November 8th, 2011 | 413 Entries

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413 Entries for “patent”

  1. patents are so stupid to me. you put a price on ideas? capitalism you have gone to far. i understand wanting credit but suing a day care because they dont have copy rights is ridiculous.. i just think some ideas should always be public domain

    By Sam on 11.09.2011

  2. Patent is a word used to describe something that is owned by another person. For example the steam engine was patented and now all profits made from the basic idea of a steam engine is given to the patenter.

    By aaron on 11.09.2011

  3. It was a patent lie. Patent leather shoes. How many patents does he hold? Frank Lloyd Wright had no patents and died in great debt. His son held the patent for Lincoln Logs and got rich.

    By elizabeth b URL on 11.09.2011

  4. what you need when you invent something that you dont want others to be able to profit from. originally i read patient and had to read it twice. oops. oh well. i want to have a patent one day on something great.

    By jen on 11.09.2011

  5. I like patents…. and wieners… I like to patent wieners and give them out to little girls… And when I say little…. I mean eighteen or above.

    By Tupac on 11.09.2011

  6. Paciencia, la tuve durante años, quizas milenios y allí me encontraba. Toqué el frío cristal que me separaba de aquel mundo, de aquella america que había descubierto. Giré la cabeza y vi a traves de la ventana de la cabina. Ya era hora de despegar.

    By Tohe URL on 11.09.2011

  7. something that is made to make sure that your idea stays safe. that no one will be able to take it. if you wanted to go into business with it you wont have to worry about someone taking it.

    By Jamci on 11.09.2011

  8. Patently ridiculous that I could write anything about that, even though I did go to law school, where, frankly, patent law was not exactly sexy, or anything near charismatic.

    By Diana on 11.09.2011

  9. a government authority to an individual or organization conferring a right or title,

    By Janine Vo on 11.09.2011

  10. Patent as copyright… but the first thing that comes to my mind is patent, the material, like patent shoes, patent bags, patent leather.

    By charlotte URL on 11.09.2011

  11. I don’t really know what patent is, nor do I care. It makes me think of the word pancake and how much I love them. It’s been a while since I’ve eaten pancakes, maybe I should eat some.

    By Senspill on 11.09.2011

  12. is something that an inventor uses so that worthless rich companies cannot steal their ideas, it is something that saves the little man and has helped a lot of people become millionares from having almost nothing at all. it almost is spelled like patient but is missing the “i”. there are sometimes when i wish i could invent something so that i can go to a patent place wait in line, and make the money!!
    i have run out of things to say on patent… so this is it.

    By Matthew Travaglini` on 11.09.2011

  13. Patent. An interesting word. Inventors, i think of those when I see the word patent. LIke and invention. lightbulbs. telephone. computer. those have patents, right? I’m sure they do. I wonder if I could patent something.

    By Zach on 11.09.2011