June 22nd, 2012 | 346 Entries

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346 Entries for “minute”

  1. A minute can be infinite or infinitesimal. It can be the world or it can be nothing. With a minute, you can save a life or take one away. Minutes may seem small but minutes turn into hours, which turn into days, which turn into months, which turn into years, which turn into lifetimes. Waste not, want not. So don’t you dare tell me that I wasted my years trying so hard when all I had were minutes.

    By Julia M URL on 06.22.2012

  2. It was just a short minute of my life but it felt like an eternity as I watched my dog run in front of the blue car. I yelled and ran towards her as the driver slammed on his breaks.

    By kat on 06.22.2012

  3. In one minute, everything can change.
    In one minute, a car can crash, a bomb can denote, a operation can go wrong.

    In one minute, a person can die.

    It seems unthinkable that something so drastic can happen in such a short amount of time, but it is possible.

    By Lily Ilana on 06.22.2012

  4. i have one minute to write about the word minute, im so unsure what to write about so im just writing about the fact that i have one minute to write about the word minute. do i even have a minute im not sure yay minutes are equal to 60 seconds and theres 60 minutes in an hour what is the point of this..

    By Hannah on 06.22.2012

  5. just a minute please then I’ll be ready to go. right now, in this minute– the minute before the minute in which I will be ready to go– I am feeling so tired. Too tired, in fact, to go. But this minute will be over soon and then, perhaps, in the next minute I will be ready to go. I am looking forward to the next minute because in this minute I feel so very tired, too tired, in fact, to go.

    By L.V.Newc URL on 06.22.2012

  6. it only took a minute. in that minute i saw it all disappear. “reality” melting away like so much neapolitan ice cream on a hot summer day. the colors blended into one and i was met by the soul of the world. in that minute i understood it all. saw the interconnectedness of all things. i felt peace

    By debra on 06.22.2012

  7. The minutes pass by as I gaze upon your face. I could stay here forever in this moment. You’re all I ever needed and I see it all now, in this one very precious minute.

    By Alyssa Mulder on 06.22.2012

  8. Every minute in life has alot in store for us. For one, I can’t quite imagine or predict what the next minute holds in store for me or what surprise or setback I am in for. What we have to agree to is that every minute of our life should be treated as a mystery and something to look forward to.

    By Debanjan Choudhuri URL on 06.22.2012

  9. a minute can change everything. a minute can take you make the difference between life and death, love and hatred, and so many other things. a minute can seem like an infinity, or a few seconds.
    a minute is just a measure of time.

    By Hannah on 06.22.2012

  10. One minute seems like not long but to me it is a lifetime. To any person with depression it is a lifetime. What could happen in a minute?? Life, death, cuts, suicide, pain- anything could happen and we recognise that. Anyone who has a mental illness knows this feeling. A minute is a long time when you don’t know what to do or who you are. A minute is a long time when you have family who want to die. It can be the difference between you having family and friends and you not. Minutes tick by as you work tirelessly at so much that you shouldn’t have to do but you are one person, you need longer but you need less time.

    By Lorna URL on 06.22.2012

  11. i have one minuite to get the hell out of her before the bomb goes off. The thing is i don’t know if I want to…what would happen if I just stayed where I am?

    By lenore URL on 06.22.2012

  12. i had one minute to think of a way to stop the villains i was not sure what to do but then at that exact moment i hit the table and the leg fell off i kicked the leg it hit the villain and he fell to the ground and let go of the switch to end the world

    By Nadia Tamri on 06.22.2012

  13. He was minute, Stuart Little small. On the dance floor, he presented a problem to the larger dancers who risked squishing him by accident.

    By Mike on 06.22.2012

  14. I’ll be there in a minute she told him. “Hold on to your horses.” He was an impatient thing, but after all these years she’d gotten use to it. She knew how to please her man, good meal and a kiss and hug and he was good to go.

    By Sheila Good URL on 06.22.2012

  15. i have so many. yet so little. the clock winds down and i think to my self…wheres it all go? i have this force within me, but its so deep down. i lose. i win. its all the same. time. space. its all the same. i have the time and i dont. whose is it? i lose it. i lose it all.

    By luis fieldman on 06.22.2012

  16. There was only one minute. One minute until that train would leave without me and I would be lost. Lost in a strange new world, full of strange new people. Lost without her.

    By Julia on 06.22.2012

  17. One minute can be all it takes to change your life. Look here; one minute to express your thoughts on a word. Think how many cognitive processes take place in just that short time, from your brain comprehending the meaning of the word from a vast database of sounds, to creating a thought process surrounding it, and finally typing the words out. I type over 90 words a minute; how can a brain handle that kind of movement, that kind of thought, for something that isn’t even natural instinct? Too fast.

    By Atelus URL on 06.22.2012

  18. Tell you the truth…I always go over a minute. Glad I got that off my chest.

    By vanhaydu URL on 06.22.2012

  19. Minute. It’s a game we used to play when it was too hot to stay outside, but too cold inside. We’d play it in the garage with the neighbors, whom we somewhat didn’t like. It goes like this. We each had one minute to find an item, any item in the garage. Once we did, we brought them in the circle and switched items with each other. We’d have one more minute to find another item that was like the one we’d received. Who ever had items that were the most similar got the point for that round. It was a silly, pointless game, but it passed the time on those scalding days.

    By Kitty URL on 06.22.2012

  20. The minute seems like a strange unit of time to me. Why do we refer to it as a minute when minutes are so important and the word “minute” refers to a detail that is extremely small? It seems to me that we ought to redefine one of those words.

    By Morgan Owen on 06.22.2012

  21. It seemed I only had a minute left. He was standing there in fromt of me, seemingly asking for a kiss. I was nervous (but what else is new). He leaned in, I leaned in. We bumped heads. Of course.

    By annie on 06.22.2012

  22. One minute is all it takes. In one minute, everything can change. For better or for worse, a moment in time is all it takes to change your life. Give me a minute to gather my thoughts.

    By Lauren on 06.22.2012

  23. its what humans live on. its what everyone uses the first word that comes to mind is obvious: time. at this very moment i am writing this using minutes.

    By Veronica URL on 06.22.2012

  24. My heart is racing. It’s almost time to go to sleep. All I want to do is tell you those three words. I open my mouth, I think about what will happen. What’s the worst? Silence. Silence is the worst response. All it took was a minute for me to decide my fate.

    By lauren URL on 06.22.2012

  25. It took a couple of years for us to get where we are today. But when you look back, it only took a couple of minutes. So what are you going to do with your next couple of minutes?

    By Justkidding URL on 06.22.2012

  26. there was a minute when i saw you first and knew exactly that i wanted to spend the rest of my life with you
    and the minute lasted longer than a minute (oh how i like to drag that time out, until too quickly, too quickly)
    one minute
    and one minute
    and you

    By Georgina URL on 06.22.2012

  27. In a minute, I realized that I couldn’t have you. In a minute, you looked at me and I saw the sadness in your eyes. I saw the hurt you held. I saw everything. And I just knew. In that minute, everything changed. In that minute, you left me.

    By Caitlin on 06.22.2012

  28. And then there was a minute left. The train’s whistle blew and I pulled her in for one last hug and whispered into her ear. “I love you, I’ll see you soon, right?” “Of course, I’ll always come back to you.” She she hopped onto the step as the train began to pull away and our eyes didn’t leave each other till her train was nothing but a speck in the distance, and even then, she was all I could ever see.

    By Heather on 06.22.2012

  29. A minute. A minute is so short. I’ll be there in a minute. Just give me one minute. What if all our wasted minutes were collected like rose petals in a jar. how many full flowers they could have been. faded, dying scents, look back on them and sigh. little drops of what could have been. lost between the lines. precious breaths, gone forever. just a minute. one more minute with the one you love…. gone, treasure them well

    By stella sylvan on 06.22.2012

  30. The minute I turned my back, Missy whooped and kicked my sand castle all to bits. She smirked at me and ran into the surf laughing. It was then I knew I’d never trust my little sister.

    By penny dreadful URL on 06.22.2012

  31. There does not seem to be enough of these in a day. Seconds, hours, days. Who counts things by the minute anymore? I guess I am waiting to leave and have 15 minutes. That’s counting by them. But an hour ago it was simple “ages” not an actual measurement of time. We don’t really understand time. Do we?

    By Alyssa Jane URL on 06.22.2012

  32. one minute. one minute is all it takes for your life to fall apart or come together.. one minute. just one moment. a moment of impact. a moment that changes your life and the lives of people around you. one minute of joy can turn into a whole life’s memory, one minute of sadness into a whole life’s tragedy. One minute, just one.

    By sam URL on 06.22.2012

  33. a minute isn’t enough time to write. there are too many thoughts that go through your head in a minute. you can’t write one thought per second, yet i have thousands of thoughts during each one. how can i think of millions of things in one minute, yet only write two or three in a minute? it makes no sense to me at all.

    By robyn carrier on 06.22.2012

  34. every minute of every day. a minute passes every 60 seconds. how many minutes until my birthday? i don’t know what to write about during this minute. my minute is almost up. how man minutes in a year?

    By Khristian on 06.22.2012

  35. Time is obvious but truly immeasurable. We see the world age, we watch processes complete, but the numbers we assign those symbols are simply arbitrary. It’s our way to categorize the world.

    By Sara on 06.22.2012

  36. I think that I have a few more minutes to live, a few more minutes to take advantage of what life can offer me. A couple more minutes to love, to live, to appreciate what aorrounds me and keep going on. Minutes pass me by as I ealize this life is over and full of happiness.

    By iveth on 06.22.2012

  37. the clock struck second to second, after sixty of them there was minute… life goes so slow but sometimes the minutes pass as seconds and you blink and you life is gone.. yet it only seemed like a minute.

    By Rachel on 06.22.2012

  38. it’s amazing what can happen in a minute. love. heartbreak. life. death. happiness. sorrow. or something as simple as the clasp of fingers to let you know that wherever you are in the world, you’re not alone and it’s going to be okay. i could use a minute like that.

    By Kam URL on 06.22.2012

  39. The chalk forms creeks of white against the harsh black of the landscape; the monotonous voice nothing more than the bees buzzing.

    Waves crash up violently against the ship’s sides, the wood moans and wails its forfeit to the violent sea. Shouts are passed back and forth on the turbulent wind; some never make it, but plummet down into the ocean under the weight of the rain. The beast from below hugs the ship to its bosom, and down they sink.

    Fire scorches the air, absorbing every trace of oxygen, leaving not a morsel behind. This does not hinder the steel as it lashes forward, bites into the succulent flesh of the overgrown lizard with wings. Somewhere in the distance, a damsel in distress raises her cry.

    The buildings crumble and fall, rotting away under the chemical miasma. The two legged beasts clutch at their throats as they breathe it in, only to feel the very skin they hold in their hands melting away between the bones of their fingers. Before long, nothing exists but a sea of humans.

    I look up, check the arthritic limbs of the clock on the wall. In my head, a million years have passed, a million lives changed; a million adventures had.

    The creek of chalk keeps flowing and the bee keeps buzzing. Only a minute has passed.

    By the doorway to doubt URL on 06.22.2012

  40. I have one minute to write one word, and that one word is minute.
    What can happen in a minute? This can. Anything can. A minute is endless and is enough for everything.
    Life. Love. Death. Sadness. Happiness. People. Family. Friends. Loneliness. Anger. Joy.
    And you’ve just thought of it all, in this tiny one minute span.

    By tb on 06.22.2012