October 4th, 2011 | 385 Entries

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385 Entries for “morality”

  1. Morality is such a heavy word. It kind of smacked me in the face so I’m at a loss as to what to say about it. I guess when morality actually does smack you in the face, everything else seems trivial so it’s interesting that the word itself has the same levity as its meaning.

    By Courtney URL on 10.04.2011

  2. As he gazed out the window at the rain drip, drip, dripping off the big tree out front, he considered the morality of what he was doing. He’d been able to justify it to himself so far, but it was starting to nag at him. He had felt bad the last time he’d seen her, so he figured that something wasn’t right.

    By msannethrope URL on 10.04.2011

  3. “I doubt this is what you meant by ‘morally correct.'”
    “I don’t understand,” Natalie whispered. “I thought that she…” Her voice trailed off.

    By Faeiri on 10.04.2011

  4. I’ve escaped from the confines of morality but not thinking before I act. I don’t gauge other peoples’ opinions against my actions, I don’t even consider what I might think to be right or wrong. Thus, I’ve ceased thinking altogether, and I no longer do anything worth mentioning, good or bad.

    By dan URL on 10.04.2011

  5. It is a to be strong or brave to something.

    By Jonathan URL on 10.04.2011

  6. Morality is a funny thing. My boss could learn a thing or two about morality. He loves to think that I am such a bad person for the things I do in my personal life, how I spend my money, etc… when the reality is he is not only being immoral in his own personal life, but in our work life… as a result our company is always in the negative because of his immoral and inappropriate use of company funds.

    By Alex on 10.04.2011

  7. You think you’re so high and mighty, a king looking down on those who should be serving you… But you’re not. All your impossible notions, your own morals made to suit only you… You can stick them! I’m better than that, I’m better than you.

    By Efioa URL on 10.04.2011

  8. It is the season of attonement, and I have much work to do, but so does she.
    Now is not the time to start a fight, but it just may be the time to finish one.

    By Codex URL on 10.04.2011

  9. He was closest to her heart,
    closer than the blood that
    passed through it.
    So close that mortality
    fled from the
    intricate borrows their
    bodies would make
    overlapping on
    the wake of

    By drew URL on 10.04.2011

  10. He was closest to her heart,
    closer than the blood that
    passed through it.
    So close that mortality
    fled from the
    intricate borrows their
    bodies would make
    overlapping on
    the wake of
    moments that would
    never die, only fall asleep
    in the spaces between them.

    By drew URL on 10.04.2011

  11. is a simple word. actually very simple. if you have morality in your life, you can live happily. morality is a good thing, and without it nobody would ever be a perfect person.

    By Signe on 10.04.2011

  12. Some said to me that I should do the things in a certain way. But, what is right and what is wrong, what if you analyze the case from another view. Can´t you anything else?

    By Felipe Arango P. URL on 10.04.2011

  13. Morality is a funny topic. People’s views on it are so different from each others that it’s hard to give it one definition. Obviously some views are completely distorted and it’s hard to believe that someone can actually believe their moral is “right” if you commit certain acts.

    By Maddie C. on 10.04.2011

  14. Morality is the constant of ethics in our life. There is no basis to what humans are required to consider or not consider what is “moral”, what is just, what is true, what is fair. It is by nature not just a human construct, but perhaps a necessity of life altogether. Life must be a symbiotic relationship – otherwise we would have all died.

    By Anna on 10.04.2011

  15. this is what someone holds to be true? what is right and wrong? what values does this person stand true to? what qualities does this person embody that makes them think of something as moral or immoral. how u define what is good/evil?

    By Bad Influence URL on 10.04.2011

  16. Wow… I just thought of you. Don’t flatter yourself, you’re not that important. You’re one thing to me and another to the next. You have no real say in what I should do but that doesn’t stop you, does it? You keep returning with new ways to say the same things, but guess what? I haven’t changed, I’m as moral and immoral since the last time you saw me and I am just as happy. No, happier.

    By Mel URL on 10.04.2011

  17. “Grappling with morality is not a good use of your time,” he said, walking quickly to his desk, which was right smack in the middle of the room, in front of the blackboard. “This,” he barked, grabbing his Bible in both hands and holding it over his heart, “is the only place to look for answers.”

    By Marian writes URL on 10.04.2011

  18. Natalie lacked all of this. Her entire facade was created to hide this and most of her life spent covering it up like a cranberry juice stain on white carpet.

    By Briana Bloom URL on 10.04.2011

  19. Morality is very hard to define. It implies putting judgment on others somehow, and I’m not a very big fan of that. I just hope that we try to treat each other well, and be kind as often as possible.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 10.04.2011

  20. its very important for people to teach their children morals from a very young age. the importance of knowing the difference between right and wrong can change the world.

    By Jennifer Meyer on 10.04.2011

  21. The one thing that is blatantly obvious in this country is a serious decline in morality. No, not for the likes of you and me, but rather those war mongers of the military/industrial complex. It will be our downfall as a society.

    By johken URL on 10.04.2011

  22. when did it leave? i saw it once, but i forgot. tisk, tisk. silence stirs the room.. let the beings troll around, pick up the pieces. i saw it once.

    By SketchTheMessenger URL on 10.04.2011

  23. i dont know what the word morality
    morality is a word that has a meaning
    it is a word which is mortalty that has letters

    By stephy URL on 10.04.2011

  24. I have not one clue what this word means.
    I know it must have a meaning that is important.
    Thanks for asking

    By brokenwing on 10.04.2011

  25. I Dont know what it is.

    By cando URL on 10.04.2011

  26. i really dont have any idea about what morality means so im not goin to try to figure it out because i only have to fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds of writing (If By Rudyard Kipling)

    By ashlea.schweigert URL on 10.04.2011

  27. clean white sex man woman sleep rings fun integrity happiness sadness mean cruel sweet intense love hate

    By Lauren Gourdin on 10.04.2011

  28. i don’t want to try and figure out what this is so bye bye:)

    By clarebear22 URL on 10.04.2011

  29. There’s the good and there’s the bad. There’s the angel and there’s the devil.
    We can’t deny that we have a little bit of both sides in ourselves.

    By alyssa rae on 10.04.2011

  30. I’ve always thought that one of the main reasons that this country is going downhill so quickly is the lack of morality in out citizens. From the gas station attendant to the highest politician, they all lack morality and that is our downfall.

    By CorinaJoyC URL on 10.04.2011

  31. Dal wild, sleep
    e-no. KI Zed !

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 10.04.2011

  32. living by the rules you promised to yourself and not giving into unfaithfulness. Having respect for yourself and not straying from your set path.

    By Emily on 10.04.2011

  33. Morality is a thing that some people have and others don’t. Morality is consideration for our fellowman or fellow-woman. We’re not on this earth alone and when we consider others, when we empathize with others and when we treat others as we would want to be treated, then one has morality…

    By precious1026 URL on 10.04.2011

  34. why can’t i live each day as though it’s my last? what is so wrong with wanting to be happy, and striving to live in the now, rather than in the what’s after?

    By Lola URL on 10.04.2011

  35. Morality is a vague concept. Why not live as druids and do as we may? What harm could come of it? None that I can foresee. As long as ye do no harm, do as ye will.

    By Laura on 10.04.2011

  36. Morality speaking morality come in, morality. Ah we’ve lost you. Morality clean up after yourself dammit, those socks are on the floor again, you slob, give me a kiss. Morality please love me, hit me, do it again, I want to, I want to, please

    By phweek on 10.04.2011

  37. Xela. from the mountain home. she had a good sense of her morality. she never killed a man. in fact she swore on the gods of her society never to kill a living creature. she had seen too much in her war torn world. so much . she wished it would stop. they had thrown her into prison because of her position in the world. they thought she was too powerful. they thought she was crazy. they were wrong she was very smart. after all, she used 100% of her brain. she was far from crazy, and probably the wisest person in all of the planet of Arguna. but her morality was about to change…

    By Kazuko on 10.04.2011

  38. The morality of the guy made him just that much hotter, and while Sarah leaned back onto the railing to observe him better, he was helping a girl who fell. Lovestruck, Sarah was in no way worried about the girl.

    By Meg on 10.04.2011

  39. morality is very hard to follow, we all have different morals so its definition is never exact. to me morality will always be a need,maybe an unknown need to exist or a moral code for life.will i follow this code or?

    By lugane elmortadi URL on 10.04.2011

  40. People in these times lack common morality. Any sense of traditional values towards daily life are out-valued by unnecessary wants and desires for mundane tools of the twenty first century, such as cell phones, computers, the television, etc.

    By Foxx on 10.04.2011