March 30th, 2013 | 327 Entries

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327 Entries for “plague”

  1. I am plagued by happiness
    and midnight tired eyes
    sickness in words buried deep
    sends pangs of longing through my mind

    By slantedstories URL on 03.31.2013

  2. I have never had the plague. This was something that occurred as an epidemic long before my time. My parents were faced with this I believe and I do know that many people died from the plague.

    By Margaret on 03.31.2013

  3. Everyone avoided me like the plague. I was the new girl, shy, modest, and strange. When they saw me, they did not actually see me. They saw just a foreign face from somewhere out west. I had no one. Until I met Maria Santaria.

    By Renee Y URL on 03.31.2013

  4. These really suck. Didn’t this happen in the time of Moses? I don’t know. It reminds me of a poster. Eh whatever. But these aren’t very good at all. My 60 seconds are up. See ya!

    By Elizabeth Anderson on 03.31.2013

  5. Plagues suck. They used to happen a lot. They’re not very good. Uhh this isn’t exactly a word I can elaborate on. Didn’t they happen during the time of Moses? I don’t know. My 60 seconds are up. Bye bye.

    By bastille001 URL on 03.31.2013

  6. It was a plague on the earth she walked over; it was a plague on her heart, and everything else was just black as the night around her. She trudged on the ground, disheartened.

    By Ashley URL on 03.31.2013

  7. this is a hard word to write about. I’m not even sure what it really means. What come to my mind is that we are all susceptible to the plague, in a more mental level, this is probably why i’m always against everything

    By forgeteverything URL on 03.31.2013

  8. thoughts of you
    plague me

    you never leave my head
    not once
    all day
    you’re always there
    reminding me how you’re not

    and honestly
    it makes me want you all the more
    i can’t lie
    about my own personal

    By Sayruh URL on 03.31.2013

  9. Zombies. If any plague were to happen, we would most likely become zombies. Isn’t it obvious? All the TV shows that are popular right now are about zombies. Our obsession with germs, all these vaccines, and all our OCD use of sanitizer has got us all paranoid about an oncoming plague.

    By Spirit on 03.31.2013

  10. your cruel words that night plagued my mind with self-doubt. I wanted to let go; to erase you from my life, but somehow I couldn’t. So I indulged in your love even deeper, until I couldn’t any more.

    By Arizona Cummings URL on 03.31.2013

  11. I think the most i could talk about this would be the black plague. obivously lots of people died. a lot. and they buried them all in a whole in the ground, down there, with the ants and the bugs. And I suppose it’s pretty lonely, but if you’re buried with someone else then it doesn’t matter coz you won’t really be alone physicallly ever again. but the plague spread

    By Sammy on 03.31.2013

  12. Sickness. Destruction. This word can bring you back to history class in high school when your teacher was teaching you of the destruction of the Black Plague in Europe that killed a fourth of the population in so many years. Or even something that’s less tangible, like depression; it plagues the mind, the body, the soul.

    By Janiese Dixon on 03.31.2013

  13. Plague wasn’t very nice it hurt and you should avoid it like the plague, However given the nature of things plague could be relatively acceptable.

    By Paul Smith on 03.31.2013

  14. the plague came quickly, destroying the families of Coven, quickly eradicating all life from the tiny village. not even the insects were spared.

    By Jaden on 03.31.2013

  15. Something inhibiting. Something that drags the soul down, down, down, with no inclination of ever granting release. You wonder what it would be like to smile more. To feel light and free, weighed down by nothing. You’re frightened by this thought, perhaps because this plague is all you’ve really ever known. To experience something different would leave you in no man’s land. You don’t know how to function without the comfort of your painfully dark and isolating cloak keeping you back, when all you’ve ever wanted was to step out into the warmth of the sun.

    By Janiese Alexandria Dixon URL on 03.31.2013

  16. The plague. It was a simple as that. It started small, down in the lowers. People disappearing in the night. But soon enough it was happening in Upper Detroit as well and the only thing Lux could do was expand the area in which she worked. Knight stayed in constant contact. The woman was concerned about it, though she never openly mentioned it.

    By Tanece on 03.31.2013

  17. A dreadful disease, kills all. Does not discriminate against race, religion, or money. It steals the lives of all. The one true unbiased member in a completely discriminatory world.

    By Becca on 03.31.2013

  18. He died. She died. The cat died. Who knew that everyone would die. Who knew not even the mosquitoes would make it to pick at the non existent humans another day. Who knew the ants wouldn’t go about their ordered routines any more.

    By Cassidy on 03.31.2013

    a time for change,a time for hope.

    By Malanca Stefan Catalin on 03.31.2013

  20. My thoughts plague me with self-doubt. I’m always second guessing every single aspect of my life. I never feel like what I’m doing is good enough.

    By Paula URL on 03.31.2013

  21. alcohol is like a plague in my family. it’s so common and almost all of the men do it. but it drives me nuts. my father abuses it and then decides to use that as his excuse. he can claim drunk and just spout off whatever crap he wants despite the fact that it may hurt the people around him
    its sad that im not even affected by the drunken things he says anymore. his alcoholism just makes me sick.

    By Nadia URL on 03.31.2013

  22. The world plagues itself. People plague themselves and the world around them. We live in a deep sickness that we alone created that kills us slowly and painfully, till our dreadful species no longer thrives in this plagued world.

    By Danielle Klein on 03.31.2013

  23. I’ve been plagued by the procrastination bug for far too long. Every deadline is purveyed in my mind as the day I must begin the project. Every meeting I assume I can leave to reach 10 minutes before I’m supposed to be there.

    By Theresa URL on 03.31.2013

  24. When people use any expression involving the “plague”, I no longer thought it clever. After all, the plague had stolen from me all those who had taught me to love and who I had put my heart and soul into caring for while they were sick and in good health. The atrocity of such an event never fails to haunt me when it pops into my mind. Though in fact it doesn’t ever pop at all. It is always there, looming in the shadows. And I always wait for the day when I will be next.

    By Aleasha on 03.31.2013

  25. Passover – God sent ten plagues to Egypt because Pharoh refused to let the Jewish slaves leave his reign. There were frogs, blood, boils, sick animals, wild animals, death of the first born, lice, locusts, and I’m missing two…what were the other two…hail! And the last one…oh well.

    By Hanna on 03.31.2013

  26. Plague can be numerous things. Death from disease, death from love, death from technology. Anything really. The plague happens to everyone, not just the people from way back when, with their yellow skin and their cold dead eyes.

    By Charlotte URL on 03.31.2013

  27. The situation was dismal, but not impossible. Not when you move around the countryside like she does. No ordinary player to contend with, her motivations intensified. Some leveled accusations she was corrupted, while others whispered that it was love. None were certain.

    No matter the whispers and the scheming.
    The hordes and plagues, and festering sores that are seeping.
    Fierce dieu.
    Anything and all for this one.
    Or so the story’s told.

    By on 03.31.2013

  28. She laid on the bed, pale as the bedsheets. She reached out to me. I cupped her hands in mine. They were cold, like a deep fish. She mumbled something barely audible as she looked into my eyes. Her eyes closed and the plague robbed her of her last breath.

    By Stephanie Jennifer on 03.31.2013

  29. they don’t belong here. we were the ones who first created them so i guess it was our job to destroy them. they are alive but they have no soul, they were a plague. but was it just…

    By Hisoka URL on 03.31.2013

  30. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, said the mind to the heart. If you love him as much as you claim, then lie down and die.

    What makes you stronger isn’t always what kills you, replied the heart to the mind. It is because I love him that I can lie down and die–in peace.

    The plague listened to this age-old argument with the whisper of Death upon his lips. He halted then, unsure of whether he ought to deliver the curse he’d brought. It was one thing to succeed in offing the mind, ripping through the heart and leaving life to bleed out to nothing.

    But when the heart and mind combined their efforts, there was the unmistakable power of an invincible soul.

    By Sara H. URL on 03.31.2013

  31. I think i have
    the plague.
    It is growing inside me
    like a watermelon seed,
    but it’s only for
    female humans,
    eating away at intestines,
    at my heart
    and my lungs
    and I cannot breathe
    I am drowning
    from the past
    and the blackness
    of my future
    as it envelopes me
    into looking into
    glass nothingness.
    My reflection does not stand
    but walks away from me,
    shaking her head,
    tears licking the floor
    as she slips away from me.
    And I want to know,
    where did she go?
    what do I do


    By Scythe42 URL on 03.31.2013

  32. you have infected me and clung to my very veins and legs so that i dont know what to do with myself anymore. it almost makes me weep. but i dont know whether its for sorrow or joy. but i have now given you my very soul.

    By SGM URL on 03.31.2013

  33. The disease was killing off the villagers. Everyone struggled to survive, avoiding one another and covering their faces in cloths. They scurried through the streets in fear that someone

    By Zoey on 03.31.2013

  34. My mind is plagued with the fruitless conundrums of the world which surround me and eternally remain inescapable.

    By Hannah on 03.31.2013

  35. The disease was killing off the villagers. Everyone struggled to survive, avoiding one another and covering their faces in cloths. They scurried through the streets in fear that someone would touch them, that anyone would be carrying the infection. A woman cried over the corpse of her newborn, and Margeret peered out the window of her house into the bare streets.

    By Zoey on 03.31.2013

  36. It scattered the people like rats. It took control over their bodies, and their minds, and those who fell victim to it tore the others to shreds. No one was safe, at least not for long. Their skin hung from their bones, and their teeth were forever bared in an awful way. They stumbled through the streets and grasped whatever passed them, inhaling deeply to make damn sure it wasn’t alive. If it was, their teeth were dug into it, deep and gruesome, tugging at flesh and pulling it away from the victim. They would hold tight, tighter than their weak frame suggested they could, and they would bite again and again, till the mess they held in their hands was no longer living.

    By Zoey on 03.31.2013

  37. Love could be a plague, a positive one.

    By Christie Caulfield URL on 03.31.2013

  38. the plague. people died, death. destruction. loss . life is gone. rats crawl everywhere. disease fills the earth. people defecate in the streets. loss. gone. its all gone.

    By Kaydee Smith on 03.31.2013

  39. once upon a time in this amazing place, a plague arrived to ruin the lifes of every citizen. Families were tear apart from each other, couples who became sick together and died in a field, full of flowers, together to love each other forever.

    By alejandra on 03.31.2013

  40. plagues can be ravenous, like a wolverines teeth, or creep up on you like a spider’s leg across your spine. They can fester and rot you, or simply chop of your head with a swift blow. Either way there’s no getting away from it’s talons.

    By Bobbi B URL on 03.31.2013