May 28th, 2013 | 164 Entries

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164 Entries for “oblique”

  1. An angle in a triangle, a shifty, sideways way of approaching things, darkness. Has somewhat of a negative meaning, at least in my mind….grim, unclear, maybe not true. Unsure whether that is the real meaning or not…

    By Ara URL on 05.29.2013

  2. The angle was oblique, just as her comment had been. He sighted along the rifle’s long barrel and wondered if his shot would glance off or be true.

    By mrsmig URL on 05.29.2013

  3. Her mind was oblique to the world, slightly off-balance and askew. She asked the questions; she treaded deep waters of worldliness, searched through man-made forests for the remainder of the original world. She was the kind of girl that made you believe you didn’t have to experience the world in the way everyone told you you did.

    By Jocelyn Meadows URL on 05.29.2013

  4. I never can remember the exact definition of this word. I know how to use it only because I’ve used it before, and I can only guess what it actually means by having it in a phrase like “I withdraw from you by being oblique.” Frustrating.

    By Serryphae URL on 05.29.2013

  5. life is oblique, never straight forward. There are many directions it could take. Try to choose the right one. please.

    By Kemah URL on 05.29.2013

  6. “It is Scarlatti, isn’t it?” she asked. Where had this oblique reference come from? Why is she asking me? I can hear her talk but the meaning is not connecting with my brain.

    “Yes, probably,” I replied. “Maybe you should ask someone who is into that sort of music. Give me a good rap tune any day, at least that gets you moving.”

    “You don’t hear classical music on the bus often,” she said and paused, “Then again, if you were on a crowded bus with rap music playing, by the time you go off you would be spat out like a programmed zombie.”

    By Meredyth URL on 05.29.2013

  7. ich kenne das wort nicht. trotzdem schreibe ich irgendwas. ich frag mich gerade ob ich dumm bin oder einfach dieses eine wort verpasst habe. wie man merkt bin ich deutsch und somit mit der englischen sprache nicht groß geworden. meine zeit ist gleich um………

    By Monschilla on 05.29.2013

  8. The night has always felt oblique to me. These were my fathers last words as he entered the eternal darkness of death. How oblique.

    By Westside on 05.29.2013

  9. The future was dark and grey, clouds of dark uncertainty gliding over the horizon line. An oblique sense of self-doubt welled in me as each sandy footstep dragged me closer to the preface of inevitability. My vision tunneled around me, and I could only see one possible outcome. A cliff.

    By Max Ryder on 05.29.2013

  10. Yeeaaaah. What does this mean again? I have no clue what-so-ever. Oblique. Unique and obese?

    By XLPCCB URL on 05.29.2013

  11. Obdurate Olivia’s obstinate obluctations obnubilated obsequious Oliver’s oblique obtestations.

    By oioio on 05.29.2013

  12. As I think of Kristi, the thoughts of her are no longer to my oblique. And as God has created woman, she is brought to the front of my mind and my attention.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 05.29.2013

  13. it is slanting from the upright. maountains are oblique and it is natural. trees are oblique and it is natural. oblique behavior are needed to adjust to the changing situations of the world. oblique is good, nice and interesting. airplanes take oblique turn to correct the flight path to reach the correct destination.

    By Panchal Antonees on 05.29.2013

  14. “You’re so oblique!” she shouted, storming off in a rage. I sat there quietly. There wasn’t anything for me to say, nothing I could do to lessen her pain as much as I might want to. The worst part was that the way she thought of me was so very far from the truth.

    By Samantha URL on 05.29.2013

  15. He always preferred the oblique to the straightforward and obvious. Sometimes it was impossible to understand what he was talking about. And it was always impossible to fathom his true motives.

    By E A M Harris URL on 05.29.2013

  16. The corner of the street had an oblique shape, it was so strange. I looked it for too long, and finally I discovered that it was a graffiti on the wall. The effect was amazing.

    By Msalud on 05.29.2013

  17. Heading down the oblique angle on my skateboard, not knowing where to turn…I’m going to crash into the tree. Oh no, I went right through! I don’t even have leaves or bark on me. How did I go straight through? Am I a ghost? I thought, staring at my feet. Without warning, the board flipped and I went flying into the sky.

    By Isis on 05.29.2013

  18. he came at me differently than I expected. The word, in retrospect would be oblique, but at the time i just thought, holy shit!, I’m screwed. He is a much better fighter than I thought he was from looking at him.

    By Lee URL on 05.29.2013

  19. That thing that exists behind the curtains of our lives. That thing that we strive to understand but which always eludes. Those thoughts that creep from deep within our childhood.

    By Ernest on 05.29.2013

  20. i have never seen such an oblique figure, obliqure means something is unique and cant reall be seen, it can be seen but its classic, the view is unique and unusual.

    By cynthia on 05.29.2013

  21. I’m going to be honest I had to look this up to make sure I had the definition right. And I saw things such as not straightforward. And that pretty much defines me. The direction that my life takes me in is constantly changing. But I love it. I am always being surprised.

    By crazycollegestudent on 05.29.2013

  22. To be honest I had to look this up to make sure I had it right. But when I did I came up with the definition: Not straightforward. And that defines me and my life. My life path constantly changes. I love it, the surprises that get thrown at me are always wonderful, but can sometimes change my entire life, or how I thought about certain things.

    By Crazycollegestudent URL on 05.29.2013

  23. Why must everyone be so oblique? Why can’t everyone just hang out with everyone without being awkward? I don’t see the big deal, or does having one couple in the group mean we can’t hang out without awkwardness? It’s like we can’t even appear in a group photo anymore.

    I’m tired of people trying to avoid us. If we want ‘alone time’, we tell you or you ask us if we need it. Is it really that difficult?

    By Nyan on 05.29.2013

  24. Obliques. This conjures up an image of a smelly, noisy gym. Working out. Side to side. Working those obliques. Sweating profusely. All in the name of fitness and health. Really? Trying to produce a six pack. Flat stomach. Twising side to side. Feeling the pull of muscle. Are there really obliques under those donuts that have formed a ring around my waist? Obliques. I’m ready!

    By Coness URL on 05.29.2013

  25. The dawn broke on the first day of my life at precisely 5:43 am. I had just installed those brilliant blackout curtains, but, of course they were a knock-off, because I wanted a deal, and a tiny stream of light filtered on to your stomach, which had been uncovered in the warm night. Again, time stopped, and your memory danced its way into my head forever.

    By Siege URL on 05.29.2013

  26. This world looks very oblique at times, but its not. Love and life are the best things you can find. You just need to look for it, jump for it. There is no telling what you will find. Take a chance and who knows what you can achieve.

    By Lolla on 05.29.2013

  27. The path to our destination was one that can only be described as oblique. There wasn’t necessarily an end but there was a culminating point. The only issue was that the travelers didn’t know where they were going. They just went, each day, trudging forward with an idea of where to go but no exact thought of where it was.

    By Logan on 05.29.2013

  28. This is something which is on its side or obscure in some way. It is not straightforward and not transparent perhaps. It is an enigma or an interesting thing often.

    By Lyn Shea URL on 05.29.2013

  29. oblique.
    What does it mean?
    … no I know that sounds deep but seriously…. what does it mean….?

    By Robby URL on 05.29.2013

  30. Oblique is just an amazing word. It comes from french, but you know, it is OBLIQUE. I quite like oblique. I can’t even think of how awesome I am because OBLIQUE. You know, every person it’s oblique, you just don’t see their obliqueness yet. LOL

    By India Lee. on 05.29.2013

  31. The painting was alive with fire and a sandy look. While he was painting he did not hear the wall crumbling behind. The tank rolled through, crushing him, his neck bent at an oblique angle on his still warm body.

    By Big on 05.29.2013

  32. Muscles. That had to be one of the hardest parts of my anatomy class. So many times I’ve thought about quitting that class. Oh, but I want to be a nurse so bad, I can just taste it. No way a difficult class can stop me from my desire to help people in need.

    By Samantha Wade on 05.29.2013

  33. Can’t see what’s missing. Can’t can’t can’t can’t. The shadow is the thing, the entity, some beings last forever others are molds of the rest of air. The silence, the bleak, the change, the way we curve. Sometimes I look at a homeless person and wonder what would have to die to make them sane. Good lord we are marble and all our statues are unfinished and dead.

    By Will on 05.29.2013

  34. I’ve spent my whole life wondering about really weird words but oblique had to be one of the weirdest ones for me. i just never seemed to understand what it meant, i would think and think but nothing. i was so frustrated.i couldn’t think of anything, i felt like my brain was about to burst. it was useless, i had failed the test.

    By sandy gaona on 05.29.2013

  35. i have no idea what oblique means. I mean, what kind of a word is oblique? i have never ever heard that word, or maybe i am saying it wrong. hm… i wonder….

    By Toby URL on 05.29.2013

  36. I don’t even know what this word means but here is my best guess: I think it means something strange. Even if I did know I wouldn

    By Unsequi on 05.29.2013

  37. It was with a great effort that he lifted the rubble. His muscles strained and burned under his dark skin, making him pinch his eyes shut as the doctor pulled the victim out from the crushing darkness. Faster, he thought to himself, please go faster. And when the man was out, he was only too happy to drop the concrete.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 05.29.2013

  38. not today

    By homer labranche on 05.29.2013

  39. I have no idea what oblique means. It sounds suspicious, like it should belong in a mystery book. Maybe it does.

    By Zahria on 05.29.2013

  40. I can’t believe I am getting this word again; but I looked in the dictionary. It means slanted or something like that. Like I said I need my dictionary,

    By Vixen Black URL on 05.29.2013