February 2nd, 2013 | 238 Entries

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238 Entries for “murder”

  1. Murder becomes me. It can move me into different moods. Most of all I think murder is something we all strive for. Such a compete action that life can’t offer in any other activity. There is othing driven by more passion tha murder. Nothing can be more absolutely massive than murder.

    By Asher Mountseer on 02.03.2013

  2. murder is an action of voluntary or involuntary service to the unexpected who might or might not appreciate the act of service be it on themself or on to others.

    By dharshie on 02.03.2013

  3. There was one case that stuck in my mind, much like the dagger stuck in that man’s back. How could she murder her disabled son like that? Such lack of compassion. Perhapse a parent at her wit’s end from years of paliative care.

    By Asher URL on 02.03.2013

  4. killers, bad people do this action because they are confused or crazy or both. some people murder because of passion. the love and hate areas of our brains are so close together that sometimes we dont know if we love or hate someone.

    By Rachel on 02.03.2013

  5. murdering some body seems pretty hard and challangeing, yet it is actually quite an easy task, if you can get away with it. yes, getting away is the hard pard. get away with it son.

    By kylon desider URL on 02.03.2013

  6. there is murder in my heart
    for it bleeds inside to out
    you have creeped up my viens
    penetrating every trap i liad
    only to create a mess of thee
    in the murderuous state you have left
    inside of me

    By Ashley Lawrence on 02.03.2013

  7. you’ve murdered me mentally and emotionally
    you’ve killed my stability along with my sanity
    but i’m the one who’s being punished

    By tiffany n. URL on 02.03.2013

  8. the dog was murdered on the side of the road at 4am and she was shot in the head with an axe. At least 5minutes ago, spakrie was laughing and dancing at teh top of the empire state building and she almost jumpd off but she didnt. as long as she didnt cause a murder scene or commit homocide it is fine. Shes a happy dog, but a little bit weird. I’m not sure how to take the situation or how to tell people about her story but the dog is fine and she knows that everything will be ok.

    By jessi on 02.03.2013

  9. Tell me about it. How it happened, all the details. The red blood against her face and her dying pulse under her neck.

    By ishisol on 02.03.2013

  10. Last night four males were arrested on suspicion of murder and one male and three females on suspicion of assisting an offender.

    By Valentin Eni URL on 02.03.2013

  11. it is bad in chicago where gun control rules are the toughest. No one does anything to stop the crime from gangs and drugs. The city has always been a very corrupt place. It is cold and windy much of the time

    By June Gross URL on 02.03.2013

  12. The old man was a boats length in front of her down the beach. Despite the bitter wind he dropped his towel to reveal a body more shrunken and aged than she had imagined. Her prey was frail and moved stiffly to the waters edge. She slipped her board under her arm and concealed the needle in the palm of her hand as she jogged towards the water. They hit the first of the waves in unison and in one mere fraction of a second, in the chilling chaos of churning sand and foam she committed murder.

    By pip333 URL on 02.03.2013

  13. The blood dripped from her index finger. This was not her intention but she was at the end of her patience and tolerance. He had done this once too often! The disconnection of control n her brain clicked visibly in her eyes.

    By Bee on 02.03.2013

  14. I looked at the body below me, barely believing what I’d done. The blood on my hands was prove of the horrible deed. Yet, for all my doubts I couldn’t regret it. The man was dead.. and he deserved it.

    By Nicole Smith on 02.03.2013

  15. She wiped the blood from the blade and let out a shaky breath. She couldn’t believe it, she’d taken a life. Had she meant to? For the most part she had. He wanted to do the same to her. Not in the literal sense, she wanted to kill her mentally, make her suffer beyond comparison to what she’d done to him. This was what he deserved in the long run and everyone knew it…it was just a matter of time to see her punishment.

    By deejay URL on 02.03.2013

  16. bad

    By m on 02.03.2013

  17. is deplorable…it has been with us for as long as there has been mankind. what is it about the human psyche that permits murder? Philosopical treatises have explored the phenomena on many levels…why, why why…

    By Chablis13 on 02.03.2013

  18. It used to consume me. It was all I was, all I wanted. Nothing more simple than to kill another human.
    I could not surpass the feeling. It was ingrained in me.
    Somehow, a very vacant maturity had its way with me.
    I now only want to kill myself.

    By Ned Wretched on 02.03.2013

  19. It was very unfortunate and unwanted. the murder of the Prime Minister of the small country of Latonga, that I had visited only last month. The world has lost a young and vibrant man, full of love for his country and its people. What a senseless act. Lets hope that justice will prevail.

    By victor URL on 02.03.2013

  20. He never thought of himself as capable of doing it. But it looks like he was wrong. As such thoughts were crossing his mind, the blood was dripping, drop after drop. With the characteristic sound echoing in the room. His ears have heard the scream of agony as the mosquito was splashed on the wall by his slipper.

    By Omnix URL on 02.03.2013

  21. Sitting here, with a room full of telephony equipment, surrounded by colleagues equally engaged in absorbing the negative energies of a full week of complainants, the slow drain of the human soul is a tangible feeling, as if a nest of vampires is feeding. The true murder here is the ticking of the second hand on the clock, as the weekend approaches, giving a tantalising taste of life outside the cage.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 02.03.2013

  22. I had always planned to be the kind of person that murders at least one. I always thought I’d get away with it too. But things don’t always go the way you planned. For me, it was not about money, it was not about ambition, or even love. It was about truth.

    By Emma on 02.03.2013

  23. Something we can think of when we’re angry but never attempt to do.

    By PassionateScribbler URL on 02.03.2013

  24. I saw him laying there.
    Blood gushing out of his throat.
    My palm hurts.
    I look down and saw the knife.
    A smile crossed my face.
    I finally kill him!
    There’s one less monster in this world.

    By LunaSyn20 URL on 02.03.2013

  25. death, the eternal truth in everyone’s life. just that it comes in one different manner after another. sometimes reaper brings his scythe down peacefully, but sometimes he likes to make it as gruesome as it gets. sometimes he uses a human agent. an agent possessed by reaper in that brief moment which changes so many equations. so many realities.

    By L on 02.03.2013

  26. It was an uncontrollable thirst, an unconscious desire that led me to strike. I had never known I had a serpent nesting within me- but now I knew for certain I needed a mouse.

    By Madie on 02.03.2013

  27. I don’t think it is a bad thing. I think if you have to it’s alright to do so. I guess I’m only saying this because I’ve committed murder myself. I am one of those few who have. What next you say…

    By Midnight URL on 02.03.2013

  28. I took a chance, I took a life. It was quick it was cruel. There is no other word for it but Murder. I am a murderer now but if you were me. I am sure you would have done the same. It was either him or me. I chose ,Me, I am sure you would have done the same….Wouldn’t you?

    By Midnight URL on 02.03.2013

  29. i have never committed a murder, and have neither seen one, whereas have heard of mani innewspapers everyday, which is definitely not pleasant on a good morning. However I want that all such heinous crimes be stopped.

    By Nirvaan Baid URL on 02.03.2013

  30. Murder is really bad. I can’t even imagine why someone would murder someone. I watched this movie called Zodiac starring Jake Gyllenhal because I was obsessed with Jake Gyllenhal because he is really attractive. In the movie Jake was hunting for a serial killer. I don’t even know if he found the killer but it was really disturbing. I wonder if it is more disturbing to murder tons of people that you don’t know and have no connection to because it satisfies some sick need in you or to murder one person you know, like your spouse or child or parent. Most people would say serial killers are worse but I don’t know. I mean if your reaction to hating someone is to kill them then you are pretty messed up, maybe just as messed up as a serial killer.

    By Sarah on 02.03.2013

  31. The moment when rational is lost, when passions over turn a person and they lash out. A cold unfeeling person being delivered a thrill, something to keep them going. A puzzle to solve for those who are intelligent and love the chase the deception and the intrigue. Look into the mind of anyone and they all have the capacity to commit murder just it’s the twisted few who choose it.

    By Charlotte on 02.03.2013

  32. It’ll be the death of you, that is for sure. It could be the death of your ego, too. That what happens when you care for someone else more than you do yourself. You murder your ego. I think it court it would be considered third degree murder because how would you not feel the crushing of everything you were?

    By Gabrielle URL on 02.03.2013

  33. sometimes said is good and other times said is bad. depends on if its for the greater good. or if its for food and science. its all semantics at times. murder sounds ominous. thats why it sounds like that and not muduck.

    By dapenguinninja URL on 02.03.2013

  34. “There is no evidence that the death was a murder”, said the police officer, as he closed his notebook. With his gloved hand, he passed the dead goldfish back to a very disappointed little Jimmy.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.03.2013

  35. he went slowly to the corner store. fretful arms crosses, trench coat wrapped around his body. he had just committed a cold blooded murder and left the scene. he knew it was only a matter of time until someone found the body.

    By Nanda on 02.03.2013

  36. It had all began with a murder. It sounds innocuous enough, or as innocuous as a murder could possibly be. However, it was from that chain events that slowly began the extermination of essential life forms for the survival of the human race. This was when many officials began to worry about the future, and had started the development of a back up plan. So they took the murderer and from there used him as a base for developing a new systematized human replacement. This was after his execution, of course.

    By Serena Mithane URL on 02.03.2013

  37. murder. i dont know what to write. i think the fact that someone is SO SICK that could kill someone is so sad ,it makes me wanna give them a hug, or help them- there are so many cases that are movie-like. and society is under anestesia or something that they dont even feel anything, just live through it.

    By irene on 02.03.2013

  38. I stayed frozen with fear on the concrete floor as the killer roamed the room, checking to see if all his victims were dead. I tried my hardest not to breath, I had to survive this tragedy.

    By nanda URL on 02.03.2013

  39. Most of the time when people die, you don’t see blood.
    You don’t see open wounds
    Or gashes.

    You hear agonizing screams.

    Most of the time when people die, all you see is their shell of a body
    And their empty eyes.

    By ithinkhesalwayswonderful URL on 02.03.2013

  40. murder is just a crime which anyone can lead upto and go behind bars .
    usually murder is being done because of jealousy or some other source due to which people hate each other. we do not belong to a nation where no one hates us because people just need a reason to end up someones think …his dear ones and to destroy them …people here are not kind hearted they’re just mean…murder can be avoided and we can take legal steps against people whom we dont like because they did something wrong to us

    By muskaan saini URL on 02.03.2013