March 13th, 2012 | 319 Entries

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319 Entries for “petition”

  1. He took the petition and threw it on the ground “DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR ASKING?!” he screamed at the girl as he stood there in his anger people around here are foolish

    By bloodylove URL on 03.13.2012

  2. My 8th grade class did a petition once. They wanted to listen to music during class. They got it.

    It has the word pet in it.

    Writing, not thinking, writing not thinking. So tired.

    By Ballerina Ninja URL on 03.13.2012

  3. protest

    By Vickie on 03.13.2012

  4. “Bobby Joe, Bobby Brown, Tom Dick, Harry Walter….These all sound like some made up names to me. And, look the signature they are all the same. Nice try but I don’t think we will be adding eatable panties to the school lunch menu.”

    By Trista URL on 03.13.2012

  5. Sign for your rights. Sign to make a difference. Sign something to show that you believe in it. YOU want to make a difference, right? Well, find a petition for a good cause, and sign it. You will feel accomplished, & you will have helped someone who needed it. Or mulitple people. you can help.

    By Dallas King. on 03.13.2012

  6. petition. a cause. know your cause. petition with knowlegde or mind your own buisness. petition. governments aren’t concerned with your petition. put it away. petition

    By Josie URL on 03.13.2012

  7. We stood outside her office, huffing and sighing, wondering when she was going to show. We held our papers tightly in our hands, knuckles turning white. Some faces were furiously flushed, others ghastly pale.

    By Pam on 03.13.2012

  8. I have signed many petitions over the years, those about injustice, suffering, wrongs being done, ones to improve roads, improve living conditions, seek justice, undo damage. Petitions to wake up the powers that be – those that become too bogged down in their own importance to care about what really matters – people, animals, the planet.

    By @Menabiily URL on 03.13.2012

  9. petitions: usually written or typed on paper but i guess you could use other things. they’re usually used to get points across and laws written. they sometimes dont work. yea thats it

    By Ashley McMahon URL on 03.13.2012

  10. I was standing on the cold grass. Against my bare feet the weeds were scratchy. Me and 5 other people. Yelling on the top of our lungs. A little petition for a big cause.

    By A. N. on 03.13.2012

  11. There is a silent petition in my heart, a cry out to God to put a stop to the pain of lose when a loved one dies. I hurt and I ache and I wonder why and how can we make it not sting so much. I sit and I ponder, I cry and I wonder can there be an easier way. Just when I think the tears are dried up and the heart starts to heal the pain is back and the silent petition starts all over again.

    By Cris N URL on 03.13.2012

  12. She was very susrprised by her request. She did not know what her answer was going to be, the only thing she knew was that her decision will be one of the most important tha she ever had done in her life.

    By perla URL on 03.13.2012

  13. names names names yours names names names safety in names be there where the others are

    By Tommy on 03.13.2012

  14. i need a petition to get out of this house. I need a petition to get out of this country and live my life. I need a petition to send me somewhere different like my parent’s petition to the United States. I need a petition that says I can nap in the middle of the day to clear my mind.

    By Tia URL on 03.13.2012

  15. la petición es una noble forma de comunicar los pedidos del alma, de la forma que sea, escrita, verbal, sensorial, etc.
    pedir por ejemplo….curarse y sanarse de una grave enfermedad
    pedir una oportunidad
    pedir al universo para que aparezca ese ser especial que acompañará tu vida y a quien amaras con toda tu alma

    By claudia on 03.13.2012

  16. angry

    By liesel on 03.13.2012

  17. think ogovernment I don’t know a lot obout government but tthat’s what it reminds me of. I know little about the economy and I highly think that society is stupid nowadays. the next generation will be very messed up and so is this one so we should try to change.

    By Naomi on 03.13.2012

  18. Petition for reconsideration. Ever thought why there’s a need for petition? It’s because people are not careful enough the first time. It’s like admittinmg they might haave been a mistake so you’ll look into things again. But how many times do we get that second chance in real life? How many times do we even ask for that second chance. Sometimes you just have to make it right the first time. Think before you speak. Think well before you act.

    Second chanes. Yeah, sometimes we get to have second chances. Anfdwe hope that we get another one. So what happens? We end up watsting it. In court, a petition for reconsidertion is thought of very well before being given. But real life is not so strict like that. In real life, everything depends on emotions – something the courts should not bother. That’s why people often end up wasting their second chances.

    Wow, this 60 seconds is suyrprisingly long!

    By Kim on 03.13.2012

  19. I had a petition once that was for the cutting down of a tree. Yes, I don’t save trees, I want to cut them down. This one in particular was a green tree, with blue flowers on it. It was beautiful. It was useful to sit under because it provided just enough shade that you could be protected from the sun, but not enough that you were cold. This tree was beautiful, but it had to go.

    By podcat on 03.13.2012

  20. “Please sign!” I cry desperately. The man stares at me in disgust and moves on.

    “Someone! Anyone sign to help the poor and needy!” I wave the clipboard above my head and spread my arm out, welcoming the crowd who surely will donate a moment to scribble on my paper for a good cuase.

    But no one comes forth.

    I let my arms fall to my side and take a shaky breath. Without meaning to, a tear falls down my cheek. “Please,” I whisper to no one in particular, “Please sign.”

    By Jocelyn URL on 03.13.2012

  21. What’s this? Another petition for freedom, for truth and for something more. Presidents elect! Backward oh mighty soldiers of truth! How does it work you ask? It works with the word, one single vowel and maybe even a vocal strike of like the stampede of horses running west with pioneers. The petition was only the beginning my friend.

    By URL on 03.13.2012

  22. “We should submit a petition.” Jerry said idly, swinging his foot negligently.

    Max chewed on his bookmark, not looking up from his novel. “Petition for what?”

    “I dunno, something interesting. I’m bored.”

    By just URL on 03.13.2012

  23. I pushed against the wind with all my might. Tough day,I thought to myself, but I had to get this petition signed. I knew by making my voice heard through rain or shine, I could make a difference.

    By Eric Jensen on 03.13.2012

  24. the petition hung limp in my hand. the hot sun burned the top of my head and my hair was limp with sweat. The park was full of people but my calls went unanswered. they rang out into the distance with no affect.

    By kailley on 03.13.2012

  25. Do you remember sitting in your high school class with the calc teacher in front of the SmartBoard, pretending he knew what was going on with the toolbox full of instruments that could make a proof work – no one else knew how to make it function – while you passed around a petition in the back, asking for signatures to turn the class into another study hall…to make up for all the sleep you missed not doing work.

    By Lancir URL on 03.13.2012

  26. petitions are stupid. petitions are something i don’t want to write about. let’s start a petition about petitions let’s start a war, a war about petitions. i am not able to deliver the petition to the president

    By kayla on 03.13.2012

  27. If I could I would speak up in the middle of class. I would petition to my classmates to just once think about me, think about others and actually care. To understand that this isn’t about a grade anymore it’s about finding who we are and making something fro the world. We only have so long here in school we need to make the most of it, to find something worthwhile and use it to change ourselves and the world. we have so much to give we just have to know what it is and do it.

    By caroline URL on 03.13.2012

  28. when i think of a petition i think of people who have more valuable things to do with their time than i do. presumably, if you can start a petition, you have some passion in life which i lack. therefore, i grudgingly respect you but at the same time i lament the fact that you do so much. it makes me understand that i do so little. not a great feeling.

    By Jane on 03.13.2012

  29. petition is when you dont believe in something that is going to happen, and you try your damn hardest to get it to stop happening, and find others who agree with you! I’ve signed many, never know if they;ve ever done anything though

    By leanne on 03.13.2012

  30. The Governor looked at the paper in front of him. So this was the bloody thing they wanted passed? How had Stanson managed to get all those signatures?

    By Sarah on 03.13.2012

  31. The drop didn’t fall. It floated. A beautiful blonde stood motionless in the crowd, dazed by the unseeable, untouchable, unknowable, not realizing that all of reality was being petitioned. Soon every fiber of existence will be transmuted and married to a celestial dream.

    By Oz Nolem URL on 03.13.2012

  32. “Will you sign this petition?”
    Usually, my routine is to breeze right past such people. But something about her made me stop. Maybe it was her ripped converse, or the streak of dark blue under her jet-black hair.

    By Gail on 03.13.2012

  33. protest
    to digress
    to disagree
    and find less
    than likeable situations
    but to show
    with no

    By Danny Fran on 03.13.2012

  34. They rallied and cried to get the petition signed in time. What will happen if they voice isn’t heard? Oh the agony. “Bloogy blahg”, one man said as he spun in circles outside of the frenzy. He was smiling. He thought of flowers blooming.

    By Adesola URL on 03.13.2012

  35. a white piece of paper scribbled with unintelligible scratchings. They tell you to sign so you feel important, like you’re part of something. But your name is just another marking. You’re voice does not count because it blends in with all the others. And when you’re out in space you can see all the petitions and all the signatures of people who think they matter and it all blends into one. So you can’t see where your ink ends and a stranger’s begins. Because from far away, we’re all the same.

    By emily p URL on 03.13.2012

  36. The overflow of ideas, opinions. How they bend the world!

    Drug deregulation, boycotts, campaigns, laws. Do we need them? Do we tolerate those that petition on our behalf to make the world “a better place?”

    By Shawn URL on 03.13.2012

  37. The students were outraged that the assistant choir director position was being eliminated from the school district. It was up to them to write a petition to save their teacher and their music program. This was just the beginning. Where would they stop? Relentless.

    By Brittany on 03.13.2012

  38. I adopt my carelessness,
    while you examine the cutlery, looking for the knife.

    I petition you to let the matter rest, there naked and squealing
    on cold linoleum.

    By ObsidianSky URL on 03.13.2012

  39. if only things were that easy. pass around a balanced, convincingly written piece of paper, signed by so many people. and you instantly have things your way. but so often we disregard words. or even ideas. so often, we don’t give a shit. living in our own little shadowed worlds. it doesn’t matter how we could save or preserve someone else. not when no one would do the same for us. mostly, there would be not a moments consideration to the parchment we hold, so why hesitate for any of them. but such works can be the bravest, most noble of expressions. but hardly any one perceives it so anymore.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 03.13.2012

  40. I would like to write a petition concerning the word petition. It is just simply to difficult to spell. What with all the L’s and I’s, how can one person keep track of them all? With this petition I would like to formally change the word petition to fish because it is easier to spell. Everyone loves easy to spell words.

    By Savannah Riestenberg on 03.13.2012