April 12th, 2011 | 478 Entries

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478 Entries for “obsolete”

  1. nothingness,something that stupid, unnecessary, something mysterious, errie, uncool.i odnt knowita. i love you. i cant stop thinking about you. i think about you at night and in the morning and every second ofmy day. you are obsolete, i do not understand you. i dont understand what yo

    By Maria on 04.12.2011

  2. obsolete. this word makes me think of computer and old technology, but I suppose it can be applied to anything. like people. people can be obsolete. I can kill people. you can kill people, if you want. wanna be friends? friends is a TV show I don’t watch it though. I want to watch the movie Super. also, I want to watch Super 8. I wanna die. what?

    By Brandon on 04.12.2011

  3. The obsolete, always absolute, nothing resolute, everything destitute.

    By Ashley on 04.12.2011

  4. one word,thats all.Just one,and its all over.”But this is much more than one word” you may think.Well it is,but oh well.

    By Tessa Ryan on 04.12.2011

  5. you shouldn’t think that as you get older you become obsolete you should just live life one day at a time and enjoy what happens good or bad :D

    By jason warman on 04.12.2011

  6. “marriage is an obsolete trap,” a famous french actress said. perhaps. perhaps not for some. obsolete things are okay, but if they contribute only to people’s unhappiness, they should go.

    By Kaorita on 04.12.2011

  7. the little man in the big pink suit, stripes flowing down his body. the world around him silent and solid. he waits on the front porch slimy stairs. his mind is spinning and the pavement is soggy. how i wish I could talk to this man. my mind strays somewhere else. the universe is obsolete and so am i and so is he. and that was that.

    By olivia on 04.12.2011

  8. gone
    everything you knowfinished, extinct.
    everything you had
    everything you loved
    never returning
    not useful anymore

    By smr URL on 04.12.2011

  9. no longer existent. gone. extinct. empty. we’re talking about something that used to be good but isn’t anymore. old celebrities. diet fads. slap bracelets.

    By Alori on 04.12.2011

  10. Crumpled and broken, creaking and stained, the doll sat slumped in the corner, one glass eye longingly watching the world go by while the other saw a black reality split in two as it lay cracked and obsolete, tucked away in her little apron, long since having abandoned a now eerily gaping socket. Trash day is tomorrow.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 04.12.2011

  11. Chink, chank, tick tick tack tick tick tick clunk tick tack tack ding!
    Return carriage.
    Well, that’s the way typing used to sound. All mechanical and very deliberate with lots of thought into what is written. Now it’s obsolete. And we have a delete button.

    By DayleSnail URL on 04.12.2011

  12. Everything that I felt for you
    is out the door. Obsolete and gone.

    You lied and cheated your way
    into my heart you stole my kiss
    you stole my touch.

    I hope you find your way
    to where the idols go.

    By Destin URL on 04.12.2011

  13. It’s the old fashioned, back road that follows through when it says its going to do something. By gosh and golly, you say you’ll be here at ten and you actually show up? That’s so old, so far gone, far away–you do what you say, and I laugh in your face, because we all know that waiting was not intended to be a promise made to keep. It’s one of those things you just say you’ll do, like saying you’ll help with my math papers, and then you don’t. Because I don’t’ really need help, and you don’t’ really know what it feels like to love.

    By Lancir URL on 04.12.2011

  14. we live this is obsolete world. we never believe in anything. we doubt everything. we dont even know what were unsure of, were just unsure of anything. the same way we dont know how to feel about clear rolling papers we feel about our minds.

    By s.b. on 04.12.2011

  15. What does it matter what we do in the world, what difference we make? The world as we know it will be gone someday and all we will be is a pile of dirt somewhere in the ground.

    By kdh on 04.12.2011

  16. you used to tell me to make a mistake, that you’d be my mistake.

    that got old real quick.

    you see, whenever you’d hold me close then push me away, that just made you seem less perfect and rounded around the corners.

    sooner or later, you’d be a piece of machinery, and the time would come for me to dispose of the old and obsolete.

    By Shermaine URL on 04.12.2011

  17. obsolete is a word beginning with O and ending in e. The letters b, s, o, l, e and t are in between. O is the letter that comes before p and after n. it is circular, and hollow.

    By Big Leon on 04.12.2011

  18. Obsolete is what our world is. I stare around at the destruction. The nuclear bomb destroyed everything. It’s all gone. I think of another thing that’s obsolete. Love. That’s what lead us down this path. We should have loved out fellow man. Maybe if we’d done that, the world wouldn’t be a wasteland now.

    By 0_oJust Me on 04.12.2011

  19. Slut! You, sir, are a Slut. Get yoself a job. You and your big ol’ droopy pockets. You should be ashamed of yourself. Get out! Get out of this province! And all the other ones, for that matter. Babe.

    By Big Leon on 04.12.2011

  20. into oblivion ideas run wild. Many determined to make it into existence, but the sea runs endless. Forever more the ideas once thought to be masterpieces, now thrown down into the abyss that labels them obsolete. reminds me of oboe.

    By StatiKink URL on 04.12.2011

  21. The world went dark as my eyes shut and I thought about the concept of built in obsoleteness. The idea that everything is now being made so that it can be replaced. Does that include us as human beings? Everyone wants to know the secret to living longer but the longer we live the more out of touch we are likely to become with newer technologies and concepts.

    By Gabrielle URL on 04.12.2011

  22. Old and not needed anymore it is just another thing passed and bypassed by newer things that may or may not be better but people think it is obsolete even though it can still be of use to someone.

    By zeedelaz on 04.12.2011

  23. In technology, they talk about “planned obsolescence.” Sometimes, even people become obsolete; their careers, mostly, in that context. But when one has done a job for a long time that is suddenly no more, it’s hard not to feel that they themselves have become useless, superfluous.

    By lil_nail URL on 04.12.2011

  24. dismal. lonely. the most isolated corner of earth. obscure. lonesome. i think?…

    By Lexie on 04.12.2011

  25. there was a smell in the air that was indescribable to modern man. no smog. no fire.

    trees. the smell of trees was wafting through the air, cooling my nostrils and filling my lungs. for the first time: trees.

    By melissa on 04.12.2011

  26. Scrawled in black letters across an opache screen. Her time is up. She has grown too old for this world. It is a horrible thing when a person becomes obsolete. Did this happen… when the world was young? so young… nothing could be old?

    By sophie on 04.12.2011

  27. I stand there in the shadows, watching everybody around me. I stand there, out of time, out of shape and out of friends. I knew that I was obsolete. They had moved onm had changed. I stayed the same. i didn’t want to change. I didn’t want to be different. I wanted to life in the life that I had forever. Why did they have to change? When did being who we were become out of style? I liked being who were were. What’s wrong with that?

    By Carly on 04.12.2011

  28. She was nullified by the glow shining from The Girls, those who owned the school. It wasn’t a teen movie kind of leading- no gossip girls or mean girls or whatnot. They just were great- charismatic, funny, beautiful, clever, athletic. Officers of every team, star pupils, captains on the teams. And they glowed. Not the spray-tan glow- again, this is no teen movie drama. They had an aura about them that shone on others and made them feel good, like a cat in a sunbeam. But her- they didn’t make her feel good. She had her own light; it just wasn’t bright enough to compete with Them, and so therefore, became maddeningly, depressingly, painfully obsolete.

    By Jaylee on 04.12.2011

  29. The use of ummmmm Calvary is obsolete because now we have guns. ANd ummm ya because we are in the modern era, we now can use the internet to access many things. Examples include peanuts, music, art, and books.

    By Michael Garcia on 04.12.2011

  30. why am i obsolete? am i obsolete? nah, maybe not. to others? sure. But does their opinion matter? in the long run, no. but we are in the now. and right now…i guess i still don’t care if others think i’m obsolete. the point is that i don’t. and that’s good.

    By Jessica Hazelett on 04.12.2011

  31. oh man!!! time might become obsolete if I don’t use it wisely! I hope that I don’t become obsolete! Scott Walker and his cronies should become obsolete! Not necessary!

    By Melanie URL on 04.12.2011

  32. Something that no longer matters. That no one cares about. It’s almost as if it has vanished in thin air. It’s basically nonexistent. How depressing it must be to become obsolete? Like you have just fallen off the face of the earth.

    By Caroline URL on 04.12.2011

  33. I stand there, watching, and sighing. I can’t believe they would do this to me. They just left me like I was last months shirt. They were so willing to ditch me, to change, to be popular. Did they forget who they were? What was wrong with who they were- who who I am? I like being me. It’s fun. They all changed so fast. Why? Were they not happy? Did they want to move on to the new model? Just because I am stuck in our ‘old ways’ doesn’t mean I’m obsolete! Or… does it?

    By Carly URL on 04.12.2011

  34. There was a man in a desert. It was all so obsolete. No one was around and there was just the sound of the tumble weeds crawling around. The snakes rattle were coming close and the man was jsut there standing. He was not sacred of the presence of anything. He was jsut there. satdning.

    By clo on 04.12.2011

  35. Obsolete. Unreachable. Unattainable. Unfathomable. So far away that it was practically nonexistent. The tiny speck in the distance which had faded to nothing, along with whatever meager supply of hope had remained. This is how he pictured his ultimate goal, his life’s only purpose, as her pen scribbled her signature onto the paper in indelible ink, forming the unbreakable chains that would bind him to his past forever. It was gone. It was all gone.

    By Maddie on 04.12.2011

  36. for me, shoes are obsolete. flip flops, sandals, walking in the grass barefoot. even in winter, with my toes bright red and my feet numb from the chill, i avoid wearing anything to cover them. i don’t think i’m a masochist, but i believe that i never need to wear shoes. and i intend to follow that.

    By Eli on 04.12.2011

  37. big big shapes far away that i cant identify because i just dont thinkn anymore, ever since it happened i’ve just been gone emotionally who am i? someone tell me. im obsolete obsolete

    By Madra on 04.12.2011

  38. Hahahahah. That’s funny. Obsolete. Like that would ever happen. Everything’s so shiny and new, so up to date! The only thing that is obsolete is obsolescence. Heheheh, obsolete. Hmmm… wait I…!!

    By DayleSnail URL on 04.12.2011

  39. Obsolete is how i feel at the moment. Like anything i say or do won’t matter in a couple of days anyways. I could work hard and be the best me possible but in the end it’ll all dissappear. Hopeless is the best description to this feeling. I can’t even be bothered to have hope, it’ll all go away some day anyways, so why waste the time now?

    By karolisha URL on 04.12.2011

  40. Many things were obsolete: the cassette tape, the gramophone, the need for a law about horses and cars; but it was her greatest fear that she would join them. She, too, would become obsolete in time and be replaced by something better, more useful. She didn’t want to become a cassette tape. She was a human being, and she wanted to be reassured that she had more worth than that.

    By Emma Hugbear URL on 04.12.2011