June 17th, 2013 | 197 Entries

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197 Entries for “pairs”

  1. in twins
    in socks
    in pants
    in glasses
    in shoes
    in gloves
    in parents
    in siblings
    in balls

    By berenique URL on 06.17.2013

  2. They say everyone needs a partner, that every Romeo needs his Juliet, that there’s a Darcy for every Elizabeth. Is it so wrong that I don’t, that I don’t want to rely on someone else only to be let down?

    By Claire URL on 06.17.2013

  3. there were two pairs, then four. then sixteen, then more than i could count. i’ve not seen multiplication like that every before…it scared me. what do i do now?

    james entered the room, and stood over my shoulder. he could hear my heartbeat and see my expression

    By elaina URL on 06.17.2013

  4. I have seen pairs, and pairs of shoes on the racks of the shoe store. It amazes me at the beauty of a high heel that hurts my foot like I don’t know what! But you will NEVER see a pair of twins on a rack.

    At least I hope…

    By elaina URL on 06.17.2013

  5. Everything from our human perspective occurs in pairs. Polar pairs. Opposites. Everything by two. Yes and No. Good and Bad. High and Low. Everything is more or less somewhere in between two different sides of the same pair.

    By Michael Abbate on 06.17.2013

  6. Pairs of shoes pairs of pants. Pairs of pears dancing in a tree. Pairs of shoes again. Pairs of feet and hands. Pairs of pairs. The other kind of pair though. Not the pear pair but the pair of pairs. So four things. That’s a pair of pairs. Maybe three pairs of pairs. Now that’s the next level. Confusing.

    By Claude Monet on 06.17.2013

  7. It seems that I loose pairs of socks every single time I do the laundry.. I know I’m not the only one with the problem but the mystery is killing me and making my husband doubt my skills.

    And then I have to purchase more pairs of socks for everyone … I think I’m going to start a website for lonely socks, I have tons of unmatched socks hanging around, sad, unused, just there… it drives me nuts!

    I’ve tried everything, putting pins inside the washer, rolling them up together (but the cleaning results are not the best) trying to match them as they go out of the drier.

    So here is to my lost pairs of socks!!

    By Karla Arostegui URL on 06.17.2013

  8. used for a couple or matching things of two, such as shoes, socks etc. In school you may go in pairs for groupwork and that means groups of two only. or in relationships, a pair is a couple. There are many different types of pairs

    By ciara URL on 06.17.2013

  9. Pairs are necessary for bipeds such as ourselves. We require two shoes, two gloves, two handles on a bike, and even two people to reproduce. Life

    By Dan on 06.17.2013

  10. We used to walk together, a perfect pair, but eventually the pain in your legs got too much for you. I, ever the romantic, said I’d carry you in my arms. You didn’t laugh. You were far too weak. You just smiled that gentle smile and whispered that you loved me.

    By John Doe on 06.17.2013

  11. There were three pairs of shoes left on the rack. She knew just by looking at them that none would fit her. They were way too small. She sighed sadly, glancing down at her barren feet. Running from the system had it’s downfalls. Suffering through the winter cold would have to be one of them.

    By ShadowPrayers on 06.17.2013

  12. I sometimes wonder if we were made to be in pairs. If we were made to walk hand in hand through bustling cities or if we were designed to find the very depths of this earth alone, with nothing but a breath that the oxygen felt privileged to breathe.

    By Kerry on 06.17.2013

  13. Pairs of socks. I hear people complain about socks without a pair. Single socks. Mine are always in pairs because as soon as I get them washed, I pack them in a particular way so they always stay together. In pairs, just like they are supposed to be. I can share my way of wrapping socks in pairs.

    By Tanya on 06.17.2013

  14. I can’t come up with anything to write. My first thought is “Bad things always happen in pairs”, and then I go blank. This is all I have today.

    By Sarah URL on 06.17.2013

  15. i love paris. Joni james lives in chicago and made a track called I love paris. I have a pretty nice pattern i can play out on the mpc using samples from that track. its my favorite vinyl record. I hope on day i can go to paris.

    By cas money on 06.17.2013

  16. I walked along the path, on my way to the reception. I found a pair of sunglasses on the ground, and picked them up. As soon as I touched them, they disintegrated into ash. What the heck?! (Didn’t have enough time to finish, and didn’t feel like it….) :P

    By TheWritingGiraffe URL on 06.17.2013

  17. Off they went as pairs, disappearing into the cave’s darkness. The white dresses they wore dampened on the bottom from the grass and water in the cave floor. The echoes of the choir came from the cave as if originating in the depths, where the couples would remain forever.

    By Sir Profligacy URL on 06.17.2013

  18. All good things come in pairs. Like friends. Lifetime partners.
    Everything good needs something to help it along. They help you, give guidance, and lots more!
    So go get yourself a pair… it’s worth the effort! :D

    By George on 06.17.2013

  19. i have twenty four pairs of socks and i dont know what the hell i am going to do with them. I was thinking about burning them but then that might pollute the air with nasty stinky sock-filled fumes that may or may not kill someone that happens to be standing nearby…So i think i might end up sticking things inside of them, like acorns and beads. Then give them to people.

    By Ariana Ortolano on 06.17.2013

  20. I eat in pairs, kiss in pairs, step in pairs. I feel uncomfortable when I am stuck with an odd number.

    But I also think the idea of a pair, a couple of people in love is just too limiting. How can you only love one man or woman when there are so many magnificent humans living on this Earth?

    By darseyrsm URL on 06.17.2013

  21. ogether. Next to each other. We run, too scared of the past to stop, yet still too bound by it, something we can’t change, to see the future. Reaching towards the end. Towards idea of bliss and peace. One step closer to nothing.

    By Cydoniac URL on 06.17.2013

  22. A pair is two of something. I have two of a lot of things. They clutter up my closets and spill out onto the floors so that I can hardly walk through my hallway. Perhaps I am a hoarder, keeping even the junk because I cannot bear the emptiness that space brings with it.

    By KT URL on 06.17.2013

  23. Together. Next to each other. We run from the past. Too scared of it to stop, yet still too bounded by it to seee the future. We are one step closer to idea of bliss and peace. Maybe one step closer to nothing.

    By Cydoniac URL on 06.17.2013

  24. i walked along the lover’s bridge, looking out over the Siene, and felt more lonely than I ever had. What can make me miss you more than looking at those locks, each sealed with a key thrown away. Where is our lock?

    By g URL on 06.17.2013

  25. Pairs just makes me think of you and me. And what we could be.

    By Jason URL on 06.17.2013

  26. Things that come in pairs: sox, glasses lenses, contact cases, grandmothers, apple pies, and trouble.

    So thought Emily Sanders as she saw the teacher coming across the playground, her brother’s broken glasses in her hand.

    By Zac Katz-Stein URL on 06.17.2013

  27. So many things come in pairs:
    Sometimes, even people.
    And where there are pairs, there are spares. One’s left behind because they don’t quite fit.
    And, unfortunately, I’m one of the latter.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 06.17.2013

  28. It seems as if the world is designed for pairs. Pairs of shoes, pairs of socks, pairs of gloves and earrings too. The most famous pairs are probably pairs of love birds. The perfect couple gazing together is the same direction seeing a bright tomorrow.

    By Tracey URL on 06.17.2013

  29. Two pairs of socks. I honestly don’t think I’ll need much more for this trip. Where are we even going? It’s like, Jesus, I mean I honestly don’t care. I don’t care about anything. Leave me alone, I’ve never even heard of Uncle Alex. Where is that dumb city anyway?

    By .Theo URL on 06.17.2013

  30. The greatest men have never known the world’s greatest women, and the greatest women have never known the world’s greatest men. yet, without ever meeting, or even knowing of each other’s existence, they shared a love together too great for physical pairs to ever come close to.

    By drew URL on 06.17.2013

  31. Two by two the animals loaded on to Noah’s Ark,
    Securing their spot in the race for everlasting life.
    Little did they know, it was those who remained on land that would get all of the glory.
    Obviously, the unicorns took leadership, but there were other, small, spindly creatures, now whose names are long forgotten, that finally blossomed under the new free world.
    And they were the ones who achieved joy.

    By Siege URL on 06.17.2013

  32. “They weren’t supposed to be this way,” the mother cried. Dr. Rajaid had seen it before, though never this close. This horrifying. The twins lay together, twisted in sibling rivalry, their limbs tangled like the roots of a magnolia tree. He knew he couldn’t separate them just by looking at them. “Help.” The mother said quietly and he knew he could not.

    By Lisa Lorraine Carson on 06.17.2013

  33. “I don’t miss you.”
    “I was just calling to let you know.” He twirled the phone cord. Why didn’t she care. He hated her now, and missed her too.
    “Was that it?”
    “No…” Jonas said. He couldn’t think of anything else to say but he wanted to hear her listening.
    “Well what then.” She didn’t sound busy.
    “I’m fine.”

    By Lisa Lorraine Carson on 06.17.2013

  34. The pairs walked slowly up the ramp, undoubtedly to another doom. It was always like this on their travels, being chained as they struggled onward. Hopefully they’d find the key.

    By Archori URL on 06.17.2013

  35. You always work in pairs. You dig your foxhole together. You pair off watches, one guarding the other while he sleeps, and then the favor is returned.

    By Chris Clow URL on 06.17.2013

  36. Coming from the car of a young lady who had to pull over as she exited the cemetery to cry her eyes out, I heard an ensemble as mountainous and glorious as Hans Zimmer’s when he conducts at his zenith…and I wondered if she heard it too.

    By drew URL on 06.17.2013

  37. I went walking today
    And on the sunlit cement
    i grew bored and
    resigned to count
    how many pairs in the world their are.
    Animal beside animal.
    One being mounted next to another.
    Walking in stride.
    Signing to one another of their thoughts
    faces that hide feelings more thoroughly
    than if they had been covered in a mask.

    By Danaé on 06.17.2013

  38. The two walked, hand in hand, down the sandy shoreline. The cool waves licked their bare feet and washed away the footprints they left behind.

    They continued on with no particular destination. Just enjoying the smell of the salty sea, the breeze, and each other’s company.

    By Amanda URL on 06.17.2013

  39. I was pushed out of the door into the cold wind of an august day. “Come back when you’ve made yourself useful!” Miss Peru said hastily in a heavy British accent. It was a rushed morning. I was woken up suddenly and forced on a pair of dirty socks and shoes. I looked down at them now.The grey socks’ toe stuck out of my left shoe. I felt the wind blow on to it; making it colder than the rest of my foot.

    By Annee on 06.17.2013

  40. two things that belong together. they are meant to be together and not ever seperated. you are never lonely and always have someone to go to for advice or help. your soulmate.

    By Lucille on 06.17.2013