January 25th, 2014 | 69 Entries

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69 Entries for “plausible”

  1. I mean I guess that I could see it happening, but really it wasn’t anything realistic. Who would of thought a person could do that, much less a cat. I’m not sure what to think really, but I guess anything is plausible at this time of night.

    By Patrick URL on 01.25.2014

  2. it never seemed like it would be the way it turned out. i just looked up into the sky and saw it there. hanging in space, floating down, light and fluffy. coasted down gently on a pillow of air. falling falling, and me getting closer closer. it fell faster i thougth, and faster. bizarre for such a light object

    By k on 01.25.2014

  3. There was plausible deniability. He’d subtly and surreptitiously planted the notion of his suicide into her head at least once a day for the past three months. Therefore, when he was found hanging upside-down naked from a lamppost with his head sawn off she could, reasonably, ignore all possibilities of mafia connections and instead direct the police onto the suicide track, freeing her of culpability.

    By John Doe on 01.25.2014

  4. good

    can happen

    By Alazia Hayman URL on 01.25.2014

  5. good

    can happen

    able to


    By Alazia Hayman URL on 01.25.2014

  6. It could’ve been plausible if it hadn’t been impossible. Or perhaps the opposite. It was possible but not plausible. Weren’t there scientific laws against things like flying and shooting lasers? Wasn’t it against nature to watch someone so small attack someone so large and win? It twisted her brain.

    By transientme URL on 01.25.2014

  7. “It’s entirely plausible that the Council will be uneasy about letting us leave so early,” Mistress Kor murmured as she made to refill her glass. “Ever since our arrival, tensions between the factions have…loosened, to put it casually.”

    Arvey couldn’t quite understand why. A gang of travelers, bent on marking and documenting uncharted or unconquered territory, couldn’t possibly have that much of an effect on such a troubled town.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.25.2014

  8. Plausible. Was it plausible? What he was saying was madness, I was sure of it, but could it be plausible madness? Could all his years of research truly have paid off to create something this…unrealistic. What I saw before me told me one thing, but years of sanity told me otherwise. However, I guess those years of sanity were just the past.

    By Amir on 01.25.2014

  9. believeable. anything possible is plausible. i dont even know lol what am i doing?
    wow 60 seconds is a long tim to write about a word you don’t know that well. lolololol i like turtles.

    By tatiana rusli on 01.25.2014

  10. that very well could have been the way it happened. but, the way i see it, it is just too easy of a solution. why, for instance, would the victim have let in a total stranger on a dark and rainy night, dressed only in her nightgown?

    By Lee URL on 01.25.2014

  11. It wasn’t completely implausible, was it? There’s always a chance. I can do it. All you need is hope, isn’t it? Yeah, okay. I think I’ve decided.

    By Leasha P. URL on 01.25.2014

  12. The explanation the suspect had come up with was plausible, Jared had to admit. But there was still something about it that didn’t feel quite right … and Jared knew that his antennae had yet to let him down when it came to this type of interrogation.

    By Mexichick URL on 01.25.2014

  13. It wasn’t the most plausible story, but I guess I could always come up with something later. I still had time. I mean, it sounded more plausible than the actual truth.

    By Kaylin URL on 01.25.2014

  14. I had a plausible moment when I was thinking about my life as far as I want to do this stage of my life . Wow, that ‘s a lot to think about

    By Vixen Black URL on 01.25.2014

  15. Fancy hats and lace gloves nodded and waved. Is it plausible that a story starting with flamboyant fashion accessories can lead a reader into a dark, impossible untruth? Such a serious sentiment delicately and purposefully iced with feathered caps and white tea gloves.

    By Jordyn on 01.25.2014

  16. I didn’t see how it was plausible at all for him and I to be together – we were from completely different worlds. I was a high school student, 16 years old and already cynical as hell, and he a nineteen year old basketcase.

    By Brittany on 01.25.2014

  17. is it?
    she seems to love me
    with her snake skin
    or off

    By Peter on 01.25.2014

  18. Technically, jumping from the tops of buildings is plausible. Especially in big cities the roofs are close enough to allow for leaping. Technically. Technicality wasn’t enough to save him, to persuade the blood to find it’s way back home, because technically he really should have been able to make it. It’s not enough to erase the blank glossiness of his eyes which had been shining with excitement. Technicality isn’t enough to take back the guilt. I cheered, at first. Technically, I’m not responsible. Unfortunately, technicality has worn out it’s welcome, falling into the realm of unwanted possibilities.

    By Beth A URL on 01.25.2014

  19. i dont know what time of the day is plausible, anything can happen , is this what this means, oh no , i am college educated but not so smart in my vocab. at least i think it means what ever can happen can happen

    By JILL on 01.25.2014

  20. They stared at each other. The room smelled like chalk and orange soda, and small children could be heard screaming from outside. “I think you’re right,” he said after a moment.

    “Too bad I’ll probably be stuck with this teaching job until I’m dead,” she said.

    “America often wastes its most talented on thankless jobs,” he said.

    By Yona URL on 01.25.2014


    By JILL on 01.25.2014

  22. It’s plausible
    But you make your own destiny.
    Be brave.
    Trust your intuition.
    The world is your oyster.

    By Elle on 01.25.2014

  23. Plausible! Our relationship is plausible! What kind of a way to break up with someone is that? This is crap!

    By David Milliken on 01.25.2014

  24. Hello, it’s plausible that you don’t know me
    And I don’t myself know you
    But the two of us are like sticks that can’t be separated
    Gravity holds us together

    It’s plausible that you don’t know of what I speak
    Because you are one stick
    And I am the other
    And the two of us bend like the trees and leaves
    And don’t recognize it when we do this
    We just do
    Because you too
    Are like me

    By Anthony Ross - URL on 01.25.2014

  25. The invisalign poster had advertised a beautiful woman with a big shining smile. She was sitting across a white cloth covered table, from a handsome man. There was a glass of wine and a rose. It looked exactly like a scene from “The Bachelor”. We paid a lot of money for those alignment trays. Was it plausible for me to get the man and the rose too?

    By Ellie Gri. on 01.25.2014

  26. Plausible. Possible. It can really happen! Guitar got bit by a cat! It’s possible. And so it goes. Bit. No aliens. Just cats.

    By Kru Amber on 01.25.2014

  27. There’s no plausible explanation for it; it just…happens.
    One day he’s there, and the next he’s not; a ghost, you think, a whisper, you know. Present in form but not at all in soul, unrecognizable when it matters most to be tangible.
    He’s not the same, and you feel it in the ache of your bones, the cracks of your skin; know it, taste it at night when you kiss him softly underneath the stars.

    By Jordan on 01.25.2014

  28. It wasn’t at all plausible. It wasn’t even imaginable. That that much cake could fit inside a person that size, just wasn’t possible. But, as Adrian watched, enthralled as the tiny young woman across from him continued to shovel cheesecake into her mouth with admirable enthusiasm, he had no choice but to believe it.

    By Rhiannon on 01.25.2014

  29. What is plausible? What concepts in life are plausible? What do we consider to be plausible? The world could be such a bigger place if we believed more things to be plausilbe than we allow ourselves to. We limit ourselves too much.

    By Rachel on 01.25.2014

  30. this isn’t plausible at all. but what is. logic is foolishness because half the time its wrong, and those are just simple times. the world is chaos because it is order and should be chaos and there is chaos where the should be order and order where chaos should reside.

    By Tobin smith URL on 01.25.2014

  31. “That’s seems a plausible enough excuse, I suppose,” she offered after a moment of consideration. If nothing else, a sudden surge of illness would give her time to come up with a more concrete reason to keep her birthday celebration – and, more importantly, the hoard of suitors that would inevitably accompany it – at bay. “And that will mark the end of it?”
    “For now, your majesty,” the scribe began. “But not forever,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 01.25.2014

  32. It wasn’t plausible. It wasn’t even imaginable. That that much cake could fit inside one person. It just wasn’t possible. But, As Adrian watched, enthralled, as the young woman across from him continued to shovel cheesecake into her mouth with admirable enthusiasm, he was forced to conclude that it was in fact happening.

    By Rhiannon URL on 01.25.2014

  33. If I had seven heads
    and only twelve hats
    would you believe me when
    I said, yes, it’s

    This is how I’ve
    come to know exactly
    how to be plausible.

    By Pema on 01.25.2014

  34. It’s completely plausible that we will end up together. There’s a lot that could make our future possible. I love you and that alone should be enough. We both know it’s not. You return my feelings which makes it even better, and I opened your eyes to all the possibilities. Both of those don’t make this perfect though, as much as I want them to.
    What is enough is that we understand each other, and I want to take this chance to be with you because I have a feeling you’ll change my life.

    By Jessica on 01.25.2014

  35. It wasn’t even a plausible idea. It just kind of… happened. We didn’t know what to think about the situation, so we just went with it and let it go.

    By Morgan URL on 01.25.2014

  36. it is plausible that the reason for his despondence was the lack of salt in the pasta sauce, which inevitably makes one rather upset for the day.

    By soch URL on 01.25.2014

  37. What you’re saying is plausible, but it isn’t possible, nor is it probable. Keep those toes in line, child.

    By Ollie on 01.25.2014

  38. Plausible. Honestly it’s the first time i’m hearing this word
    Makes me wonder at times, why my grammer knowlede is so low
    I admire people who have the capability of writting as i so badly wanna write stories
    I love creative writting but sadly i lack the ability to describe events in a creative manner.

    By imara URL on 01.25.2014

  39. i guess it seemed reasonable. I would go to my friend’s party and he would pick me up. Nothing wrong with that. I only have to hide every boy there because if my brother finds out there was any trace of a male specimen in a room with me, i’d be in a world of trouble.

    By Nicole on 01.25.2014

  40. This word again!!
    s ———– Ahh!!! meanwhile i will search it in internet

    By marite URL on 01.25.2014