March 30th, 2013 | 327 Entries

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327 Entries for “plague”

  1. The plague was terrible. It was awful. We of the 21st century know nothing of it, hardly any of us can fathom it. Or so we think. Other people in other countries, people who know influenza and aids and other such diseases know the plague. They know death and fear and sickness. We do not.

    By ali on 03.31.2013

  2. you sure were a plague to me.
    november i was sick.
    november i was deathly, ill.
    november i was plagued.
    and it was because of you.
    but march?
    march, i’m cured.
    and you’re still here.
    so don’t worry, about being a plague. because it appears i’m stronger than i lead on.

    By reilly on 04.01.2013

  3. plagues take over. Rule, conquer and kill. Devestation, ruin, despair. This is a plague.

    By anon on 04.01.2013

  4. The plague of the human conscience is the absence of realization that we are gods, not men. Keeping ourselves in the shadows of other people’s small minded beliefs, penetrable to lies denying our true birthright to create and manifest our destiny as we see fit. The lie is the greatest sin, the greatest plague ever created.

    By Stephen Anthony URL on 04.01.2013

  5. There are 10 plagues that are in the background of passover. I don’t really remember most of them. But there were locusts and bugs and some other stuff like death and shit. Yeah um. Plagues. Moses and Pharoah I think. Shit, I’m a bad Jew. Yay writing wooo!! Um. Plagues are bad.

    By Laura on 04.01.2013

  6. The zombie plague is all the rage now. Anyone ever watch The Watching Dead? The show emphasizes just that. It is a drama series regarding the rise of zombies and how they’re taking over the world. So sad huh. But I just can’t stop watching it! It’s an awesome show. You guys should go and check it out.

    By Zombies on 04.01.2013

  7. The plague spread throughout the northern part of the country first slowly taking out the cities where the country was most populated. Then through individual carriers it spread out the outlying areas. It was the outlying ares that got hit the hardest. In the city some got sick but didn’t succumb to the virus, but in the country areas people dropped almost as soon as the were infected.

    By Terrence Thomas on 04.01.2013

  8. From the clouds they came, hundred & hundreds of them all dressed in their best finery of red & black, a plague of ladybirds!!

    By Dundee URL on 04.01.2013

  9. As the young man walked out of the shop, Luke stayed seated as he had before. As if his own shop was new to his eyes, he studied the place that had given him so much. An irregular pile of paper stood on his desk and seemed as if it would crumple at any moment. Old, dusty books filled with ripped up pages scattered across the timber floor. The room looked a little disordered, yet Luke did not mind at all. As he held his cup of coffee up to his dry lips, the door abruptly flung open.

    By OneJen on 04.01.2013

  10. worry is a plague
    the plague of society
    of mothers
    of fathers
    of those who don’t have what to worry for
    is the worry worth it?
    if only “don’t worry” was as simple as it sounds

    By the_reckoner on 04.01.2013

  11. how can one define that “plague” is something destructive?
    such a simple word
    easy to remember
    easy to pronounce
    sometimes the real difficulty is to see
    the beauty in the simple things in life
    and that perhaps is the real plague nowadays

    By the_reckoner on 04.01.2013

  12. blackness and death. screaming women and children smell the horrible smell racing through my body the plague slowly takes over and leaves me breathless he is plagued by something else; his mind is plagued but the hero doesn’t allow himself to be plagued he bears the cure.

    By Emil on 04.01.2013

  13. His spit spat off his tongue in such a way that the room knew what came next. Every word uttered from his abdomen from that point was black with deceit. He took each opening of his mouth with malice. He did not stop speaking until the whole room knew his goal. His speech was a plague that no one knew how to stop.

    By Nick URL on 04.01.2013

  14. Plague is not good . It kills. It kills mankind, new thougths, create chaos in people’s life in society. It should be curbed

    By Sugandha on 04.01.2013

  15. Plague in Egypt is in the Bible. I wonder why. Ironic. Is religion not a plague? Opium of the masses? Or comfort and escape from the treacherous lives we are condemmed to living.

    By Jessica on 04.01.2013

  16. If any one had told me what to expect on my arrival in that far east country, I would not have left my home that that day. On reaching my destination we were greeted with the news of a plague that had wrought havoc on the livestock in the country.

    By victor URL on 04.01.2013

  17. The plague rats weren’t everywhere, not at first, and if you did notice them, they only fluttered at the edge of you periphery vision. They didn’t look any different, but they sure acted different – eyes that tracked you instead of scuttling away, inching closer until they were within range to strike. Sometimes not even noticed until the teeth nipped you, feeling like a pinch, nothing worse.

    By Ara on 04.01.2013

  18. “You have a plague on you. Admit it –”

    “No!” she cried. “You’re just trying to make me look bad! You hate me! You don’t know anything about me! You…!”

    “Admit it.”

    By Ashley URL on 04.01.2013

  19. A scorn on her body, she couldn’t bear to look. She’d broken all of her mirrors, and hid beneath baggy clothing. A little voice inside her head told her that it was her fault, a punishment for all the men she’d invited inside her body. And now, she was confident, no man would touch her now. She stayed inside, closed the blinds, and cried.

    By Soft URL on 04.01.2013

  20. the black plague has come again and this generation is horrifiied not knowing how to handle a crisis of this magnitude, always thinking they are safe and invinicible, panic has taken over and this will only lead to further anarchy.

    By cat on 04.01.2013

  21. Plagues are fucking terrible. They kill loads of people and are generally shit. There was a mad old plague in London that one time. The Black Plague. Yeah, that was shit. It a plague were to happen in Ireland today, I reckon we could take it. Given modern advancements in medicine and all that tack.

    By Sadhbh on 04.01.2013

  22. Plague. This one came up last time. If plague was a colour it’d be black. Or a really dark pissy yellow. There was a plague in London. I reckon that was fairly shit. If we had a plague, nowadays, I reckon we could handle it. Plagues would not go well on toast.

    By Sadhbh on 04.01.2013

  23. Plague. Plague o’ clock equals terrible o’ clock.

    When it’s half past plague, there isn’t much time left.

    By Sadhabuh on 04.01.2013

  24. Plagues crawl up trees and hide under your sleeves while you download new dieting apps to your iphone at zebra crossings.

    By Sadhabuh on 04.01.2013

  25. Plague is a song by Crystal Castles. The word plague makes me think about chaos. People are afraid of chaos, all the time.

    By Daniela on 04.01.2013

  26. It started with the heat, cold pushing off to the north. The swarms were abundant, the crops had nothing to harvest. In the moment when everything seemed still, there was a baby crying. Not long after is when he died. Then, it was just the three of us alone.

    By emay URL on 04.01.2013

  27. Once upon a time, in plague-ridden England, a dude was like “Bring out your dead!” But no one was dead per se: they were all zombies. So the dude got eaten by the zombies, who barfed him into a river.

    By Isis on 04.01.2013

  28. One day Lucy and Lady Fluffernutter were kissing but a guy was like “being gay is bad it is like the plague lololoooololololololololololol” but Lucy said “Step off peasant! You can’t tell us what to do!”

    “Yeah!” Lady Fluffernutter said. “We’re LESBIANS! We rule the Earth!”

    so thenfdtsrdfhgliyuk

    By Isis on 04.01.2013

  29. A handsome sheriff wakes up from a coma to find the world plagued by a zombie apocalypse. After finding out that the world went to shit and his wife and son missing with their family album gone, he sets out in search of them. Things started picking up like a snowball and he eventually becomes the leader of the group, shouldering the responsibility to keep the group safe.

    By Nyan on 04.01.2013

  30. I feel like I have a plague. I don’t even know if that makes any sense. Is it odd to say I have the black plague cos maybe I’m black? It’s funny. I think stupid things are funny. Like how everyone is happy when I am always miserable. It’s a sunny day. I should smile. but the plague has infected me.

    By Ash W URL on 04.01.2013

  31. We only ever took the pledge. No one knew what would happen. No one even thought about it.
    What do you do when the entire world expects you to destroy it?
    I was a plague before they recruited me. What do I do now?
    What do I do now??

    By Trey on 04.01.2013

  32. It hit me like the plague. I should’ve noticed the signs. Yet, I didn’t. Now I find myself in the most worst predicament. Now where do I go from here. Time to start over.

    By Slimmy T on 04.01.2013

  33. The black plague took the lives of millions through Europe. In the 1980s, it returned in the form of HIV/AIDS. Instead of being viewed as victims with an incurable disease, these people were instead deemed punished by god for their actions. We lost humanity and thousands of brilliant minds in that time.

    By Ryan on 04.01.2013

  34. We live in a digital plague. It’s pervasive and infecting nearly everyone on the planet with the notion that I am special and I am a brand. People are not corporations that need to be on message. This is our modern sickness. This is wretched. Donut?

    By Davis Chambers on 04.01.2013

  35. The plague bore down over every one of us, oppressive. It crawled through our open mouthes to our lungs, slithered through our veins and arteries until it reached our brains. When it tired of us, it simply moved on to the next beating heart.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.01.2013

  36. He was a plague to this world, perhaps, or this world was a plague to him. It loathed him; he loathed it. What was he really? A token of salvation that they would never accept. He wished they would burn.

    By Susan on 04.01.2013

  37. A handsome sheriff wakes up from a coma to find the world plagued by a zombie apocalypse. After finding out that the world went to shit and his wife and son missing with their family album gone, he sets out in search of them.

    “I am doing stuff. Things.” And he eventually becomes the leader of the group, shouldering the responsibility to keep the group safe.

    By Nyan on 04.01.2013

  38. A most horrible disease that has been known to wipe out entire cities in a go. It is something borne out of unhygenic conditions and can be easily avoided.

    By Ojas on 04.01.2013

  39. Well, just one more. That will not bring down a reign of plague or pestilence, in fact the universe will be largely untouched. It is only my willpower that will break, my self-esteem that will disappear, the hope for my future that will blur and become just like today. And then, the worst effect, this will become a habit. I will not fail from choice, but from habit.

    By Meredyth URL on 04.01.2013

  40. A handsome sheriff wakes up from a coma to find the world plagued by a zombie apocalypse. After finding out that the world went to shit and his wife and son missing with their family album gone, he sets out in search of them.

    “I am doing stuff. Things.” And he eventually becomes the leader of the group, shouldering the responsibility to keep the group safe.

    By Nyan on 04.01.2013