February 2nd, 2013 | 238 Entries

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238 Entries for “murder”

  1. with one fell swoop, one fell, drooped
    over the shoulder of an opposing soldier

    By kapanga on 02.03.2013

  2. He murdered her with pride. She didn’t even saw it coming. Love and blood altogether rushed out of her veins, draining her body dry. He smiled yet tears run down his face like there’s no tomorrow. He looked at his own reflection in the mirror; she’s free.

    By Adistria Ananda URL on 02.03.2013

  3. There’s something about the deaths she sees on television. Like, there’s something more out there. Something more that could be done. And it’s not just the fact that, for some reason, there are a lot more murders this month than the last. It’s the fact that somehow, something seems amiss…

    By Isabella on 02.03.2013

  4. Murder was a sin most coveted when all there was but frustration. The scene was an everyday routine: serve, an envious imagination, grovel, porcelain smile, purposeful bow or shake or nod. Though culture and religion outlawed the act and the people had to let their souls be cut down.

    By Eric Harrell on 02.03.2013

  5. Why is a group of crows called a murder? It makes me think that they are constantly associated with crimes, death, blood and bad luck. It’s sad.

    By Serryphae URL on 02.03.2013

  6. She fell elegantly into the code/space, a single key tap signifying her landing. Algorithms reacted to alter the surroundings in accord to her DNA, digital lifeforms murdered and their substance rearranged into more relevant formats, rouletting through isotopes of fauna till a soft neon moss carpeted the tiles. She fell back and the ground rose to meet her, an ecology of her comfort fluctuating along her circadian specification.

    By Chris Glynn on 02.03.2013

  7. She didn’t think of it as murder. It was protection. She was insuring the wellbeing of her children. That wasn’t murder, was it? It couldn’t be. It’s instinct to protect ones offspring.

    By Elizabeth on 02.03.2013

  8. There is a murder of crows outside of my apartment and they are hovering in a way that makes me think the garbage man will be here soon. He is in his scruffy 20s and has a cartoonish tattoo of something and I’m not sure why I’m still home right now when I could be going to the store already. I wonder if he has a wife while I sip the drink in my hands.

    By Amanda on 02.03.2013

  9. I’m looking at the word and I cannot make myself imagine it. The act of taking life, the act of ending something that was in your way. Not in a peace loving way, but in the way of experience that waits to be lived, but you don’t want it to be.

    By Jan2510 on 02.03.2013

  10. There are lots of songs about murder. And TV shows. Why are we as a society so obsessed with stories about murder? Does it feel some sort of ancestorial need?

    By Brook on 02.03.2013

  11. You’re a murderer, you’ve killed all thoughts of hope and happiness. You stopped the joy I had, you’ve turned this wonderful situation into a chaotic mess. I dread to see all those faces that used to make me smile. This murder is unforgettable and impossible to reconcile.

    By untamedimagination on 02.03.2013

  12. murder
    a murder of crows
    murder your cousin
    a murder
    is it a mob, a crime, a vacant thought
    on how you view

    mur der….

    By Judy Ponceby URL on 02.03.2013

  13. you didn’t just break my heart
    you murdered my soul
    and i was too sad to
    p i
    e s

    By stephaniewrites URL on 02.03.2013

  14. Everyone has had some kind of murder in their life, everyone has heard of it, talked of it. But not everyone has thought about it. Sat down and not thought about a certain person, but just the act of murder. How to do it, how to keep from being caught, how it would feel and sound and taste. Regardless of if it was being done to another person or to them self. Not everyone thinks like that.

    By AnnieB on 02.03.2013

  15. A murder of crows caw in the tree outside my window. It seems they’ve just arrived. Nevertheless their presence does nothing to fill your absence; it is an irony in this world of constant comings and goings. I would not have traded you for the world.

    By Sage URL on 02.03.2013

  16. another life was stolen
    in the night
    the vile creature
    tore it away

    then it was overcome
    by the light

    By Kat on 02.03.2013

  17. Murder is a very very bad thing. It is usually caused by deep emotional unstability. Usually results in death.

    By Haley on 02.03.2013

  18. Murder is crazy. People killing each other, and the point of taking another human beings life, is an interesting concept because it tears at the fabrics of what were actually about as humans. Freedom, intrigue, and cooperation. While freedom is what defines a human’s ego, murder wipes that slate clean.

    By Bill Matson on 02.03.2013

  19. its not good itts ba and illegal and i dont know why i happened to get this wrd it seems a bit morbid and i believe its stupid to murder people. and my murer i am including execution i think although i havent mae up my mind n that ocmpletely yet do that is all i ha

    By amy on 02.03.2013

  20. Murder is what murder is thought to be. Anarchy. With murder comes great resentment, and resentment brings choice. You can go forward as someone the public will vilify, or you can atone for what you did by showing your remorse. Your choice.

    By Bill M. on 02.03.2013

  21. she slits throats like a crayon drawing
    and stabs bellies like a sewing machine
    she knows all poisons in the world by name
    i think i love with her more and more each day

    By isa on 02.03.2013

  22. That’s the color she wore on her nails—a blue so deep that it became the static black of ceilings on sleepless nights. She kept them precise and unchipped.

    Every night a new victim. Anyone from a stranger who smelled too sharply of liquor, to an acquaintance with an eerie habit of staring a beat too long, to past lovers she had outgrown for some reason or another.

    Always only after midnight. She’d write their deaths, how she imagined each one would die—exquisitely without her.

    By MONO URL on 02.03.2013

  23. murder is a crime. movie name. sequels

    By pinky gupta on 02.03.2013

  24. There’s a light at the end of the hall way, show casing the scene. The scene of fabulous OCD techniques. Red colored and splashes, here and there. Act one is murder.

    By Kailee URL on 02.03.2013

  25. The case was closed, but there was sill something missin gin the case. I just didnt understand how Eliie couldve gotten off the train so fast. Nobody realized how she couldve. But she did. She admitted. Unless….she was lying, to cover up someone. I pondered the thought for a moment, then quickly discareded it. The case was closed, but I couldnt help but think, if she was innocent, we still have a mad man running around on a killing spree.

    By Georgia on 02.03.2013

  26. I saw it happen on Brooke Street. I wasn’t really paying attention, Mrs Potts had knocked over some potatoes and I bent down to help her. As I stood up and brushed myself down, I noticed a figure about two yards away. His face was covered by a dark mask, but I knew his identity.

    By rebecca on 02.03.2013

  27. death. destruction. taking lives. jail and imprisonment. vengence. aggression. injustice/justice. envy. money. dexter.

    By Deme on 02.03.2013

  28. the thought has crossed his mind many times.. the only problem is the fear of getting caught. He didn’t think his conscience would be a burden afterwards, after all she deserved to die.

    By candy strange on 02.03.2013

  29. the thought has crossed his mind many times, it was solely the fear of getting caught that stopped him. He wouldn’t be burdened by his conscience, after all, she deserved to die.

    By candy strange on 02.03.2013

  30. we used to play a game called killer.
    we would give each other clues and only the killer knew who he or she was.
    it was. Popular game in our set but then we just stopped playing.

    By Robin on 02.03.2013

  31. murder is viscous and bad. it can be done in many ways. it is scary and nasty. one shouldn’t murder. ever. ever. but some people still do. these people need help. they are bad. there is always another option.

    By maisie on 02.03.2013

  32. There is murder in these streets. Watch, as the crimson betrayal drips down our brick walls. The white-hot flash of weaponry steels out a rhythm, being dragged against the flagstones, slowly approaching the doorstop. Watch, as murder echoes, a bell in the ears of the not-so-innocent.

    By dertoetenprinzessen on 02.03.2013

  33. It was murder they say, murder that took my childhood away, murder that killed my innocence, taken by the numb society, by the boys who took what they what they wanted, they got their jollies, but were disgusted with the leftovers. It was murder.

    By hallie on 02.03.2013

  34. Murder…..was it really murder. What were the chances of that. Everybody loved her. But all is fair in love and war I suppose. Murder… done. Over. It’s over with thats all she wrote.

    By Michaela on 02.03.2013

  35. You’re like a storm —
    Lightning eyes, and rough cheeks
    Soft sweep of lips
    And a golden glow that peeks out
    Between jeans and shirt.
    It’s this constant fight
    To keep my fingers to myself
    And your lazy smile
    Leaves the fastest beat,
    Squeezing the air from my lungs
    With a suppressed gasp. A stutter.
    I’m drowning and hoping.

    By sonneillon URL on 02.03.2013

  36. Most foul. It’s one of the 10 things we are told not to do in the Commandments God handed down to Moses on the mountain and yet, it happens thousands of times per day, perhaps per hour across the globe. Murder is the action of ending someone else’s experience on this earth. Why is man driven to do this? Is it because we cannot control our own lives that we must control another’s?

    By Rick Grant URL on 02.03.2013

  37. the warm blood pushes out from her eye sockets, her screams are no longer legible, the things I have to do hurt me so, but I must continue, her eyes so beautiful must take the place of the holes in my head, my mind is something to be afraid of, but only because of the last person I stole eyes from, her visions so ugly…

    By Krissy Grace on 02.03.2013

  38. Of crows. They flew, no, swooped, crying their caws, down the onto the rooftops, through the trees, landing with soft thuds, branches swaying. The grey skies full of crows, black shapes oily bright shimmers, following each other, understood where each was to go, to do… I stood there, watching, hypnotized by the sheer dark magic of their number.

    By Crowgypsy on 02.03.2013