November 8th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “patent”

  1. A patent is a right given by the government to sell or make something for a specified number of years. I think a patent pending is when you can sell of make it for twenty years.

    By Damaris URL on 11.09.2011

  2. It was my mark, my sign. My boss didnt know it. The police didnt see it for 13 years. Then, and only then, did they give me the attention i deserved.

    By DLSH on 11.09.2011

  3. what is the meaning of it? I really know the meaning for few words. I am ashamed on me. I think i may learn the meaning from this free writing.

    By laxmi on 11.09.2011

  4. She wore patent leather shoes, scuffed with use. Her red tights were torn.

    By Hayley Bat URL on 11.09.2011

  5. Patent me for no one else to copy. Creation of society… this should never be. Patent me and throw away the key. Make what is now history. Only then can we hope for a brighter future.

    By EllJayCee URL on 11.09.2011

  6. Inventions. Creating something that can be helpful and wonderful for yourself or somebody else. It’s incredible how brilliant people can be in situation where they need something to get somewhere else.

    By Lexi on 11.09.2011

  7. my stake in the ground,
    claiming that no one else,
    not you, not her,
    not anyone can
    what is
    rightfully mine.
    And no one other
    than me can revel
    in all its glory.

    By NuSol URL on 11.09.2011

  8. The war had begun strangely enough over a patent. Though Vladimir had not nearly the money Blackwoods did, with his fancy laboratory, funded by his rich wive’s father, he had his ideals. And these ideals did not allow being taken for a ride.

    By Chris_one1ii URL on 11.09.2011

  9. The inventor needed to get a patent for his new invention. It was a really cool clockwork mechanical device that was powered by steam. No one else had ever thought of this sort of thing before. He wanted to get his patent so no one else would steal his seemingly brilliant idea.

    By Susie on 11.09.2011

  10. It only took three weeks to get the patent accepted. AFter that, the real work began. Now, inventing something is a process much harder than is usually let on. It takes months of planning, years of developing, and loads of money to sell an invented product. But, it is worth it.

    By Hunter Field URL on 11.09.2011

  11. what does patent mean. is it a doctor’s patent or i need to learn how to be patent. i don’t know someone please help me with this

    By packer backer on 11.09.2011

  12. If you invent something, you get a patent so no one can steal you idea and market it. Patents are getting way out of hand. Many people patent the same thing- there are like 20 patents for toast, all named something different. Its crazy what people can get away with. I feel bad for people who work at the patent office.

    By MRF12 on 11.09.2011

  13. Something damp or wet. Maybe like a rough damp cloth that people use to moisten their face with. It can be tan or white with decorations

    By Maddie C on 11.09.2011

  14. patent, a person gets a patent so people cant steal their idea…. i think im not totally sure….

    By audz123 on 11.09.2011

  15. my patent was a new ball. it bounced all over the world, from city to city. it didn’t just meet new people. it changed lives, and knew all the words to all the songs.

    By Meg on 11.09.2011

  16. I feel like I could patent this feeling because it’s so unusual. And I feel that even though people say, “I understand”, I remember that we are all unique and no one can feel exactly the same way. I think perhaps this feeling is uniquely mine. I feel like no one could understand the feeling in my chest even if they tried. There’s no name for it.

    By cortneyking URL on 11.09.2011

  17. it took everything i had not to scream, years of work had gone down the drain without a goddamn patent. now i had nothing, not even my own ideas to

    By A. H. on 11.09.2011

  18. the patent went to the dark room where the “doctor” waited. in there three chairs were about the place and the doctor sat behind a heavy disk. the doctor smiled and said “so you’ve come for you’re changing eh”? “yes” answered the patent “i want to be a dolphin!”
    “a dolphin?” inquired the doctor.

    By tom on 11.09.2011

  19. a patent is something that makes what is yours officially yours. it is a shame that we have to have such a thing. the theft of ideas this is worst kind of theft; come up with your own material! i never want to have anything patented.

    By Allison on 11.09.2011

  20. I wish I was clever enough to invent something. I mean, that would be so cool to say, “Oh hey, that thing you’re using, yeah, I invented it. Cool huh?” I just want to go up to someone and tell them that it’s my invention, patent pending, just because. If only…

    By Emily on 11.09.2011

  21. What’s a patent? Something made to be individual so that noone can copy? What’s unique in our world. What adds to our society and makes it a bigger world to live in..?

    By Christian Zoll on 11.09.2011

  22. Copyright,
    Patents are on drugs for a reason!

    By LC on 11.09.2011

  23. a patent is a way for inventors to secure their invention from people who wish to steal their invention. Henry ford patented his model T, and I patented your mom so get a life and adios amigos. Patent should not be confused with paint.

    By rick on 11.09.2011

  24. Invention creation new ideas forming protect your mind ideas and your own thoughts strive to create something unknown unseen make sure thieves don’t steal from you hide away your thoughts from the world but don’t be afraid to finally show them

    By Sarah on 11.09.2011

  25. This comes after somebody invents something. Eli Whitney patented the cotton gin. Patent reminds me of the word patience. Patents are hard to come by and only stick around for a little while. I don’t know much about them and I wish I did.

    By Scott on 11.09.2011

  26. I don’t know what this word means but it kinda sounds like something strong or over powering. Yeah, like a soup with a lot of spices.

    By Molly URL on 11.09.2011

  27. Someone claims something for their self. To take for their own self.

    By Kyle URL on 11.09.2011

  28. Almost all inventions have patents and people get in trouble if they try to recreate it.

    By Monique URL on 11.09.2011

  29. When i say the word patent i think of money and taking out a loan for something big and pricey.

    By Sierra Lynn URL on 11.09.2011

  30. Black patent mini skirt.
    It made her feel alive. Like the beautiful person she was, and not the nothing he had her believing she was for so long. She put it on and saw herself for the first time in years. A new chapter for an old soul.

    By under that tree URL on 11.09.2011

  31. im typing about the word patent which means to like copyright something. it makes an idea yours and it cost a ot of money. im very awesome and my username is unicorn.

    By Chase URL on 11.09.2011

  32. getting an invention to be yours that nobody can create with out your consent

    By Austyn URL on 11.09.2011

  33. my ideas are my ideas, and i like toys. i like weird toys and different things. colorful things are pretty sweet, i really like tie die. and i have a tie die sweatshirt that i like. but it don’t like it much anymore.

    By jordyn URL on 11.09.2011

  34. if someone is trying to steal your stuff then its illegal because its theres and you need to be able to keep your own things, and you shouldnt be alloud to steal it and I just spelt allwod wrong so it was scary you know. allowed

    By Brandon URL on 11.09.2011

  35. i patted my head and rubbed my tummy when i heard this word this is a fun game haha chase’s username is unicorn that’s kind of funny. patent: i do not even know what this means bro. i am all done writing now

    By morgan URL on 11.09.2011

  36. So okay patent means claiming something for yourself. I would say that when I see this word i think of how I have a kind of project and that if anyone steals it I would not be very happy; probably be a tattle tail about it. Oh okay times up..

    By Emma URL on 11.09.2011

  37. if i have an idea and someone takes it that just means that they love me and they want to be like me and that they like my idea and that makes me feel really good because they wanna do something the way that i am doing it because they think that my way is right. it’s a form of flattery,or that’s how i see it anyways.

    By kenzie URL on 11.09.2011

  38. He claimed patent on his invention so that nobody could take his idea and use it as there own idea.

    By Jordan URL on 11.09.2011

  39. The thing sat on the table, undisturbed, staring up at the ceiling as though it had a choice to do so. It was being ignored, even though this meeting that they were having was based on it’s invention and it’s succession in life.

    By Caroline on 11.09.2011

  40. He had spent months in the basement with just the books and flowcharts and diodes and resistors. This was the way to make his life whole again. After the kids were gone, and after Mary was gone, this was what had helped him make it through.

    By Bryan URL on 11.09.2011