June 17th, 2013 | 197 Entries

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197 Entries for “pairs”

  1. Pairs of tefillin. Pairs of doves. Eyes. Ears. Arms. Legs. Hearts, if you have found love. Pairs of many things. Parents.

    By Rebecca URL on 06.17.2013

  2. Pairs of eyes. Eyes that watched, that stared and criticized. He wouldn’t let it hold him back. He wore his rainbow colors with pride. He could have waited till later that day but he wanted them to see him.

    By Alex on 06.17.2013

  3. The pairs of bombs that were dropped on the cities had a cobalt base. The defenses set up by the Akardian government were no match for the bombs. Everyone in all three cities were killed.

    By MauriceWilliams on 06.17.2013

  4. Pairs. Things come and go in not single unitary values, but in a small collection of similar objects, similar people, similar events. Pairs. That’s the stuff that people live for, to end up in a pair with someone they like for the rest of their lives. Some people don’t like the idea of pairs, but everyone has thought about it at some point or another. Pairs change your life just as much as it changes the other end of it.

    By Misel on 06.17.2013

  5. french people with mustaches standing by the river smoking pipes. towering over eachother the fish look up delighted dont eat me said the frog those clouds up there look heavy why is eavrything so expencive you cant put a price on ego who wants to eat that anyway.

    By eleanor wright on 06.17.2013

  6. fresahc people are really french and say odd thinks and have funny teath and tounges that are nastie. very beautiful people evryehere eating expencive things with eachother like gods on top of a tower. wow im french and i am so smart.

    By eleanor wright on 06.17.2013

  7. Yesterday when we were in Bois de Vincennes and making our way through fields of people, we had all paired off into twos to talk to one another and the sight of that relaxed me.

    By Camille on 06.17.2013

  8. love couple match perfect happy happiness true full complete tenderness funny hold hands

    By Andrea on 06.17.2013

  9. Sometimes things in pairs, should not be paired together.

    By Duncan on 06.17.2013

  10. Paris was a part of all of us the day we went…. It is the one city we will always think of when we think of a time when we were together. It is the one city I will always go back to when I think of happiness. It was magical and terrifying at the same time. I am not sure why we all went, or why we left for that matter. I do know that we can never go back though.

    By Jenna Wheeler on 06.17.2013

  11. pairs
    some pairs match
    and some pairs don’t

    it’s up to you

    sometimes I wish I had a pair
    that matched
    sometimes I’m glad we’re strange
    and mismatched

    but sometimes I don’t like you at all

    By Lola on 06.17.2013

  12. The animals came in pairs to the ark. Unfortunately, they were uninformed of the tole to the Ark, one pear. So all of the pearless pairs had to go back to their homes and died in the flood. Except dragons

    By Kaitlin on 06.17.2013

  13. Thomas likes everything to be in pairs. They have two of almost everything in their house and they even got a new cat, just to give company joe, their grumpy ball of fur.

    By Fran on 06.17.2013

  14. I looked around the room. Pairs. Everyone in room seemed to be in pairs. I have never understood the human need to be in a pair. Having to give yourself up to the other person, sacrificing your own life for their happiness. Of course, I had never been in a pair. I would never see the point.

    By Jade on 06.17.2013

  15. of shoes hands arms feet legs scissors pants pigtails friends

    By alaa wasel on 06.17.2013

  16. Do good things come in pairs, she wondered? Not always. Good things come in three, everyone knows that. Things in pairs just gang up on you. She did not like pairs. She’d stick with just herself, thank you.

    By Penny on 06.17.2013

  17. In spite of the war’s end, she feels a sense of emptiness. She licks her lips. Her body still aches from the Reaper assault. She thinks of her earlier decision to sacrifice all synthetics – the Reapers, EDI, the Geth – and understands her betrayal. She had promised them all, the Geth and EDI, a new future when she began her journey to vanquish the Reapers. She had only held fast to one fraction of her promise. Yes, she had written a new future for the galaxy by choosing to destroy them, yet it was a future that Geth and EDI would not see.

    By Brittany on 06.17.2013

  18. Two pairs of dinosaurs were walking together, as one turns and asks its friend how the weather was a flash of bright light blinds him. We see these dinosaurs today in fossils after they were encased in layers of earth and dust from that fatal collision on black day.

    By Jesse on 06.17.2013

  19. Mix-matched socks upon our feet
    Holding hands under the tree
    My eyes light up every time we meet
    Without you what would I be?

    Making flowers bloom
    Happy and carefree
    Never suspecting our doom
    The best pair you’ll ever see

    But we went out separate ways
    Our hearts where torn apart
    Gone, our childhood days
    Pain pierced me like a dart

    Then you where gone
    And I would still always love you

    By Sentito on 06.17.2013

  20. Pairs are seen as two peas in a pod, two shoes, a pair of pants, peanut butter and jelly, salt and pepper etc… Everything seems to go together mellifluously, the same maybe for someone who is in a relationship and in love with someone. Sometimes I wonder after being independent for so long if I ever will be that person that finds my other half, and finally become a pair with someone that truly and deeply understands me, loves me, loves life, challenges me to be a better person. Right now though, I have no hope towards that </3

    By monique on 06.17.2013

  21. Everyone does someone else. People are meant to be together, put into pairs. But it doesn’t always work out that way. But that’s the way it should be. Love, romance, forever. It all just boils down to two people.

    By Elise URL on 06.17.2013

  22. Paris is one of those places that everyone should visit. Have I been? Nope. I do want to though. Paris is in France, which speaks one of the most beautiful languages in the world. I would love to be able to sit at a café in the middle of a busy street and just watch the people of Paris live.

    By Gabri Nicole URL on 06.17.2013

  23. The two twins sat together, exactly like the other twins around them. Five other twin pairs were sitting at their same table, eating the same food, and wearing the same clothes. They felt like they were all the same, yet they felt so alone.
    “Kaylee,” one of the twins whispered, grabbing her sibling’s hand and squeezing it, “I don’t want to be here anymore.”
    “Me either,” the other replied at the same volume and squeezed back.
    “Let’s leave.”

    By redpinkandwhite on 06.17.2013

  24. When I see the word ‘pairs’ it reminds me of my ex-boyfriend, because all of my friends used to call us ‘the perfect pair.’ i love this word, it can make your day, or it can help you decide what to eat. c:

    By Hazel URL on 06.17.2013

  25. There were two pairs of underwear in the bedroom that didn’t belong to katy. this was a problem, as it was her bedroom and she had no memory of how those underwear came to reside just under her bed.

    The night before, Katy

    By Lori on 06.17.2013

  26. Through life we look for pairs. Everywhere we go we look to belong to something more then ourselves. It is apart of life. We need one other person to endure the suspenseful mystery that is life.

    By g on 06.17.2013

  27. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of the word “pairs” is a pair of cockatoos. They would be snuggling like birds often do in inspirational spam emails that people send around. So cute I could throw up.

    By Scullen246 on 06.17.2013

  28. I want to go to Pairs and fall in love. I want to tell someone the beauty of that city. I can only imagine the buildings, the smells, the sights. Oh the feelings that one could have! I want to go to Pairs. I’m jealous of Adam when he talks about it. I hope to go, maybe even with someone. I imagine it being the highlight of my adulthood.

    By Sara on 06.17.2013

  29. Lovers promenade in pairs down the streets of Paris. But I’m not in Paris, am I? No, I have a single lonely shadow to walk with and no other. My company is my own to keep.

    By Ama Marie URL on 06.17.2013

  30. the two of them fluttered across the branch, lighting on the end with a twit. Between the rain that skittered down the ends of the needles and the pitch-blackness of the inside of the tree, they sat in relative comfort. A moment of respite in the day.

    By twit URL on 06.17.2013

  31. If i wasnt in pairs with this world, i’d be other worldly. I will be seperated from the monotonous days and task. I will be free

    By O on 06.17.2013

  32. They walk around in pairs while you stare through the shops and the loneliness that is only yours, no one else’s. They can’t see you now, they wouldn’t if they had to, you’re morphing into your surroundings.

    By Sara S. on 06.17.2013

  33. me and you, toopy and binoo. theres some things that are meant to be together,that’s why they travel in pairs,like ducks and bears. a pair of eyes to look at you a pair of lips to caress yours. they say two is better than one, i love you and every thing about you, you and i are a pair, inseparable at best.

    By Kelsey-Lynn URL on 06.17.2013

  34. They say all good things come in pairs…but what about bad things?

    By A False Terl on 06.17.2013

  35. Who built the Ark?Noah.Noah.Who built the Ark?Noah did.

    By A False Terl on 06.17.2013

  36. And in the end, we all go out in pairs. I mean socks, pant legs, partners, buddies, eyes, hands feet. It’s all a pair o’ something. And without our matching pair, we’re all miserable. Nothing is complete without their pair nothing. So yes our pairs are always need and always the best

    By Shay on 06.17.2013

  37. we’re a pair of restless anchors, forever getting tangled up in each other. you love me and i love you too but that isn’t enough, that’s never been enough, just a pair of hearts and my stupid brain that can’t understand, can’t comprehend (please try to get me, please) that you’re cheating me.

    By louchelush on 06.17.2013

  38. There were a pair of kings from an old deck that sat in my desk drawer. Their edges were worn and pictures were fading, but they had become unique: something I strived for

    By Addie on 06.17.2013

  39. Pair of hands, pairs of feet, pairs of shoes, pairs of eyes, so many pairs. Much duality in this world. Life is meant for companionship. But finding a pair of shoes that go together is much easier than finding two people who go together. There are few who are fortunate to discover this. Maybe if we stop trying so hard and stop looking in the wrong places.

    By Lori on 06.17.2013

  40. They were a pair of kings from an old deck that sat in my desk drawer. They had been there ever since I could remember. Their edges were worn and color was fading, but they had seen much and told a story.

    By Addie on 06.17.2013