October 23rd, 2010 | 199 Entries

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199 Entries for “panel”

  1. I sat on the panel of experts wondering “why am I here?” I am not an expert – the guy backstage just threw me out here like a sack of potatoes. Is that a camera? Are we going live?

    By AJ URL on 10.23.2010

  2. The cartoon was made up of three panels. The panel will discuss the issues before the election. The side panel needs replaced.

    By LF on 10.23.2010

  3. The cartoon is made up of many panels. The panel is dented. The panel will discuss the issues before the election.

    By LF on 10.23.2010

  4. panel is a funny word i don’t want this word i want another word. I hope it doesn’t matter about spelling or about what we actually say, cause I don’t know what to say.

    By Lynsey on 10.23.2010

  5. ok now it is time to write about a wa to present.

    By gina on 10.23.2010

  6. ok now it is time to write about the way to present that c

    By gina on 10.23.2010

  7. Boring plain, is the wood panel in my old family room. Ugly. That is more like it. Just ugly and sad and lonely. Covered in dust, it just sits there waiting for you to stare at it.

    By Brenna Cline on 10.23.2010

  8. a group of people that really like to talk about unimportant stuff. They get together on a short time basis and try to solve the problems of the world. They usually like to do things like talk rather than actually take any kind of action. They perfere t

    By Angie on 10.23.2010

  9. A panel of dentists decided that all tooth decay is related to teeth.

    By John URL on 10.23.2010

  10. ok now to write about a way to present that calls for some level of co

    By GMP URL on 10.23.2010

  11. A panel is very important in determining who is actually winning in certain sports or activities. In debate for example, panels assist debaters who are competing against one another to assess who is actually winning the debate round. Panels are great in this sense because they present collective opinions, but are very diverse in a sense.

    By Sean on 10.23.2010

  12. I don’t want this word.

    By Digit URL on 10.23.2010

  13. I think I wrote about this already. A panel is a group of people who come together to discuss issues. Panels are also put on walls. Our panels in the basement have to come down because of the recent flood. Would you like to be a

    By rita URL on 10.23.2010

  14. soft silk warn wall mat

    By bryant URL on 10.23.2010

  15. A huge panel is right in front of me. What is written, I can’t really tell, but I guess some they I’ll just figure it out. A panel? why is it there. Probably someone put it there for me to notice something going on in my life…

    By Lea on 10.23.2010

  16. I move the panels in the wall and hide behind them and sit and watch the coin-operated boy sit on his shelf. He never moves and he never speaks and no one ever bothers to turn him on. And he sits there and waits. And I hide and watch him wait with the deepest respect and bated breath.

    By Hyperbole URL on 10.23.2010

  17. A panel of experts have determined that people with small brains actually have more fun. They also think that fun is relative, depending on perspective, but it helps to think very little about it.

    By Krsna Kumari on 10.23.2010

  18. Look! Look up there! The windows! They have these glass squares in them. What on earth do you call those things again? I can’t seem to remember. Will SOMEONE please jog my memory? Oh gosh what are they called…oh yes now I remember, they are glass panels.

    By Becca URL on 10.23.2010

  19. The Panel of judges stared at them all, open mouthed. It wasn’t often they saw the nude elderly audition.

    By Bearded Lady on 10.23.2010

  20. Control panel. The function of everything, at your finger tips. It’s almost too much, having all that power. At just a flick of a switch, you could save someone. Or maybe, someone could die.

    By lastcall on 10.23.2010

  21. panel of judges.
    panel alongside a wall.
    “let’s see what our panel of judges has to say”

    By yenny on 10.23.2010

  22. The bright panel glared at me with oppressive force. I found myself unable to resist the many colors and captivating sights that were showered upon me. Such is my life in this day and age.

    By Terran on 10.23.2010

  23. Mommy why do you always have to pile all the towels on the toilet :(

    If I have to go potty I have to take them all off and that is too much trouble. So instead I open up the panel on the wall and go in the crawl space :(

    Please stop. It is starting to smell in there :(

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 10.23.2010

  24. The panel members sat quietly around the interview table waiting for the potential new employee who just never showed up.

    By Andrew J on 10.23.2010

  25. The panel of judges were shocked when the contestants came out in animal fur for the opening number. It was clearly not in the best taste or interest of PETA, one of the sponsors of the event.

    By KCJ on 10.23.2010

  26. Ted ran his hand along the wood panel, what was let of it. “That tornado really took its bite out of our house, he said. Edna huffed back, “well, it’s not like we haven’t had to rebuild before. I said ‘let’s build a brick house,’ but you said, ‘no, wood will be cheaper.’ Last time you even had the hare-brained idea that straw was a good building material…”

    By richpee URL on 10.23.2010

  27. It shouldn’t have opened. Not really. Sealed, as it had been, for so long. Some things develop their own logic, and this was one of them. Pandora’s Box never saw this kind of chaos.

    By Julie Coulter on 10.23.2010

  28. the wood grained panel of the house i grew up in lingers in the corners of mind. like a familiar old friend that i havent seen in a long time. what will i say when i see her? will she look the same?

    By paul franks on 10.23.2010

  29. The panel was a large group of people, who seemed very scary to the person being interviewed. That person was me. It was only the first of many interviews i’ve had whilst trying to find my perfect husband, and this was the first to involve a very large extended family

    By Amy on 10.23.2010

  30. Oh, only one word a day? OK writing number 2 about PANEL. This panel is the one on the side of a house. A normal house, no different than any other in the street. What was different about this panel though, was what lay behind it. Behind this panel lay a photo.

    By Amy on 10.23.2010

  31. the panel of judges sat awestruck as the performers completed their routine. Eyes wide, mouths gaping. The only sounds in the room were the performers’ heavy breath and the rapid dripping of blood onto the hardwood paneled floor.

    By Ash URL on 10.23.2010

  32. panel a window for some, i thought stop this non sense, but still could not keep my hand out of my pants, maybe that is why i lost my left thumb. no

    By dusov on 10.23.2010

  33. The panels on the window were flapping up and down because it had been years since someone had lived at that house.

    By jean URL on 10.23.2010

  34. The judges sat on the panel in front of me. They stared down their noses. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d felt so small.

    By lorraine URL on 10.23.2010

  35. There were panels along the side of house when I was young. They have since been removed. But they always reminded me of the man who shot himself inside, years earlier.

    By Mandi on 10.23.2010

  36. There were panels along the side of our house when I was young. They have since been removed. But they always reminded me of the man who shot himself inside, years earlier.

    By Mandi on 10.23.2010

  37. it was panel , red bright showy, Melanie didn’t know what to think about it , why was it there in the middle of no where? why didn’t it got words on it, she was by far perplexed; she wanted to ignore it, but it all came back to that red bright showy panel in the middle of no where.

    By Mae Kas URL on 10.23.2010

  38. I don’t really like getting the word panel the first time trying this. I’m not really interested in paneling for walls. I can’t think of an panel I’ve ever served on.

    By Jenny Watson on 10.23.2010

  39. panel again? she wondered, it was another one in the road, saying things she couldnt read that well, it was kind of disapointing, they never said anything of use for the journey.

    By Mae Kas URL on 10.23.2010

  40. The panel of experts always pontificated their positions, without having to actually be correct.

    By Tom on 10.23.2010