March 19th, 2012 | 389 Entries

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389 Entries for “pageant”

  1. It was a pageant like no other. A zoo pageant, with the peacocks out in front, of course. Elephants wore the big colorful blankets and some bells around their necks, but they looked glum, dragging their trunks even as they waved them slightly from side to side. It was a

    By Elizabeth Gratch on 03.19.2012

  2. This does not happen often, but now it does, it feels real strange to find myself in this position, i have to change that as soon as this minute is up, and google pageant and see what it means

    By kim on 03.19.2012

  3. pageants. pageantry. little girls all dolled up in their mother’s makeup and flouncy dresses. curls in their hair. smiles. or frowns. bad attitudes. are they there because it makes them happy? or because their mamas are happy when they win? who will these little girls grow up to be?

    By Rebekah {honeyandcheese} URL on 03.19.2012

  4. Wenn du bezahlst, ist alles ok. Wenn nicht, dann halten wir dich hier gefangen, bis der Morgen graut. Du kannst nicht bezahlen, sagst du? Jemand hat dir die Brieftasche geklaut und du wolltest gerade zur Polizei gehen? Na und? Ist doch nicht unser Problem, oder? Entweder du bezahlst oder du sitzt hier fest. So sind nun mal die Regeln.

    By Eli URL on 03.19.2012

  5. The instant it starts you know that someone is uses this as an interview process for their future wife.

    By River Ranter URL on 03.19.2012

  6. Pageant girls are disgusting. The mothers that put their babies in pageants at a young age teach their daughters to grow up as brats that get everything they want. Little girls should be playing with dolls and playing dress up not being on stage showing off their bodies. Pageants make it easier for girls to make fun of other girls because they aren’t “pretty” like them because they had won the pageant. I find the shows based upon this revolting in many different ways. It spoils the children beyond belief and it makes me sick.

    By Step on 03.19.2012

  7. Too American for me… The word? The concept? Perhaps it’s just too early in the morning for me, really…

    By Hafada URL on 03.19.2012

  8. The little girl didn’t know what she was doing, just that she wanted to make her mother proud, her father proud… all her friends proud. She thought this is what it was meant to be beautiful, but someday she’d learn from the bathroom whores she frequently lived with while hiding her addictions, beauty is pretty hard to attain.

    By William Gruber URL on 03.19.2012

  9. Today is the world of the pageant. What lies ahead?

    By UnderWater URL on 03.19.2012

  10. John walked away from the house of the victim’s parebts in disgust. He was sorry they’d ever taken this case. First, Sherlock had spent three daus on end with mutilated human stomachs to find a match for the state in which they’d found their victim’s. Now, John had spent entirely too much time in the company of the poor girl’s family, who were all shallow and petty entirely unpleasant human beings. The sisters were all tall and beautiful and brainless, forced into a life of modeling and pageants by their overbearing mother. John could spot the subtle signs of malnutrition in their nails and skin tone, and he didn’t want to spend another second with this family who, if not for the unfortunate murder, may well have driven their overweight outcast of a daughter to attempt suicide.
    John couldn’t hide his relief upon arriving home, and Sherlock noticed the dreadful weight on his shoulders, the priorly-occupied detective setting down his lab notes to come comfort his shaken partner.
    “I don’t think we should help these people,” John sighed softly, “They don’t deserve it.”
    Sherlock wrapped one arm around John’s shoulders, the other petting traces into his hair. “Now who’s getting picky about cases,” he chided playfully, “What’s wrong, did they call you fat?”
    John only nodded, too buried in his sudden insecurities to add that they had also called him old. Thank goodness Sherlock didn’t care about such petty ideas.

    By floppybelly URL on 03.19.2012

  11. a display or competition of what a particular culture labels as beautiful. Usually for women but also available for men.

    By kate on 03.19.2012

  12. where do i start? i can only think of prom pageants? not even sure what this wrods mean to be honest. well if i had to make up a meaning i would say that it meant that it was a place where people meet for a social gathering including persons from your school. It might not actually mean that lol.

    By scott on 03.19.2012

  13. The creepy children line up with make up caked on their faces. Their mothers stand on the side lines wishing it was them. Some last touches and they’re on their way. Strutting their baby stuff, their parents dancing along with them. Sweet God. I will never subject my child to such a thing. Even more embarrassing are the parents.

    By James Haertel on 03.19.2012

  14. Beauty. What does it mean to show it off? Do we do so for others or ourselves? Hopefully the latter. Let’s have a real pageant; I’ll be me and you be you. Interested? It will be a glorious event in which we celebrate our own being or being.

    By Kelly URL on 03.19.2012

  15. A pageant is an event in which people gather to admire gorgeous people, particularitly women. These women will dress up in all sorts of outfits that range from swimwear, dress clothes, casual wear, etc, etc.

    By Naomi on 03.19.2012

  16. useless competition
    displaying what you have
    as if you have nothing else worth anything more

    used by a billion
    chewed up and old
    nothing left
    but your miserable soul

    By Nightawait URL on 03.19.2012

  17. beauty, there are so many people around looking at the girls standing on the stage. all of them smiling and staring on but no one knows who they really are or how they really feel about the things that they are saying. empty words come out of their mouths. words that have been rehearsed and forced into their brains. their mentors trick them into thinking the words are their own.

    By Nicole Finn on 03.19.2012

  18. not funny. This was the same role I had last year. I don’t want it! How many times must I be the ass?

    By eli URL on 03.19.2012

  19. ugly old people
    world peace

    non talented
    over pretty

    By angie URL on 03.19.2012

  20. Erika had always wanted to enter a pageant.

    It was silly, of course; she realized that now. And that TV show that was popular now, that Toddlers & Tiaras, had affirmed her suspicions that even if her mother HAD allowed her to participate in such a thing, there would certainly have been very little fun involved.

    By Julia A. URL on 03.19.2012

  21. when little girls and a lot of people go around and look tarty. its not a good thing because, they are only small. like pageanting around in silly frily dresses.

    By jamie URL on 03.19.2012

  22. One word which I cannot define, nor pronounce, but understands it’s concept once spoken by someone. Weird.

    By Johnny on 03.19.2012

  23. They all stood before the crowd – a single line on display in a ceremonial fashion that awed and amazed.

    By Robyn URL on 03.19.2012

  24. My house is clean my homework is done my car has enough gas in it my clothes look nice I am on time and I woke up this morning I painted my nails and washed my hair I remember to plug in my laptop I have a cupcake.

    By Elio Hawkins URL on 03.19.2012

  25. It was all make believe, you know, the way the lights shined in her eyes. Her hair was not hers, her nails are fake. She cannot touch anything really. Figments of her imagination covered up with pigment. Her face is not hers to keep forever.

    By Ray URL on 03.19.2012

  26. And there i was, at the strangest event of my life. a lizard pageant. each were dressed in all kinds of costumes and even had, what one might call, a musical routine.

    By Colin Hazard on 03.19.2012

  27. It’s entirely too bad that pageants showcase the worst in people. Greed, arrogance, shallow skin-deep beauty….I wish that we could have a brain pageant, and showcase the gorgeous, sexy mystery of the human mind.

    By Painterspoon URL on 03.19.2012

  28. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What lengths will we go to to make you smile at us, just to have you upon our faces.

    By Melody on 03.19.2012

  29. I’ve never understood parents. Not just the ones who dress their children up in clown makeup, send them scary and smiling like rabid dogs out into the world. No, I never really understand any other parents. I understand myself and my motives and how great I want the dudes to be. But when others berate and glare at their kids, I feel thick. That’s the only way to describe it. Thick.

    By Trey URL on 03.19.2012

  30. Beauty queens and little girls vying for the tittle of being the best, the brightest, but most importantly (or so they think) the most beautiful. No inner-beauty pageant. Who is the most classically beautiful of them all? Winner takes all.

    By Janis on 03.19.2012

  31. So when a little girl is entered into a beauty pageant, one must wonder, is it truly the desire of the little kid herself to be the center of attention, solely focused on winning prizes from an early age, being used as a proxy by parents that feel they haven’t accomplished all they needed to accomplish in their lives? It’s sad, really.

    By Z-man on 03.19.2012

  32. Lots of stupid girls in ugly dresses with too much make up on trying to get a self esteem from being called pretty by people they dont know. a complete waste of time and money and turns children into brats

    By Hannah on 03.19.2012

  33. pageant of the bizarre. all mask wearers. who are they really? who wins the crown at the end of it all? tumultuous. fascade.

    By dawn on 03.19.2012

  34. equality, happiness, love

    By jacqui salisbury on 03.19.2012

  35. pretty people to be what they’re not. why?

    By jctoots URL on 03.19.2012

  36. This dress is uncomfortable. My makeup’s not right. I’m afraid I’ll fall off the stage. I don’t think I know my song very well. These other girls don’t like me. I dread the talent competition. Mom, why do you make me do these things. I’m only 3.

    By Sandra URL on 03.19.2012

  37. she was glorious looking. the audience gushed over her beauty. Luscious and in control she was wonderful.

    By Wattlezzz on 03.19.2012

  38. I have always wanted to be in a pageant. I think it would be fun. I can’t decide what I would do for a talent though. Maybe acting. It would be really neat.

    By Hilary on 03.19.2012

  39. a pageant can be many different things like a beuaty or talent . i have never enter on but i head there really fun. I think it would be awesome to enter on.

    By Lauren on 03.19.2012

  40. queens crowns horrible scary worst idea ever because it makes girls think that life is about how we all look and not how we are on the inside.

    By Lizzy on 03.19.2012