June 6th, 2013 | 153 Entries

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153 Entries for “montage”

  1. cinema, movies, i don’t know what i am writing about, my friend, delfi, she likes cinema, she’s going to be a director like quentin tarantino. is that the meaning of the word? something about cinema, i hope it is, if not i am really stupid, but well, i don’t know all the vocabulary in the world

    By caro on 06.06.2013

  2. CHain of something. A combination of things that are alike. many like items of a sort put together. Ex: Dance montage. Picture montage. etc.

    By Ashley Nicole on 06.06.2013

  3. Once, back when we were still friends, a buddy of mine – who I always secretly admired for his peculiar mannerisms that always made us, his friends, both entertained and frightened by his unpredictability – said something to me one night that startled me.

    We were drunk, he and I, and sitting on a road guard near my car in a public park. We had had only a few drinks each, but at one point, our conversation fell silent. Each of us were wrapped up in our individual thoughts (I am certain I was dreaming of some girl) and suddenly, he spoke up.

    “Louis, I need to tell you something. I think it’s something important, that you should know.”


    “Men – men with beautiful eyes – their eyes are beautiful because they dream so much of death, Louis. Montages flash in their brains of suicide and murder every day.”

    I didn’t know what to say. He went on:

    “Louis, men with beautiful eyes, they figured it out a long time ago. They figured it out a long time ago that it doesn’t really matter.”

    After a minute, I asked “What doesn’t matter?”


    By T. on 06.06.2013

  4. Mercurial montage with pleasant hints of rose-tinged tallow-tips, too much to bear at times if one is predisposed towards intolerance. Such as I feel no regret for full basking in such a wallowing, and no bones to made about it.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 06.06.2013

  5. She was everywhere.

    In his head, in his heart, in his mind’s eye.

    He could see her, sometimes, walking through the room, looking at the pictures of herself… turning round to point something wrong out.

    When she did, he’d take the picture from the wall, from among the paintings in the montage, and fix the mistake. If it was unfixable (sometimes it was), he’d paint over the picture entirely… scrape the paint off the canvas and start again.

    By Maria URL on 06.06.2013

  6. montage rolling bagman tenders, listen to the lightbulb hissing at the walls, chirping from the window pane, where dust and glob of dirtballs lie, and cacti from boyhood still survive to sit in the sun.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 06.06.2013

  7. Montage, well hell that’s a lot like collage. A montage of images. I think I need something a little different. I need something different than yesterday.

    By HoldenLyric URL on 06.06.2013

  8. The montage of images flash through my mind, as I realize all the things that Seneca has been doing these past 4 years to grab my attention.

    By Juliet on 06.06.2013

  9. Images flash brightly on the screen as I watch from the doorway. Josh is putting together so kind of montage. Then I realize…it’s for me.

    By Juliet on 06.06.2013

  10. To cut. To edit. To bring together an idea of simplistic fortitude, expressed through a montage.

    By Kurt URL on 06.06.2013

  11. It was too much. I sat at the back of the theater pretending it meant nothing to me. But it did. It really did. It was like it had been made for me and god tucked it away until this very moment. This moment where it meant everything to me. But I couldn’t help but to simply brush it off, because a montage in a movie couldn’t change my life. In fact, it felt like miracles of any kind couldn’t put a dent into all the crap I go through. So, i left it at that. A coincidence.

    By Annee on 06.06.2013

  12. A montage of images floated before me, seeming to last a lifetime though it must have only been seconds, if not less. Remembering my mother, my father, my brother. Feeling warmth wash over me, relief as Xander’s face floated through my head and I realized, it was over. It was all finally over. At least for me.
    And then I realized it wasn’t over for everyone else.
    I needed to fight.
    I needed to live.

    By Sydney URL on 06.06.2013

  13. montage collage a mix of words and ideas and colours and pictures they all swirl together and make something special and crowded and fun and memorable. music. magical.

    By jiminy cricket URL on 06.06.2013

  14. The memories flashed past me like a montage. Going down memory lane is never a good idea. All my memories are filled with pain and the idea that I don’t belong. I have always felt out of place no matter where I am or who I am with. I have always felt different from everyone else.

    By Gilltyascharged on 06.06.2013

  15. The absolute chaos and cluster of the universe, the strangling pressure of the world. The beauty of closeness and the infinite possibilities within.

    By Brooklyn Curtis on 06.06.2013

  16. it was all a montage nothing I had believed till now was really . everyone around me didn’t exist . my family friend they wernt even there who am I what am I where am I these are the questions I could barly think of but before I could realize those were going to be the last questions I asked myself on this earth

    By hope on 06.06.2013

  17. Montage of dancing and flinging limbs as we hurry up to grow up and to get everything done in life. We rush through life like a montage and most of it doesn’t make the directors cut reel as we are sitting in our death beds.

    By misti on 06.06.2013

  18. Montage is a flexible web-based service that makes it fun and easy to create and share a visual album of the web on the topics you care about. You can design your Montage around any topic you can imagine by adding content that pulls information from a variety of sources, including RSS feeds, Twitter, Bing News, and YouTube. Montage is an expression of you.
    Montage is a flexible web- search service that makes it fun and easy to crate and share a visual of the web on the topics you care about.

    By akshay on 06.06.2013

  19. I have no idea. Have I even seen this word before? Am I stupid? Maybe.. na. I am a premed major. But still… hmm. Is this a trick question? I want another word. Darn you people!

    By Rachel L on 06.06.2013

  20. The veiled montage created a sinister appearance. She climbed out of her enemy’s womb and sinewy legs morose with dread for life she wont. I have heard her heart beat faster than ever before. Cringed under the lantern, she seeks light for the first time.

    By Anna on 06.06.2013

  21. It all flashed before her terrified face in an instant, a long, drawn-out montage of pain. She knew what was coming, but was powerless to stop it.

    By WearyWater URL on 06.06.2013

  22. At first, I read “Mortgage” instead of “Montage”.
    This incited a mortgage montage within the imaginative recesses of my mind. Don’t be fooled by the active nature of the word “incited”, it was, in fact, inanely boring. Just a series of expensive bills, one after another, taking decades to complete.
    Usually a montage is a good deal more inspiring. My apologies, dear reader.

    By Land of Dave URL on 06.06.2013

  23. You’d think it would have worked. He had carefully compiled all of the precious photos and notes – the memories he held dear. Placing each in the order that seemed to show how much he missed her and cared. She’d still turned him away though.

    By Obsessed Writer on 06.06.2013

  24. I want more photos.

    By Lydia URL on 06.06.2013

  25. I see a bunch of blood. Why? They’re all paintings of dried blood. Why can’t it be something else? How did he get those tones? All those shades, dried at different times.

    By Ness on 06.06.2013

  26. We’re gonna need a montage, yeah, sing that song from that movie you saw that time, and make a terrible sentence that’s only funny to yourself because of how “inside” the joke is. Was it in South Park or Team America? I wish I had a montage. I wish I could use them in real life.

    By Tyler on 06.06.2013

  27. Here it comes. Another event in my life where at the end of it all, there’s a montage. Do we really need this elusive presentation to remind us of what got us here. Sometimes, it’s better left unseen.

    By Raquel URL on 06.06.2013

  28. dull lines and dull water drops. i sit at the bottom of the shower, waiting for the water to change me. they say ‘i miss you’. but it all folds into the story, the little flip book of all the times they were long gone. i don’t see it as i flick the pages, it flashes away too fast. i just see the emptiness.

    By genahtastic URL on 06.06.2013

  29. time slips between her fingers like beachsand, and she remembers the way her light orange hair glinted in the sun. it dazzled her like white diamonds sitting on the surface of the water, and at that moment she realizes what kind of fatal mistake she made. she remembers first meeting her as a child, listening to her song, watching her feast for the first time on human flesh, and kissing those carnivorous lips.

    By heartful URL on 06.07.2013

  30. when you reappear from the depths of time, everything you were replays in my mind like a montage spinning out of control until my stomach drops and I’ve realized I’ve fallen in love with you all over again. As if we never ended, and as if we were never meant to again.

    By Pip URL on 06.07.2013

  31. She collected vintage pieces of film which she then turned into a montage. Then one day she got bored, so she started to collect peoples heart, which she then turned into a montage of heartbreak.

    By Aurora on 06.07.2013

  32. a hand on shinji’s cheek. “i love you.”


    lips pressed to lips, the mattress dipping beneath them.


    “we shall meet again, shinji-kun.”


    By 17th. URL on 06.07.2013

  33. What if life was a montage? You only go through and see the most exciting parts with music playing in the background. Skip all the junk. All you get is the success. Cool, right?

    Eh, sounds pretty lame to me. The boring makes the exciting, exciting.

    By Brandon Rothfusz URL on 06.07.2013

  34. when there is a montage lost of good music plays, the music is good the scenes are usually about the passage of time when only few main events in the story occur, i wish my life was like a moive, then i could fall in love with amanda, and verything would make sense, and i could

    By bo durr on 06.07.2013

  35. oh bloody ek, it’s not something that i am fond off, because i can never enact it. With much of my experiences now i want the achievement to be instant, i want the result to be instant, and the montage, especially the Hollywood montage gives a sense of the immediate, that it can happen as easy as a 3 minutes hard effort and there you are…massive abs, a law degree, the beautiful girl, the dream house, the war won. Alas, it’s never as easy a montage.

    By petr esposito URL on 06.07.2013

  36. Collection of images that either tell a story or have some sort of artistic appeal, especially when used in advertising. It’s a very commonly used format to display a number of things on your mind.

    By colin on 06.07.2013

  37. What a great montage of so many beautiful colors and hues and designs. It inflicts the mind with a pang of sorrow and inspiration that leaks into every hidden corner of the soul. It captures the essence of life so clearing, like the crystal clear waters under a snowy mountain range in December. The mixture flows and ebbs in and out with the life of a million ocean waves. The montage is a creation from the inner workings of an artistic mind. There are animals, unnamed and adventurous. Don’t give up on the creation of this, it has come so far. Are there ideas like this elsewhere in the world. I don’t believe so. Are there things as beautiful as something created that cannot be replicated. I don’t believe so. Is life something that can be captured through a combination of ideas and artistic creations. Yes.

    By Nicolle on 06.07.2013

  38. i see lots of montages. you see them at batmitzvahs and weddings and events. they get quite boring. theyre nice though cause they show memories and embarrassing moments and all sorts of that. i usually stop watching them once they become boring as they are very very very long. montage mooooontaj. thats what it sounds like. ill have an amazing montage

    By leona johnson on 06.07.2013

  39. I am not taking this to the producer! he shouted after seeing the montage. he felt like all he has worked for was falling apart. There was still a hope though. A phone call he received the night before, gave him hope, it was his only chance now.

    By Stef URL on 06.07.2013

  40. Montage. There was nothing further from my mind, but I am put in mind of AMVs, PMVs, movies. Most of the thoughts in my head are dwelling on the vile chance of having such a word provided for my first attempt. Chance has done ill work today.

    By Cheerilee URL on 06.07.2013