March 12th, 2011 | 404 Entries

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404 Entries for “obsessed”

  1. I am obsessed with small creatures that cannot be seen, scabies mites, bookworms, head lice..

    By Aingeala on 03.12.2011

  2. love
    my life
    mi friends
    my favorites brans
    my family
    my dogs
    my ideas!
    all about me

    By andrew on 03.12.2011

  3. I’m completely obsessed with you. Not in a freaky way, of course. In a “can’t breathe, can’t see, truly, madly, deeply in love with you” kind of obsessed. When I think about you, all I want is for you to be holding me in your arms. When I see your face, I can’t help but smile. Will you be mine forever? Because I am obsessed with you.

    By Tessa on 03.12.2011

  4. I just think about the same image over and over… It’s proyecting in my mind as a movie… but I don’t have the remote control.. It just stock on my head, like a tattoo made in blood, made in my own skin. I am a prisoner of it.

    By Carolina González López-Henríquez URL on 03.12.2011

  5. Obssesion is a serisously problem with some people, since it might lead to stalking. When a person is obssed they seem to have no controlo over what they do to be able to be with or know more about his/her obssesion. It can be a good or a bad thing

    By Natasha Baltazar URL on 03.12.2011

  6. “Paul…Hello in there,” waving her hand in front of his face “anybody in there? Paul?”

    Once again, Paul was preoccupied as he drove by the scene where Gene died, which unfortunately was caddy corner to his house.

    “You’re becoming obsessed with your theory you know?” Mrs. Simmons nervously suggested.

    “I know.” Paul answered. “This thing consumes me, almost haunts me. I think I’m in real trouble.”

    By vanhaydu URL on 03.12.2011

  7. I am obsessed with television. I believe obsession is a very wide spread thing… many people have obsessions, but they don’t know it is an obsession. I wonder how obsession and addiction tie together. They seem like they would be similar.

    By Sam on 03.12.2011

  8. I was consumed by the masses. The lights all around me. The busy streets, the honking cars, the bums on every street corner, just looking for some change to feed themselves breakfast.
    I became obsessed with the city, the life, the noise, the people. Everything.
    I never want to leave this place, New York City is the place for me.

    By kristen URL on 03.12.2011

  9. I don’t remember that feeling, but perhaps it was obsession. I felt like I could have been obsessed with FC, and it didn’t seem like a healthy obsession. Is any obsession healthy? In the end, I just wanted a little more of FC…just a little.

    By A Bananie URL on 03.12.2011

  10. I am so in love with something or someone that it is impractical, fantastical, and unrealistic. This could be anything. A man, an idea, an emotion, or just an object. Today I am obsessed with Stumble.

    By Allison URL on 03.12.2011

  11. its what you are when you care so deeply about something or someone that you cant focus on yourself. This is the cure for self-obbsessionn but also a guilt for loving someone or something that cant love you back, which makes it obbsession rather than love

    By sm on 03.12.2011

  12. In the black of her eye
    he see’s his reflection
    and watched the light in it

    For a single moment alone
    he tied her down and cut her throat
    and in his hand he felt hers
    go cold.

    By Destin URL on 03.12.2011

  13. I keep thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about it. I know the constant thinking about it is bad, but I think the thing in itself is good. Very good. Very, very good. Which is why I keep thinking about it, thinking about it, thinking about it.

    By Coco URL on 03.12.2011

  14. Is it wrong to be obsessed? Or are there times when it is appropriate? Can obsession lead to great things? Or is it to be avoided?

    By Jack on 03.12.2011

  15. It’s not a matter of who or what – it’s a matter of processes. There’s a catalyst and a chain reaction. Obsession is just the end product.

    By Gingerly URL on 03.12.2011

  16. i am obsessed with being loved. i don’t know why i care so much about it. i just know that i do, and that it tears me apart. with bryce, for example. i wish that i could be my own person without him. or without anyone else. but it seems nearly impossible for me to enjoy my own company anymore. i am a social being, as much as i try not to be. i see it as sinful.
    but is it really all that bad?

    By Stephanie on 03.12.2011

  17. “Wagner was AHB-SESSED with Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. AHB-SESSED.”

    “Anybody else notice the weird way this lecturer pronounces things?” I muttered to my friend.

    “What?” she said in a frenzy of note-taking.


    “The Gesamtkunstwerk was Wagner’s GRRRHHH-EATest quest.”

    By pseudomnomnom URL on 03.12.2011

  18. She didn’t know why she was obsessed with orange juice. She just was. Simple as that. The pulp, the color, the acidity. Nothing went better with breakfast or lunch and mostly vodka.

    By Dea Phillips URL on 03.12.2011

  19. llamas. wow random. its amazong what comes out when your not thinkng about it. lalalallala BABANANANANA. i like everything. kinda. I Pray for the People in Japan. I am partially obsessed with JB!

    By Bailey on 03.12.2011

  20. when I was three, I was obsessed with Audrey Hepburn- well still am. I know- weird for a three year old to be obsessed with audrey Hepburn…. But I was also mesmerized by her grace and elegance and wanted to be just like her and Holly Golightly and move to New York City. Well, still is my dream.

    By Belle on 03.12.2011

  21. once I was obsessed with a boy. He was dating a friend of mine who I thought was the prettiest luckiest girl in the world. I thought he would never ask me out. Then one day he did. That was the day I realized two things, one, I was not pretty enough for that boy, two, I liked his girlfriend better.

    By Rebekah on 03.12.2011

  22. I look onto the blank page that lies upon my desk and write. I write, and write until my hand simply cant take it anymore. Sure you could say this small obsession may be a problem, but I don’t believe it is. It’s simply an outlet for my raging imagination. Fiction is nothing but a dream, or fear that manifests itself in my mind. Not an obsession. Or so I believe. Others may disagree. No, writing is simply a way for me to get away from it all, without actually getting away. And I’m happy that I have the freedom to do so. For if I didn’t THEN I would have a problem.

    By Katie URL on 03.12.2011

  23. SNL
    Jack Johnson
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
    Harry Potter.
    Brand New.
    The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

    By Kally URL on 03.12.2011

  24. I can laugh at my self now but back then I needed you. I wasn’t that significant to you but the little things you did were a mountain of meaning. Your smile and the glimmer in your eye. I guess I can admit now that I was obsessed. I’ve since promised myself never to feel that way again.

    By Tiz's Dream URL on 03.12.2011

  25. Okay, Alec would admit it. He was now, officially, obsessed with strawberries. It was Magnus’ fault, though! If he hadn’t made him try fondue none of it would have happened. On second though, Aec was happier than ever, because it had happened.

    By A Kitten in the Stars URL on 03.12.2011

  26. You would think with the way he was obsessed with dirigibles, Joseph would not be afraid of heights. But you would be hard pressed to even see him climb a step ladder.

    By Paul Puri URL on 03.12.2011

  27. I’m obsessed. With him. Because i can’t help it. Because he’s perfect. because he’s not. because he’s all i’ve ever wanted in a guy and hes everything i could hate in a person. and hes beautiful. and i’ve loved him forever. always have and always will. I think im obsessed. But id rather call it love.

    By N'dea on 03.12.2011

  28. i can see people looking at me from behind curious eyes, wondering just what would push me to the point where i would do what i did. i don’t really know, maybe i’m a little obsessed. you reached down in the depths of my body to the places that i don’t show anyone, like the space in the back of the attic that no one ever mentions or acknowledges. you reached down, and you broke me.

    By BRRC URL on 03.12.2011

  29. a

    By Nick URL on 03.12.2011

  30. it soon became an obsession. No one else really knew or perhaps understood the importance of it for Jane. Today she must share this joy with others.

    By Willow on 03.12.2011

  31. I am obsessed with thinking. It’s all I do day in and day out. It’s a terrible obsession that usually only leads to depression. Another ession. I don’t really like words that end in those letters. They don’t ever lead to anything good. Obsession is dangerous. Very dangerous. It must be if the first thing that comes to my mind is depression.

    By Daisy on 03.12.2011

  32. i am obsessed with penguins, I think. I have more than 70 penguins (not real ones, lol) in my house and have been to nearly all the uk zoos that have them. I know more about them than the average person and want to work with them one day. I would love to visit antarctica and see their natural habitat. I am OBSESSED.

    By IonaPenguin on 03.12.2011

  33. It isn’t healthy, what you have. You constantly think about him, constantly wishing you could know his every thought. You’d like nothing better than to be him, to actually know him, to love him like you would love yourself. I know what it’s like.

    But there’s a difference between you and me- there’s a reason why you have a restraining order against you, and he’s taking me to the movies this Friday.

    It’s all about control, love.

    By spazzycorn URL on 03.12.2011

  34. I wish I could be obsessed, watching as my husband feverishly rearranges the garage, carefully selecting a place, a spot for everything. Unfortunately, I am obsessed with sleep, which, although not productive physically, is just that–emotionally.

    By liza on 03.12.2011

  35. No one wants to admit being obsessed with anything. It’s unhealthy. Brings to mind stalkers with shrines in thier closets, the walls papered with fuzzy results of a telephoto lens. Salivating, maybe masturbating to the thought of thier obsession.
    No one wants to be obsessed with anything, I would think it would be an awful lot of work, an awful lot of time to dedicate to someone.
    There’s a difference between obsession and dedication, obsession and commitment…
    although those lines often blur, especially when viewed from a telephoto lens

    By nwellnitz URL on 03.12.2011

  36. Karie couldn’t eat, sleep, walk, catch a bus, listen to the radio, pet the dog without thinking about him and how much better it would be with him there by here side. She was, in a word, obsessed.

    By Jessica Richardson on 03.12.2011

  37. Love.
    She is obsessed with
    the idea
    of it.

    The idea
    of her
    and him.


    Through the good
    the bad.

    By L URL on 03.12.2011

  38. She was obsessed with me. At first it was like, hey, awesome, I’m dating this really hot chick who actually preferred to make out with me. But then she started getting all clingy. Phone calls, knowing where I was, wanting to hang out with me and the boys – so not cool. But when I tried to break it off, she had none of it, and that’s when she started following me around.

    By Cana URL on 03.12.2011

  39. Haiku Ni-Ju-Go:
    Why do most things suck?
    For you, mankind, are obsessed
    With being half-assed!

    By Thee-Apoth on 03.12.2011

  40. he was quite obsessed with the at the market place. She was maybe about 5’7, with long dark red hair that was gently curled. No one ever new if she curled it herself every morning, or if it was naturally like that.

    Everyday he would ride his bicycle down to the market hoping she would be on shift or at least doing a little bit of shopping herself. He had noticed that she tending to work on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. These were the busiest days down there, she must be a good worker. Once in a while she would not be at work on her normal day, so he would end up going down there every day just to see when she would be making up the day she had missed. Some days he would be down there for the whole day without seeing her, but he didn’t mind. Once he saw her again, it was all worth it in his mind.

    Thursday was very rainy and quiet. Not many people were out. He sat in the corner of the little cafe where he always sat. She was there, looking as brilliant as she always did. Her hair was in a half-pont today, but it still had a gentle curl to it. One little strand was hanging around her face, even though she kept putting it back around her ear. She was sneezing, he noticed. Not just sneezing. No, she was caughing terribly also. Hopefully she will get over her cold and be happy again tommorow, he thought.


    He was sitting in his corner as usual. Sometimes he got there before her due to her shift start time, the weather, or just because. He sat there for three hours, finally deciding she wasn’t coming in today. He went home.


    Yet again, he sat and waited. She never showed up. She never did this two days in a row….

    By DeAnne on 03.12.2011