February 6th, 2014 | 84 Entries

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84 Entries for “orphans”

  1. Crying children in dirty beds lined the wall of the orphanage. There were so many I wanted to fake them all, but that was not possible with my situation. How could so many small babies be cast aside like rags that mean nothing

    By Ashley URL on 02.06.2014

  2. Little orphan Annie and her parentless pals, they all went down to the Leapin’ Lizards Bar, and on every TV there’s Tammy Faye, the Rocky Horror Christian, now parentless, too, and also dead, staggering down God’s highway looking for a place to rest and falling into a Messner family grave in Kansas where Dorothy still lives, aunt-less, but witch-free, in her magical red shoes. Click them twice for me, Annie whispered, for the bartender wouldn’t change the channel, and in hindsight Annie realized the first sign of trouble was the bartender wouldn’t let Sandy in.

    By Miss Alister URL on 02.06.2014

  3. An orphan is someone who has no one to care for them. No one to love and take care of them. Everyone has there own orphan inside. That’s why you need to care for everyone. That’s why you have to care for everyone. Trust me someone will care for you. The good friends never leave you. Never abandon you. Never leave you helpless. Never take off. No the good friends stay until you can take care of yourself. When they know you have someone who cares. And that someone is you.

    By Maxwell on 02.06.2014

  4. Lonely, struggle. Hardship. Love. Happiness! Fear. Friends

    By Carla on 02.06.2014

  5. Struggle. Fear. Independence. Strength. Friends. Love.

    By Carla on 02.06.2014

  6. Orphans. Sad people. No one who loves them. No one who cares. Constantly looking for the someone who will. There is an orphan in all of us. Looking for someone who cares. Don’t worry someone will. Good friends never leave never say goodby never take off. Good friends only leave when they know there is someone else besides them who cares. That someone is you. All you have to do is start caring.

    By Maxwell URL on 02.06.2014

  7. we lose
    what we love
    and all

    By katiekieran URL on 02.06.2014

  8. .

    By Emily Anne on 02.06.2014

  9. Im not an orphan. No really, I am not!! I don’t even know anyone that is one, I mean Orphan. I think its sad. You know, dont have parents, because thats what makes you an orphan…

    By Ninde on 02.06.2014

  10. The Victorian-era waifs of your imagination in their ghostly petticoats are not the real children of the streets of Africa (if you could call those streets.) Sometimes they have holes in their clothes. Sometimes they have guns. Sometimes they play with dolls.

    By Yona URL on 02.06.2014

  11. How sad it is to think some children grow up without parents. They don’t know the warmth of a welcome home hug, nor have they felt the anger after a quarrel. I just want to adopt them all and tell them it’s going to be okay. I’ll be there for them always.

    By Tris on 02.06.2014

  12. She let go of her daughter’s hands for the last time in her life. All she could think about while walking away was how they were always going to be called orphans from now on. And it was all her fault.

    By diana m URL on 02.06.2014

  13. Widows and orphans in typography. They will drive you crazy, once you discover who they are. Old fashioned typing class, old fashioned even in 1975, with the manual typewriter. So technical and such a skill. Now we type with your thumbs and most people don’t recognize a widow or orphan when they see one.

    By Ruth Levitsky URL on 02.06.2014

  14. I was trying to portrait an orphan. Mr. Bauer yelled across the room “are you blind? Do you not have feet? What are you doing?” I was used to his methods of teaching, but I suppose my acting skill weren’t up to par with his standards! I’d never been a play before, what did I know!?

    By Brooke Tuinei on 02.06.2014

  15. Some days at the orphanage the other orphans would play hide and go seek. Me? I would read in the corner by the biggest window in the building. I knew I didn’t belong here. My parents were going to come back any day to come get me. I wasn’t a real orphan, just a misplaced kid for a while.

    By neuroticwriter URL on 02.06.2014

  16. The orphans looked at each other in exasperation. What was going to happen to them they wondered. They had been left alone again, but this time the situation was different. This time it was dangerous.

    By Taylor on 02.06.2014

  17. I want to play little orphan annie. this is my big secret. I am an actress, i am far too old to play a ten year old. I am above middle school production shows like that. I am a sophisticated young women, I worship Sondheim and Chekov. But when I close my eyes, I want to be Annie.

    By Emma URL on 02.06.2014

  18. orphans…the smallest of left out thoughts in any dialogue…the unfinished sentences left forgotten and unclaimed…her vision was to find them and reclaim for them all some wonderful place where others could find them, too…

    By Aliza Wiseman URL on 02.06.2014

  19. Yo, said the guy sitting besides me at the bar.

    Yes? I said. I wasn’t in the mood for this.

    Bro, he said, I just realized something. We’re all orphans.

    I’ve got my family, thank you very much.

    Yes, our families raised us up so that we can drink away our Fridays, where are our mothers now? to take us away from this kindergarten. He gestured around.

    We’re not orphans. We’re just grown-up.

    Grown-up, he repeated. He lit up, and the bar manager told him to snuff it, and he dropped it into his drink and watched the ashes.

    By Holden URL on 02.06.2014

  20. “What are you going to do next, oh evil one?” asked the general sardonically. “Burn down the puppy farms and starve the orphans?”

    “Oh, please,” replied the Overlord. “That’s painfully stereotypical. Besides, I’m malicious. I’m not evil.”

    “If you check a thesaurus, I’m sure those are synonymous,” grumbled the general under her breath as the Overlord turned his attention back to his gathered legion of minions.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.06.2014

  21. Waisen sind Kinder ohne Eltern. Das gibt es nicht. Waisen sind Kinder mit Eltern die gestorben sind. Jedes Kind hat Eltern. Aber manche Kinder kennen ihre Eltern nicht. Weil sie tot sind. Diese Kinder kennen andere Eltern, wenn sie Glück haben. Vielleicht leben sie auch in einem Heim. Manche Waisen sterben einfach, weil es keine anderen Eltern und keine Heime gibt. Es gibt Länder, in denen gibt es viele Waisen. Es gibt Länder in denen gibt es viele Waisen, aber nicht lange. Nehme ich an. Bei uns ist das anders.

    By mue on 02.06.2014

  22. God said that we should take care of the windows and the Orphans and that this was true religion. I think it’s true and that it is something we can forget about a lot of the times. We need to constantly be looking outside ourselves to help those in need.

    By Jake on 02.06.2014

  23. It’s not like I remember what it was like to have parents. I had a mum for precisely 36 minutes. If I’ve got a dad, no one knows who or where he is and he clearly wants to keep it that way. So really being an orphan is just a normal state of being for me. I don’t know any different

    Except there is still this vague general sense of incompleteness. Like my heart and body know there is something absent even my head tells me it doesn’t matter. Like there are some connections that are meant to be there that are now just loose dangling cords plugging into nothing. I’m battery operated when I’m meant to be plugged into a source. Maybe that means my batteries are going to run out at some point – what happens then? I don’t even know. Maybe I’ll just stop existing and no one will even notice.

    By Jessie URL on 02.06.2014

  24. One of my church groups has a policy to help widows and orphans first. How does one decide who to give their extra time and money to? I have a policy, “first bum, first serve.” I started it after walking down Central in Albuquerque and 5 people asked me for money in one block. It’s sad that I can’t help everyone that needs it. I’ve been on the other side of the hand out plenty of times. So, on a daily basis, I try to at lest,help the first person who asks.Some orphans adjust and some don’t. I think it’s very sad that so many get tossed from home to home. I know one from Liberia whose parents were killed and then he walked almost across all of Africa avoiding gunfire. He is a very spiritual man now and I pray he gets his American citizenship soon.

    By Minnie on 02.06.2014

  25. I saw him in the corner. Ruddy face and dirty cheeks. His hair matted and the golden brown concealed by layers of dirt and oil. He hugged an old blanket close to his cheek, reminding me of my mistake. That’s him, I told my husband. What, are you sure? Yes, so very sure.

    By DeVeaux on 02.06.2014

  26. We are all orphans in the end

    By Paul URL on 02.06.2014

  27. “Time makes orphans of us all.”

    “It’s a hard knock life for us.”

    “I’m not your sister. You’re not my brother. But as two orphans, we can be in this together.”

    By Intuition URL on 02.06.2014

  28. “Oh! Just look at all these cute, little orphans!” Mary Ann cooed as her and her husband walked into the orphanage. “Oh! Which one should we adopt?” She asked excitedly, bright blue eyes beaming with joy.

    “Any of ’em is fine with me…” Eduard said as he let out a little sigh, he wasn’t too fond of kids.

    By Kenzie URL on 02.06.2014

  29. There parents had died, making them both orphans.

    By kiki on 02.06.2014

  30. The orphans were cold and restless, their feet bare on the cold, hard tiles. “Let us out!” They cried. “We need food!” one said, “We need clothes!” said another.

    “Please. Help us.”

    By Brett Jonas URL on 02.06.2014

  31. I sat on the edge of the stiff bed, staring down at my small, pale hands, which were folded neatly in my lap. I was tired of this thing, where I went to a new home every time I messed up, and going through this whole thing of meeting the family and unpacking my belongings and them acting like I was going to stay there, which was, with past experience, extremely improbable.

    By mistybird on 02.06.2014

  32. I’m not scared. I’m lonely, hungry, starving, cold, but I will never be scared. I don’t need parents to nurture me in order to feel brave. If anything, being an orphan has made me stronger. I may be a lone, but I am fearless.

    By grace.o URL on 02.06.2014

  33. alone, together. finding peace in grouped seemingly unorganized chaos planned for the day. meaning becomes central and forefront

    By Anna URL on 02.06.2014

  34. Lost, broken, fatherless, motherless. Full of fear, timidity. Lacking love, lacking courage, lacking identity. We stumble across this world with little hope and little joy. Imagination and desperateness are our greatest abundance, we hunger and cry out, believing there is more. Then our father, without a moment of hesitation, breaks through the darkness, breaks through the opression and wins us over. His son, his favourite son, joins in with him in every effort, shares with us his robe and his ring. They welcome us to his family. What love is this?

    By Jose on 02.06.2014

  35. “Faith! Sarah!” Clover called to the other two.
    ”what?!” Sarah replied.
    ”I found the stone!”
    ”really?!” Faith yelled.
    ”yeah! the stone of immortality! come on, we’ll be immortal!” Clover said.

    By Faith on 02.06.2014

  36. I’m an orphan. yeah, i am. STOP ARGUEING! crap, sorry. well, i do have one sister, Leigah, and a brother, Jake. I’m Lisa, just so ya know. I’m the center of attention allot. I’m always in trouble. crap, in it right now! bye!

    By Faith on 02.06.2014

  37. Orphan. I guess that’s what I am now. I had watched my father waste away in the hospital bed for the next three months. Now he lies underground next to my mother’s grave. I don’t know if I am even sad that he’s gone. If I had even loved him.

    By Doug URL on 02.06.2014

  38. Fuck, not that one. I don’t like seeing that word, being reminded of it. It’s always put out there with a subtle emphasis. I don’t know how precisely to describe it but you know what I mean. They’re orphans. Orphans. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s a fantasy word. There’s very little value behind what is trying to be expressed. Let people be people and stop harassing me.

    By DMM URL on 02.06.2014

  39. i am an orphan and have been for a long time. well, not exactly. abandoned more like. i dont know who my parents are or where they are. but i do know they are not dead. they are not dead but they left me here. i have no were to go and id like to know who they are. they are the most mysterious people i know, and the ones i will probably never know. at least thats what i thought.

    By teresa on 02.06.2014

  40. She was an orphan of her own mind. Because she believed herself to be alone, she was. It wasn’t so much that others had stopped wanting to love her, they simply couldn’t. Her belief in loneliness was overwhelming not just to her but everyone around her. Until, finally, she sat in the snow in solitude.

    By transientme URL on 02.06.2014