December 26th, 2012 | 272 Entries

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272 Entries for “now”

  1. Now means you got to do it. NOW. Like really NOW. Immediately. No thinking. Just do it.
    Finish it up. Live your life peacefully. Forget about it. you get 60 seconds. Now. not any time else. YAY.

    By ran on 12.27.2012

  2. we never had enought time. he was living in his own world and i was in mine. miserable and longing. he went back to the army and now i’m all alone again. waiting and wishing for him to return.

    By Triinu on 12.27.2012

  3. Now. All I can think of despite the fact that i’m not to think is that iam going to sleep now , its 6:21 am the birds are chirping and I’m feeling a bit content and i havent felt that way in a while. I have nothing really that is just so on my mind that i must write on it NOW but thats it.

    By Jessica Brown URL on 12.27.2012

  4. now is the best time of the day. if we could only concentrate on now and not complicate life with past and future, life would be a lot easier. now is the moment we should all live in. if not now when. there could be no tomorrow, no after 5 minutes. life is happening to you NOW, so enjoy this now-ness. dont postpone.

    By Ana Svanidze on 12.27.2012

  5. Now is the time to restore our life convictions and do what is right. No longer can we sit and wait for any hand out. We must be proactive and use the gift that God gave us ,and change our attitude towards life, then everything else will fall in place.

    By victor URL on 12.27.2012

  6. No one knows what ‘now’ means. ‘Now’ might just be a word for normalcy, for time. ‘Now’ might just be a word resembling resignation and defeat. What ‘now’ is really depends on what and how we see it. For me, ‘now’ is the end of the road. ‘Now’ tells me that I have reached the dead end. ‘Now’ tells me that everything is changed and irrevocable. ‘Now’ means closure urging me to pack up my bags and start over. ‘Now’ is the end.

    By Agatha Rabino URL on 12.27.2012

  7. here and now, two different things on paper but actually they are similar so just forget about meaning and definitions and say the words.

    By Shelley Reynolds on 12.27.2012

  8. Now, what is now? I say now and now is gone. It is the past. Now is a lie, an impossible lie.N

    By Mudpie102 on 12.27.2012

  9. It was excurciating. To find the time to do the right thing. I knew for so long that this job was welling up inside of me, and denying it was both relieving and painful. Now that tensions is released. Undivided desire, in the moment, now. That’s a good life.

    By charmed URL on 12.27.2012

  10. Now is the time to reflect on the year that has passed and prepare for the year upcoming. Now i the time that the world needs to dismiss the divisions of religion, race and nationality and combine their efforts for the greater good.

    By Abiola URL on 12.27.2012

  11. now is right now. we are in now. im going to meet a friend now. it is the present. lala i dont know now. its where we live. we live in now. now will never come back. its is the present time. now is like time. it doesnt come back. it becomes then.

    By Sharvari on 12.27.2012

  12. Now. Live in the now, they say. But what is the now? And for that matter, who are they? Who are they to decide when I should live? I want to live in the present. There’s too much unknown in the future for us to know about, and nothing to be certain about.

    By Banjoman on 12.27.2012

  13. unbelievably slick solid
    heavy and lightning quick
    turn blink thoughts slip
    missed another
    but I’ll get another chance
    when i decide to wake up

    By drewd URL on 12.27.2012

  14. Christmas time was here now two days ago but now two days has passed and today is Thursday. it’s snowing outside and so far we have about six inches of snow and it’s still snowing. Enjoy the rest of your Christmas break everybody!!!!!

    By Janaye on 12.27.2012

  15. Now doesn’t care about the future or the past. It doesn’t care about ex boyfriends or missed opportunities. It doesn’t care whether you’ll be able to submit that proposal a week from now.
    Now is beautiful. Now is new.
    Now stands for change. For what we could be doing. For the difference we could be making. Now is constantly questioning and laughing at us, mocking at our inabilities. Now is a bully. But now is our best friend.
    Now is a messiah. A messenger of impermanence.
    For the time to change is now.

    By Banjoman URL on 12.27.2012

  16. Twelve seconds from now, we’ll be in the car. The door is already shutting on you. And I’m climbing in beside you, watching the driveway recede, the maples, the flag. Where we’re going no longer matters. It’s only this, right now, the crumbling asphalt at the side of the road. Your hand careful not to touch mine. Your eyes straight ahead. Your eyes on the future.

    By RS Bohn URL on 12.27.2012

  17. now i will smoke the bong and get so high. now i will use the lighter to light that beautiful upliftinging esnence that will bring you so far abof the rooftops that theres no ever way of coming down. Now i will be happy. Now i will exceed greatness.

    By Erin McNally URL on 12.27.2012

  18. It’s time. Right now. To live, and breathe and jump and write and sing and dance and if I don’t just let life bowl me over and blow me around in the wind like a leaf in this very moment I may never get another chance ever again.

    By Annie on 12.27.2012

  19. NOW!

    The command was bellowed across the deck by the commander. The cannons rang out, and the resounding crunch of splintering would rent the air in two. The French ship was so close that some of the cannonballs cut through the ship and splashed into the sea on the far side, taking men and supplies with them.

    By Florian URL on 12.27.2012

  20. reveal.todance.tobeyourself.tolove.tolive

    By Solitaire URL on 12.27.2012

  21. Now wow and how mundane are thou. Not this nor …

    By chezmoi URL on 12.27.2012

  22. Now Is a weird word. It’s just about saying ‘now’ as an object of time, or whatever. People say it when they want to do something at that very ‘time’. Well, the word now has three letters: The N, O, and the W. I like those letters.

    By Allen Ante on 12.27.2012

  23. Why now? i ask Sam.
    i am falling in love and now he is on his knee right now. And i’ve only known him for a few months. I am in love but i don’t see what he sees in me. i am nothing special. i am not different.
    Because i want you to be mine before it’s too late. Your special more than you realise. Your funny, and smart…and you have the smile, o gosh that smile….it makes my day and always lights up the room. I have to be able to see that smile everyday of my life. you have to be with me….i need you…to be my wife to have my kids to …to… and he starts to cry and i am already crying. i never knew someone as great as Sam could love me this much….
    Sam, i say, you’re so perfect… i would be a fool not to marry such a charming, good looking and kind young man!

    He picks me up and swings me around and next thing i know i am in a white dress getting ready to walk down the aisle….

    By kathpine98 URL on 12.27.2012

  24. wow now. I really don’t know what to write about now. That single word has cause me so much trouble and so much pain it’s unbelievable. I know you’re asking how can a word cause pain well it can and it will. It all started one foggy day in the middle of nowhere. You see i hade gotten bored so I decided to go on an adventure. Worst. Mistake. Of. My.Life.

    By Chiamaka URL on 12.27.2012

  25. Now: the present. The time where we must focus. Past and future are no place to spend your days. The now is where we can and must reside. Burn the pages of the past and stop gazing towards the future, because the present is the best place to live.

    By Kristen on 12.27.2012

  26. This moment will be gone in a few seconds. It is ephemeral and fleeting. To live in the now means to embrace the present. It means to feel your feelings and let go of worry. Now means letting go of worry. Showing up and being present.

    By Tenille on 12.27.2012

  27. It is in the moment. The precise time. It moves like water, drifting and floating you farther away. It brings you to new places, times later on.

    By flutefrog URL on 12.27.2012

  28. The word ‘now’ makes me think about how there really is no now. We are living in the past and the future. Simultaneously. Crazy to think about it that way. If you want to change your future, do it now.

    By Ki on 12.27.2012

  29. Here and now. I promise to love faithfully… That sound just popped into my head. You know what? I think I’m going to listen to love songs for the rest of the day. It’s been a while. they don’t sing love songs like they used to. The music industry is full of phonies and it’s one foot in the grave.

    By Gilliam Martin URL on 12.27.2012

  30. Right now, I’m eating lunch. It’s pretty sunny outside. Sometimes I worry about the “now” side of things, since every moment is in the now but then every moment turns into the past. It kind of sucks, but that’s just how things work I guess. All we can do is make the now as good as we can, which is why I’m eating lunch and just chillin’ today. I hope that other people understand that living in the now is important.

    By Alissa on 12.27.2012

  31. Now is the time to write. Now is the present. There is no better time than now. Now I am enjoying writing. It is invigorating. Now I do not want to work. Now I want develop a vision of my future, not now. Now I am done.

    By Sundai on 12.27.2012

  32. Not very often do people think of now. Not the word, but the time, and place. Now, what are you doing now, are you laughing, or holding a grudge? Do you talk to your family members or do you ignore them? Now is a very simple phrase, but it depicts many things that ‘then’ can’t.

    By Brianna on 12.27.2012

  33. Now is here. Now is forever, an eternity. You can never be set free of the “Now” now is a moment, now is a life time. You can only be in the now for a blink of a eye before its gone. In writing this I’ve been in a million Nows.

    By Sabrina on 12.27.2012

  34. Now, wow, who knew. Is this the only goddamn word on oneword? I didn’t know that it was literally ONE word. I hope my computer is just effing with me… now.

    By Sundai on 12.27.2012

  35. “Now,” she said. He looked at her, then looked down.
    “Now,” he asked. She sighed and stomped her feet. She ran up to him and kissed him.
    “Now,” she whispered as she pulled away. He attached them together again.
    “Now,” he repeated with a smile.

    By Dream on 12.27.2012

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    By crystal on 12.27.2012

  37. you probably never know how much i love you now as i think,

    here i know how much you love me as i feel now,

    i miss you, does it count?

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 12.27.2012

  38. Now. Stop thinking about the future. This s the time. No worries, no regrets. This is your one attempt at life, at now.

    By Megan Leaver on 12.27.2012

  39. Is 10:27 PM. Night. The music from a nearby marriage hall is ringing my ears! It’s disturbing.

    By Maulin Amin on 12.27.2012

  40. Now is the time that is happening to you. I like now people ave to think in it. nw is something that makes you think of all other times but if you focus on the instant tht you are experiencing you can truly have your own now. you have to make every now true and real and something that youo will not regret. never be idle.

    By Caila on 12.27.2012