the world lean forward in their seats. His words, they mean nothing but people act as if they do.

    By Ellie on 01.09.2013

  36. I don’t know if his words are true. But she does. I see the way her eyes flash, her jaw tightens. “Liar!” She cries out “Liar!”.

    By Ella-Belle URL on 01.09.2013

  37. The face of a politician consists that of a furrowed brow digging deep into his skull, frown lines endlessly stretching across the plains of his facial skin, and cold, watchful eyes barren of any warmth or compassion, like that of a dessert desperately crying for rain to quench its barren mouth.

    By Deborah Lin URL on 01.09.2013

  38. that person that can ruin a country, person to whom we trust and put our confidence in. One that can change your destiny
    A good one doesnt belong to Mexico thats for real.

    By t on 01.09.2013

  39. Heated words were spat between the two men. They raised their voices and shook fingers. They both looked tired and had permanent stress lines on their foreheads. Debating to see who was better, like a contest. Jeez, those politicians!

    By AlanaScharth URL on 01.09.2013

  40. Politicians are magicians, changing the way that people think simply through the words they speak. They get places with money, and the truth is they are cunning.

    By Grace on 01.09.2013