June 26th, 2011 | 453 Entries

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453 Entries for “morals”

  1. Morals are stupid to some people. Some people, I mean guys. Guys like to think of morals as a stupid excuse for girls not to put out. However, Morals are important. Morals are important to me because they are values that God and I have in common that I stand by. Morals are something I truly believe in because they look out in my best interest.

    By Risa on 06.26.2011

  2. Morals. Pre-Marital Sex is against my morals. So is backstabbing. Dishonest people challenge my morals to see if I’ll still be able to trust them, but I’ll barely stare them in the eye. This is about it. Yeah… *awkward*

    By Risa on 06.26.2011

  3. Moeals today are near non existant. Maybe that is s just what I se ev in my world. Money is the ruler. People forget morals when money is involved and money is involved in everyrhing. Help.

    By Billie on 06.26.2011

  4. Morals are really kind of a personal thing. It depends on what you believe. But do you always have to follow morals? What if your morals are just based off of what others believe? Then what do you do? How do you know what is right if you never know how you feel?

    By Melanie URL on 06.26.2011

  5. Married at 19.
    A son at 21.
    Problems arise from baby cries.
    Affairs under wraps during kindergarten naps.
    Temporary separation at his church confirmation.
    Marriage nullification before high school graduation.
    The son’s good news, among these family blues?
    He’s heard a girl sing, and given her a ring.
    His morals aren’t insane; His parents did the same.

    By Lauren on 06.26.2011

  6. i have so many that i cant seem to live up to. I have so many that i hold true and keep me steadfast on my journey. Everyday i am redefining my moral and certain people speak with moral indignation when they have no moral authority. i have no moral authority except in my own home.

    By hyfidelik URL on 06.26.2011

  7. no one has them anymore. they are bestowed upon society through false pretences and deception. who is it that decides what good morals really are anyway? it is impossible to say what a good moral truly is…

    By michelle on 06.26.2011

  8. Make me feel smart. My morals are the best morals. I find that no one elses morals match up to mine. So what if I like rabbits? Do YOU like rabbits? So what if I don’t want to give it a carrot? Do I have to give it a carrot? Just because its a rab

    By Jean on 06.26.2011

  9. i have morals
    they are the things that keep me
    as me.
    morals are what keeps us all grounded
    they help us have something to keep guarded
    my morals keep me as me, and myself safe away
    from moral-less others.

    By lalala URL on 06.26.2011

  10. She said she had high morals, but I wasn’t sure how much I believed that, she said she didn’t drink, and even now she’s tipping back a bud light. Maybe she meant she doesn’t drink water, but I’m not so sure what to think of the girl now.

    By Alyss URL on 06.26.2011

  11. ugh! the word just sends the horrors through me…opinionated folks who think they’re better than everyone else. patronising. snide. very different to my heroes, who some may also regard as living with high morals..

    By indi-n URL on 06.26.2011

  12. Morals are tricky things. They can range from life and death situations to tiny issues that we deal with daily. Like leaving a light on at night and driving the electricity bill up for your mom, or even sleeping with your best friend’s boyfriend. Morals are serious business.

    By Kristin on 06.26.2011

  13. Morals are a joke to most people.

    But without morals we have nothing to live by.

    By [Megan]. URL on 06.26.2011

  14. Love and hate, good and evil, these balancing acts of ever ephemeral notions of right and wrong. You so easily move back and forth between the lines, blurring the meaning within your heart. You say you’re not to blame, I say there is no other that should.

    By AudioPicasso URL on 06.26.2011

  15. a life lesson and something new that we learn about. It teaches you something very important and you get something new outta it. People have live lessons and things that remind them of morals and things that they can do to make another thing right and such. Morals can be important and yeahhh.. lessons. is a moral

    By Ashlee on 06.26.2011

  16. Why can’t I do anything I want? Are morals nothing more than an estimated r

    By David C on 06.26.2011

  17. Morals tear people apart. It’s hard to decide what’s right and what’s wrong. But who really gets to decide that? What one person reigns above all others to say, oh hey, you can do this, but THIS is a cardinal sin? I don’t know. I don’t think it’s fair. And I don’t think the concept of morals is something that can be easily dealt with.

    By Kristin URL on 06.26.2011

  18. morals are you internal compass that keep you centered. they are how you know right and wrong. morals are what you stand for. “if you dont stand for something you will fall for anything”.

    By vicky on 06.26.2011

  19. Why can’t I do that? Are moral nothing more than an estimated effect on others? Moral seem to play as cultural ethics. In a melting-pot like America, especially evident in urban areas, there is a forever enduring clash of morals- what’s good for you is abominable to me.

    By iamdavidchavez URL on 06.26.2011

  20. morals are lessons in life that have “don’t do” blah blah blah
    if you live by morals, you’ll obviously won’t take risks and your life will truly suck sorry
    if you don’t live by morals, you’ll be in control of your own life.

    By shania URL on 06.26.2011

  21. Oh what a tricky road. Morals are pretty flexible, after you get past the basic ones: don’t kill, don’t lie, don’t steal, and treat others well. The Golden Rule. But beyond that morals are pliable and determinate of the individual and the situation. And who is to say what morals can or can’t include but the individual alone?

    By Laura on 06.26.2011

  22. I have morals, unlike some unsensitive ex-boyfriends. Fuck you, asshole. Don’t say this is my fault. I haven’t slept with anyone, unlike you. Good luck trying to find someone who care about you like I did.

    By Claire on 06.26.2011

  23. I think that morals are really more of what you feel in your gut. What if it was immoral to society to love someone, but you had a moral that would be completely different to the world and then they would call you immoral but deep down your personal moral made you feel like you could fly and save the world.

    By Heather on 06.26.2011

  24. morals, holding them high he stepped up towards the journey. treading along the path, a vicious one, he had to look out for each decision he made or path he chose as each had its implications.

    By rndm URL on 06.26.2011

  25. everyone has morals but one cannot say that everyones morals are the same, my morals may be different from your morals because morals greatly depend on your culture and the society that you live in, and the values of your family. If one is taught to be honest it adds up in his morals but if one is not taught to be honest, then honesty is not in his morals. So to sum up, morals are not the values one grows up to learn and learns while growing.

    By Rabiya Shehab URL on 06.26.2011

  26. There are a lot of morals that you learn as a child. This is mainly through television and movies, but there are a lot of different morals that you can learn from apart from the telecommuncations of today. Many children now experience computer simulation from games to learn morals as well.

    By Ang on 06.26.2011

  27. Morals. Who has them and who doesn’t? I don’t believe anyone lacks morals, It’s just that people think everything, no matter how condemned by others it may be, is okay. It’s not morals that are missing in the world it is the absence of immoral activity and behavior. If everything is slowly becoming acceptable and tolerated then what will not be allowed? What will be considered unacceptable?

    By Char Adams URL on 06.26.2011

  28. I do not have morals, only a conscious. I decide what in this wicked world I choose to shame and embrace, no moral of man decides for me. For I am the only man alive.

    By caleb roitz on 06.26.2011

  29. Get them. They matter Tremendously.
    You will be more attractive if you have them.
    Especially good ones of course.
    Christian morals are the best.
    So please.
    Get them <3
    So many people today have lost they're morals and that's why society is what it is.
    It has gone down hill.
    People don't care anymore and it creates a domino effect.

    By Dearie on 06.26.2011

  30. Damn the day you roped me in, breaking my anchor and sailed me away into a sea of despair. You killed us, drowned us with your gallons of flowing lies. You fed me the Atlantic until I was unable to take anymore without choking on the bitter saltiness of it all. I should have known. What else can you expect from a man with no morals?

    By Karla URL on 06.26.2011

  31. When i was 2 years old, my mother first told mw about what was considered right and what was considered wrong. In those days, everything was black in white. As i grew older, things changed. I started to see a new, unfamiliar color: gray.

    By Carolina Gomez-Bello on 06.26.2011

  32. They’re an interesting topic, morals. So different for different people. So…

    It makes her head hurt thinking about it. Thinking about that night. What she did; what she didn’t do; what she wish she could take back.

    Nothing good came of that, she can be sure. Morals be dammed, she fucked up.

    By perfectlydiseased URL on 06.26.2011

  33. Man, morals…. some people believe that morals come from a big black book with REALLY thin pages, i sometimes feel like helping an animal shows enough.

    By BKmike URL on 06.26.2011

  34. the basis of life. society needs better morals. politicians these days don’t seem to have any at all. i have morals that don’t alter in result from my peers

    By emily on 06.26.2011

  35. Everyone has a different set of morals, but they all had to start some where. So who creates these morals? Your parents? The government? God? Gut instinct? And what happens to those who appear to be lacking in morals? Did they grow up without rules, without guidelines? Were they raised by a pack of wolves?

    By Haley URL on 06.26.2011

  36. my moral code is set in its ways
    i will drink till the end of my days
    i must indulge in many a vice
    without thinking twice
    find lovers from here till far away.

    By Javier Shopek URL on 06.26.2011

  37. Morals have corrupted my mind.

    By indo on 06.26.2011

  38. are tricky. and form divides between families, friends, and lovers. morals are subjective. important. complicated.

    morally speaking, of course.

    By CC on 06.26.2011

  39. Morals are tricky. Difficult. They build walls between families, friends, and lovers, and build foundations in others. They are subjective.

    Morally speaking, of course.

    By CC on 06.26.2011

  40. Morals are the guidelines that we set ourselves for ourselves. It is hard to point out morality as it takes many different forms, like a virus, it takes over each of us in unique ways and is constantly changing as we do. For some, a God or religion is the basis of morality, so what is morality other than God’s true showing? Where some people claim to see God’s doing, i see the effects of morality, God is just another word for our morals.

    By thebalanced on 06.26.2011