February 1st, 2013 | 192 Entries

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192 Entries for “systems”

  1. computers, teconology, organization, people, work, elaboration, process,

    By victoria on 02.02.2013

  2. you have different systems, eco systems, technical systems, systems in your brain and body and they all have they logic. They are needed in order to keep on living and we do not know a lot about them, we know a bit about a lot of systems. This is because you cannot know everything.

    By vera URL on 02.02.2013

  3. Overrated and useful at the same time. Systems allow us to get on with living, but oh the freedom of none!

    By Paula on 02.02.2013

  4. a group or order of steps which create something, or a situation that works as one. everything has a place, a function, each lives of another- they live is a symbitic world.

    By Kate on 02.02.2013

  5. systems are necessary yet vile. trapped in complexity without a thought to the outside world. the outside dimension of a system is a nearly unattainable oasis. fuck the systems. nature. be natural. are systems natural?

    By Ash Z on 02.02.2013

  6. systems connecting blood to blood, mind to mind. the wind to your face and the light on the water. the storm passes by and the water flows down into the drain like systems of words that echo through my mind. they fall, they fall, they fall down and out of my mouth but they always seem to come back to fog my head like dark clouds on a windy day.

    By celine URL on 02.02.2013

  7. all systems go, thats what she heard. She knew that it was time for her to do her job, nto step up as queen and take her rightful place as Mary, Queen of Scottland, France, and England. She knew that it was her time to shine, to relive her days of youth so long forgotten. She would be gods anointed, therefor untouchable.

    By Sunnie URL on 02.02.2013

  8. The world tends to revolve around them. natural systems, technical systems. hThey seem to provide order in what is still perceived to be a chaotic world. There is no perfect system out there. Each one has it’s flaws, whether it is a naturally occuring system, or a man-made system. Stop and think for a bit…..where would we be without systems? We would be non-existent. Skeletal system, endocrine system……the list goes on and on….and as we take a step back and look at the bigger picture, all of these systems merge into the system that we call life. Amazing how all things coincide and coexist…..regardless of whether or not it is a harmonious existence.

    By Amy on 02.02.2013

  9. all systems down systems running; up; full; split between two types of systems; a system, a movement, a rhythm of two people. of the married, of the widowed, a system of life to follow, a system of life to proceed on living in.

    By WeTygers URL on 02.02.2013

  10. She glared at the King. “I refuse to speak with the leader who supports this screwed up system of patriarchy. He will not take a word I say into his mind.”
    The man on the throne glared down at her.

    By Serryphae URL on 02.02.2013

  11. their are systems in every way of life. systems of society, telling you who is right and who is wrong, Some systems refuse to be altered. no matter how hard we try.

    By Amber Corrigan on 02.02.2013


    By DEMENTRIA HENDERSON on 02.02.2013

  13. The way I run my life and other people’s. What I would like to have more of to help me be more organised. Systems are also things that I really hate about my life and work.

    By Mrs Bryant URL on 02.02.2013

  14. we don’t know nothing about the systems of the planets and the life systems on cosmos. We barely know about the planet systems. But, in the future, we might copy the life systems found in nature, in order to improve our life systems..

    By electron priest URL on 02.02.2013

  15. These system that I am caught up in… They cage me, I am a bird meant to soar yet these cages… oh these cages. They have trap doors and written laws, tricking these birds that the cage is the way.. yet I know, I know.

    By anonymous on 02.02.2013

  16. All systems go! But they aren’t. Most of them are only partial go. The rest are stop. All systems down might be more accurate. No matter. We are used to it. We can manage without systems.

    By E A M Harris URL on 02.02.2013

  17. connection people law rules to do plan manager hierarchy time money power organisation task goal purpose

    By Dumi on 02.02.2013

  18. you! downtrodden person!
    disgarded because of your sex slash race slash bank account
    slash what’s in between your legs
    slash the person you love and what’s in between THEIR legs!
    are you unhappy with your current situation?
    do you wish you could change things?

    well you CAN’T!
    humanity didn’t get this far
    and by far i mean really far like a bunch of million billion years
    by f-cking around with nature! nature made us! nature sustains us!
    nature gave us a role and it is our birthright! our destiny!
    do you wanna be the prodigal daughter
    that made mother earth cry?!

    the needs of the many outnumber the needs of the few!
    you’ll topple our world
    our balanced, wonderful, smoothly-running world
    if you keep dreaming these selfish dreams! we all have our place
    and yours is
    down there! to hold everyone else up! you are the backbone of society!
    we would never have gotten anywhere without you!
    we need you, lower class citizen!
    you are a gift, bless you

    now here, have a cupcake
    forget all your silly notions of anarchy
    what’s that? you don’t want anarchy? just equality?
    why, that’s even more preposterous
    who taught you that word anyway?
    aw, you look uncomfortable under this spotlight
    go back to the shadows, the underground, it’s alright, it’s where you belong
    why be happy when you can be normal?

    By h. b. URL on 02.02.2013

  19. All systems are ago. We’ve got the lighting and the music to create the mood, the wine is chilled, and all the staff in the back has a wonderful menu planned. We’re creating the perfect recipe for the perfect night.

    But without him, the system fails.

    By Stephanie Force URL on 02.02.2013

  20. niciodata sistemul nu va putea zdrobi inima unui om.mimic si gadesc des la ceea ce inseamna acceptrt ?libertaea e cea mai de prret.ascult muzica …… ascumd de sistem .da daaaaaa.cant dansez ma las

    By maria on 02.02.2013

  21. Systems is a massive approach to the modern society. I do not know how to put this, but it is really just a massive approach. It is complicated, hard, terrible and enormous. It is hard to just push it on people, of course. Would you like to have a system pushed on you?

    By William Berntssen on 02.02.2013

  22. They are affecting everything. Everyone has their little system they follow, but why not get out and do something exciting? Why not try something new? Why do we have to follow a system every day?
    Its understandable that some people don’t wish to go against their system, sometimes you just want to have stability in something. But, in order for things to get better change in necessary.

    By Aspen on 02.02.2013

  23. systems of what? More difficult to come up with a functioning system than you would think. Especially when that system turns out to be a group of five people where only one person is doing ALLL of the work…That means baking over a hundred cookies in four hours.

    By Writing Mermaid URL on 02.02.2013

  24. collapsing to the floor, worn and out of breath, hoping one moment of lying still will restore her enough to keep going but she can feel her consciousness slipping through her fingers. The small amount of energy she had left is beginning to seep into the dirt beneath to sink her in. She screams to herself in her head “get UP GET UP GET UP NOW” but out loud the words struggle out loud as a whisper and are whisked away by the wind. The voice in her head shouts a resounding “NO. NOT AGAIN. RUN.” and her eyes snap open, she forces the air out of her to allow new breath to fill her alive and she lifts her arm to place her hand next to her face on the ground and begins to push herself back up to her feet.

    By Park URL on 02.02.2013

  25. Getting to know the systems. The insides. Nothing could go wrong now. He was waiting just outside the main black gate when a strange character came in and asked if there was anything that the delivery boys forgot to take. He said no and stared with a fixed look at the red button that said “don’t push me”

    By Stef URL on 02.02.2013

  26. The world is being broken down by systems, demanding the loyalty of its participant gears… It was a lot more complex and yet a lot more simpler when there was only the systems of nature, where life and death and everything existed in harmony… Freewill comes across as a myth to me sometimes, because my will is still bound in the premise of my social, financial, geographical order (to name a few) and also by what people perceive my abilities and limits to be… Nature never asked for such order. Even in nature freewill is a myth, yet within its system mankind was not bound in its own games and foolery.

    I hope some day we can rise beyond race, continent, countries, religion and class, because these systems only give power to some and don’t allow progress – where currently luxury is deemed as progress (only progress in lifestyle, NOT of mankind) – and we can hope to seeing existence beyond the speck in space we call home.

    By unkitjc URL on 02.02.2013

  27. They are put in place for a reason, like rules, like laws. They help us make choices that, right or wrong, hopefully keep everything running smoothly. I wish more people would think systematically to make sure they are helping the greater good rather than just taking care of themselves. If could just all work together things would be better. Please people, follow the systems and don’t ignore them If you don’t like the system in place, change it for the better not for the selfish. We can work together to make things better.

    By jill393 URL on 02.02.2013

  28. systems: a word that I think of as “order”, rather than “chaos”. It’s a funny word. It sounds kind of funny if you think about it and it’s spelled with that funny letter Y instead of an “ie” or a “iy”.
    It’s also a plural. That means that it can have more systems, rather than just one system, which I find interesting, although completely obvious.
    I don’t know who started using systems, but it must have gone back to the cavemen ages where the austrolapithicus (I don’t think I spelled that right) used rocks and sticks to build fires, make tools and not get eaten by the wild beasts.
    I don’t believe that the austrolapithicus’ lived together because that’s what my teacher told me, but there had to have been some universal knowledge of how not to die. Therefore, those were systems.
    Nowadays, we have the most intricate, most elaborate systems ever, what with those computers, cars and heating systems. It’s sort of, well, part of one big system, which is called THE UNIVERSE.
    Yes, that is our universe. Full of systems, full of systems that don’t work, and full of people who think their systems work, sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.
    For example, the system of the blue line is telling me how much time I have left, and I have to stop now.
    I made the same error again, and so now I have some more time to write.
    What is really not so great about this system is that it doesn’t go BEEP or the screen doesn’t turn black. It just gives you a little notice at the bottom of the page saying that my time is UP!

    By Regina on 02.02.2013

  29. The academic system where you lived was
    to quote you
    so you left to seek your
    in a place that
    “never sleeps”
    just as you never did

    By smnthbll on 02.02.2013

  30. Systems are way to organize things. A way to say: “I’m in charge and you’re not,”. Or maybe their saying: “This is my journey and I need you to help me,”

    By Ella-Belle URL on 02.02.2013

  31. mac book airs are the best kind of computers, iPhone’s are the best kind of phone, etc, etc! you get what I’m doing here.

    By cmmie URL on 02.02.2013

  32. Systems are way to organize things. A way to say: “I’m in charge and you’re not,”. Or maybe they are saying: “This is my journey and I need you to help me,”

    By Ella-Belle URL on 02.02.2013