April 16th, 2013 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “mumbling”

  1. He sat in the corner, mumbling. No one paid any attention, but as the words spilled from his lips, the truth became sound, wafting across the room, ignored by all who needed to hear it.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.16.2013

  2. She begs to be heard yet she never makes a sound
    Spends her days as a wanderer but still wants to be found
    Craves to be extraordinary but doesn’t deny that she is plain
    Hides under umbrellas when she claims she loves the rain.

    By Carly URL on 04.16.2013

  3. Oh god I don’t even know what I’m saying. My mouth is moving and I KNOW I’m speaking, but I just can’t hear anything. And guessing by the blank stares Beck is giving me, I guess he can’t either.

    By Shinji Ikari on 04.16.2013

  4. Mumble mumble.
    People mumble all the time.
    grumble grumble.
    can’t understand a thing you say.
    why do you talk in such an incomprehensible way?
    why? why? mumble grumble mumble grumble.

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 04.16.2013

  5. Mumbling. It’s what you do when you when the teacher calls on you but don’t know the answer. It’s what the quiet kid in the back of the room does when the teacher calls on them instead. It’s what you do when you are thinking halfway out loud. It’s people do in awkward situations. It’s what everyone does. They mumble.

    By Corinne URL on 04.16.2013

  6. the silent under the breath heavy small words. they say when they don’t want to be heard but want to be heard. they are afraid of being heard in the lightest of hours when the sun rises full and the clouds fill the ether.

    By tania on 04.16.2013

  7. (Mum)-(bul)-(ing) :P

    By Corinne URL on 04.16.2013

  8. I felt like my mouth was the last floodgate to my brain, a floodgate that had a huge jagged crack. I pursed my lips tighter, to keep myself from letting go, but this guy was merciless.
    “Hey dweeb, stop mumbling to yourself,” he jived. I snapped.
    Let’s just say the kid was hit by a lot more than just a barrage of flying spit.

    By A.C. Rooks URL on 04.16.2013

  9. I hate the way you mumble and I can’t hear what you say. I hate the way I try to go but you always make me stay. I hate the way you look at me and the way you turn away. But most of all I hate the way you make me feel this way. Mumble all you want my boy, I’ll never hear a word. For when you speak softly, I can’t understand your world.

    By Sarah on 04.16.2013

  10. he was mumbling something unentelligible involving chipmunks and Sarah’s three bean soup. Margarie wasn’t taken with his ramblings. She only admired speech that was clear and eloquent. I think she was overreacting.

    By ray ray on 04.16.2013

  11. i mumble when i’m nervous, like at this very moment. i get scold for eating my words, yet i still continue to do it. i am new to this site, i am typing not mumbling. i am typing.mumble- mumble-ing.

    By mango URL on 04.16.2013

  12. The sarcastic mumbling below was driving him crazy. He shook his head and lent over the edge.
    “will you two just go to sleep?”
    and they giggled and laughed.
    This was going to be a long night and he wondered why he thought a sleep over would be a good idea.

    By Jennifer URL on 04.16.2013

  13. The cat sounded like she was mumbling, not really purring. It sounded like she had something to say, something important, but her undeveloped vocal cords wouldn’t allow it. I listened carefully. Mmmmmm, Mmmmmm,Mmm

    By Heidi URL on 04.16.2013

  14. He said it under his breath. But she was an expert in mumbling. So she heard every word. In fact, the mumbles resonated more than clearly articulated words did. They were more honest. They were more real. She knew that such an honest statement deserved an honest response. So, she looked at his eyes. Then looked into them. She admired his eyelashes. Then his lips. And she kissed him. And then gazed straight into his soul. A gentle, honest moment

    By anonymous on 04.16.2013

  15. Her mind was mumbling through the haze of consciousness that corrupted sleeping thoughts. The buzz was coming from nearby, but not quite so close as the throbbing. Was it construction? No, it was nearer still. It was then that she realized she had been awoken by the strained stuttering of her own pulse, pushing up against her pillow.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 04.16.2013

  16. Whenever you mumble and I ask you to repeat it, the first thing you say is “Oh, it’s nothing.” Then I pester you until you tell me what you said, even though you blush and get embarrassed. We tell each other everything and I love that about us. <3

    By Chris URL on 04.16.2013

  17. Are you mumbling? Cause I can’t really hear you. Or maybe I just don’t want to.

    By Jason URL on 04.16.2013

  18. There’s this crazy old man that walks around Jacksonville & he’s ALWAYS mumbling. He stinks & he scares me. He smiles a lot but he still scares me with his smiling & mumbling. Maybe I shouldn’t be scared but I am anyway. I should think this – I might be e

    By Nancy Sapp on 04.16.2013

  19. Once I ran into this old man on the street. I mean, SMACK! straight into him. He was mumbling something about a trash can on 33rd and Smith but I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about so I just kept walking. It’s funny, because when I got to 33rd and Smith, there was no trash can at all, just a strange-looking box that flashed into my eyes and then– trash can… 33rd and smith… i thought… trash… thought it was…. trash can…. smith… trash can…

    By Megan URL on 04.16.2013

  20. I hate mumbling. Not because it’s disrespectful. Not because it’s childish. It’s because it makes me feel like a person has something to hide. Like they have something to say but just can’t quite commit to saying loud enough for others to hear.

    By ali on 04.16.2013

  21. always mumbling
    i mumbled everything
    my thoughts
    my feelings
    my being, a mumble
    hardly heard

    By Maggie on 04.16.2013

  22. they always tell me my language is incomprehensible
    slurs of elevated wack, unknown tongue
    I believe
    their ears are just immune to listening

    By Lily URL on 04.16.2013

  23. she mumbled quietly, reciting the words her mother always told her. “what’re you saying?” he asked, louder than she had suspected. it scared her a bit, making her knock over her cup of water.
    “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I just did that!”
    he laughed at the surprise on her face.
    “did i scare you?”

    By Emily Shannon on 04.16.2013

  24. as i walk up to him. he’s mumbling something under his breath. something about this girl he once met; evidently i look like her. well isn’t that great, the love of my life is pining after my doppleganger and i’m here looking like the idiot.

    By Lola URL on 04.16.2013

  25. She heard his fear and mumbling in the background as she clenched her stomach and fell to the floor. She was no stranger to crisis, but this news had crippled her and her immediate reaction was to vomit. There were thirty nine fire trucks on site. She was about to blow up half the city and everything she had worked for along with it. Amity knew she was sunk. As her tears pooled on the kitchen floor the phone rang.

    By pip333 URL on 04.16.2013

  26. i still have naked pictures of my ex girlfriend
    they’re on my mom’s computer
    hidden, of course
    but there.
    i would feel pretty damn awful if they disappeared
    like a part of me was taken away
    i should delete them
    but i won’t.
    i’ll just be a mumbling pervert, holding on to something
    that went away 10 years ago
    maybe it’s a power thing
    but more likely
    it’s depression.

    By Matty M. on 04.16.2013

  27. I dont know what mumbling means , god!
    this is frustrating, I don´t speak English.. and this are the longest 6 seconds of my life.

    By L on 04.16.2013

  28. “don’t mumbling”, i tell my self everytime i lost my self deep down on my mind. one should keep their mind and mouth even in loneliness.

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 04.16.2013

  29. I was mumbling to myself ; what the? one word” I clicked and here we are. Mumble bumble stumble. That’s how it is.

    By Rustie on 04.16.2013

  30. Soft, subtle words that I miss stumble out of his mouth. “It wouldn’t be so bad…”
    “What? Stop mumbling.”
    He clears his throat, embarrassed pink patches spotting his cheeks. “Being stuck here together for a while. It wouldn’t be so bad.”

    By WearyWater URL on 04.16.2013

  31. I can’t hear what you’re saying
    but the dust of your lips is mesmerizing
    Those times I say
    we are all connected
    It is this I mean,
    feeling the look of the brush of your lips
    not hearing you speak
    but knowing you do
    feeling it just the same

    By Saudade URL on 04.16.2013

  32. Embers of words, disjointed sentences spread across the air. Lips pursing while air dwindles away from their lips. I hear them all to well. Crying out for those they held dear. Alas, the ground is a very good insulator and their faces replaced with hard slabs of stone. Their names are carved on them. Sometimes I think of them as my friends, other times as a captive audience.

    They’re the only ones who will listen to my mumbling.

    Because they speak back in the same hushed tones.

    By Onix URL on 04.16.2013

  33. “I… love you,” was what Yixing mumbled when Joonmyeon hugged him before he was asked to let go and get on the plane with the rest of the Korean group.

    By steph on 04.16.2013

  34. I am embressed by this word! When I meet new people I have this feeling and I think that I can’t communicate with them eaisly so I mumble. You know the word itself may result to failur!!

    By salam URL on 04.16.2013

  35. He was always mumbling so she could never really make out what he was saying. It took her years to realize that it was just a cover for the fact that he never listened to a thing she said. His mumbled answers were his only way of responding without having to worry about making sense.

    By Andie on 04.16.2013

  36. It was like he wasn’t even speaking, he was mumbling. You could hear the low hum of his voice under his breath. Not being able to make out the words, but enough to know he was trying to sass her about something.
    Mumbling got him nowhere but trouble, and he knew it too. But he couldn’t help himself. He didn’t want to

    By Kassandra on 04.16.2013

  37. He tilted his head lower to face her lips, out of which was coming a low, garbled sound. He hated it when she mumbled; all they ever did was argue, but she never stood straight up when they did. She screamed all of a sudden and bolted from his side, leaving a chill wind aching up and down his bare arms.

    By dertoetenprinzessen URL on 04.16.2013

  38. Yes. So it appears mum is a word conjoined with bling. So humbling when one is clumsily tumbling, stumbling, tripping over words. Shushed to a near whisper, as if no one is listening. Can you trip over yourself in writing? Yes, but if you’re an editor at heart it takes a real lackadaisical attitude to just free flow, flaws and all.

    Actually, I’m thinking of The Black Angels right now. They don’t always enunciate when they sing, so a case of misheard lyrics is legit. What sounds like “Love is your gun” or “Love is your drug” actually reads in the album notes “Look what we’ve done.” But I like it when I mishear a string of words, it’s as if another meaning has been laced into the print.

    By Intuition URL on 04.16.2013

  39. i mumble in school because i don’t like to talk to people with a clear voice. i look down at their shoes while their eyes search for mine. i want to scream sometimes but my voice gets snagged in my throat and i can’t. i want to speak but i can’t remember how.

    By chicken on 04.16.2013

  40. So, I mumble a lot, I think.

    Today, I visited a potential new job, and while I felt really confident about the workplace itself upon leaving, I am still worried that they all question my character.

    Because I mumble all the damn time, so people often don’t know what I’m saying!

    By Samantha on 04.16.2013