March 13th, 2016 | 63 Entries

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63 Entries for “peripheral”

  1. She looked around, scanning the room. Her peripheral vision was compromised after the accident and it made her slightly anxious. A deep breath and she stepped forward to carry on with the task at hand.

    By Cosmos on 03.13.2016

  2. Every moment
    from the corner
    of rose tinted glasses
    you evaded
    the shaded region
    of my peripheral

    and you can never come into focus
    just hazy
    in a hurry
    away from center

    Its unbearable

    By eliza on 03.13.2016

  3. At the core is where I feel the myriad of emotions, experiences, and eleutheria. However, the peripheral areas are where the rubber meets the road. Where the feeling of love is spread to others, the hatred of the heart is used to hurt others, and where the freedom of the spirit is carried out as wanderlust.

    By Elizabeth URL on 03.13.2016

  4. my peripheral vision is blurred by what will always lie behind me.. something i can no longer see, and something i perceived so differently than I would, had the happenings happened today.. agree to disagree, i’m moving quickly, but not by choice… the peripheral vision follows me.. and it’s there your shadow will always reside.. it’s not dark, but there, it’s easy to hide. blurred just enough that I can’t even make out your face. You’re just a shadow now.

    By chelsea on 03.13.2016

  5. I saw the happiness hidden behind the frowns and scowls. I saw the relief that passed by everyone in the room behind my back.

    From my peripheral vision, I saw a girl trying to hold in her smile and her breath of relief; the fact that I was out of the competition seemed to be thrilling for most of the competitors here. I hated losing, and I wasn’t the best person to handle defeat; I was an open book and everyone were tearing my pages apart.

    Their hidden happiness sickened me and all I could think of was a way to get out of the room for it seemed to be getting more and more stifling. It was as if I was pulled underground to a level of hell and the demons were grinning as they realized that my existence was worthless.

    I hated losing, and I hated all these people.

    By Randompeepur URL on 03.13.2016

  6. Mirar a la periferia, observar todo lo que me rodea tan solo para no poder entender nada de lo que ocurre a mi alrededor, es una sensación en extremo desesperante

    By Bramsy URL on 03.13.2016

  7. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a spitball spiralling towards her. With a swish of her hips, she dodged the bullet just in time, and swung around to face the culprits. Out of all the classes she had ever been a cover teacher for, this was by far the worst behaved.

    By ME on 03.13.2016

  8. wires, I think of cables and computers and cable chaos like my mind. frayed, tangled in need of order. plug ins I don’t understand, the edges of my mind

    By lucie URL on 03.13.2016

  9. That which the most fascinating, that which we see out of the corner of our eye, that which is fleeting, transient, hinted at, barely sensed, that which is easily overlooked, that which takes an effort to perceive, that which is uncommonly known or understood. Those who position themselves on the periphery see and understand in another way, have the different perspective, have the objectivity, the cool remove, the insight- or is out-sight?- of the outsider, of the watcher.

    By geraldine URL on 03.13.2016

  10. Just out of sight, Alan watched her from behind the door. He wouldn’t make his move tonight. But soon. She would know of his love for her whether she liked it or not.

    By bk on 03.13.2016

  11. Out of his peripheral vision, he saw something. What he mistook for a cat was a shadow under the tree, but when he returned to his work, he saw it again but this time it was a goat. Wherever he walked, the shadow was there, deceiving him and alluring him.

    By chanpheng URL on 03.13.2016

  12. Vision…not reality though. We think it’s there, we see it, don’t we? It’s not what our focus should be on, now or in the future. It’s on the sidelines for a reason- this is NOT where my mind needs to spend its time.

    By Molly Gilbert on 03.13.2016

  13. Peripheral vision is a dangerous thing. You think you see one thing when there is in fact something else there. The blood is starting to drip to my clothes. Normally I would care about that. It feels odd not to care.

    By Elan King on 03.13.2016

  14. In her peripheral vision, she could see that there was a black spot. She couldn’t quite make out if it was a shadow or a smudge on her side mirror. She couldn’t validate it through her rear view window so what could it be?

    By Gigi URL on 03.13.2016

  15. After staring at the road for so long, I got eye strain so my peripheral vision was shot. I just hoped that this little mission was successful and that Mitch and his friends weren’t expecting us. I wouldn’t be able to see them if they snuck up to the side. Damn, let me get that thought out of my mind, it makes me shudder to even think that way.

    By MsShel330 URL on 03.13.2016

  16. He spotted the creature right on the edge of his peripheral vision, a small, furry rodent scuttling away as soon as he turned on his lights. John had seen rats before, but this one was particularly big, looking more like a small dog or other household pet. Also, most rats didn’t speak, as he had heard it whispering in the dark to him, saying his name, Johnathan, over and over. Whatever it was, it was time to buy some poison, though he didn’t even know if that’d be effective.

    By timn on 03.13.2016

  17. One time an old friend of mine quoted a movie, I believe it was the 40 year old virgin. But, he said, “You got to use your peripherals!” whenever looking at women or scouting around. I’m not sure why I thought it was funny. It kind of was. I mainly laughed because of his tone of voice. Still friends with that guy.

    By Joseph D. URL on 03.13.2016

  18. I could see the mob approaching out of my peripheral vision. I could definitely hear them. The scraping of their sneakers, the animalistic howls bursting from their raw, constricted throats. They brandished signs like they were both swords and shields, weapons and protection. I tried not to pay attention to the words they screamed or the slogans they waved around. I tried to remember the light ahead of me, rather than focus on the darkness behind me.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.13.2016

  19. I see it now. The brown, rough fabric. Side glances, rough against the skin. Then you come to mind. Always there, but never clearly in my view like so much of my past. Never escapable from my vision.

    By Nolie on 03.13.2016

  20. “Don’t move.”

    Jenna took Varek’s advice and froze where she stood. Her muscles quivered after fighting all night. Now, everything stood still, hanging in the balance. There was a quiet sound– what was that? Growling. Something was definitely growling, and it was close to her, hiding. She could just make out the shape of a man in her peripheral vision, but the darkness hid any details.

    Her grip on the bow tightened until she felt splinters stabbing into her fingers and palm. She wasn’t going to go down without facing whatever hid in the shadows.

    With a shout, the alley flared with bright blue light. There, where the shadow from the building had been stood the monster from all of Jenna’s nightmares: the vampire (?) that killed her parents.

    By Sarah URL on 03.13.2016

  21. I’m living in the peripheral. Is that really living though? I’m a dead soul floating in space, confused and forgotten. Perhaps not forgotten, but misunderstood. Misunderstood has a connotation that i’m a disgruntled teenager however.

    By mm on 03.13.2016

  22. It was almost time, as the cheers from the crowd were getting louder. As the stage revolved, she saw the bright lights in her peripheral vision. She clenched her fists and screamed to at least relieve the tension. She is ready,

    By Zoe Jen URL on 03.13.2016

  23. All I could see was the trees in the forest. But in my peripheral vision I saw a man come up to me. I hit him in the nuts and he doubled over in pain.
    “Why did you do that?” he asked.
    I shrugged.

    By Simone on 03.13.2016

  24. The sight isn’t clear. There, yet not. Like many things, we can tell it is around us yet we don’t pay attention to life’s smallest things like that.

    By Olivia on 03.13.2016

  25. “Not again!” I cried.
    Another man came up just in my peripheral vision, so I kicked him in the head. I heard a thud and he was lying on the ground.
    “You’re crazy!” the other man exclaimed.

    By Simone on 03.13.2016

  26. something about being on the edge – of reason, society, the edge of this rectangular speech bubble, all or none of the above. hard to say, or know what is being said, from way out here. Not that i’m paranoid in the slightest. No sir. Or ma’am.

    By Mike on 03.13.2016

  27. There was something flickering, something she couldn’t quite make out, and it was driving her absolutely crazy. She hadn’t eaten all day, hadn’t sat for more than two seconds without jerking out of her chair in frantic paranoia, and she worked an office job. She needed to know, just needed to know what it was.

    By Riannon URL on 03.13.2016

  28. The thing about life is that we see things that aren’t there and there are things we don’t see or even pay attention to. The little things on the side, the part of life you are missing out on is at the corner of your eye and you don’t even acknowledge that part of you..

    By Oliviah URL on 03.13.2016

  29. It flashes.
    It disappears.
    It reappears in little waves like a major tease.. in and out.. and never revealing
    It’s there but not.
    It’s fucking with your senses and you are never really sure if it’s real.

    By Carm URL on 03.13.2016

  30. peripheral vision is a thing, i guess… i heard of that before… i think its a thing… im not sure… things popping in my mind…….. damnit that came out of my fingers… no time for caps…… ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    By M.C. Thornhill on 03.13.2016


    By M.C. Thornhill on 03.13.2016

  32. In her peripheral, she saw him. Only a shadow, but it was his height, his girth… It could only be him. She reached for the gun, only to find it missing. She remembered leaving it behind with her brother.

    By Talie URL on 03.14.2016

  33. I can’t see anything on either side of me. But strangely, this fact does not bother me at all. I think I am finally learning to let go of control.

    This realization is freeing

    By Coraliz on 03.14.2016

  34. The peripheral design was amazing! It was intricate and very colourful.

    By lingo URL on 03.14.2016

  35. Stop complaining! I’m only peripherally interested in your lamentations. There is no other way to cope with it!

    By Bluered on 03.14.2016

  36. The key was not so much to become invisible as to make great things lesser. This is the whole substance of an assassin, and yet moreso again for a thief.

    The shadows are not great things, but things of absence, and so the dimming of the greatness belongs to a greater theft; a theft of the seemingness which is light’s brightness.

    So too then one steps full into a lesser space, and thus drops even from near straight in front of another, though that second be quite face to face. To make the great things lesser – aye; it is the peripheral matters of this world which bear most watching.

    By Marcus on 03.14.2016

  37. Out of the corner of my eye, I could understand what he was doing. It was a peripheral comprehension, mostly because I was not ready to confront it in full view.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 03.14.2016

  38. Toby looked out of his peripheral vision ash typed on the keyboard. He always swore he could see things that weren’t there once he turned his full attention to them. Ghostly, dark shapes, that followed him everywhere they went. Were they demons or ghosts? Whatever they were, he hoped they remained hidden just out of sight, he did not want to confront them in this lifetime.

    By TGV on 03.14.2016

  39. peripheral the vision on the side of your eyes the interesting thing i didnt expect to see what the women aproaching me with an axe i could see here even though i couldnt turn my head i could see the apprach the menacing look and the malic. i couldnt move just train my peripheral vision on her.

    By Dahbakon on 03.14.2016

  40. The place wherein those things exist at the corner of my awareness, which inhabit the space between this world and the rest of reality.

    By AbbeyTC URL on 03.14.2016