May 9th, 2012 | 132 Entries

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132 Entries for “outgoing”

  1. I was outgoing once, it brought me pain and the worst heartache ever, but also the brightest and most dazzling happiness i have ever had the grace to endure. Be outgoing.

    By Colton on 05.09.2012

  2. Diane is so outgoing! She’s incredibly outgoing. She’ll talk to anyone, even the wide-eyed, drooling stranger asking for beer on the street. She won’t give him change, though, or call someone to have him taken to a hospital. But she’s unbelievably outgoing. One time she went to a party and made out with every boy there. And a couple of girls, too. They didn’t remember it in the morning. I wonder if they had any diseases. But Diane is so painfully outgoing. One time, she decided to meet my boyfriend, and they’ve been together for two years now. Even though my boyfriend said we’d get married! Isn’t that something. She’s so diabolically outgoing.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.09.2012

  3. To say that I am outgoing is to say that fish love breathing air. I a not sure if my tendency to stray from it comes from my mother denying that friends are in any way useful. Or if maybe it was coding in my genes, given to me through a long line of introverted familia women

    By Niki on 05.09.2012

  4. Outgoing packages leaving the post office. a girl is waiting for a box from a friend she hasn’t seen in years. when is it going to get here she ponders, staring out at the rain pouring down. She contemplated how many years had passed since she had saw him last. She used to mean so much to him, but she never told him how she felt. After all the time that had accumulated between the two of them she didn’t realize until recently that she truly had loved him more than anyone else she had been with since. Life is funny that way, you never know what you have until it’s gone. She wished she knew what was in the package he was sending her. Weeks passed and it finally arrived. She sliced the box open with a dull pair of scissors in a hurry. The box regretfully contained old love letters and pictures that he had saved of them together. Her face got hot and big tears began sliding down her cheeks. “I ruin everything I touch.” She whispered.

    By Tea on 05.09.2012

  5. Warm day
    After first winter rains
    Gazing deeply
    By the lake
    Dragonfly wings
    Dart and stall
    Across dark reed tips

    White wings
    Yawn, fold
    Here, there
    In the lush lakebed
    That awaits her sinking

    A long pool
    Shimmers upward
    Fairy tale castles
    Drift landward

    A brown kite
    Spirals slowly
    Over scrub, bank, water
    Gazing inward
    This break
    In the rain

    By minimalist URL on 05.09.2012

  6. I need to be more outgoing.
    In the literal sense of the word…
    As in going out. I’m too much of a homebody
    Lazing away and writing about things I’ve
    Never known. Wonder what I would write
    About if I saw more of the world?

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 05.09.2012

  7. She’s the social butterfly she’s got the hype she’s just his type but she’ll never be the blonde in a love song because outgoing is just her mail and her dreams have all set sail and she’s working nine to five in a minor governmental office and she’s in love with the tv and bugles and diet coke and she chokes on the feeling that she ought to have had something more.

    By KelseyPR URL on 05.09.2012

  8. Never worry about the outgoing things in your life. What matters is what comes in

    By Omkar Thakur on 05.10.2012

  9. And there was a fumbling
    Spilling frothing
    To her speech.

    He licked the foam from her lips
    And smirked at her blushing cheeks.

    You are more incredible now than you’ve ever been,
    Were you ever fourteen?

    By Jocelyn Meadows URL on 05.10.2012

  10. I know you hate that I will never be as outgoing as you.

    By tericampos URL on 05.10.2012

  11. I used to be so outgoing, now I stay home staring out my window wondering where everyone is going.

    By Aingeala on 05.10.2012

  12. I used to be so outgoing, now I stay home staring out my window wondering where everyone is going. Where is everyone going?

    By Aingeala on 05.10.2012

  13. I like to sit in the quiet, where nothing moves and my breath is but a touch upon my own skin, damp and cold. I can pretend that my voice echoes off of newly white painted walls, wrapping me up in my own words that I wish that I wouldn’t have to say. I can’t make you do anything, can’t make you live, can’t make you die, can’t make you believe, can’t make you love, and can’t make you see anything but what you already see. I like to sit in the quiet because I can pretend nothing ever happened, because nothing ever did happen in the end and won’t ever happen.

    By みか★ちゃん URL on 05.10.2012

  14. Outgoing. yes, I am.
    When I know my role, I go out, and I do it whole heartedly.
    But people confuse outgoing with its opposite.
    Can outgoing people be shy? yes.
    Just as someone who is brave can also be scared,
    then I, too can be a shy person.

    By Susannah URL on 05.10.2012

  15. I wanted to become more outgoing; that is why I had the drama societh. But somehow ppretending to be someone else, just made me hide the real me even more, plus I was rubbish at it.

    By kirsty booth URL on 05.10.2012

  16. She was outgoing and funny. Her hair glistened and shown about a perfect face. She was everything I wasn’t. Standing back among the shadows I’d watch her, my sister. The center of attention always. I was merely – the brain. It was nothing I could wear or flaunt.

    By Grace URL on 05.10.2012

  17. She was the painting- vibrant, bold, inviting attention. He was the picture frame- solid, dependable, unnoticeable. Her every movement seemed to epitomize vitality and youthfulness, flitting through people’s lives in a whirlwind of indelible zestiness. His measured words and actions were imprinted carefully and deliberately into the floorboards of life. Her eyes- carefree and daring- glittered with an unquenchable lust for freedom. His eyes observed; looked on; considered. Unaware, she defied the notion of outgoing, the iridescence of her laughter drawing people in; swarms of varying greys and browns as the moths blindly gathered around her flame. He thought in multi-dimension, saw the light from a different perspective. She was the painting- vibrant, bold, inviting attention. He was the picture frame- solid, dependable, unnoticeable.

    The world needs more picture frames.

    By Jacklin on 05.10.2012

  18. He was the outgoing one. Always being invited out, everyone wanting to be his friend and always the centre of attention. She felt small beneath him, almost insignificant. He didn’t mean this though, but she just couldn’t help thinking that he would be better off with someone else

    By midnightmadness URL on 05.10.2012

  19. “You have never been an outgoing person, and because of that, in the relationship stakes, you have not had a fair crack at the whip,” she said.
    “I don’t know that I have ever wanted to crack a whip, least of all in the context of a relationship,” I replied. It was a mistake. People that are so sure of themselves, like Lizzy, never have a sense of humour and always think you are laughing at them. It is really hard to keep a straight face sometimes, but I wasn’t trying to be cruel.

    By Meredyth URL on 05.10.2012

  20. Tags on baggage and boarding pass checked. Frequent-flier points through the roof.
    I sit in departures with my eyes on the runway, watching other planes come and go. All these people with their return flights, their homes to return to, families and friends to return to, lives to return to.
    I’m only ever outgoing.

    By Barber URL on 05.10.2012

  21. pekin

    By mosa__1 on 05.10.2012

  22. Her hope lies between summer and spring, the short period of time when the days are hot enough to warm her skin. She met him during the days one of the rare spring storms hit her little town, his smile infectious and engaging under the harsh wind. She can never forget him, because he’ll always greet her a good morning even when the storm wouldn’t let up.

    By circinus URL on 05.10.2012

  23. to feel outgoing, to have places to be, to have people who depend on you – i wonder what it would be like.

    By t URL on 05.10.2012

  24. As a child, Jean-Luc Picard wasn’t exactly outgoing. He spent most of his time in his room, doing school work or thinking about the day that he would captain a Starship. He didn’t have many friends and spent most of his weekends alone. He could never dream of having friends.

    Then he became the Captain of the Starship Enterprise.

    By Damaris URL on 05.10.2012

  25. She was frowned upon.
    Women weren’t meant to be like her.
    Ladies weren’t meant to be like her.
    She was non-conforming.
    She had friends.
    She was … outgoing.
    Such audacity. Such insult. To tradition.

    By selzilla URL on 05.10.2012

  26. THAT YUONG LADY IS VERY OUT GOING AND I AM NOT IT IS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!out going means that a person is fun and basically will do anything.

    By loulou88888 URL on 05.10.2012

  27. Outgoing!!!
    “Mom I’m an outgoing student!!!”
    ” Well…Thats good”
    ” I know…Next time I’m going to be GOING OUT of school” :)

    By poseidon619 URL on 05.10.2012

  28. To me outgoing means fun,funny,nice,loving anything like that.My friend is very outgoing.

    By baseball12 URL on 05.10.2012

  29. outgoing is a word that fits a person who kind of puts themselves out there and aren’t afraid of what the world has to say about them. they have a lot of self confidents.

    By mak!:) URL on 05.10.2012

  30. I am an outgoing person. I try out for school sports and make them, an outgoing person trys out for many things with confideds.

    By heaf13 URL on 05.10.2012

  31. I am an outgoing person. Or so I’ve been told.

    By Bubbles on 05.10.2012

  32. something that I wish to be all my life, to make sure that I don’t miss anything. something that most people already believe me to be. something that defines my friendliness. A way of living that gives you more out of life. Pair it with optimism and anything is possible.

    By shane on 05.10.2012

  33. Going out of my house
    breathing in the night air
    is the one thing in life
    I strive to do
    for the rest
    not just now
    not just now
    out of the door
    Out of the walls
    into the night

    By sunshinedaisies URL on 05.10.2012

  34. John figured Mycroft must have disconnected Sherlock’s phone after his death. It was a likely explanation as to why John’s messages never went from the “Outgoing” folder of his phone to the “Sent” folder, as though they were stuck up somewhere in the signal-laden atmosphere, floating around eternally as they tried to get to their recipient. He was somewhere even beyond their reach.

    Even still, John couldn’t bring himself to delete them. Each one felt almost like a prayer, more concrete than anything he could ever say to that cold tombstone. The messages to no-one were like a private blog on a private subject, no less effective at helping the abandoned doctor come to terms with his feelings. Every so often he would pass the time by going through them, always figuring that if something ever changed, if one of them no longer held true, he would delete it.

    21 Jan 2012, 20:43
    I don’t know how, but I know this is fake. Stop this. Come home.

    22 Jan 2012, 09:12
    Goddamnit Sherlock, whatever you think you’re trying to prove, this isn’t the way to do it. Come home already.

    30 Jan 2012, 10:24
    I really hope there’s a good reason for this. Even if there’s not, that’s okay. I hope you’re sitting out there somewhere, having a good laugh. Just as long as you’re not dead. Come back please.

    30 Jan 2012, 10:25
    I need you.

    05 Feb 2012, 12:46
    I met up with an old friend from the Army today, you might have liked him. He’s even more handy with a gun than I am. I hope you come back soon so you can meet him.

    12 Mar 2012, 21:23
    I miss you. The city misses you. Lestrade misses you. I’d say your brother misses you, but I haven’t talked to him. You should see the graffiti, Sherlock, we all believe in you. I just wish you were here to be believed in.

    04 May 2012, 07:12
    Mrs. Hudson had a break-in just now, I only just got to her in time. Dunno what I’d do if I lost both of you.

    15 Jun 2012, 23:40
    I don’t like to believe that you’re actually dead, you know. My leg hurts an awful lot these days. If you’re out there somewhere, please come back.

    By floppybelly URL on 05.10.2012

  35. Wisst ihr, ich bin nicht sehr kontaktfreudig. Wenn ich mal raus gehe, dann mit meinen Freunden, im sicheren Rudel. Es ist wichtig für mich, der harten kalten Welt nicht alleine ausgesetzt zu sein. Warum? Keine Ahnung! Ich hab einfach das Gefühl ich darf nicht verletzlich sein! Was Unsinn ist, denn ich glaube kaum, dass draußen alle Männer nur darauf warten MIR zu begegnen und MIR weh zu tun. Aber es kommt mir so vor…

    By Deni URL on 05.10.2012

  36. Outgoing means it is easy for you to talk to people or do things that other people can’t do. Like if you think some random person is pretty and you tell them, or started a conversation with someone you don’t even know. Things like that or doing really awesome stuff like if you are trying to start a petition for school and you talk to people about, or maybe you like to rock climb.

    By kayla URL on 05.10.2012

  37. Outgoing means it is easy for you to talk to people or do things that other people can’t do. Like if you think some random person is pretty and you tell them, or started a conversation with someone you don’t even know. Things like that or doing really awesome stuff like if you are trying to start a petition for school and you talk to people about it, or maybe you like to rock climb.

    By kayla URL on 05.10.2012

  38. I’m not an outgoing person. I don’t like to talk to people I don’t know, or mingle with the crowd. I’m fine staying in my little corner and watching everyone go by.

    By Julie on 05.10.2012

  39. My friends call me “outgoing”. They say that I would always ask them to do daring stuff and asks them to follow me around the country. I was quite of a daredevil. I was friendly with people and have different types of friends who would not seem to get along with each other. So I was a kind of a barrier in between us so that we all could be friends.

    By Jamjamstoneage on 05.10.2012

  40. social, going away with friends, going to parties, having fun, not staying home. meet new people, talk to people about their interests

    By Loris on 05.10.2012