March 11th, 2016 | 34 Entries

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34 Entries for “purify”

  1. I would like to purify my past. But thats not possible. So ill let the future purify by itself.

    By tafellaken URL on 03.11.2016

  2. They purified the water because it was yellow.

    By Katy URL on 03.11.2016

  3. “Be cleansed!” he shouted, his voice filled with righteous fury. On the demons came innumerable but they could not touch him. For he was an agent of divine retribution. None could stand before him.

    By Tyrian URL on 03.11.2016

  4. And so they purified him with a toxic gin until he stumbled to the floor, gasping for air. They began to laugh at the man reduced to his knees who clutched the ground like crawling toddler. The men mocked his groans and wails and spun around as if struck by a thought so powerful that it could shape their very being. I watched from the corner, silent and scared out of my mind. Hoping I wouldn’t be next.

    By Laura Carty on 03.11.2016

  5. There’s a place you can go to in France. Lourdes, I think it’s called. It’s a place where they say the Virgin Mary appeared once to a group of young girls, who went back to their village where their faith was met with fury, then reverence, then belief, then holy cow, people will want to come from all over the world to see this. It was said that the holy waters there could cure you of things; that you took the water or drank the water and it healed you and made you whole. You hear a lot of people laugh at things like this; these are the modern-day scientists and know-it-alls who blame God for everything and thank God for nothing, until the day the world turns black for them and the impossible, unthinkable happens to them. Like what happened at our house. A thing growing on someone’s brain that they said would never go away and never be fixed. And there it was: Maybe we could go to that place where the water that could purify you and cure you was and it would all be better. Fear makes you believe in things, both good and bad. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just there. Like three little girls playing somewhere who one day see the mother of God. I believe they did. I have no choice any more.

    By rubyluby on 03.11.2016

  6. The hate in their eyes is real, and that’s what matters. Not politics.

    They’re out for blood, and it doesn’t really matter who is running for what office — only that this mob is given an outlet for the generational hate they harbor. They’ve nurtured it in their goings and comings, in their religious transactions, in the pinched, stiff way they interact with “those people” in their daily lives. And now someone is offering them validation, proof that they’re not wrong to be scared, angry, and defensive.

    By crashedtime URL on 03.11.2016

  7. I’m nervous. The clock is ticking and I can feel my hands start to turn cold, in anticipation of when I can finally leave this place and start living my life. The weekend, that moment of liberty when you can step outside the corporate lifestyle and feel yourself purify in the fresh air of the outdoors.

    By Jessica on 03.11.2016

  8. Purifying water by filters and distillation. Or purifying a person from their sins with drinking or bathing in holy water; cleansing one’s soul. Or praying for forgiveness, undoing all your wrongs. Maybe purifying the Earth of harmful toxins.

    By Jeeya Hussain on 03.11.2016

  9. He had tried everything to purify the tap water, including but not limited to boiling it, putting it through a filter, and using purifying tablets, but nothing seemed to work. It still came out chunky and slightly off-green, and attempting to drink it resulted in throwing up or worse.

    By timn on 03.11.2016

  10. He went to get water from the well, but the muddy, dark, dank stuff which came up in the bucket wasn’t fit to drink. He’d have to purify it which took time and he was thirsty now. But he weighed the prospect of stomach problems with his immediate need, and trudge back towards the house, and poured the contents into the water purifier. As it peculated through the sand, he wondered how the water had gotten so foul, and realized that since he had arrived home for this visit, that people had talked about little else but the drought and the drought.

    By chanpheng URL on 03.11.2016

  11. Betsy wouldn’t drink any water from the glasses I provided her unless I could prove, and I quote, that it had been “purified.” I told her that I had a filter in the pitcher I poured the stuff from, but she claimed they didn’t work. Finally fed up, I proceeded to offer her a sip of red wine instead. That seemed to finally settle her, as she quietly enjoyed her Merlot with a smile.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 03.11.2016

  12. Slowly, Rashad dipped her hands in the pool of shimmering water. The scent of incense drenched her nostrils and its heady, intoxicating fragrance made her a little dizzy. She cupped her hands together and brought a cupful of water above the glassy surface, her eyes following the trails of liquid trickling down her arms and out between her fingers.

    By Hilary on 03.11.2016

  13. In order to purify blood in the popular TV series Supernatural you have to visit confessional. This is typically (and only used once) used to humanize a demon. It was preformed, unsuccessfully on Crowley the kind of Hell. However it did fuel his addiction for human blood, and briefly made him experience human emotions.

    By Grace Elaine URL on 03.11.2016

  14. She struggled to hone the purity of her intentions. You want to talk to him for /this/ reason. No more than that. Kill the hormonal response loop. But then he’d make her laugh, and say something clever, and “kill” would turn to “dampen”, and, well, since we’re playing fast and loose with purity of meaning it’s easy to see where that leads.

    By Florence Farfaletti on 03.11.2016

  15. I purify my tap water before drinking it. It is important to purify the water you drink because it may contain led and bacteria.

    By Brenda Nuno on 03.11.2016

  16. purify:

    The black taint on her skin began to spread outwards. She brought her gaze up to meet his, horror in her eyes. I’m done for, she didn’t need to say out loud.

    He brought up a green vial. “This will purify the infection.”

    A pause.

    “But isn’t that…”

    “Belladonna. Yes. Fight poison with poison.”

    By nadyab URL on 03.11.2016

  17. The fire was meant to purify the village, but all it did was ensure the damnation of those choosing to pass judgement.

    By lindsay on 03.11.2016

  18. She decided to purify her body by only eating fruits and vegetables and drinking only water and green tea for one week.

    By Bluered on 03.12.2016

  19. The priest attempted to purify Janet, but no matter how hard he tried, the demon persisted. He dunked her in two buckets of holy water to no avail. He had no choice but to call the eradicator.

    By MauriceWilliams URL on 03.12.2016

  20. The water ran clear for the first time in months. It was almost like a miracle. It hadn’t been drinkable in so long she almost forgot what it tasted like.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 03.12.2016

  21. Purificar un alma es de las cosas mas sencillas pero que pocos seres humanos pueden realizar, un acto amable y simple como ofrecer el asiento a alguien que lo necesita mas, o ayudar a tu vecino con sus compras puede purificar tu ser, puede hacerte sentir mejor

    By Bramsy URL on 03.12.2016

  22. Her skin is pink and aching from the scrubbing and she’s long since run out of hot water, but she turns on the shower again.

    Just one more and she knows she’ll finally feel clean.

    By Saya URL on 03.12.2016

  23. Great poetry

    By mirzashahbaz URL on 03.12.2016

  24. To purify the lands, he needed first to purify his soul. Only the one with the lightest soul could vanquish these demons – and the demons would be made from his own deepest and darkest desires.

    By ME on 03.12.2016

  25. They come in mass, unworthy:
    the poor and their ailments, the sinners,
    the meek, those who wish
    to be like the one they worship.

    But it is water that births them
    from their plight, a baptism
    of acceptance: sisters and brothers
    under the same, single sun.

    By William Soule URL on 03.12.2016

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    By Danilo Ventura on 03.12.2016

  27. To fix the world
    The life
    The sin
    The sore
    The old
    The new

    Let the waters flow

    By smattc URL on 03.12.2016

  28. Scrub HARDER! The words echoed through the house as they looked at the giant stain spreading across the tiles in the kitchen.

    By Cosmos on 03.12.2016

  29. I wanted to burn out every memory of you, to take out the parts of me that wants all the parts of you especially the impure ones the dark things crawling behind your eyelids looking out and waiting for the right moment.

    By Rachel on 03.13.2016

  30. The water was dirty. So dirty. But it was not a killer so we drank it. The animals beside us drank it. It cleaned us, this dirty water. Because there is no purity, just dillution.

    By CS DeWildt URL on 03.13.2016

  31. Purify. What a moralistic term. Who needs to purify? We can never go back, but forward. Purification is fantasy of return.

    By Writer on 03.13.2016

  32. “You have to get clean, Sonny. Take this sponge and lye and stand under the spout, there… That’s it. Scrub real good, now, Sonny. I don’t wanna see a single smudge on you when you’re done.” Seated on the overturned bucket just outside the stall, Mother’s gaze wandered blankly to the ancient rafters that groaned under the weight of the dilapidated barn roof, and she sighed. “You have to get clean.”

    By Emily Brien on 03.13.2016

  33. Rinse and repeat. Purify.

    By Maeday URL on 03.13.2016

  34. She wears the night better
    than anyone I know;
    her feet plant the seeds
    of spring.

    Splurge insides to the ocean
    and scream out a whale song
    that will not be returned,
    because the dead are miles away,
    somewhere in the moon.

    By Pandatry URL on 03.13.2016