December 25th, 2010 | 276 Entries

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276 Entries for “obvious”

  1. It’s rather obvious, I’m in love with three women! Now even more obvious is whom do I marry?

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 12.26.2010

  2. its so obvious that i cant right now.I wish lot of things can be this obvious.Life just goes away but nothing is easy in life that people can state it has obvious.

    By Abenaya on 12.26.2010

  3. Its obvious obvious the country is screwed up and I am too, Its obvious I blew my wad this month, the holy month of cultural decline and shopping in line.Its Obvious I’ve been trying hard not to fall apart, from my heart ripping out of my chest and onto the sidewalk. I’m not numb, I’m drenched in pain so much so from the top of my lungs I lust want to proclaim:NO WHY HIM..and not me, just let me end this misery. Even before your death my heart felt torn out as if it couldnt even start. I miss you so much and there are so many assholes in the wolrd that I’m afraid to be alone without you, the truest, bluest best friend I ever knew. Played Joni Mitchell song ‘the river’ like the song kinda says I was the taker and you were the giver. Just as long as our sickness didn’t reach yo that day you were the most generous person I could ever say..I love you, I’m gettin tired now by the tomb of this lifeless place I can’t taste or consume,but it eats me up eevery afternoon. Lying on the couch I drift away and think night day. Oh this life can’t last this way. I love you. I’m going to lie down now and think about you.

    By priscilla URL on 12.26.2010

  4. Obvious is apparent. Everything obvious is assumed to be known. When something is obvious, it needs no explaining. To explain obvious, is to ruin the word.

    By Dorie Spangler on 12.26.2010

  5. Its Actually Pretty Obvious how lame the wikileaks saga is … i mean if you look at it its nothing more than a bunch of old documents which account for nothing but quenching the thirst of all conspiracy lovers,which are always looking for something to whine about. It perhaps will be the most unbearable and predictable sagas of all time.

    By Shahzad on 12.26.2010

  6. The most common phrase, “It’s so obvious!” comes to mind.
    things that some people find ‘obvious’ are not all that obvious to other people
    it all depends on the person itself
    its a very difficult word to describe because it holds different meanings for everyone.

    By tubelight on 12.26.2010

  7. something that can be understood by everyone right away. People instantly know what you mean. Known by everyone.

    By umida on 12.26.2010

  8. The obvious like about this word is people often do not see the obvious in the same way. Most of politics is based on different opinions of obvious. It is somewhat like common sense, which is not so common.

    By Scott URL on 12.26.2010

  9. “Obviously!” Tess groaned to her parents who lacked a certain ability for anticipating what her actions would be. Obviously she would want to be going to Jeremy’s annual Christmas dance. Obviously she would not be wearing Aunt Sue’s annual Christmas home knitted leg warmers. These were the types of things that, while obvious to Tess, seemed a mystery to her parents. It was a mystery to her that these remained a mystery to her parents. Jeremy was the cutest boy in school and aside from the fact that Aunt Sue’s present was leg warmers, and ignoring the fact that they were neon pink, and even if they hadn’t had little buttons of babies on the side, Aunt Sue was covered in warts which might spread to Tess had she worn the legwarmers. This was obvious. She shrugged, parents, she found were all full of mystery and it was best she decided to ignore them for the sake of keeping her own brain sane. Unless of course there was money, or Jeremy’s annual Christmas party at stake.

    By Abbie on 12.26.2010

  10. It’s obvious that he likes her, but nobody wanted to spell it out for her, least of all himself. Let her perceive it on her own, he thought to himself. Little did he know that she knew, but didn’t care.

    By Noir Schist on 12.26.2010

  11. It was obvious. Why couldn’t I see it then? They all knew it was obvious and yet nothing penetrated my walls. Or did it? It did. I am ashamed. It was obvious. I’m not sorry there’s nothing to save.

    By Ingrid URL on 12.26.2010

  12. It was right before my eyes, and yet
    I was surprised at the things I saw and felt.
    The pool cue was melted into the table,
    evidence of a heated argument that occurred in the Billiards Room.
    This used to be a place of passion and joy,
    now it’s just the set of Clue.

    By Siege URL on 12.26.2010

  13. isn’t it obvious that I am so wimpy in the cold that my fingers aren’t moving fast enough to keep up with my brain. Isn’t it obvious when I have to sit with a scarf and a blanket in my bedroom that it is vay cold in my room.

    By Jan on 12.26.2010

  14. I am obvious? Because what is going on inside of me is obvious. Its been a year and its still obvious. You are the black against the gray, the patch of water, the elmination as been done and you are the obvious choice.

    By jenna on 12.26.2010

  15. Palpable. So much there. Isn’t it so in your face!
    Why do I even have to write about it? It’s so obv…!
    How on earth do you expect me to do such a thing!

    By Ankit Kumar on 12.26.2010

  16. I hate when people say something is obvious. How is anything really obvious? How am I to know what she is really thinking or what he really wants? If everything were obvious, there would be no diversity in the world.

    By Nic URL on 12.26.2010

  17. I feel as though most of what is said in this world is obvious. Listening to the mundane, banal hum that surrounds me is enough to feel suffocated. How anyone can go about their insignificant lives bullshitting about obvious concepts that, in the end, are more worthless than the rest, is amazing.

    By Elizabeth on 12.26.2010

  18. It’s obvious that some things appear obvious to us. The thing is to know how to distinguish between those that really are to those that merely appear so. This is called wisdom I think.

    By Iga on 12.26.2010

  19. means that some is real. it can be seen touched and felt

    By Ioana on 12.26.2010

  20. The bright red scar on the side of his face felt like it was getting more and more obvious with each passing day. It looked like he was attacked by something vicious, and he was, just not the expected dog or tiger or something. It was his father with a steak knife.

    By jessica on 12.26.2010

  21. It´s obviously women should lead the world…secretely we are doing so, keep doing it girls!!!
    Obvious obviously we are in front!!

    By Loli on 12.26.2010

  22. its obvious that the evoultion of words suchs as oblivion or paradox are often misused obviusley for certain reason which under take the task regarded in the main idea where it was founded.

    Several atempts have reached a certain point of contempt for resolution

    By DAN GG on 12.26.2010

  23. its obvious that the evoultion of words suchs as oblivion or paradox are often misused obviusley for certain reason which under take the task regarded in the main idea where it was founded.

    Several atempts have reached a certain point of contempt for resolution.

    By DAN GG URL on 12.26.2010

  24. It is becoming increasingly obvious to me that this website offers only this word and no others until such time as I choose to “Log in” to their website and allow other words to inspire further writings. I’m ok with that. I may join

    By Matthew MacDonnell on 12.26.2010

  25. It kinda makes you feel stupid when people say “DUH! OBVIOUSLY!” ….. so I dont really like that word all that much…. Its a mean word….. teehee….

    By AwesomicaltasticfuliciousOne URL on 12.26.2010

  26. It was an obvious balled faced lie. He could tell by the way her eyes darted to the wall instead of meeting his face. They would get to the truth one way or another. She would admit what she had done.

    By EliseV URL on 12.26.2010

  27. Hasn’t it grown to be obvious to women that their modern chauvenistic attitudes where they “stick it to the man” is only a turn taking system for abuse of the opposite sex? We will never be equal if we piss on each other all the time.

    By mote URL on 12.26.2010

  28. she knew it. she had always known it. It was T-rex, T-Rex all along. She had always suspected that she had some outside source of other worldy help. Things just came into place too easily. But she had always assumed it was just her paranoid imagination doing what it did best: cultivate paranoia.

    By Jana URL on 12.26.2010

  29. obvious is a word that is often used in sarcasm, following the “word” duh. it likes to be drawn out so that the recipient feels maximum shame for not realizing how “obvious” whatever they are talking about is.

    By Rose Blackmore on 12.26.2010

  30. Well, isn’t it obvious? I love you…I’ve always loved you and I always will. It’s obvious because I remind you, it’s obvious because every time you walk away from me it takes less than a second for me to want you back. It’s obvious for every reason. I love you. It’s obvious.

    By Hannn on 12.26.2010

  31. it is obvious to me that diarrhea is nature’s way of saying “whoa, slow down”.

    By gidgetgangrene URL on 12.26.2010

  32. It is obvious to me that I have fallen for you. When you embrace me, I want to stay here forever. But life is not that embrace. It is obvious that without that embrace, there is nothing for us. We do not connect.

    By Mary Madeline URL on 12.26.2010

  33. its obvious to see that you are oblivious to my longing. You don’t see the way I look at you when you aren’t paying attention. You don’t notice the smiles I give to only you. It’s obvious you don’t really see me.

    By Alex URL on 12.26.2010

  34. aduh idkpotatoes candy everything is pretty much obvious well obvious is just idk ahhh this is so difficult school people dont get the obvious like ruchi um what else im really bored its snowing thats obvious theres captain obvious hmm elephants wild life cake food eat asfsagfjkagkjkasjgfktim,es running out ahh idkkk

    By malv on 12.26.2010

  35. “obviously this word isnt going to change. i’ve hit the back botton, ive refresed the page. each time the same result. “obvious” written blatantly across the page, im screwed and again, without anything to write about.

    By Liam on 12.26.2010

  36. It was obvious I had no idea what i was doing when it came time for me to pay the gas bill. Well, I had the bill, but not the money nor the gall to ask for it. And, Now our gas is off. fml

    By Eric on 12.26.2010