December 26th, 2010 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “mythology”

  1. True? False? Those are the two main questions that come to mind when you hear ‘mythology’. Should those be the questions? Well I just made up a third question. Why? Well thats a fourth isn’t it? Fifth.

    By YesNoMaybeSo on 12.26.2010

  2. spartan 300 age of mythology hercules zeus atlantis white beard holocaust

    By jksd on 12.26.2010

  3. Like a creature from some kind of mythology, the dragon reared up, glaring at me in defiance and anger. I knew that I was only moments away from being seared by dragon fire. “Wait,” I cried. The dragon did not respond, but seemed to inhale deeply, readying itself to char-broil me. “I know where your egg is.” At that, the dragon slowly let her breath escape, careful not to let it ignite.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 12.26.2010

  4. Should I let myself be led by the words
    That were strong enough to transcend through time.
    Or should I follow the words that have been said before
    But didn’t survive past the night.

    By Sara URL on 12.26.2010

  5. what was my mythology? some endless continuity of
    being with and fearing without;
    a childlike wonder of the snow
    before freezing in the merciless air
    of a winter night.

    By Cyrus Politi URL on 12.26.2010

  6. it’s a myth-bound to be false.

    By Selena URL on 12.26.2010

  7. Woah. Crazy shit happens. I wasn’t a fan of any of this. It
    didn’t make much sense to me. I remember the story of winter. I
    liked it but overall it wasn’t very interesting. Zeus gave a girl a
    ‘golden shower.”

    By Breean URL on 12.26.2010

  8. Is it true or is it a myth? Or is it the mything piece, perhaps. Or a shadow in the mytht. Or the old friend I mythed.

    By Ilene URL on 12.26.2010

  9. its very nice to read about. It’s hard to believe but give us all an imagination and there some sort of intelligence to it all. I like it alot. I love eygptian mythology and greek mythology. Stories and stories of gods and wonderful things. we’ve made books based on them.

    By ronnie on 12.26.2010

  10. Sweet mythology to embrace. It’s nice to believe that there are deities ready to reward us for our accomplishments and avenge our unjust wrongs. Not so nice to believe that we are one of the ones waiting to have punishment heaped upon us. Think I’ll take science over mythology.

    By onewordwasheard URL on 12.26.2010

  11. dream, goblins, mystery harry potter not real fake hoax

    By lauren on 12.26.2010

  12. Echo and Narcissis can teach us a lot about the way we should and shouldn’t behave. Myths are reflections of the way we are. And the way we were. and the way we shouldn’t continue to be. Myths are true warning lies.

    By Karissa URL on 12.26.2010

  13. Their world was a world of myth and lore, a world where colors splashed vibrantly through the air as they soared on large wings, slashing through the air, sparkles of life bursting in every soul that took residence in this world. The world held a joyous and magical feeling that no one could take away from the people, it dwelled in their hearts and grew with each passing sunrise. Amunet and Amasis ruled this world, and they held a love for their kingdom that raged fiercely, like a star that screamed across the night sky blazing it’s way through the heavens. They protected their world from all who wished to harm it’s joyful citizens. It was their world, this beautiful world filled with colors, imagination, and hope for a future as bright as the fire that burned in their souls.

    By DevinSkye URL on 12.26.2010

  14. mythology is where a person studies myths. people love mythology because of the special ways people can use their imaginations. we always want the mystical to be tru that is why we love unicorns and fairies. The greeks gave us mythology according to our history books. Zeus, hercules, and all the other gods were part of mythology.

    By su on 12.26.2010

  15. There are legends of people and places and times that I’ve never known. They tell me who to be and how to act and where I’ve come from. The legends sound far fetched. What a time and place to live, where these things are possible. Reality takes a new form. I wonder: how much is based upon fact?

    By Emily on 12.26.2010

  16. condensed air in a catacomb, I’m gasping for breath and clutching the door of a tomb. my eyes roll back as I fall, hand sliding down the bark, and in the last instant of my blurred and fainting vision, I see a branch bursting through the wall. collapsing, my face hits the floor and it splashes me awake. I spit a foul taste from my mouth, wipe slime from my eyes and look around. the doors lining the underground graveyard, the statues of mythological beasts meant to look after the dead, the darkness of the catacomb, they’ve been replaced by trees and the cloud covered, dingy gray of an afternoon in a bog. so it’s happening again, is it?

    By rAH!n URL on 12.26.2010

  17. The greeks believed in gods that commanded different aspects of life. From love, food, war, peace, you name it there was a god for it. Today, mythology though commonly understood as fictional, is still a major part of literature because it holds important life lessons

    By michele on 12.26.2010

  18. I often wonder if mythology came from a time of fantasy, and we just don’t believe that those things were ever true.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 12.26.2010

  19. we are translucent serpentine creatures biding time until the next life
    hold me to the moon
    wage war on every ounce of blood and bone that ponders its weaker defenses
    i wait, hold on. try and retrieve what has been lost/stolen/compromised
    figure out what is left within the hour glass-and pray to me.

    By jenfyre URL on 12.26.2010

  20. mythology is the study of past gods and other folklore that is linked to all past lands sych as gorrce egyptanpt other places well known

    By caitlin on 12.26.2010

  21. I have often wondered about those mythology tales and whether or not there is some substance to them. But yesterday when I look towards the sky and saw a dragon swooping through the clouds, I squeezed my eyes shut, then opened them again. Draconis lives!

    By Helen URL on 12.26.2010

  22. I have always found mythology interesting.
    Human perception of the unreal.
    It is our deepest fantasies and
    our darkest secrets
    our sins
    our greed
    mythology is human’s colletive morals.

    By Leah on 12.26.2010

  23. “That’s bullshit!” I cried out. I didn’t want to believe
    it, even if the words had come out of my best friend’s mouth; the
    only one I could trust anymore. He nodded at me sadly, not even mad
    at me for my yelling. I sighed heavily and looked down, and his
    arms folded around me as sobs came out.

    By Marissa URL on 12.26.2010

  24. Mythology is weird. There is nothing that can really be said about it because every part of it is just passed down from word of mouth. In a society that is so media based with tons of rumors and fictitious lies, how can we believe orality anymore? Mythology is dead. We still hear it but who knows what to believe anymore. Its the time where we have to make our own mythology to believe in.

    By Rosie Brinckerhoff on 12.26.2010

  25. She looked up at the tall shelf of books. Every one of them was leather bound with gold letters. They loomed over her, a giant wall of stories just…waiting. She grabbed the one closest to herself. Upon opening it, she discovered it was a big book of myths. She read every word over, devouring the stories–ancient myths, really. She went on great big adventures with all sorts of warriors and demons and dragons. As she closed the book, she felt only sadness. The adventures were over. Now all she could do was read them again. She put the book back on the shelf. And sat. She sat up and looked up at those books. Then, she stood up and grabbed another.

    By Mary on 12.26.2010

  26. mythology is just fake . i dont know the meaning of it but doesnt mean i cant judge it . its all fake . just like you , you lied to me , you told me you liked me and i know you really dont . you kiss me and then you go . dont go . cant you tell i really like you . youre breaking my heart.

    By ohnana on 12.26.2010

  27. So she watched the sea. And watched the red bull dive into the surf and extinguish on the horizon.

    By sea of cowards on 12.26.2010

  28. mythology happens, the past happens, everything i ever thought i knew about you was a myth. A myth, that will never be proven or disproven. I am so lost, lost without you.You are my myth and you are breaking my heart. I die every time i think about loving you. I lose a little bit of myself, lost in the dream that you have become. Someday I will move on from you. some day I will forget about you.

    By charlene on 12.26.2010

  29. But was that the end of the story?

    The sky was next. Littered among the stars were nearly unfathomable relics and ruins waiting to be discovered. If expansive imaginations and theories were even marginally right, there were worlds upon worlds steeped in varied mythologies. There could even be new categories for these “fictions.”

    Bored with the depth of their shallow imaginations, the one who’d witnessed the process by which ordinary slime bred itself into higher life, decided to take to the sky. This is where the story would begin again.

    By sea of cowards on 12.26.2010

  30. Greek and Romans saw this as a form of religion and often worshiped these “gods” as we would worship others in our own lives. I would possibly like to study it when I get older and find the roots of this fascinating subject.

    By Hyrene Kerri Braeden on 12.26.2010

  31. sometimes in life you wish you were a mythological creature. For instance, I always wanted to be a mermaid. Ever since I was a littel girl I always wanted to swim with the fish and be able to ride with dolphins and most of all breathe under water. It would make life a little easier. I use to go in the pool and put me feet together and swim just like Ariel would, thinking that if I did that for long enough I too could be a mermaid…
    What wondrous things i would see. The places I could visit. Maybe someday I’d find Atlantis. It wasn’t until recently that I realized I still can be mermaid, except in a different kind of ocean. I am now a small fish in a big pond called life. Swimming upstream and downstream trying to find my own part of this big wide world to cal home.

    By Meagan on 12.26.2010

  32. I think of mystical creatures and wonderland. Alice from wonderland comes to mind whenever I read this word. Imagination, creativity and literature in the sense of poetic-nesss in the writing.

    By Patricia URL on 12.26.2010

  33. Thade lofted a brow, curious to the person before him. “You don’t believe in the gods?” He asked softly, the man scoffed. “Please, that’s like asking if I believe in magic.” Thade smiled. “Well, do you?” The man laughed and shook his head. “I pity the man who believes in Gods.” Thade’s expression dropped into serious intensity. “I pity the man who doesn’t.”

    By heather URL on 12.26.2010

  34. The mythology of love is that there is someone for everyone. But the truth is harsher. Not everyone is meant to be loved. Or maybe they are meant to, but just missed the moment. They were bent on the floor looking for the fork that fell when the “one” walked by the table. Oh well. At least the cats love you.

    By Deb Kelley URL on 12.26.2010

  35. Mythology reminds me of magical creatures like the ones you only read about it fantasy tales. Creatures such as unicorns, talking toads, and magical birds. Animals of fantasy defines mythology for me.

    By Olivia on 12.26.2010

  36. Everyone has some kind of mythology that rules their life. From fairy tales to economics, they are quite valuable and tell us how we should live and how we should die. What we can expect from life and what keeps us from leaving the afore mentioned.

    By Rosana on 12.26.2010

  37. its a story, it may not be real but its interesting to know about. it relates lessons to the people of today in ways from an older time. they are beautiful

    By mandy on 12.26.2010

  38. What a paradox.

    By Skäila URL on 12.26.2010

  39. the gods and pantheons full of winged horses and beautiful creatures that fly. The heavens open up before them and they glide over earth in order to maintain peace and havoc in the world. We usually study this as younger children.

    By Talisa on 12.26.2010

  40. And so did the hero die. His history soon became a legend, that legend became a myth, and soon enough, the hero was forgotten. Lost to the world.

    By Roberto Manjarrez URL on 12.26.2010