April 17th, 2013 | 177 Entries

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177 Entries for “creature”

  1. A creature if an animal. It could be a bear or even a human. Somethings you think about a creature is that they are hairy. But that not true they could be a dolphin. It could be anything, that’s living and breathing.

    By Marisa URL on 04.18.2013

  2. There was a 17 eyed creature staring at me in the dark. ”Aaaahhh” Screamed Brechet. Then she got ate by the monster in the dark. 5 years later…….. ”Sorry mam we cant find your son” said the police. But what they didnt know was that the creature that no one new about was the one who ate the boy. ”But, but can’t you look longer he has to be out there someone.” The sad sad parents replied. ”I’m sorry Mr and Mrs…” Then the police got cut of by the sound in there car all they heard was,” This is a 4-23 we found a body along the river. ”I’m sorry but there’s nothing we can do about this.”

    By Madelyn Grim on 04.18.2013

  3. I was just running and running. It wouldn’t stop following me! I had to get away or ill die ! I ws screaming and screaming,but no one could hear me out in these woods. I was running dow the trail and i tripped on a stomp and fell. I looked be hind me and he was right there . i dont know how he is so fast. I got up but beofre i could start running he grabbed me by the coller of my shirt and strapped these weird chaims on me. I didnt know what they did but they were counting diwn starting at 60.

    By Aubrey Mowrey URL on 04.18.2013

  4. The creature stood on its hind legs. Glowing red eyes and menacing face stard at the girl. She was ared but suddenly the crature calmed and spoke.

    By Jerri URL on 04.18.2013

  5. He wondered what it was like. To be “normal”. Living alone, as he always had known, in the forest that no one ever talked about. He did not know what made him so different; why the others lived together in their quaint little town. So he lived, alone. And wondered, every day, what it was like, to be normal.

    By Gyarados URL on 04.18.2013

  6. my creature is a beautiful creature he has 4 feet my is brown and fluffy he is round a lit and he love me and i love him very much he is my first creature i ever had in my life i alway wanted a creature like him but i found him i didnt buy him ihe was under a brocken car when i saw him he was scared frighten and alone but now he is happy joyful loved and loves his home he dosent need to go into trash cans screaching for food like noe he can just eat from a bowl he dosent gets miss treated by people now everybody says hello and goodbye,dosent need to set bounderes my home is his home;) THE END

    By THE CREATURE THAT I LOVE on 04.18.2013

  7. He was such a creature. As she looked at him he smirked at her, and she squirmed under his gaze not knowing if he was going to kill her, or love her.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.18.2013

  8. The blue lit creature appeared through the trees as a halo of flame twelve feet tall

    By skylarkin URL on 04.18.2013

  9. Pi is my cat. She was an orphan living outside on her wits from the time she was born. I see her as a gentle creature, afraid still of humans and the world. But coming alive and to us slowly, surely.

    By s on 04.18.2013

  10. The creature lived deep in the forest of the fairies where it lived for hundreds of years. Waiting to be found by the lost princess, Tofu who was the daughter of the king and queen fairies of the forest.

    By Zade on 04.18.2013

  11. a creature is something that lives and something that dies. its existence is trapped between two milestones and its hapiness is only for a small time. what he or she lefts though, is forever. but her existence will eventually be forgotten, just like everyone else’s.

    By irinaaa on 04.18.2013

  12. The ring glows around his decrepit little fingers.
    Such an unsightly thing…
    Yet so precious.
    Blue eyes that cry in agony..
    Pale skin that refuses the sun’s kindness.
    Kindness that is fading.
    And an instinct to kill.

    By Jordan Barker URL on 04.18.2013

  13. A entity, a life .A result of artistic creation.A piece of art.

    By Radu-EMANUEL on 04.18.2013

  14. “What hideous creature is that?!”

    You cried, staring across the room in sheer terror. The size of that monstrous beast was enough to send us cowering to the opposite wall. It stank of rotting meat and looked like it was about to turn us into nothing more than scraps and entrails.

    “That is my guilt.”

    By KT URL on 04.18.2013

  15. what kind of creature have i disfigured towards? I’ve suffered spiritual atrophy and now I’m living in solitude, only able to name the things that brought me to this discomforting end.

    By creepestbloom URL on 04.18.2013

  16. Y’know, Big Guy,
    at some point You gotta stop blaming the Devil
    every time something screws up with Your Plan.

    You raised that kid;
    it just screams bad parenting.

    everyone’s noticed
    that coz You’re spending all Your time waiting 
    for him to come home,
    You’ve forgotten that You have
    seven billion more 

    loitering around, vandalising stuff
    (blank walls, painted walls,
    their bodies, other people’s bodies),

    just seeking Your guidance
    so they could make sense of this mess
    You dumped on their plate
    and left them all to deal with.

    they’re hungry.
    at some point You’re gonna have to admit
    that war can’t feed everyone’s bellies.

    and this sin thing.
    i’ve seen You get angry a bunch of times, okay.
    it wasn’t pretty.
    it sure as hell wasn’t holy, or righteous, or any 
    of those bullshit words
    You keep telling your children to live up to.

    You lie plenty.
    You wiped out an entire city last week
    coz none of the hymns their churches were singing
    had Your name in them.

    get it together,
    grow up.
    You’re older than eternity, for pete’s sake.
    set Yourself straight.

    You’re supposed to be perfect.
    You’re supposed to be better than this,
    though slowly, i’m realising,
    that You’re just not.

    i love You, Old Man, but You’re kind of a dick.

    if You don’t want Your Leviathan to start eating
    and setting fire to everything,
    feed it once in a while, yeah?

    don’t be a hypocrite, Dad.
    walk Your talk.

    By h. b. URL on 04.18.2013

  17. creature living in the bottom of me what do you see
    when I wake up and you arise telling me how to let today be
    what do you see that others cannot
    why am i so empty

    By greg E on 04.18.2013