July 1st, 2012 | 354 Entries

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354 Entries for “motion”

  1. The flow to the river, with the ripples of the water, to the flow of the fish. We are all in motion. The world we live in, including the space around our world. We all live in motion, we never stop this motion.

    By Isaiah on 07.01.2012

  2. So her arms slid through the water. One continuous effortless motion. Once she was beneath it’s slippery surface. No one could reach her. No one could touch her. Here she was safe. Wrapped up in a liquid blanket. Gliding the way birds fly through the air.

    By GennaClaire URL on 07.01.2012

  3. Just like everything around us, we are in motion. The clocks are ticking, the cars are moving, the air is blowing. The motion never stops, it keeps going, with, or without you. They don’t stop, why should you stop?

    By Isaiah Peete URL on 07.01.2012

  4. I feel the motion of the waves coming at me strong. This place is beautiful. I can sit for hours and just breathe. I may not feel exactly happy nor sad, I am at a place of contentment. The sun glistening against the ocean. My life complete.

    By kamilah URL on 07.01.2012

  5. Motion is like movement, I guess. I remember learning about it in school a few years ago, or rather the actual definition and everything. Well not really a FEW years ago, but a long time ago. So…motion. Ummm moving, it can be fast or slow. But everything we do that requires just the tiniest bit of movement has something to do with motion.

    By Rebecca. on 07.01.2012

  6. Turbulance and a creation ransaking the side of the boat. There were too many waves to hold still. One person ould not possible make itout of this alive. what would there be left of me if not for the waves? What to holdonto>? The world would pas by in aglimse and al Stop!

    By JJ on 07.01.2012

  7. solo quiero un mundo donde todo sea normal y no haya malas intenciones ni criticas no constructivas ni gente que quiera hacerle daño a otra persona solo quiero a gente que sepa decir lo que siente sin prejuicios ni nada de eso que lo que digas este bien y tu opinión este bien.

    By andrea on 07.01.2012

  8. moving to nonsense area where u can’t think u can only talk and kill to survive. I don’t under stand what’s the point of writing this. yet, i’ll write it never the less. A train going very fast stealing you away from your life.

    By Mira on 07.01.2012

  9. I take a step, and another, and then another. I imagine all the details of my surroundings, the sharp lines and edges of the objects surrounding me. The stale air and crisp breath of the sleeping city. The night reveals a collection of milky stars struggling to break out of the dark sky, and my footsteps slap their way down the sidewalk. I blink, and when I look around, I have not moved at all.

    By Rebecca on 07.01.2012

  10. I am in motion, but not as much as my blood. It pours from my heart streaming through my veins. it is cold yet alive for missing a love is far away. I scream to the stars: “restore my love to me

    By Seph URL on 07.01.2012

  11. I like to be in motion in a moving car, bus, train or plane.trains especially Re good , the rhymical beat they make along the tracks, very settling and relaxing. But then to be still, in contrast is also good. Stillness, contemplation, prayer, peace. These things are important. There is actually too much motion, people hurrying everywhere, and not enough stillness in our world.

    By Kim on 07.01.2012

  12. I live to be the one thing I’ve always wanted to be. A athlete. I run everyday, the motions are endless. I workout and sweat, the days seem like forever. Sometimes I wish I could throw it all away, but my father wouldn’t approve. I’m his everything and I must live up to every expectation.

    By A on 07.01.2012

  13. Hey i love Turtles they are so amazingly cute, um.. shopping, cheetah print and toms are my favorites. Im very outgoing person, and i love nail designs im very creative :)

    By Ana URL on 07.01.2012

  14. Last week we had to write a report every day and
    debate in class
    and then homework was current events
    and basketball practice
    and before bed there was finally a sense of
    relaxation before the next day
    but it was too late and I was too tired to enjoy it.
    And now that it’s sunday, the wind is still, the homework is on hold, the day is like a vacation.
    Nothing moves, but
    I have nothing to do, so I finish my report which is due on

    By mpilot URL on 07.01.2012

  15. twirling – it makes me dizzy. I have to slow down, sometimes stop completely. Put a foot forward, maybe two back. That’s what it’s about really. No one ever tells you which way to go. How to go. Feel things flowing through you, moving past you, close your eyes and move.

    By Sonja Ska on 07.01.2012

  16. I go and do this and that no matter how long it takes me to get there motion is the one thing that cannot stop moving forwards. You may feel that something is blocking you from moving forwards but you can only ever stop yourself don’t stop keep moving forwards the motion of your heart will keep you going.

    By Tara on 07.01.2012

  17. Motionless I stand. Motionless I watch as everyday passes and motionless I do nothing about it. Motion, ilusion of change, the master joke of our good old life. For nothing moves aside from our foulish toughts.

    By F J.R. URL on 07.01.2012

  18. Things were moving the other day. Like fast speed across my face. And there were flies flying around and they were going anti-gravity motion and I wanted to be like that. But my motion was slow on the ground and stuff like that I don’t know why. Maybe it will improve later. But for now things move on.

    By Garin McInnis on 07.01.2012

  19. I took to standing still when other people were in constant movement around me. The city buzzed and I hated the sounds and the motion of everything around me. I craved, needed and wanted so badly to have it all still again. Like when I was a child and the woods were quiet.

    By Ruby Durango on 07.01.2012

  20. motion is something i fear. the everchanging, never safe, constant progression. no limits, indeed, but also no groundings. no place to call home. i would rather be stationary in a safe place, but bored, than in motion in potential danger, but excited. we don’t see things clearly, after all, until they stop moving.

    By talia on 07.01.2012

  21. motion motion
    what emotion you rise from me
    my heart loses itself
    in the deep pool
    you have drowned it in.

    motion motion
    to get away from you.

    By Kyna URL on 07.01.2012

  22. One world: Making of every travel a special motion. enjoy.

    By Antonio velasco on 07.01.2012

  23. With one, clean motion I whipped out a crisp fifty dollar bill. What a bad ass I was in the room. An impressed look crossed the barista’s face and I silently celebrated my non-existant street credit at the Starbucks.

    By Awkward URL on 07.01.2012

  24. the way there is no motion towards me tells me how we will never be. the look in his eyes reminds me of this every day. Oh how i wish this wasn’t true.

    By fatty catty on 07.01.2012

  25. Motion, huh? It’s such a progressive word, never stagnate and never still. It’s nervous, it’s moving forward and it’s never staying in one place for very long. This is scary, having to write about one word in one minute, it makes it seem so dire and desperate. Especially, being motion. Well, I literally gave it a go.

    By Jessyca on 07.01.2012

  26. the ball flew from her hand with such force she couldnt imagine how or why. it was as if some sort of supernatural force was overtaking her hands. she had never experienced anything like this before. she had been told stories but never experienced one for herself. what would happen next. she had to go tell Sawn

    By sam on 07.01.2012

  27. Twirling. Spinning. Swirling. A mix of colour and motion. She could not stop. She needed to move. Her heart pounded as she ran toward the small grass hut. As she got closer she could hear the screams coming from within. She knew she needed to get there soon.

    By esky1118 URL on 07.01.2012

  28. it was in Motion. Our Plan was going just the way we wanted.
    It took a while but after putting them on the train everything at last was in motion.
    Amanda could have freaked out, but she didn’t. Our ideals were bigger than anything else we all were so proud of our little group and everything we had acomplished.

    By PamelaRivero on 07.01.2012

  29. Motion of devotion…. okay I speak spanish so….
    Motion emoción es la que siento cuanto tu me ves a los ojos, cuando hablas del amor y me imagino contigo para siempre. Si emoción es la que siento cuando digo tu nombre y se que me amas al igual que yo a ti. Espero que esto sea cierto, y que mis sueños románticos se hagan realidad, por lo pronto seguiré sonriendo y emocionandome en cada instante de mis días, porque al final de todo el amor es lo mas importante

    By Paty Gzz on 07.01.2012

  30. I jolted forward. I couldn’t see what was happening, naturally, with this blindfold covering my eyes, but I could tell that the car was in motion. I sighed, I didn’t even know if I was in a car, a truck, or even a fucking airplane. I guess I should’ve been more worried about where I was going, however, rather than what sort of vehicle I was currently tied up in.

    By Meghan on 07.01.2012

  31. walk play love anythg exercise fast lecture handphone mac key motion water money

    By anneneo on 07.01.2012

  32. twirling – it makes me dizzy. I have to slow down, sometimes stop completely. Put a foot forward, maybe two back. That’s what it’s about really. No one ever tells you which way to go. How to go. Feel things flowing through you, moving past you, close your eyes and move.

    By Sonja URL on 07.01.2012

  33. the earth is in motion,
    spinning around
    itself, all while
    traveling along it’s track
    in the Milky Way.

    humans could compare themselves
    to the earth,
    i guess.

    circling around themselves,
    all while playing their
    specially crafted role.

    By rachel. URL on 07.01.2012

  34. like slow motion or like ur in the motion not sure about this word

    By Gaby on 07.01.2012

  35. Fast. Slow. Moving. If you sit still, the world is still moving. If you keep going you’ll be successful, if you stop you’ll be left behind. Keep going. Know that you are strong. You are great. You can do whatever you put your mind to and that kind of determination will get you so far.

    By Rebekah Edmondson URL on 07.01.2012

  36. The motion was passed. A meeting.
    She passed a motion. Body stuff.
    The bus ceased its forward motion. I’m late for work.
    E-motion. Don’t go there.
    Pro-motion. Forward thinking.
    De-motion. Ooops.

    By Betty Barker on 07.01.2012

  37. You can’t stop anything that is in constant motion. If you do, it ceases to be. That’s all its ever known. To be in motion, walking through the cobbled streets.

    By Lych on 07.01.2012

  38. Motion is life. Everything has motion. The people rushing from place to place, too busy to watch the motion around them, too wrapped up in their worlds to realize. The animals and bugs, scrambling through their everyday lives. The trees and flowers, dancing in the wind and waving to the sky as they alone watched the motion around them. The world, as it moves slowly under its blanket, blind to the small and insignificant beings above, thinking only of it’s motion.

    By Emma URL on 07.01.2012

  39. In motion, constant motion, she couldn’t slow down, couldn’t stop otherwise she’d stop and slow and stop. She’d die. So she ran and ran and blurred into the air and ground and her feet were wings that carried her high into the sky.

    By fire_ball URL on 07.01.2012

  40. motion cant stop me
    only one motion could,

    the only one i once cared about
    And that my motion stopped with my hearth
    y see yours, trying to stop your tears.

    By Alejandro on 07.01.2012