May 27th, 2011 | 551 Entries

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551 Entries for “mint”

  1. Mint condition, 1983 AMC Eagle wagon. This is the ad that I read yesterday while scanning the classifieds for a new job. I thought about how great it would be, cruising along in that car as the warm Arizona breeze lifted my hair. I circled the ad with a red sharpie. I looked out the window and saw the Maine coast spread out before me. I’m okay, here. I like where I am, and I like my rusty old Honda. But I suppose it’s okay to wonder…

    By Pandy Fackler URL on 05.27.2011

  2. I have become addicted to Penguin caffeinated mints. They are a constant companion, though I do think the level of caffeine in them is too low to really do anything. But the strength of the mint is at least something. I almost always take two at a time. What did I do before them? How did the errant Lifesaver or over-sweet Tic Tac suffice?

    By maritov URL on 05.27.2011

  3. I like when you shower at my house, ’cause then your hair smells like mint.
    I can never smell my own fragrances for some reason, but you always say I smell nice.
    Vanilla and mint, it’s perfect, and I would have never thought so.


    By Dalena Huynh URL on 05.27.2011

  4. There are many thing that come to mind when I think of mint, the first is the color. That awkward light green hospital mint color thing, which is kind of disturbing, and also the fact that every time you see something that color you know you’re about to taste it- the MINT. also, there’s the mint chocolate chip ice cream, which I’m not really partial to but every time I look at it I see that awkward color…

    By Claudia on 05.27.2011

  5. Each sip of her mojito flooded her with memories of a rose garden and her grandmother’s old hands, skin like wrinkled paper, proffering green leaves to a skeptical little girl. Closing her eyes she could remember chewing slowly, the cool menthol feeling and slightly bitter taste filling her mouth. Even now, 20 years later, fresh mint could inspire that bittersweet nostalgia.

    By Dana URL on 05.27.2011

  6. fresh cause the whole world agreed on it
    i prefer the smell of mangos

    By kachinga URL on 05.27.2011

  7. I like york peppermint patties.
    they melt in mouth and are delicious.
    i really want one right now.
    so i can get fat.

    By Regan on 05.27.2011

  8. mint. what a strange word with so many sub categories. mint ice cream, mint….s :) mint condition, mint gum, i heard one that mint helps to calm the stomach. and i find it interesting that it’s now a popular gum flavor. i guess we all have stomach problems.

    By amethystp12 URL on 05.27.2011

  9. mint nips my tongue. tingling tastebuds turn up their perky pop lick spots in the newness of the minty fresh delight dipping into the space between tongue and teeth. mouth gets cool, throat and sinuses open up, pepperymint and minterypep.

    By oliver danni on 05.27.2011

  10. Mint is delicious and goes well with a lot of flavors, both savory and sweet. It’s also a beautiful, if tenacious plant. I remember when I was a kid we had a massive mint bush in the yard. I would do to it often when it was fully green and pick off small leaves to chew. No wonder I always had fresh breath!

    By Kimberly on 05.27.2011

  11. though the glare off of the descending aslin stopped them from making bogdan out clearly,one could have made a mint off the smiles of the three martian women.

    By The Fake Dann URL on 05.27.2011

  12. I LOVE MINT! I love mint gum, mint toothpaste, mint mints! Everything. But I also like IcyHot, spearmint condoms, cough drops, mint chocolates, and, of course, menthol cigarettes. My boyfriend even has minty eye drops. I lovee ANYTHING mint! BURR.

    By ewwvalerie URL on 05.27.2011

  13. The sharp lines on the fresco stood in stark contrast to the decrepit wall that housed it. Ancient plaster crumbled nearly as you watched it, the cracks tracing lines of climbing vines and long forgotten creatures seeking shelter from the rain. A woman, reclining on a lectus, had her arm resting at the elbow on her bent leg as she peered forward, smiling. Her lavish toga draped over her ample curves spoke of the citizen class as a slave bent near her bearing a large bunch of grapes. Her smile, that of a person of constant worry and intrigue, gave more than a hint of the times in which she lived. The paint was in extraordinary condition even as the interior wall seemed as if it defied nature by standing upright at all.

    By zachmichelini URL on 05.27.2011

  14. The taste of mint on your lips reminds me of better days, when we walked together, hands entwined, up the hill that spelled out our destiny. Of days when your eyes would meet mine, and I could be lost in them, the same endless blue of the pool, the same endless blue of the skies. The blue depth of your eyes–
    But the taste of mint recalls more. Mornings, spent in your arms, love.
    Midnights spent alone, with bare memories for comfort.

    By Lancir URL on 05.27.2011

  15. In mint condition
    I kiss your lips
    Refreshing as the day is long
    But too cold for my taste

    By Cait URL on 05.27.2011

  16. Fresh and clean, it reminds me of getting up in the morning, but not in a bad way. It reminds me also of red and white striped peppermints, which reminds me of Miss Caroline in To Kill A Mockingbird.

    By Izzy1243 URL on 05.27.2011

  17. It was the most perfect car I had ever seen. The rich color, the smooth, glossy tires and shiny wheels. That first car of mine was bought from its beloved owner in complete mint condition. I would serve him well and take care of that car forever.

    By Felicity on 05.27.2011

  18. There was a flavor on my tongue I could not recognize. It would slowly grow and evolve into a metallic taste, something that would have a shape.
    If only I let it. But to take over, to let it skin into the flesh, was forgetting myself and the entire world around.

    By Geehem on 05.27.2011

  19. She hoped desperately that she had a mint in her purse. Tonight was the first time she had the slightest inkling that he might kiss her. They had been best friends for years, but there was something new going on — a little twinkle in his eye, the conversations were a little more intimate, and her heart seemed to beat just a little faster when he was around.

    By Carol Bailey Floyd URL on 05.27.2011

  20. Lamb chops and mint sauce…hmmm.

    By Locsalot URL on 05.27.2011

  21. I already did that. I just did. Just had a mint. It was clear, the taste was okay.

    I was happy with it.

    But a second one ? Too much sugar. And it’s coming back on the first one’s taste, like a wave too hasty clearing up her friend’s work…

    No no no not a second one !

    By Guillaume URL on 05.27.2011

  22. she was a natures child. lingered in the garden. harvesting and picking the herbs. basil, mint, lemongrass, and yarrow. carelessly barefooted standing in the dirt. breathing the fresh earthen air conciously and with love.

    By Selena URL on 05.27.2011

  23. Mint is a plant and also used as a flavor in many cases. Mint has a cooling flavor with a twist of spice. It is a green plant and is used a a decorative in food dishes. If you want to freshen your breath, mint is a great option!

    By Lilli Morgan on 05.27.2011

  24. Mint makes me think of moijito’s with my best friend after a long day at work in the hotel during the 2010 world cup soccer was awsome with minty memories that make you happy :) :) also the green of the leaves makes you happy love that green a lush colour :):) happy moments

    By thehopeshop URL on 05.27.2011

  25. A mint was lying on the roadside, thinking about life. What to do. Life had been so boring so far, what with all the other Mints leaving for other wrappers. First the Polo clan had left, and even the mighty Mentos had gone seeking further freshness elsewhere. It was just mint left now, stuck on the side of the highway with only a Monster Munch packet for company. It was there that he met McVity.

    By Will Lord on 05.27.2011

  26. I wish the air was made of mint. That way, whenever it blows, you will feel a small cool sensation in your skin. But I guess is just too much to ask in this global warming days.

    By Felipe URL on 05.27.2011

  27. The thin mint hit my mouth and I felt it’s icy rush against my tastebuds. Green. Not just any green, a mint green, not that that helps in explaining. It’s a soothing color, just like the sweet tablet in my mouth now. It’s a color quite odd and no real reason behind it. Just some white added to the normal strongness, just a touch of purity added to an already marvelous color. Mint, it’s so clean and crisp. It reminds me of resteraunts I would go to with my dad.

    By Jessica Vidal URL on 05.27.2011

  28. Sighh……. Class. Droning silence and numbing lectures. But wait, whats this? Small, green, shiny and fresh. I want it. I pop a little mint in my mouth and Woah! Instant relief.

    By Rory Moran on 05.27.2011

  29. Mints are delicious. They are a refreshing treat that is an ailment to bad breath. They can come in little tins or paper packages. They come in a variety of flavors as well. Mint can also refer to the condition of an object. Something in mint conditions lacks flaws. Mint is also where the government makes money.

    By John Ryan on 05.27.2011

  30. I always thought the queer mix of mint and ice cream was, well, interesting.

    By Tori Richardson on 05.27.2011

  31. I’ve now written about mint about five times. I’m done writing about that familiar bite of mint that can be the familiar embrace of your Friday mojito or that saving grace at your Monday meeting. But seriously though, another word please? That’d be fantastic-perhaps Cinnamon?

    By Mandy on 05.27.2011

  32. Mint is a wonderful, cheerful and refreshing herb that I find enjoyable in asian dishes. When I am in the mood for that kind of cuisine I am often satisfied with the way mint is used to sweeten and enhance the taste of otherwise ordinary food.

    By chris on 05.27.2011

  33. My children like mint things, which I am really surprised about because I didn’t like them at all as a child. They like toothpaste, and chewing gum (it’s all right, I only buy the sugar-free stuff – the stuff that’s actually meant to do their teeth good!). They even like mint ice-cream!

    By Clare Kirkpatrick URL on 05.27.2011

  34. it keeps your breath really fresh when you want to make out with someone. sometimes they are too strong for my liking but wintergreen is usually my favorite flavor. do you remember those pieces of paper mints you put on your tongue and let them dissolve? those were cool and altoids were seriously strong i didnt like those that much. the best were the mints that came in the box you could open from both sides

    By britney on 05.27.2011

  35. Why the hell did i get mint again, i dont like the flavor of mint that much but i did when i was little i liked mint chocolate chip ice cream, i know right? its sooo fucking good woooo! yeah and so i like the mint kinda flavor from mouth wash after you brush your teeth cuz then you feel all fresh and clean and ahh.. yaya! :D and i dont know what else to write about, blah blah yeah and im kind of confused on what the purpose of this really is, i mean i know i was told not to think but i tend to think alot in fact i overthink sometimes, yeah i know its bad but im going off topic. MINT. i like minty stuff, but not all the time its weird, i guess since its just cuz im growing er something and my tastes buds change i dont know aahhhh!!!!1

    By kahytee on 05.27.2011

  36. She tasted the layer of mint coating her teeth. She felt it painting the back of her throat so that each inhale brought with it a sharp crispness that reassured her she was alive.

    If only it were so easy to cleanse the rest of herself.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 05.27.2011

  37. a refreshing mint is like a cold spritz of mountain water on your face that wakes up all you senses and feelings

    did i mention i love mint of any kind well, you know now!

    By she53lly URL on 05.27.2011

  38. The mint aroma drifted up and into her nostrils. Was this it? Was the mint tea safe to drink, or was her grandmother intent on poisoning her? Amelia lifted the cup with a trembling hand.
    “Something wrong dear?” Grandmother inqiured, hearing the saucer rattle.
    “I can’t drink this!” Amelia exclaimed, horrified, as she flung the cup across the room.

    By Ashley Dallas URL on 05.27.2011

  39. I want to have my tea with mint and milk now. It’s just too late. If I have it now then my daughter will be up all night after her next feed.
    Her every move is calculated and anything she does affects someone else.
    I want to take a shower but I don’t have time.

    By Sarah URL on 05.27.2011

  40. I love chocolate mints. The kind you get from fancy-dancy restaurants after meals. I like to break them in half, and lay the chocolate halves together and then just suck them until they’re nonexistent minty-choco goodness :) oh yeah. Those are the best. But there aren’t that many fancy-dance restaurants in the place that I’m living now….so, I don’t get that many chocolate mints. I can’t say that I enjoy mint any other way…perhaps as gum…never tried chocolate mint ice cream. Idea.

    By MsMoon URL on 05.27.2011