June 22nd, 2012 | 346 Entries

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346 Entries for “minute”

  1. I only have one minute to write about this word? THat’s not a very long time. A minute can go extremely quickly, or in this case, it seems to be going veeerrrrry slowly. When is my minute up? Please can we stop this now? A minute feels like a lifetime right now. Tick tick tick.

    By Twinkle toes on 06.23.2012

  2. And will you fill that endless minute, with sixty seconds worth of distance run. How many times in history, with all its weighty consequences, changing the tide of world history forever, come down to that single minute’s worth of choice and action.

    By Jack on 06.23.2012

  3. a minute is all it takes to get realisation, to do something, bring about a change, reach out. all it takes it dynaminic thinking in a span of 60 seconds. what are you going to do this minute?

    By firemisst URL on 06.23.2012

  4. I’ve already had this question; and now I feel better prepared. A minute is a measurement of time, ironically I have a minute in which to write about the word ‘minute’ (Yo, dawg, I heard you like minutes…). It can also refer to something small, e.g. ‘That Shetland pony is minute.’ Why did I choose Shetland pony as an example, out of all the examples I could have had? They’re not even small.

    By Christina on 06.23.2012

  5. She said give me a minute. Tick tock as the clock goes. Fumble and mumble as impatience rise. Hurry up said the voice. You’re wasting precious time.

    By Bluecab URL on 06.23.2012

  6. there’s only so much time a person can get. a minute might seem like a little but really it’s quite a long time. in a minute you can hug someone for longer than you’d ever imagined. in a minute you can confess something you’ve been holding back. in a minute you can discover something you have never known about yourself. a minute makes the difference.

    By Reem on 06.23.2012

  7. The swordsman didn’t even come up to her finger. She stared at him peculiarly, watching in amusement as he waved his minute sword indignantly.
    “I am NOT a pet!” He screamed. “Especially not yours!”
    “You’re very small,” she replied, and giggled. That seemed to infuriate him more, but though he wanted nothing more than to prick her fingers with his sword, he simply couldn’t bring himself to harm an innocent girl.

    By hikarinaito on 06.23.2012

  8. 1 min is equal to 60 seconds it is not a short time of your life dont waste it we take it for granted but if we count n how many 1 minutes we have wasted its nearly almsost quarter of our life… We oviously cant change our life in 1minute ,…. Just think of 1 minute during your exam n u r left with almost 3/4 th of your paper n time is up you if you just get few minutes extra dont we …

    By Jhnnmnm URL on 06.23.2012

  9. well i already wrote about this word once before but I hadn’t registered so here i am finding myself writing again. it’s 4 am and i shouldn’t be up doing this but hey internet is pretty distracting, right? i’m sure we’d all agree on that. anyway, when this minute is up i promise i’ll be going to bed. oh look it’s over.

    By Brianna URL on 06.23.2012

    “Calm down, John.” Sherlock said, walking casually out of his room with a small suitcase. “We still have a minute until we have to leave to get there on time.”
    “Still… I didn’t think you’d take so long.”
    “I was packing.”
    “You hadn’t packed!?”
    “I’d packed half of it, but essentials had to go in last.”
    “Alright, alright, let’s go then.”
    They hurried down the stairs.
    “Have fun boys!” called Mrs Hudson. Sherlock rolled his eyes. It would only be fun for John. There wasn’t a single case on this desert island THING Mycroft was sending them to… But then, who needed a case anyway? Sherlock had other plans…

    By Arianna URL on 06.23.2012

  11. i have only one minute left to write, it is really great, how is every thing.

    By writer on 06.23.2012

  12. Longer than a second. 60 seconds to be exact. And shorter that an hour. Short time but still means a lot.

    By chz:) URL on 06.23.2012

  13. pain dimitris awfull house mary love hate living in a world without you mum trash sister computer I will survive hate pain tears emptiness

    By mary on 06.23.2012

  14. all it takes is one minute. they share a look across the table and everything is all over then. one knows trouble is coming, the other knows it will be received. it’s how they work, it’s everything they are. sometimes they can’t wait to get alone and be away from everyone else. all they need is time.

    By a URL on 06.23.2012

  15. if I have one last minute of my life
    i would tell ‘him’ all my love

    By B.M on 06.23.2012

  16. It’s so strange how you can make plans, but in one minute, everything can change.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 06.23.2012

  17. there are these tiny flecks to his eyes when the light catches them, minute details and bits that he’ll always remember, because it’s always the smallest of ways that dig nails into his heart when all is said and done. it’s always the little things that eat away at him like an acid.

    By mal on 06.23.2012

  18. there is only sixty seconds in a minute and it only takes a few seconds to change someone’s life from good to bad, or bad to good. We never really think about minutes ‘a few minutes’ is nothing to us, we just throw the time away. But it IS time and time should be massively important to us; those few minutes are what make up an hour, a day, a week, a month and eventually a year. We should cherish those minutes because we’ll never know when they’ll run out. Someone’s expression from anger to a smile can take a minute, and, believe me, it’s a beautiful translation. Time can be gone in sixty seconds. What would you do if you had only a minute to live? Would you waste it away, like you do normally? Or make something happen? Change someone’s life…Helping someone with the smallest thing, might just make their day, week, etc. Even if it only makes them smile for a bit, it’s worth it, because they may not have smiled for a while.

    By Jess URL on 06.23.2012

  19. just one more minute
    let me hold you a while longer
    don’t slip from my grasp
    don’t move away
    I can’t bear to be separated
    just one more minute, please
    I don’t want to leave this dream

    By Domiknitrix URL on 06.23.2012

  20. The minute had arrived. Her name was called. She placed the clip board on the counter and entered the dark cold room. Waiting patiently but with fear, she wondered would the doctor understand. Why did she care so much? She was a grown woman who was on her own. She wasn’t sure how she got herself into this situation but was now afraid of the long term consequences.

    By Crisnole URL on 06.23.2012

  21. The clock ticked so slowly, minute by minute by excruciating minute. I paced. What else could I do? Who knew how long it would be until the doctor walked though that swinging door.

    By Rachael on 06.23.2012

  22. a minute to stop and stare at the sky…. wondering if anyone else does that, in the same time as you .. asking yourself if they also share your emotions, thoughts or smiles…. because after all, it is the same sky

    By noway on 06.23.2012

  23. its a measure of time. a minute has 60 seconds. 60 minutes make an hour. minute may also mean very small in size.

    By rajeswari on 06.23.2012

  24. The first time I saw you, we were five years old. I stared at you for what felt like hours, but had to have been something like a whole minute. Your hair glowed like an angel’s halo, golden and wonderful, and your eyes were blue just like the sky on a clear winter’s day. I think I knew I loved you even then.

    By Helen Elucido URL on 06.23.2012

  25. only one minute to live. the only person I want to live it with is him. why? thats so weak and petty. needing someone this much. Ive been tricked to believe. maybe its all inside me. I dont really need him. I THINK I DO BECAUSE I MADE MYSELF BELIEVE THAT. i forced myself.

    By christabel on 06.23.2012

  26. it’s strange how an arbitrary unit of time is used to measure our lives. time is money. and so often you think that a minute is too short a length of time to do anything- but it’s really not. it’s undervalued.

    By sprakles on 06.23.2012

  27. One minute. One minute ago, he was alive. One minute ago, I could have saved him. One minute was all it took. A minute. And then he’s gone, just like that. That’s all it takes.

    By Raiine URL on 06.23.2012

  28. All it took was one minute and it was over. the car turned over without any warning as we were about to over take the bus that was coming towards us. We did not have time to stop the car, before the accident happened.

    By victor URL on 06.23.2012

  29. I have on e minute to write about this word which happens to be minute. kind of ironic eh? im now in england and it pretty cool but i think my suitcase is too heavy and i n abot a minute we will go wondering and get some food because I am hungry. really hungry. and this is not helping. it’s amazing how long one minute takes.

    By Jacki Edens on 06.23.2012

  30. time is weird, minutes can seem like hours and hours can seem like minutes, oh and im always late to everything in just a minute i will run out of time an d move on and forget this and like this on tumbleupon, in just a minute i’ve made a lot of spelling mistakes

    By bethan on 06.23.2012

  31. It has been some time since I realized that a minute was only a escape route to anxiety, hours pass as fast as a waterfall, the pouring minutes pass by and yelled with sudden rage; it was obvious that I had just broke a bone and a soul, and my skin, and my face against the floor spiting blood all over like the aforementioned waterfall, minutes came and wnet away, but every little thing escaping from me, was not coming back, and I knew it would never return, like you. Do you remember the time?

    By Atticus Cervantes on 06.23.2012

  32. Every minute is 60 seconds… 60 precious seconds lost and thrown… and will never come back again…

    By mmmedalla@ymail.com URL on 06.23.2012

  33. I only have one minute to write about this word. If only I could think of something to write about in more time. But how is anyone supposed to write about any single word in any single interesting category with only a minute to spare? Oh well… I’ll give it my best shot.

    By Nate on 06.23.2012

  34. Just one minute until the bell goes. I have a lunch box the size of a fridge. someone pushed it over a bridge. Oh no the snow falls down so slow.

    By Michelle on 06.23.2012

  35. I already wrote about this word. Maybe this means I get another chance to think about the very first minute of the book. What do I find captivating when I read…. I want to know what is going on and what you were doing, that’s for sure. Oh goodness, this is hard. I want a new word…. I already did this one! Did I already mention that.

    By Petuli on 06.23.2012

  36. One minute. All I had left before my home was taken from me. My life. One minute till midnight, and my fifteenth birthday. One minute till my life ended. I could only hope that they were happy with what they’d begun. Taking away dreams is a tricky business. I just wish I had more time.

    Don’t we all?

    By Chloe on 06.23.2012

  37. one minute. 60 seconds. that’s all it takes for things to change. in a settle or even a drastic way. your heart beats approximately 40 times per minute. it’s a measure of time.

    By Dorothy on 06.23.2012

  38. Stand still, and the world can stop turning (even if it’s just for a minute). Sixty, sixty – I wonder how many heartbeats I can hear in the song of your soul. Still.

    Statue, tall. Run (if only for a minute). Just that. I want another minute of you. Live longer. (One.)

    By Pan on 06.23.2012

  39. 60 SECONDS
    1/60 OF AN HOUR

    By ELIZABETH on 06.23.2012

  40. This is the only word of the day? That’s silly. And the fact that we only have a ‘minute’ to write about how stupid that is. I want adventure, new ideas, inspiration, and all I get all day is ‘minute’? I’ve written about minute twice. Wow, this is fun!

    By Catori URL on 06.23.2012