December 26th, 2010 | 203 Entries

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203 Entries for “mythology”

  1. I never liked mythology.

    By Macy URL on 12.26.2010

  2. I love Mythology it is really fascinating. I enjoy stories about dragons and unicorns and other mythical creatures. Reminds me of Harry Potter. Those movies/books have a lot of mythical creatures involved. It is really amazing the stories people can come up with. Mythology is basically the study of myths and myths are untrue things.. Basically mythical creatures are untrue creatures made up to fascinate and entertain readers.

    By Caroline on 12.26.2010

  3. Mythology, cosmology is symphony to the ears of a pragmatist who needs a good debate.
    Oh practical salmonman, swimming once again against the current-
    Explore the mystical,
    Give yourself to the divine!
    Not all who believe are in-bred swine!

    By Jhosy URL on 12.26.2010

  4. this reminds me of unicorns. not just a myth but something you might dream about…a fantasy world full of mythical creatures. mythology being the study of myths

    By Molly URL on 12.26.2010

  5. i suppose myths come from a seed of truth.
    maybe this seed of truth one day didnt seem like enough, or even “good enough” to be presented by itself and needed the cushion of false pretenses. maybe this is why myths came to be, to be better than what the truth actually is.

    By a.lee3270 on 12.26.2010

  6. I’m not so much into mythology. As in, i don’t read much of it.
    Come to think of it, I haven’t read a book in forever. a book I really want to read.
    I’m currently reading Noli Me Tangere for school. But it’s actually pretty interesting.

    By marella r. URL on 12.26.2010

  7. The tales of heroic deeds, mischievousness and a sense of fantasy.

    To lose ourselves in such a world is inspiring.

    Perhaps we’d like to strike the human heart like Venus, or command, conquer and lead as the Greek God Zeus before us. Aye, we’ll compare the deities to ourselves everyday without an inch of failure.

    Except within reality of course.

    By Iceman on 12.26.2010

  8. Epic.

    By kimberly on 12.26.2010

  9. the word is only in itself a word greeks myths unreal things the only way you can perceive it is by listening and understanding no other way real or fake, there is no understanding. just perception. the ology of myths and the way that things are explained that cant be explained for all

    By Mia on 12.26.2010

  10. andromeda. i’d like to name my daughter andromeda and call her andy for short. my boyfriend wants to name his daughter cassiopiea and call her cassie for short. turns out in mythology, they’re related. hahaha. oh well, we’ll decide eventually. beautiful names though, right?

    By stellar URL on 12.26.2010

  11. Zeus was a god with a lot of time on his hands and a lot of power at his disposal.
    The power of myth is a book I didn’t want to read in high school but was stuck with anyway.
    Infamy lives on in writers, so it goes, so it goes.
    And Kurt died when I was in Florida. On a Wednesday.

    By Brechin on 12.26.2010

  12. Its something i never understand, but it explains life,, future, present, past, its really full, misterious, evoque love, mistery, love, its odd, its loike a dream, like living on a dream when u think on it

    By oscar on 12.26.2010

  13. gods and goddesses roman and greek. it is a subject to be desired. no one is really neutral about it. you either hate it or you love it, its truly that simple. i find it fascinating at times but most of the time i find my interest in other things.

    By Daci URL on 12.26.2010

  14. So many creatures. I could be all of them to you. Everything so unreal. Everything so untrue. I’ll be a legend.

    By Louisa URL on 12.26.2010

  15. Mythology. Greek. Fake. Stories. How can we know? myth or not? Fact or fiction? Can we? Will we?Open to interpretation. Lesson learned.

    By Mackenzie URL on 12.26.2010

  16. There were clusters of them. In every nook and cranny. But with time and age even the greatest were forgotten. Cycled back into the void that begot them, no one knew when they would be reinvented again.

    By tHG URL on 12.26.2010

  17. unexplained by people who think they can obtain the rights of man. Why can those that think the least persuade the most to be deceived?

    By jag on 12.26.2010

  18. the Greek mythology is a very interesting subject. especially since as a pagan I believe in the Greek gods. Hecate and Aphrodite and such

    By Jesse on 12.26.2010

  19. Mythology was one of her favorite stories to read. She loved the way each story was written and told while longing to one day be as good as those authors were; however, she knew that one day she’d end up finding a new hobby. Most girls her age like vampires…she liked Cyclopes and other mythical beings. Now, if only she could actually find a shirt that had the words ‘Team Cyclopes’ written on it.

    By Amanda URL on 12.26.2010

  20. All men were brought forth from the cracked skull of a single god named Zeus. From it came plants, rivers, and life. Like a busted pinata, we jumped out as if like pandora’s box, a mixed pantheon of chaos was created.

    By Leon on 12.26.2010

  21. Mythology is often mistaked for a sort of bible, however i do not think so, even though it still has the gods that people believe (or believed) in. it’s a great bunch of stories that keep anyone occupied for days, with the risque material.

    By Adi H.s URL on 12.26.2010

  22. A myth of sorts, filled with incest, revenge, murder , gods and greed. BEST. STORY. EVER!

    oh btw i meant greek mythology. brain fart xD

    toodles! ;P

    By Adi H.s URL on 12.26.2010

  23. She is the contemporary mythology. Boasting a predictable beginning, middle and end. She suffers the same toxicity as have many of the great heroines that came before her, rescuing those who she perpetrated against and have fallen victim to. Although, her end meets a different demise, in that it was met by more contemporary means. The luxury of time to reflect on the detailed accounts of the villages she raped, pillaged and conquered, leaving her great deeds open to the attacks of categorical imperatives that the modern book throes at her, term by term she ducks and dives terms of the modern narrative; “psychotic”, “borderline”, “narcissistic” and the like. Comic book heroes save the world by finding less harmful alternatives and find sustainable solutions to protect the universe; so mindful are they for the greater good. Our heroine not able to seperate the emotion from the deed, is an alcoholic in denial sitting at the slot machines awaiting her luck to run out. They sure don’t make heroes like they used to.

    By Iris URL on 12.26.2010

  24. stories, tales, great stories about made up creatures, greek, ancient peoples, made up animals, kinda like religion, fables like

    By Theresa on 12.26.2010

  25. A bunch of old people in eastern Europe decided to worship sadistic gods who may or may not have existed. Most of these gods were messed up narcissists which doesn’t seem very godlike to me.

    By Olivia P URL on 12.26.2010

  26. the story began with a lie. as all stories do. and then the lie festered and grew into something more until soon it was more than a lie, it was a building plot. a story. and then the story had a mind of its own it wanted to have more purpose than before. it kept on stirring and growing until it became a myth. a myth a legend.

    By jessica URL on 12.26.2010

  27. Mythology is defined as the study of myths but it also pertains to the collection of stories and myths about things that don’t exist in reality. Mythology has been used to teach about aspects of real life and was a way for people to explain real-life phenomena.

    By Benjamin Thacker on 12.26.2010

  28. I’m taking a class on mythology next semester. I’m really quite excited. I even had a dream about Ariadne last night. Dreampt I named my daughter after her.

    She got the short end of the stick. Helped what’s his face through the labyrinth, only for him to abandon her on an island. How rude.

    By Stephanie on 12.27.2010

  29. i wish i knew more about greek mythology because it all seems very interesting and the life lessons are pretty cool. Also I know many can be related back to psychology

    By kristine on 12.27.2010

  30. Mythology is the wondering minds beauty of creatures that are not considered real. Mythology can always find a way into our heads to let us know that we have something else to believe in. Mythology is the wonder of a world unknown.

    By Karina on 12.27.2010

  31. mythology has a huge impact on our thinking today… we think that it might be crap but we use it our day to day examples and even in practice.
    Sometimes use it as an excuse to do things or as an excuse to blame things on fate

    By Vartika on 12.27.2010

  32. It started with a small idea in his head. He didn’t know why he had started to think about it, or where the idea came from. It just was there. And it grew. It grew and grew for days and weeks. It was all he could think about.

    Where had it come from? Why was it here? He couldn’t answer the questions, he could just think about it. As if he was just another person in a long line of those destined to carry on the story.

    By Alicia Rice URL on 12.27.2010

  33. Loki is the trickster god.
    Tricky, tricky god, isn’t he?
    Keep your eyes open, or he’ll come get you.
    Rob you blind,
    while you’re blindfolded
    against the cold – it’s growing colder,
    don’t you know?
    Loki is the trickster god.
    Tricky, tricky,
    even stickier than gold soaked in amber
    and grease and truth.
    Trickster god,
    trickster god,
    where are you going to?
    What lies do you come from?

    By Thirteen URL on 12.27.2010

  34. I have no clue.

    By Jacob on 12.27.2010

  35. The study of mythology is something that has always fascinated me. I love Greek and Roman mythology, I always have since grade school. Zeus, and Hercules, Aphrodite and Poseidon. Mostly Greek, I guess. Anyway, modern day mythology interests me as well. Bigfoot, aliens, and the Loch Ness Monster can be considered “myths” today.

    By Thomas on 12.27.2010

  36. mythology is a knowledge aboutr the myth. it is usually a term used in religious studies and also it is

    By burhan on 12.27.2010

  37. Greek mythology is one of the most interesting mythologies having very well built characters as gods in order to underline the role of every god.

    By Adrian Cristian on 12.27.2010

  38. “And so God smote the sinning heathens with a Great Flood, sparing only Noah and his close family” said Sister Ingacia. Timmy’s hand shot up. Sister Ignacia sighed heavily. “What is it this time, Timmy?”
    Timmy put his hand down and asked, “If I refer you to textbooks which mention other cultures with similar great flood stories in their mythology, will you hit me with that ruler again?”

    By richpee URL on 12.27.2010

  39. Greek mythology was so exciting to read as a child – imagining beautiful robes and mythical creatures and great legends. Then you grow up and you realize how twisted they really were.

    By halleftw URL on 12.27.2010

  40. It makes everything seem so magical does mythology, but I think a lot of it is just a crutch people use to shield themselves from the harshness of reality.

    By Katharine URL on 12.27.2010